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Found 22 results

  1. Gavyn Ref Sheet

    From the album My OCs

    My werewolf Gavyn's ref sheet.
  2. Little Red version 1

    From the album CYO's

    My first version of little red. I couldn't decide on how the wolf should look so i drew two and i'm asking what you guys like better I just quickly colored it in so this isn't it completed btw. It was hard to tell what went to what so i had to color them in.
  3. Part of the Pack{RP}

    The last thing you remember before waking up to find yourself bound and blindfolded was that you were either asleep or taking an evening stroll through the woods. You are not alone. There are others lined up beside you. You can hear thier panicked breathing. You can hear canine growls and barks. Then a woman speaks. “Oh, Great Moon Goddess, we thank thee for these new initiates! We will raise them as our own and they will always feel welcome in this pack!" Then a sharp pain sears into your neck and your body convulses, your bones snap and reform. Your whole body changes. Your whole life has changed. You are part of the Pack, and there is no going back. ________________________________________ The Pack Alpha Female: Rose Solace (Hazel) Alpha Male: Sebastian Mcacelis (Lucky) Beta Female: Luna Willows (Cynder) Beta Male: Tristan Hoy (Lucky) Hunters/Fighters: Gavin Grayson (Rose305) Kira Lockwood (Cynder) Lilly Auburn (Hazel) Pup Sitter: Penelope Lupis (Lucky) Pups: Keldur Swift (LordoftheRing) ________________________________________ Sign-ups here:
  4. Date Night

    From the album My OCs

    Stargazing date night. Raleigh and Siara enjoyed stargazing.
  5. Gavyn

    From the album Daily Sketches

    May 17th's doodle was another one of my werewolf ocs.
  6. Siara

    From the album Daily Sketches

    May 14th's doodle was one of my werewolf ocs.
  7. Siara and Raleigh

    From the album Daily Sketches

    June 1st's doodle was headshots of my werewolf ocs Raleigh and Siara.
  8. Without Blanket

    From the album My OCs

    Raleigh and Siara on a stargazing date.
  9. With Blanket

    From the album My OCs

    Raleigh and Siara on a stargazing date. This version has a blanket.
  10. Day 23

    From the album Daily Sketches

    Day 23 is my werewolf oc Raleigh reading a book.
  11. Virals

    Virals: Written by Kathy and Brendan Reichs, it follows the grand-niece of Temperance Brennan, Tory Brennan. She and her friends, a trio of guys, come into contact with a wolfdog pup that was infected with an experimental strain of the parvovirus. They were infected and thier DNA was changed. Now they can Flare, accessing a primal part of thier minds, a canine part. They call themselves the Virals, and they're more than a group of friends, they're a Pack. The rescued wolfdog, named Cooper by Tory, is also part of thier Pack. The Virals live on Morris Island off of South Carolina. The closest city is Charleston. The Virals frequent Loggerhead Island, home of the Loggerhead Island Research Institute, LIRI, a property of the Charlston University. Thier parents work at LIRI. ________________________________________ I'd like to do a RP with the same premise. My character will be the equivalent of Tory. I'll limit the rest of the Virals pack to 5 additional members, not all of them have to be male, but one has to be able to drive a boat. How else are the Virals supposed to get back and forth between Morris and Loggerhead? Pm me or post your questions here. Thank you, Cynder
  12. @Hazel Grey: Here is our revival The last thing you remember before waking up to find yourself bound and blindfolded was that you were either asleep or taking an evening stroll through the woods. You are not alone. There are others lined up beside you. You can hear thier panicked breathing. You can hear canine growls and barks. Then a woman speaks. “Oh, Great Moon Goddess, we thank thee for these new initiates! We will raise them as our own and they will always feel welcome in this pack!" Then a sharp pain sears into your neck and your body convulses, your bones snap and reform. Your whole body changes. Your whole life has changed. You are part of the Pack, and there is no going back. Character Sheet: Name: Age: Race: Personality: Wolf Form: Human Form: Bio: Rank: Other: My Characters: Name: Luna Willows Age: 20 Race: Wolf Shifter Personality: Luna is strong and fierce. You never want to be on her bad side. She does have a soft side but does not show it to many. Wolf Form/Human Form: Bio: Luna was born into the Pack and rose through the ranks. She is one of the Pack's best hunters and fighters. Rank: Beta Female Other: Name: Kira Lockwood Age: 16 Race: Human turned Wolf Shifter Personality: Kira is a somewhat shy, quite girl. She is a fast learner and is stronger than she looks. Wolf Form/Human Form: Bio: Kira lived in the town close to the Pack's territory. She often went hiking through the woods. Rank: New Initiate Other:
  13. Siara's Brother

