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Found 100 results

  1. Fly

    From the album Art and Animations

  2. Just as the title says! If you are up to 4 weeks old on the site I will make you a cyo! How do I get a cyo designed for me? Simple! Just post or PM me what base and design details. Warning: I will only do simple designs with very few line-art edits. If you wish for something more complex then you can commission me at my design and drawing shop (will post link later) and will haft to pay zc for your cyo.
  3. Little Red Baby Lineart

    From the album CYO's

    The baby stage for little red How does it look? I tried to make the wolf staring at little red like she was food but idk if that worked How do you like it so far Its time for bed now though See you all in the morning
  4. Little Red Version 2

    From the album CYO's

    My second version of little red. I couldn't decide on how the wolf should look so i drew two and i'm asking what you guys like better I just quickly colored it in so this isn't it completed btw. It was hard to tell what went to what so i had to color them in.
  5. Little Red version 1

    From the album CYO's

    My first version of little red. I couldn't decide on how the wolf should look so i drew two and i'm asking what you guys like better I just quickly colored it in so this isn't it completed btw. It was hard to tell what went to what so i had to color them in.
  6. Reaper Neko V.2

    From the album CYO's

    You know my really old CYO reaper Neko? This little guy I made him back in 2014 or 2015 and i was super proud of it So i decided to make a version 2 of this CYO to show how much my art skills have grown within the past 4 year How do you like ti so far? Which one do you like better? The original or the redid version
  7. Sakura no hana Custom Baby

    From the album CYO's

    The baby stage of Sakura no hana, How does it look? Should I animate it? Please preorder it once I make the forum post! I don't have the zp to buy the brush so I'm going to make a preorder page where you can preorder it with zp so I'm able to buy the brush if I don't get enough zp to buy the brush I gonna sell the design.
  8. Sakura no hana Custom CYO

    From the album CYO's

    I drew the custom I made in 2015 and I fixed the wings because they looked weird. I also added a background. This is the adult stage. Once I've done the egg and baby stage I'm going to post a forum where you can preorder it (I won't be able to make it if nobody preorders) Because I need 15zp to buy the brush. Do you think I should animate it? Like the leaves falling and the wolves blinking. (I Changed how it looked i didn't like the puppy)
  9. Elemental Wolf RP

    :WOLF RP: @Alcarie, @Dashy, & @MoonlitBlood Who wants to start the rp? If you guys don't want to, then I will. If you would like to join the rp, go here:
  10. Reopening! October 4, 2015! Welcome to my CYO shop! New today! Galacticat! 350 zc each Jeweled Kitty 350 zc Fingerpainted Kitty 250 zc each Meet Fairy Horse!! With line edits by gemscale1234!! Purple, teal, blue, yellow, silver and rainbow! Alts 1-5 are 550 zc each, alt 6 (rainbow) is 650 zc. And introducting two awesome Supreme CYO's by Aeryn!! Webbyjay! Alt 4 is 750 zc or 4 zp, all others are 650 zc or 3 zp. Also Hellbound Horse by Aeryn! More in stock!!! Alts 1-5 are 650 zc each, alt 6 is 700 zc! New CYO!!! Cupidcat!! 300 zc each And now, Cupidcattoo!!! 325 zc each, FEMALE ONLY PLEASE (she's wearing pearls) Candy Cane Cat, done by Soichan! A 4 stage pet with 6 alts. Alts 1-5 are 400 zc, alt 6 (rainbow) is 500 zc. Peppermint!!! Only 200 zc!!! Holiday Colors! This winged cat comes in three alts 300 zc each Silverstar! It is a single stage, no alt CYO that I created just for the Christmas holidays. May all your Christmas wishes come true!! 300 zc And introducing Holly, the leader of the Christmas parade!! Holly is also 300 zc And for those of you who celebrate Hanukkah, may I introduce Hanukkat, thanks to Silver's amazing artwork! It is also a single stage pet, with choice of three alts. Please specify gender and color when ordering, either light blue, dark blue, or silver. 400 zc each And now, in the newer, larger size, and thanks to gemscale1234 for the line edits Demon Kitty Please specifiy by color which alt you would like. Gray, red, red/black, blue, hot pink, or tiger. Gray, red, blue and hot pink are 400 zc each, red/black is 450, and Tiger is 500 zc. And just because there is nothing cuter, meet Baby Bunny! Colors are Tan, Black/white and Hotot (white with black markings). Please specify by color name when ordering 250 zc each or all three for 700 zc Please meet Patches!! No matter what, he'll always be your best friend Patches is 300 zc And now something a little different - Radioactive Wyvern 300 zc - a single stage egg to adult. Introducing Sherbet Kitty!!! Sherbet Kitty comes in three colors, Raspberry, Lemon-Lime and Orange They are 250 zc each With many thanks to Chosaguro for creating The Guardian of the Forest! This winged wolf is the guardian of the fae, who live in the deepest part of the forest! These are 400 zc each or 3 zp. There are 50 in the system. With all thanks to Allie for doing this CYO for me!!! Meet Hallow!! Alts 1, 2, 4 and 5 are 400 zc Alts 3 and 6 are 500 zc Alt 6 (white) is sold out!! There will be only 50 available Description is written for female, but I will provide males upon request. Alt 6 will have the fewest available and will be the rarest of the 6. Thank you for looking!! Thank you so much to Matchitehew for bringing my vision to life!! Strong Survivor is a single stage CYO in honor of all women and men who have had breast cancer, and all people who know and love them. Remember, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!! This CYO is available for 400 zc. This is my very first CYO, and it was brought to life by Rain-in-March!! It is a single stage. Price is 400 zc Thank you for looking at my concepts, brought to life by the wonderful artists here!!
  11. aaaaaaaaaaaaa

