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Found 12 results

  1. Kirito's CYO Shop [Open]

    Hello! Welcome to my CYO shop. I don't have a lot of CYO's Available at the moment, But I'm slowly trying to increase the number of cyo's I have for sale. Rules You are not allowed to sell my cyo's (Unless you got it from the egg drop) You can gift my CYO's You can do alt changes and Gender changes if you want. If you no longer want the CYO I will gladly take them back. All my CYO's are Egg Drop CYO's because I can't afford the 10 zp to make them private. If you have an alt you don't like, you can send it back to me and I will give you another egg. ( That's if there isn't already 50 of that CYO's sold) Non-Alted CYO's Alted CYO's Hatched CYO's for Sale None Atm
  2. Tiger Child CYO

    From the album CYO's

    I did the 2nd stage for the Tiger CYO. How does it look so far? Any ideas for alts? I wanna keep it kinda Realistic. Though maybe i can make an alt a snow leopard and normal leopard and like a lion does that sound cool? I'm going to post a Speed painting video of me coloring and shading this stage
  3. Tiger Baby CYO

    From the album CYO's

    I colored and shaded my lineart of the Tiger. How does it look? Should i add alts? How much should i sell it for? Its going to have all 5 stages :D
  4. Tiger Baby CYO

    From the album CYO's

    My lineart for my Tiger CYO I'm doing. How does it look so far? I noticed there is a really small amount of Tiger-related things on PA unless you have ZP so i decided to make one This is going to be staged and maybe alted How do you guys like it?
  5. Winnie Pooh

    From the album ~*~ tomo's art box ~*~

    I put them all on one picture, just for fun, lmao. I had to resize them, so the proportions might not be right, but it's pretty okay like this. Aaah, I still love them. One of the few fanarts I did and actually like. The individual pics are somewhere here as well, if you wanna see them.
  6. Tiger CYO

    From the album CYOs

    First alt of a CYO I'm making.

    © rights are to me

  7. Tiger Lineart

    From the album Lineart

    A tiger lineart I made. I do take commissions.
  8. teen (1)