    From the album My OCs

    This is Siara's older brother. I have not yet given him a name. He is gonna be the same shade of brown as Siara.

    © Art and Character by Me

  14. Werewolf Cafe

    From the album School Works

    A little werewolf chilling in a cafe.

    © Art by me

  15. Raleigh

    From the album Paintings

    My werewolf oc Raleigh. I have posted this picture before but this is a cropped version.

    © Art and Character owned by Me

  16. Closed Thanks for Voting!

    So I created two werewolf OCs. One of which has had images posted already. Well I am at a loss for names to give them. I would love if anyone would help me with suggestions. Here are little bits of information on the personalities I gave them, these are not complete just what I have thought of so far. Raleigh (Freckled Girl) : Cute and quite, tiny, looks innocent. Very protective of what she loves. Not afraid of a fight, skilled in hand to hand combat, also not afraid to use her claws and teeth.Loves reading, watching movies, and playing video games with her girlfriend. Enjoys rainy days because they are quiet. She spends rainy days reading.She loves coffees and teas. Enjoys baking and cooking. She also has a pet bird named Nugget and is friends with an anti gravity sloth named Barnabas. Siara (White and Brown Girl) : Wears leather and likes to appear tough. Is scared of blood and hates fighting.She will do anything to avoid a fight.Loves animals and is working on becoming a vet. She occasionally smokes if she gets too stressed or has a bad day. She enjoys drinking tea. She is self conscious but doesn't like to show it. Only her girlfriend knows about her self doubts. She is the most nervous and self conscious around her girlfriend. In her human form she has pastel pink hair. These two are girlfriends and they live together in a little apartment near their college campus. They are both in college. The little girl is going to school to become a teacher and the tall girl is going to school to take care of animals. Thank you to all who leave suggestions!
  17. Werewolf OCs

    From the album Paintings

    These are my two werewolf ocs. They don't have names right now. I am working hard on completing their personalities and the designs for their human form.

    © Art and Characters by Me

  18. Werewolf and Nugget

    From the album Paintings

    My werewolf and her bird resting.

    © Art and Character by me

  19. Werewolf OC

    From the album Paintings

    This is my new werewolf oc. Not to many details about her have been finalized. She doesn't even have a name yet.

