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Found 297 results

  1. ♥ ~ Pets Free to Good Home ~ ♥

    Hey guys! _____________ So, I need to clear out some of my extra pets. I thought it might be better to just give them out to whoever may want them rather than just abandoning them. So, if you're interested please check out my PA profile: Kaylercool When there, check the room titled: " !z. Free to Good Home (HMU) " If you find something you want, comment the link(s) to the pet(s) you want below, and I'll send a trade over. _______________ Note: 1. Please don't ask for something from a different room. 2. You can ask for as many as you want. 3. First come first serve.
  2. Hello everybody! Thanks for looking in here. I'd love to complete some species and want to trade for my excess pets or ZC. If you have some pets and would like to trade them, send me a trade offer or write in here. Any gender and stage is welcome. I will update soon, if something changes. Updated at 21.12.2017 or 12/21/2017 Boston Terrier Dog: American Shorthair Cat: Brown Hyena: Across The World: Cloaked Forest Cat: Common Dormouse: Yorkshire Terrier Dog: Deer Mouse: German Shepherd Dog: Japanese Bobtail: Common Hamster: North American Otter: Tennessee Walking Horse: Red Fox: Fennec Fox: Gyrfalcon: Japanese Macaque: Prickly Pear Fox: Pyramid Camel: Coatimundi Ringtail: Wild Boar: Siberian Husky Dog: Cuddle Kitten: Fantail Stingray: Guinea Pig: Gypsy Pony: Jamaican Iguana: Jellyfish: Keeshond Dog: Koala Bear: Magical House Scholar: Monocled Cobra: Parrot Snake: Red Eared Slider Turtle: Wolf In Sheepskin: I also need these pets: African lion: Atlantic Puffin: Atlantic White Spotted Octopus: Bald Eagle: Black Bear: Chilean Pudu: Bombay Cat: California Sea Lion: Canada Lynx: Caracal Cat: Ciervo Muertos: Coopworth Sheep: Dark Dog: Eastern Chipmunk: Emperor Penguin: Sand Castle Griffin: Tawny Frogmouth: Falkland Island Fox: Zanzibar Leopard: Witherwing: Spruce Bear: Gray Wolf: Maine Coon Cats: Mountain Lion: Mountain Quail: Mute Swan: San Joaquin Kangaroo Rat: Shadow Panther: Yorkshire Terrier Dog:
  3. Kimii's CYO Shop

    Information on my CYOs; The prices listed are per pet. The only CYO I can guarantee alts on is Ragnarok, or already hatched pets in my CYO rooms starting with "9." However, I give my full consent for you to use the wishing well on my CYOs if you don't get the alt you want from an egg, or to change its gender. As a secondary option, feel free to message me about it, and we can exchange the unwanted alt with another egg of that CYO as long as one is available. Gifting is fine, but please don't resell my CYOs. I may be willing to do a trade for pets on my wishlist, feel free to ask! (I'll be making a forum wishlist soon and will link it here, since the PA wishlist doesn't let me select the stage of the pet I want.) My CYOs; Raptor Pack - 800 ZC Blue Stripe, Green Stripe, Green Solid, Brown Solid, Orange Flame, and Black Flame alts; Siberian Husky - 800 ZC Egg, Goggles, Red, Blonde, White, Sky, and Jake alts; Ragnarok - 700 ZC Egg, Fenrir, Hati, Skoll, Fire, Ice, and Reaper alts; Doggos - 600 ZC Egg, German Shepherd, Mutt, Shiba Inu, Belgian Tervuern, Border Collie, Siberian Husky Across The World - 600 ZC Egg, Forest Wonderer, African Princess, French Maid, English Rider, Time Traveler, and Jungle Man alts; Norse Wolf - 500 ZC Costume Kitty - 500 ZC Fallen Flame - 500 ZC Pirate - 300 ZC Pageant Pups - 300 ZC Egg, King, Knight, Dark Wizard, Hero, Rainbow, and Rockstar alts;
  4. I have an idea for something that would be fun and make things much easier and safer when it comes to helping each other breed pets. Lets say someone has a female Nebula Cat, but doesn't have a male. They meet someone who has a male, but not a female. They decide to help each other breed their pets, each of them paying half and getting half of the eggs. Someone is going to have to trade theirs over for the other person to put it in a breeding room, and that's always a risk. What if the other person were to refuse to give them their pet back or any of the eggs once they were finished breeding? The other person probably couldn't even prove the pet belonged to them. I thought about a system that is somewhat set up like the trading system. It would go like this: Step 1. Someone starts a "Breeding Collab" like how they would start a trade. They add the person that has the pet they plan breeding their pet to. Step 2. The person on the left adds their female Nebula Cat and half of the ZC. The person on the right adds their male Nebula Cat and half of the ZC. Step 3. They wait until the pets are done breeding. If there are two eggs, each person gets one. If there are three eggs, they have several options. They can decide who gets the egg, drop it into the abandoned room, or play some sort of short game to decide who wins the egg. Also, this feature wouldn't take up anyone's breeding rooms. Maybe there would be a specific room or rooms for this purpose? Collab rooms? What do you guys think of this idea? If you like it, please support this post. If you think it'd be useful or not, please tell me! I value all of your opinions.
  5. ~Sand Cat Alt Swap~