    From the album fire tiger

  9. Egg (1)

    From the album fire tiger

  10. Mom and Daughter

    From the album Anything

    Mom Kendra (right) and Daughter Sarma (left) Unfortunately her Son Reka passed away just recently, It was quite a shock.
  11. Hi my lovely candies <3, I want to sell my pet to buy a Research center, I want the Research Center to get Javan tigers and saber thoot tigers (Both are of my fav pets in PA), and for that I need 1000zc and to have it i will sell a lot of pets, i really apreciate the help to reach my goal. Also I can trade pets for a Gray Wolf (color black) L1. I have a NEW goal, thanks for the help of a very cute members i have my Research Center but I need 300zc more to take the University Class. So my pet shop still open MY NEW GOAL IS: Get the Alt1 and Alt2 of the German Shepered ( both Alts i want in L1) Love you some much, Grace <3 List of pets that I sell: *Atlantic White Spotted Octopus (Female) *Barn Owl (Male) *Berylline Hummingbird (Male 3, Female 1) *Boston Terrier (Female) *Bull Terrier (Male 1) *Canada Goose (Male, Female) *Canada Linx (1) *Husky (3) *Common Racoon (Male 3,Female 1) *Golden Retriever (2) *Great Horned Owl (6) *Blue Ringed Octopus (2) *Blue Jay (1) *Gyrfalcon (2) *Fancy Rat (2) *Chinchilla (1) *Japanese Macaque (3) *Ringtail (1) *Gray Wolf (2) *Canadian lynx (1) *Koala (1) My goal: German Alt1 & Alt2
  12. Plot When you were born, your parents new something was up. You were born with a strange claw shaped birthmark on your right arm that wouldn't go away, no matter how hard they tried. You lived in a big city, so when things started happening, everyone in the neighborhood knew. One day, when you were three, your mom came home from work to your babysitter locked in the bathroom, and you asleep on the top of the book shelf. There were claw marks on the walls, but everything else seemed normal. These weird things kept on happening, till you and your parents had to move out into the middle of no where. On your 12 birthday though, things changed. The minute you turned twelve, you started to twist and form in agonizing pain. Your parents could only stand and watch, as you turned into a Tiger. Soon you found you could change back into a human, but only for 6 hours of a day. You have spent the rest of your life knowing you were a freak, and now you found out that there are more Tigers like you, so you ran away, to the forest, to share your Tiger's Curse together. You still come back to the human world, to get food, water, money and clothes. You probably have a job, but there are people who know about you, and don't really like your kind. The hunters that are trying to get you aren't going to wait forever. Slowly your tiger side is taking over... Rules No godmod- its no fun when you can control everything No killing others without permission- we all want our characters Keep cussing to a minimum- I will allow it, but not every single post. Keep it pg-14. Don't wanna be scarring people's minds. Romance is allowed. Just no bowchikawowwow, if y'know what I mean. >~> Also, please don't have your characters like each other, we want to keep the role play going. If you have read the rules, post Running Wild in the other section on your form Form Tigers Cursed: Name: (First and Last please) Age: Gender: Sexuality: Crush: Occupation: Personality: Likes: Dislikes: Bio: Human appearance: Tiger appearance: Other: People/Hunters: Name: (First and Last please) Age: Gender: Sexuality: Crush: Occupation: Personality: Likes: Dislikes: Bio: Appearance: Weapons: Other: Accepted People Tigers: Kishan Xacka- me Vivian Night- Rachadura Gabriel Keeling- Rachadura Jeremy Baker- Alyssa09 Anja Marcs- Inyourhead1036 Aria Folchart- SoareThingMyr Yumi Kuna- Lillybelle Sen Kuna- Lillybelle Olivia Bones- frostkit Danielly Tomson- LovelessSoul Destiny Prez- LovelessSoul Olive Ibaza- Staccatto Ango Moi- Staccatto Beth Hayes- Inyourhead Pyro Switchblad- Sonique L'Hedgehog Hunters: Giselle Baker- Alyssa09 Candle Rekam- SoareThingMyr Chase Winters- Me Westley Winters- Me Normal People: Mocha Rutherford- Rachadura Vincent Rutherford- Rachadura Nalima Marcs- Inyourhead1036 Sasha Bean- SoareThingMyr My Characters :3 Name: Kishan Xacka Age: 19 Gender: male Sexuality: straight Crush: none Occupation: none, does being a killer count? Personality: He has left the human side of him behind, embracing the tiger and letting his Wild Side take over. He has become the tiger, and rarely changes back into a human Likes: He loves deer, elk and moose Dislikes: humans, hunters, rabbit and squirrel Bio: When he was twelve, and changed, his parents kicked him out of the house and made him live in the forest, because they said he was a freak Human appearance: http://i217.photobuc...akashiluver.png Tiger appearance: http://images3.wikia...MALL_Kishan.jpg Other: No cheating XD Name: Chase Winters Age: 16 Gender: male Sexuality: straight Crush: none Occupation: Hunter, other than that, he lets his brother do the work. Personality: He is a laughing, outgoing guy, but when it comes to hunting, he is very serious. Kishan killed his sister you see... Likes: Monkeys, the color white, sushi Dislikes: Tigers, police, horses Bio: He was only ten when his sister and Kishan were going out, but when Kishan started loosing control of himself, he accidentally killed Naomi, and Chase and Westley have been hunting him ever since. Appearance: http://t2.gstatic.co...2b8B1cfWlPSS_UK Weapons: Two large knives and a pistol. Other: They're twins Name: Westley Winters Age: 16 Gender: male Sexuality: bi Crush: none Occupation: He works at a dunkin donuts. At night he's a hunter. Personality: He is very shy and doesn't really like people. Hunting feels like life to him, and he wont stop till all those tiger things are killed. Likes: The Park, sunshine, chocolate, donuts Dislikes: Tigers, Chase, Pens that run out of ink. Bio: see Chase's Appearance: http://t2.gstatic.co...2b8B1cfWlPSS_UK Weapons: two large swords, and a pistol. Other: They're twins