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Found 7 results

  1. I drew Nick Clark...again. :D

    From the album Artwork

    I drew this about a month or so ago. Experimenting with styles again. I've literally been using this character for all of my experiments. Maybe he deserves a break. I'm sorry, Nick.
  2. Nick Clark Painting V. by Me

    From the album Artwork

    So, I've never painted portraits before. Though, this is semi-realistic, it's still meant to be cartoonish, which is why I left the lines. Normally, I don't like keeping the line art. But, I am just trying to get out of my comfort zone. Yes, this is a version of the drawing I did before. It's changed up quite a bit though. I've found that I really like drawing this character. Honestly, he's just an amazing character and I love him so much. ;_; <3 He's precious. And also mine. No touching. xD
  3. Negan Portrait by Me

    From the album Artwork

    A drawing I did of Negan from The Walking Dead. This is a birthday present for my mom. I used graphite pencils to draw this. I wish I could scan it, but you guys will have to put up with an iPad picture I guess. ._. Signed Mccala because that's my actual name.

    © Kaylercool

  4. Rick Grimes by Kayler

    From the album Artwork

    So, I just finished this. Took about five hours. Not sure how I feel about it. ._. I just couldn't get it exactly right which really triggers me. Also, Mccala is my name in case you didn't know that and were wondering why it was signed that.
  5. (Gore!.) Zombie Make Up by Kayler

    From the album Artwork

    So, half a face reveal I guess? lol So, I did this last minute make up to celebrate the premier of season 8 of The Walking Dead. Getting together with some friends soon to watch it. This was my first time doing any sort of make up like this. I worked with what I had and the time I had. This is only like half my face. Just wanted a close up of the wound I made. I didn't have a whole lot of fake blood to work with. I literally found some in our shed outside.
  6. ~Portraits by Mccala~

    I just got back into drawing portraits. I may post older ones I did in the future, and I'll definitely post recent ones. I drew this portrait of Carl from The Walking Dead last night. Took somewhere between five and six hours. I plan on drawing different Walking Dead characters in the future. (I'm bad at drawing hair. .-.)
  7. The Walking Dead; Survival

    This is loosely based off of AMC's "The Walking Dead." Plot; It's been two weeks after the apocalyptic plague that's made over ninety-five percent of the world into blood-lusting zombie's, and the few survivor's are trying to piece themselves back together. But with new forms of zombie's coming forth who are even more dangerous then the 'Walkers,' and what few human's left alive fighting for their lives, the world is swiftly drowning in blood. Being alone makes one a sitting duck; but if grouping together is nearly impossible due to lack of trust and broken hearts how can the human race hope to survive? Rules; 1.) No Godmodding or Powerplaying will be accepted... 2.) Please try and be semi-literate. This means at least three sentences and proper grammar. 3.) Please be some-what active. If your leaving for a bit, please tell me. 4.) Do not kill another's character without permission. 5.) Cursing is fine, as long as the really bad ones are bleeped out. 6.) Since there are zombies, we all know blood and gore will be present. Do not forget there are youngster's out there possibly reading, so keep this PG-13 if not lower. 7.) You can have as many character's as you'd like. 8.) Since having to many people confuses me, only five others (myself not included) will be allowed to join. 9.) Thanks to SpiritWolfe for this idea; please post the name of the character your RPing above their post so we all know who is who. Zombie Types All zombie's are grotesque, shredded, and bloody. Walkers These are the 'normal' zombie's and the most abundant. They are highly aggressive, but stupid. They cannot run, and due to heavy breathing are easy to hear and spot. A head-shot will kill them. Side-Swipes These are not as common as Walker's, but are quite often seen.They fall onto all four's and scamper around making them a hard target.They are as stupid as the Walker's and a head-shot will kill them. Wielder's While not common, these tewnd to stick together in their own groups making them extremely dangerous. Their slow like Walker's but have retained a little-bit of the human intelligence in the fact they know who to use simple weapons such as a blade and gun, and can operate simple machinery. A head-shot will kill them. Regenerator These zombie's are rarer, but just one can be devastating. They're movement's are like that of a side-swipe, fast, but a simple head-shot will not kill them. Rather when blowing off their head or a limb the zombie will regenerate another; only this one will be mutated in a sense of becoming almost alien like and much more dangerous. Since these look the same as a side-swipe, it is impossible to tell if it's a Regenerator. The only up-side is that it takes up to five minutes for it to regenerate. To kill one, you must remove each limb, head included, and burn the body. These type's semi-stupid. Bruiser's These are rarer as well, but cluster together in groups. These are some of the largest zombie's you'll see, and are seemingly quite slow. But when they get close enough they'll surprise someone with a burst of speed enough to knock you down or even break some bones; making you an easy target for Walker's. These tend to take two or three head-shots to kill. These type's are on the smarter side. Retcher's These are rare to find, and tend to blend in with Walker's. They are not fast, but make up for it by spitting an acid onto their victims. They can hit someone up to five feet away. These are on the semi-smart side, and a simple head-shot will kill them. Bosses These are extremely rare, and extremely hard to kill. There are multiple types of Boss zombie's and what they can and can't do. But their appearances are always different from the other six so their easy to make-out. They range from stupid to smart, and extreme caution is needed when dealing with one. Bio's; Name: Age: Gender: Personality: (No RPing it out. At least two sentences; no lists.) History: (Optional) Weapon(s): (Since this is in present day's, guns are accepted) Crush/Husband/Wife: Children: Other: (Delete things in brackets) Looks: (If a pic, please use a real one, not anime) Characters; 1.) Alcarié: Crick, Faythe, Dmitri, Misha 2.) Inyourhead1036: Celia 3.) Moon Over Sun: Rejina, Grae 4.) KingAce: Jay, Willow, Iron, Brigan 5.) 6.) This RP is currently Open/Closed