    I currently have two Sand Cats of this alt: so, I want to trade it for another alt. alts I want: alt I want the most: So, if anyone has any alts besides the one I have and would like to trade with me I'd really appreciate it.
  6. ~Wishing Well Suggestions~

    I have a few suggestions for the Wishing Wells. 1. You are able to attempt changing the gender and alt of pets in the wishing well. Lets say you have an egg that is hatched, but you don't want it to be. What if you could use the wishing wells to revert your pet back into an egg? 2. A feature that I think might be interesting for the Wishing Wells is similar to what I talked about in the thread above. ^ You are able to pay ZP to get a random pet from the well. What if you could pay to deposit a pet into the well, and get something completely random in return? 3. What if there were a feature where we could deposit a certain amount of money and have a super small chance of receiving a special pet or even any other sort of prize? It could be called "Hope." as in hoping for a special gift. I'm thinking that the price would be fairly cheap considering the low chances.
  7. (CLOSED) ~Scottish Fold Alt Swap~

    I can offer one of these two Scottish Fold alts for trade: or I'm looking for one of the following: Or of course I can trade these two for two of the following. If you're willing to do this trade, please let me know! Thank you!
  8. Gift a Hatch for a Hatch.

    Hello! I'm willing to gift hatches for hatches if anyone is interested! Just reply or message me and I'll get back to you.
  9. Spirit Of The 1910s Wanted!

    I'm looking for a Spirit Of The 1910s. Is anyone selling one or trading one? I have some pets I'm willing to trade for it and I'm willing to pay for it so if you're interested please reply. Thank you!
  10. Scottish Fold(s) Wanted!

    Hello! I've been searching for Scottish Folds to buy for a while now without any luck. If anyone has any please let me know. Eggs are fine too. Thanks so much!
  11. (CLOSED) Nebula Cat Alt Trade

    Hello! I'm looking for an alt 1 Nebula Cat. I'm willing to trade this for it. If anyone is willing to do this trade, please reply!

  13. Here's where I'm going to keep a running list of pets I'd like to swap for other litter alts. I will take eggs of the same species in return. I will also accept any stage of the alts I'm looking for. Thank you. Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need:
  14. Hello everyone! Friendly neighbourhood Ace here to finally get around to making this thread. If you go to my profile and go to my room "Double Alts" you can see all of the pets I that are extra alts. Sometimes I update this thread sporadically, but that is always up-to-date and you can feel free to contact me about those pets here! ALL trades will go to this account: CompanionAce I also update my Wishlist to include alts that I don't have, so if for some reason you find this link to be handy: My Wishlist! Here is a full list of all of the alts I have with the ones I need next to it: (psssst: question marks by the alt number mean I'm not certain if the alt corresponds with the number! so in those cases, double check the alts are the same and don't fret about wrong numbers! Atlantic Puffin Alt I have: (three) Alts I need: (two) (six) Bakeyokai Alt I have: (four) (five) Alt I need: (three) Cardigan Welsh Corgi Alt I have: (two) (four) (five) Alts I need: (one) (three) (six) Chelonian Dragon Alt I have: (five) Alts I need: (one) (two) Common Carp Alts I have: (three) (four) Alts I need: (two) Ethereal Dragon Alt I have: (four) Alts I need: (two) Fantamasque Alt I have: (three) Alts I need: (four) Floravine Alt I have: (one) (four) Alts I need: (five) Flutterhoof Pony Alt I have: (six) Alts I need: (two) Galaxy Bear Alt I have: (six) Alts I need: (two) (five) Galaxy Pony Alt I have: (one) (six) Alts I need: (three) German Shepherd Dog Alt I have: (four) Alts I need: (one) (two) (six) Giant Ground Sloth Alt I have: (two) Alt I need: (five) Grizzly Bear Alt I have: (two) Alts I need: (five) Guardian Rabbit Alts I have: (three) (five) Alts I need: (four) Jack Russel Terrier Alt I have: (three) Alt I need: (two) Kaiyoo Panther Alt I have: (four) Alt I need: (six) Lakotka Alt I have: (five) Alts I need: (one) (three) (four) Lesser Bushbaby Alt I have: (one) (three) Alt I need: (four) Little Merfox Alt I have: (four) (six) Alts I need: (one) (two) Little Red Alt I have: (four) Alts I need: (two) (five) Leopard Gecko Alt I have: (six) Alts I need: (two) (five) Lunta Angel Alt I have: (one) (three) (six) Alts I need: (two) (four) (five) Musketeer Penguin Alt I have: (three) Alts I need: (five) (six) Pharaoh Lion Alt I have: (one) Alts I need: (four) Pirate Kitten Alt I have: (four) Alts I need: (two) (six) Rockstar Alt I have: (five) Alts I need: (three) (four) Sky Dragon Alt I have: (one) (two) (four) Alts I need: (five) Steambear Alt I have: (one) Alts I need: (two) (five) Steampup Alt I have: (five) Alts I need: (two) Tropical Seal Alt I have: (three) (five) (six) Alts I need: (one) Water Dragon Alt I have: (three) Alts I need: (five) If you're looking to buy these, you're welcome to put down a price. I also do inter-species trades, so! Just don't be afraid to offer ^^ Thank you for stopping by! ^^ Feel free to ask any questions/share concerns.
  15. Swapping Alts + Genders!