    From the album New Updated Art

    a wolf i drew
  12. Ikiru's Cyo/Supreme Shop!

    Welcome! Supremes Sea Kelpie 800zc or 10zp Shadow Bats Alts 1-3 = 800zc & Alts 4-6 = 900zc or 10zp FireFoxes Alts 2-5 = 1,200zc & Alts 1&6 = 1,500zc or 15zp Cyos (I can't choose alts) Stuffed Pup 600zc; 2zp Merlion 700zc; 3zp Jinja Beru 500zc; 2zp Neon Shadow Wolf 500zc; 2zp Cherry Blossom Spirit 600zc or 3zp Necromancer Magi 500zc or 2zp Paint Pup 500zc or 2zp Neon Stripes (I can choose alts) Alt 3-5 600zc; Alts 1,2,&6 700zc or 2zp Color Paws 600zc or 3zp Little Kits (I can choose alts) Alts 2,5,&6 600zc; Alts 1,3,&4 700zc or 3zp Any questions just ask/PM me! Coming soon! Ookami Shinigami (Supreme) Anubis Jackal (Supreme)
  13. Purple Wolf by Kayler

    My first try at painting something like this. I know there are tons of mistakes. Shading and lighting aren't easy for me, but like I said, first try.
  14. Rouge Wolf

    From the album CYO's

    I was bored today and decided to make a CYO, do you like it? How do you think the egg should look? I was thinking a wolf skull with wings or something like that. If i published the CYO how much do you think it would sell for? 700zc?
  15. Part of the Pack{RP}

    The last thing you remember before waking up to find yourself bound and blindfolded was that you were either asleep or taking an evening stroll through the woods. You are not alone. There are others lined up beside you. You can hear thier panicked breathing. You can hear canine growls and barks. Then a woman speaks. “Oh, Great Moon Goddess, we thank thee for these new initiates! We will raise them as our own and they will always feel welcome in this pack!" Then a sharp pain sears into your neck and your body convulses, your bones snap and reform. Your whole body changes. Your whole life has changed. You are part of the Pack, and there is no going back. ________________________________________ The Pack Alpha Female: Rose Solace (Hazel) Alpha Male: Sebastian Mcacelis (Lucky) Beta Female: Luna Willows (Cynder) Beta Male: Tristan Hoy (Lucky) Hunters/Fighters: Gavin Grayson (Rose305) Kira Lockwood (Cynder) Lilly Auburn (Hazel) Pup Sitter: Penelope Lupis (Lucky) Pups: Keldur Swift (LordoftheRing) ________________________________________ Sign-ups here:
  16. Forum Avatar

    From the album Digital Art

    Just created a new forum avatar. Thought I'd share it with y'all.
  17. [Cosplay Wolfie] [Female Ver]