    © Art and Character by me

  20. Moonlight ~Fantasy Story~

    Hello to the wonderful people of PA! I am a writer-in-training, and this is a novel that I have completed.... and I felt like sharing the Prologue and First chapter with you guys. If you like it, I would be more then willing to post the rest on a daily bases until it's finished... only if you want xP Be warned, also: Chapters start out smaller and get bigger as I get farther in. It is also still a work in progress with editing. I only just finished it, three/four days ago, after six months of writing it. Synopsis Larissa Polluc, a normal seventeen year old girl who was orphaned at the age of ten is suddenly thrown into a world of werewolves after one late shift, when she is found in an old cabin, a creepy man watching her and demanding things from her she knew nothing about. Escaping in a very usual way - suddenly a cat, she runs into three people who offer her help, shelter and a place to stay as they explain to her what - and who - she really is. A werewolf, who also has the power to Shift into other animals. Dealing with a man called Sergio, who claims her to be Queen of the werewolves, she must use her newfound friends and newfound courage and strength to deal with everything Sergio puts her through. Prologue Faellra panted heavily as she leaned back onto the dark wall, the moon shining bright over her head. Her blonde hair plastered to her face, she rested her head against the cold stone and looked up as she tried to lower her breathing to a normal, slow pace from it rapid pace. Closing her eyes, she slunk down to the gravel ground, the rocks pricking through her jeans. Her breathing finally slow enough to keep calm, tears started to roll down her eyes. Long, cold stinging tears steadily flowed down her cheeks. Folding her legs to her chest, her head leaned down on her knees, shielding her face wile tears stained her jeans. Lifting her head an inch as she heard footfalls from down the ally, she pushed her body as close to the wall a possible, not wanting to face who ever may be coming that way. "Fae!" The person called, stopping as it got closer. "Go. Away, Slade." Faellra whimpered, not moving her head. The figure - Slade - moved closer to Faella, bending down to place a hand on her shoulder. "You need to come back, Faellra." Slade said, more gentle this time. "You know just as well as I, you can't deal with this on your own." He added. Lifting her head slightly, her red puffy eyes blinked as she looked at him, her eyes unblinking as she looked him over in the dark. "And what if I don't?" She asked, her eyes glittering ready to cry more if provoked. "Then this keeps happening." He responded. Looking down, he sighed heavily. "You can't let this happen all the time." Sighing, Faellra looked down at her tear soaked jeans, her face showing a mask of determination under her red eyes and glittering wet cheeks. "There you go." Slade said, standing up and stretching his legs. "Now, lets get you back to the Cottage." Holding out his hand to Fae, she took it and raised herself to her feet. Smoothing down her shirt and pants, she folded her arms over her chest and walked silently beside the taller boy. ~~~ Opening the door to the Cottage, Slade held the door open for Fae. "Thanks." She muttered coldly, looking past the others in the house and just going straight to her room. Sighing heavily as she closed the door to her room, locking herself inside, the moved to her desk and turned on a light, opened a text book and looked longingly at the pages about human cells. "Why?" She whispered to herself, flipping fondly through the pages. "Why?" She repeated, stopping on a page showing mitosis of a cancer cell. About the flip to a new page, a knock sounded on her door. "Faaaee?" A light voice called. "May I come in?" "No!" Fae snapped, turning to face the door. "Go away." She said strongly. "Too late." The voice said and opened the door as Fae quickly snapped the book closed. A girl stood in front of Fae, younger yet wiser. "Why won't you all just leave me alone?" Fae asked, looking at the other girl. "It's bad enough you send him after me, Dezzie." "Fae, I know you want you're old life back, trust me, even though my old life wasn't the best I want mine too." The girl - Dezzie - said gently, closing the door behind her. "But you can't go running off like that." "Look, Dezzie, I don't care what you or anyone say, but if I want out I'm getting out! I will find a way to end this." Faellra said, looking down at the text book briefly. "You just don't get it, do you?" Dezzie sighed, flopping onto the bed. "Faellra, there is no way out of it! You need to face the fact: You are a lycanthrope!" Chapter One: It Begins "Arugh!" I grunted loudly, hauling a big bag of garbage out of a back door to a restaurant. "I honestly don't see why busboys don't do this." I added to myself wile throwing it into the dumpster. Walking back to the door, my head snapped to the left, swearing