    Hello everyone! I've found that I'm always getting one gender more than the other when collecting pets and multiples of one alt, so I've come to swap them ^.^ ~~~~~~~ Bakeyokai Cliff Skipper Dragon Cornish Rex Cat Exotic Shorthair Cat Fluffdragon Fortissimo Dragon Galaxy Pony Hanukkah Deer Hellhound Musketeer Penguin Nebula Cat Pretty Paw Puptauros Steambear Stuffed Pup Tye Dye Western Hognose Snake Winter Whisker
  16. dan's lame cyo and pet shop

    Hello everyone! Gee, it's been a while since I've made my old thread. Hopefully I won't be as lazy as I was then, yeesh. But anyways, welcome to my CYO and pet shop. I sell CYOs and some random pets from time to time.
  17. CLOSED! Delete this Post.

    I'm willing to buy the Alts i need but at a reasonable price. * * * I'm not sure which pets on this site are breedable,so to generalise,i do not accept Litter Pups unless i'm looking for a certain crossbred outcome. * * * None of my pets listed here are litter pups,unless stated at the very bottom of this post in a separate group. Thank you for your time and trades. Looking to Buy these: On Hold Wild Turkey Canada Lynx Pembroke Welsh Corgi Female Birman Cat Male Fairy Pompom (Gender does not matter) Toy Poodle (Gender does not matter) Spirit Realm Elf Shark Wyvern Splatter Pups Peculiar Pups Yuzuki Felidae Neona Tilki Miniature Pinscher Dog Trading Alts: Christmas Bandit Sorcery Owl Common Potoo Toy Poodle Striped Skunk Queensland Heeler Dog Dragopteryx Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rin Sand Cat Witchcraft Cat Vampire Woof Fairy Horse Birman Cat Equus Draconus California Sea Lion Nile Crocodile Chinchilla Stocking Stuffer 2015 Koala Bear Coyote Red Kangaroo Gemstone Dragon Turkeypaw Holiday Spirit Bear Reindeer Christmas Panda Axolotl Tibetan Fox Stuffed Pup Indian Gharial American Staffordshire Terrier Cloaked Forest Cat American Cocker Spaniel Dog Giraffe Blue Jay Barbary Lion Sphynx Cat Northern Quoll Akita Dog Witchwing Boston Terrier Dog Chilean Pudu Chinese Crested Dog Leprechaun Sheep Jaguarundi Peacock Gryphon Gift Grabber Fancy Rat Prehistoric Pals Fantaziya Teeny Tigers Faerie Pup Mystical Pegasus Three Tailed Kitty Pit Bull Buddy Yuzuki Birthstone Dragon Giant Panda Woolly Mammoth Vaquita Bombay Cat Wings Of Paradise Siberian Husky Treasure Guardian Shark Wyvern Keeshond Dog Berry Cute Ponies Bloodstone Dragacorn Bald Eagle Thunder Cat Love Seeker Caracal Cat Emperor Penguin Atlantic Puffin Common Raven Mute Swan Eurasian Tree Sparrow Atlantic White Spotted Octopus Pug Dog Shetland Sheepdog Russian Dwarf Hamster San Joaquin Kangaroo Rat Maine Coon Cat Swift Fox Red Fox Gray Wolf Fennec Fox Munchkin Cat Degu Shiba Inu Dog Felidae Neona Virginia Opossum Witherwing Red Panda Spirit Realm Miniature Pinscher Dog Sun Bear These are Cross Breed Litter Pup for Trade: Female Female Female What i'm Looking For: (Will consider others) Any Gender Any Gender Any Gender
  18. Please help! Need Gebs!