    From the album CYO's

    Working on a new CYO with alts called ' Cosplay Wolfie Female ' Obviously I'm gonna make a male version too but i decided in spirit of Halloween i will make a cyo with all 6 alts in different Halloween costumes or what i call it cosplay Anyway, this is the pirate alt for the female there will be a Princess alt, Pirate,Skeleton, Witch, and you guys can comment what you want the last two to be!
  18. WIP Commission

    From the album New Updated Art

    dA commission wip
  19. Wolf

    From the album New Updated Art

    Drawing for an art contest; won 2nd place.
  20. Hey, I'm looking for the mythic maned wolf and Pitt bull buddy set, I already have one of the Pitt bull buddies so I will not be needing another of this alt - I don't mind if I buy them all from one person or all from several different people. Genders don't really matter and priority goes to the mythic maned wolves. Feel free to make offers as I'm not completely sure what they're worth. I might be willing to do trades or partial trade partial payment in zodiac crystals, but I will not trade the customs I already own, canines or brown hyena(unless they're in my sale room). Other than that let me know if there's one you'd want included in my payment and I'll let you know if I'm willing to part with that one. Thank you in advance, Lone Wolf
  21. Welcome to the Breeder's Club! Do you looove to breed? If so this is the club for you! You can post your breeding outcomes, ask for co-breeding, ask for someone to breed pets for you, talk about breeding pets (new breeding pets or old), or anything basicly having to do with breeding. Highlighted Breeding Pet: CorgiPom! No requirements needed to join just have a love for breeding! Jump on in whenever you'd like! Rules: 1. Be kind; don't be rude/whining 2. You may post pets for sale, pets available for breeding/any empty rooms 3. Have fun And don't make me add any more rules please! If you'd like to support this club then become an official member! No payment or requirement just post: I support! and you'll be added onto the official members list
  22. I have some pets I'm working on getting onsite! I need your help though! In order to make these pets I need zp or zc. Spirit Keeper 1zp Black Shuck 1zp Ghost Unicorn 2zp Pre-Order List: ~Kirito (Kelpie-zc-1) ~Pink Madness (Ghost Unicorn Alt 6 - paid) ~Velsier (Ghost Unicorn Alt 4 - paid) ~chikoo12007 (Full set firefoxes - paid) These guys are also available for sale! None right now but check back soon! Or commision me! *I always have a rule for every cyo design you buy from me of I get one male and female once on site and credit is given to me*
  23. Welcome! Cyo/Supreme pets will be posted on here from time to time for sale). They may be colored or just line-arts. Some tweaking and shading may me needed too. 500zc
  24. Welcome! I LOVE designing and drawing and thought i might open a shop! It will be helpful to others to get their pets designed and help me with my drawing and creativity. I will design any PA based pet and can draw/design non-PA pets. Some designs like elementals or markings won't take as long as a robot or armor. Pricing: Cyo: Non-alted: 500zc Alted: 800zc Supreme: Non-alted: 800zc Alted: 1000zc *Prices can vary depending on how complex* Examples: Little kits: Sea Kelpie: ​ Shadow Bats: ​ Color Paws: ​ Necromancer magi: ​ Magic Penguin: ​ Cherry Blossom Spirit: ​ Commissions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Even if commission slots are filled don't be detoured! Just ask me and I'll probably say yes!
  25. I'm in desprite need of Help! I can draw and design pet adoptables.......but my computer coloring/shading leaves much to be desired. This is kinda like my partner thread but instead of working together indefinitely, you'll just help me and I'll pay you for your work as a once or however many times you help me. If you are interested in a partnership please pm me I would love it! Right now I am working on two Supremes. Supremes are what i will be doing 90% of the time. Though I will still do cyos. My first cyo is still being made so I don't have a lot of money right now......payment will haft to be given after the supreme is done......but only this once and any other time you will be paid 50 beginning 50 end. Current supremes working on: Ookami Shinigami and Anubis My prices are set below on how much i really would like to pay for your services, but we definitely can agree on something else if you wish. Also you get one full alted set or one non-alted pet every time. Supreme: 2,000zc - 4,000zc Cyo: 1,000zc - 2,000 zc Alteds I will pay closer to the higher number and non-alteds I will pay closer to the lower to middle number.