I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Shaking my head quickly, I opened the door and went back into the restaurant. "Orders up, Lissa! Wash your hands and get them out!" A voice boomed from behind a grill. "Okay Chef Fabio!" I called and rushed over to the sinks, dodging other servers along the way. Quickly washing my hands, I grabbed the plates and made my way to to tables that required the food. "Here you go. Enjoy your dinner." I said warmly, smiling brightly as I walked off and back to the kitchen. Sighing, I grabbed more food and kept going back and forth, taking orders from people, cleaning up tables and serving more plates. As the night went on, not as many people came and I got a break. leaning again a wall, I talked with a friend. "You're kidding me, twenty dollars that the next person to walk in is a woman?" I laughed at my co-worker. "David, you've got to be kidding me. Make it fifteen and you've got a deal, but only if it's a woman." My co-worker, David, nodded. Holding out his rough, callused hand, he shook it with my soft, younger hand. "Lissa, you've got a deal." He confirmed. "And now we wait." I commented, looking out at the entrance, waiting to see who might walk in next. Yawning, I turned her head away and thought about the night, almost falling over as a gush of cold wind moved through the place as the door was opened. A hostess moved out into the dining area before I could, but I saw it was male. "Haha! David, it's a man! You owe me fifteen dollars! Hm... maybe I should'a kept it at twenty. Oh well... Oh great, and Sally's putting him in my section, I really wanted to take the rest of the night off. Oh well, better go get his order." I said quickly, putting on a smile and grabbed an ordering pad and pen and walked over. "Hello, welcome to Lunar, I am Larissa, you waitress, may I get you any drinks to start?" I asked him, looking him over sharply as I do all my costumers. He was alone - interesting for how he looked. He was a punkish looking young man, with spacers, snake bites, eyebrow and nose piercings. Looking at him sent shivers down my spine. Something about him was off, creepy. "Uhh, do you have Coke?" He asked, his voice too smooth for his looks. "Yes. Is there anything else I can get for you?" I asked, writing down Coke on the pad. Looking back at him, I was a little startled to see him looking so intently at me, like I was the most stunning thing he had ever seen before. "Yes, I'm ready to order. I'll have your steak, blue preferred, if not then rare is fine. I'll have mashed potatoes as my side, thanks." He said without taking his eyes from me. Nodding, I wrote down Steak - blue or rare, mashed, veg. of day under the Coke and nodded. "I'll be right back with your drink." I said and quickly turned, wanting to get away from him. As I turned, I could feel his eyes on my back, watching me. Keeping my head straight, I walked into the kitchen and gave Fabio the order. "One new order for you!" I said cheerfully to him. "He's quite the looker." I heard from behind me and turned to see David. Chuckling softly, I nodded. "Yeah, he actually scares me. He was creepily watching me as I walk talking to him, and as he was ordering. I felt like he was trying to enter my soul or something." I said, making my body visibly shiver to add affect to my words. "Just relax, we've had people like that come in before. Besides, it's not like he's a vampire and he's going to bite you in your sleep tonight after he gets your scent or something!" David chuckled, and I laughed with him. It was true, he was just a customer. Smiling, I punched his shoulder slightly as Fabio rung the bell to tell me the food was ready. "Time to go." I sighed and grabbed his rare steak and walked out of the kitchen, putting a fake smile on. Making way to his table, I placed it down, standing up quickly and looking at him. "Anything else sir?" I asked, eager to get away from him. Batting my eyes slightly, I hope to use my youthful charm on him. I mean, I am the youngest worker here and only one person knows it: David. Everyone thinks I'm nineteen, but I'm really not. I look older then I am and I tend to use that when it comes to situations like this. "Nothing more, thank you." He said, grabbing his knife, ready to cut into the bloody steak. "Okay." I said and backed up quickly, walking off. After him, no others came in and Fabio gave me the night off. Smiling, I gave David a light hug before I grabbed my coat and walked out into the chilly, crisp spring night. Putting on my coat, I walked through the dark night. Pulling my jacket up, something about tonight seemed creepy and off. Shivering involuntarily, I kept my pace sturdy, not showing my fear or anticipation. I felt like that one weird customer was watching me, from all around me, like he was multiplied and watching me from every angle. Shivering yet again, I crossed under a lamp and I swear I saw a flicker of movement. Shrugging it off, I kept on, not pausing. I reached down to my jeans to pull out my phone but