    Hello there! ^^ There was a limited edition (50 pets) in Egg Drop, of a pet named Geb. This is how the little rascals look like. Now loving the game that came out this year, Ori and The Blind Forest, I went HEAD OVER HEELS for this pet. Dunno why, but they just remind me of it - and I love the style. In case you have a Geb to trade, I have some pets to give for it. Other than standard pets one can get from Egg Drop (which I'll gladly give if you need it to complete your sets), I have some special oldies as well - a Hourglass Hare, Peacock Gryphon, Prickly Pear Fox, Cole, and so on. (all in my "FOR SALE" group. ) PLEASE NOTE: I know that these pets are worthy cause they're old, and some of them are Adventure Edition and whatnot. Now as much as I won't overpay head over heels, I WILL OVERPAY A LITTLE to get my hands on few Gebs. Thank you! ALSO: I have the Alt 5 (white one), so I will not trade for that one!
  19. I'm not sure all of what I want to trade or pay for a male Oncilla. I'm willing to give all but the following pets: Kyary, Ivan, Gwendolen, Kashikoi (the Oncilla), Vesper, Leia, and Kasumi. I don't have any ZP, I'm afraid. I am, however, willing to give up to 3000 ZC (It takes me a little while to get that much) for one. I am also willing to give you five eggs from the pair. I plan on maybe raffling the rest of the eggs to users who don't have one. L-let me know if you're interested!
  20. Lone Wolf Shop

    I have tons of pets in my doublesswap group. Payment: 1. 50zc each 2. One Maned wolf= five pets 3. One dire wolf = ten pets *I will consider alt swaps and other pets as payments too* [bred pets are sometimes available too, just ask!] For any questions just @mention or PM me. Thank you and hope you enjoy!
  21. I'm currently looking for any of the following pets: Oncillas Falkland island wolf (despiritly seeking!) Japanese spitz Maned wolves Pembroke Welsh corgi Basically you can name the price. I will pay zc and zp(only on the falkland island wolf). I can also make you cyos or draw you a supreme. Any pets in my doublesswap group are available and as many as you want...no limit. Any questions just ask or PM me.
  22. huge pet swap shop and sale

    huge pet swap and sale ok so ive started a huge sale and ALL of the pets im my main room are for swap or sale not putting picks here theres to many XD so click on my avatar to go MAIN ROOM you don't want to leave a message in the fourm send me a trade if you are going to leave a message here @mention me you choose price but be reasonable lol sweetsurender247 xxxxx ADDED LOADS MORE PETS ALL 100ZC
  23. Cas's Alt Swap & Pet Shop

    I am in need of zc and certain alts so this thread is pretty much a pet sale/alt swap. All pets for sale are under my 'Sale' tab, which you can access by clicking my lil avatar. I'm willing to trade for any alts of samoyed dogs as I collect them and would like more to add to my hoard. I am very bad at pricing so please be patient with me as I try to come up with decent prices ; w ; alt swaps; have: want/need: have: want/need: (male is preferred) want: (preferably stage 1) want: any alt of want: or want:
  24. Selling some extra pets. Some retired.

    I have some extra pets for sale (preferably) or trade, There are a few in particular I will only swap for a different alt: I have two of these, I will sell one and swap the other (besides the ghost white alt) I will swap him for this alt preferably first stage/level The rest are negotiable I will take any fair amount of zc, or I can do a trade but right now I prefer zc. I have some eggs but most are hatched, I have a pair (1 male 1 female) of the royal ponies. A skin crawler, a computer dragon, a dead kit, just to name a few. you can find the ones for sale here You can take a look at my main group and my eggs group if you would like, If you happen to see something you like you can ask but I can't guarantee I'll sell. Thanks and happy shopping!