I was stopped short as I saw a real movement in front of me, quick like a flash but real. This time I stopped short - my breath caught in my throat as I looked into the darkness, the light of the moon shinning over head. My hand hovering over my pocket, I debated on pulling out my phone but that moment of hesitation was too late, within the second I was knocked to the side, something barreling into me and bringing me into the shadows. I let out a muffled scream, something furry was covering my mouth. Pulling me deeper into the forest, I felt something breaking on my neck, but the forest was so dark I couldn't see who - or what - it was. Not know what else to do, I went limp, but that just made what - or who ever - was holding me to take his chance, sending me into a flurry of unconsciousness.
  21. Is It over?...... Its never over -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A new generation of hunters has risen after the apocalypse. The things they've witnessed, cannnot be forgiven. Driven by revenge they set out on seperate journeys to kill whatever lays hidden in the dark. What are hunters? Exactly that, hunters. They hunt the things thatlay hidden in the dark. the monsters most people are to afrai to believe are real. Demons,Vampires, Lycanthropese(werewolves), gouls,shapeshifters,everything that lays hidden in the dark of night. Every hunter has a past. Most of the time it invovles theses creatures and someone dieing. The new generation of hunters is inexpirenced and will ulimatley fail by themselves. It can be dangerous to work in huge groups, but if they can just find someone. Just one more person. Maybe they can work together to stay alie while getting the job done. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES All site rules apply. Semi-lit roleplay. At least two sentences per post, try and be as descriptive as possible Based off the show supernatural but no characters from the show. You dont have to be a hunter. If you want your character to be a demon or something else I dont care. If you care a creature you don't have to be evil. Dont go around killing other people's characters. Ask permissioon although odds are they won't give you ermission. If you make a side character like a random demon you are facing then it's okay to kill it. Keep everything PG-13. Dont get too gory or nasty for that matter. Act as if your five year old brothe/sister were leaning over your shoulder reading every word you typed and asking what that's supposed to mean. I can understand that adults cuss sometimes star(****) it out If you join you must post at least once every 2 days. Ifyou are going to be away or grounded please tell me so i dont remove you from the rp. I might make mini-mods. Dont be asking me to be one though If you want to change the weather or time of day it is fine but make shure it is fine with the other role players. No characters below the age of 18. I mean it. To younfe of a person just doesnt make sense in this role play plot line. You dont have to be in a hunting group, you can be a loner. But dont let people role play by themselves(whats the fun in that). FORMS (copy and paste pictures are not required) HUNTER FORM name: nicknames: age: gender: hair color: eye color: skin tone: scars: peircings: tattoos: height: weight: Personality: History{optional}: phobias{required}: weapons:{only 3 per person. Your allowed to use ones you "find" but cant keep it.} crush: boyfriend//girlfriend: ANGELS FORM Name: nicknames: age: gender: hair color: eye color: skin tone: scars: peircings: tattoos: height: weight: wings: personality: history{who was your host body? why did you come to earth?}: phobias{required} crush: boyfriend//girlfriend: DEMON FORM Name: age: gender: hair color: eye color: skin tone: scars: piercings: height: weight: personaity: history: phobias: crush: boyfriend//girlfriend: MY CHARACTERS HUNTER FORM name: Micheal Jordans nicknames:Mike age:25 gender:males hair color: brown with lighter natural highlights eye color:green with a hint of blue in them skin tone:lightly tanned scars: one long one on his back from his shoulder to his mid-back peircings:none tattoos:none height:6'2 weight:132lbs Personality:he is a bit of a smart a** and can be a bit of a flit. He is slightly short tempered History{optional}: Micheal was born around hunters, his dad,mom and grandfather were hunters. He used to have a brother but he dissappered 8 years ago and micheal had been looking for him since phobias{required}:spiders he hates the nasty little things. Heights freaks out whenever he has to go on a plane weapons:{only 3 per person. Your allowed to use ones you "find" but cant keep it.} a large machete made out of pure iron and soaked in salt, a sawed off shot gun, and a crossbow crush:n/a boyfriend//girlfriend:n/a NEWS NEW AND ACCEPTING!
  22. Fluffy

    From the album Artwork

    Just a sketch I did while at school. Why Fluffy? Because that's what my friends decided to call him. -.-

    © Please Do Not Use Without Permission