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Found 30 results

  1. Little Red Version 2

    From the album CYO's

    My second version of little red. I couldn't decide on how the wolf should look so i drew two and i'm asking what you guys like better I just quickly colored it in so this isn't it completed btw. It was hard to tell what went to what so i had to color them in.
  2. Sakura no hana Custom Baby

    From the album CYO's

    The baby stage of Sakura no hana, How does it look? Should I animate it? Please preorder it once I make the forum post! I don't have the zp to buy the brush so I'm going to make a preorder page where you can preorder it with zp so I'm able to buy the brush if I don't get enough zp to buy the brush I gonna sell the design.
  3. Sakura no hana Custom CYO

    From the album CYO's

    I drew the custom I made in 2015 and I fixed the wings because they looked weird. I also added a background. This is the adult stage. Once I've done the egg and baby stage I'm going to post a forum where you can preorder it (I won't be able to make it if nobody preorders) Because I need 15zp to buy the brush. Do you think I should animate it? Like the leaves falling and the wolves blinking. (I Changed how it looked i didn't like the puppy)
  4. Elemental Wolf RP

    :WOLF RP: @Alcarie, @Dashy, & @MoonlitBlood Who wants to start the rp? If you guys don't want to, then I will. If you would like to join the rp, go here:
  5. I said I was going to upload some of my old art. This is all I could find without digging into my closet. (It's a deadly abyss. I'm not brave enough.) Lets start with some of the "not that old, but still old" art. This was my first Undertale drawing. It's...meh. I think this was supposed to be some sort of fan made Pokemon. It's maybe three to five years old. A Mad Father drawing. I drew this around 2013 I think. This is a little terrifying. XD I drew this around the same times as the Mad Father one. Diving into some older stuff! I drew this is 2011. I had to scribble out my last name. Anyway *cough* emo *cough* phase. This was in 2011 too. Somewhere between 2010 and 2011 I think. I drew this in 2011 on the DeviantArt drawing thing. It's not....that bad. I drew this in 2010. (which it says on the back.) In 2010 I was thirteen or twelve. Not in the mood for math at the moment. Michael Jackson is actually my favorite musician if you didn't already know. The next couple are of him also. Drawn around the same time I think. This is when I first started doing portraits. Lets get into the bad now! :'D (Which is my oldest stuff, of course. Most of it probably drawn before I was even ten.) I know I drew this when I was very young, but I don't know the year or date. Is this some sort of awful Pikachu hybrid? This one is in the bad section...but it could be worse. I was pretty young when I drew this. Some sort of Pikachu pose drawings? Um.... Some sort of awful fake Pokemon? Again, I drew this on the DA drawing thing. Like the worst thing ever. XD *Insert the "I want to die" meme here* I have no words for this abomination. Um..it could be worse? I showed this to my friend recently and she felt the need to write his name on it. XD Are you ready for the finale? I'm not because this one is the worst. RIP me. If you listen closely you can hear Dawn whispering "kill me." My god this one is the worst. I didn't even finish it because I couldn't get the arm right. (not that anything else is "right.")
  6. Many moons ago, four pups where born in a raging storm to an adoring pair of alphas. Their names were Ice, the eldest son, Moon and Snow, the middle daughters, and the youngest, a dark male named Storm, after the powerful storm he was born in. Ice, Moon, and Snow where the pride of the pack, and made the other three packs insanely jealous. Ice grew up into a fine, white wolf. He was known for his strength and his strong sense of right from wrong. Ice was in line to become alpha. And then he disappeared in a raging blizzard one evening. Ice was never seen again. Moon and Snow. The grey and white sisters were known for their cautiousness and wisdom, and well as their beauty. They went out hunting one warm, spring day and were later found on the border in a pool of blood, their throats slit. Their killer was never found. Storm. He was an all black, small male wolf known as the runt that nobody liked and everyone feared. Shortly after his beloved siblings died, his parents fell seriously ill and died soon after. Storm was the only male left in his family, and he became alpha after his father's death. Finally, he was accepted. But only one, his grandmother and pack healer saw otherwise. She saw the true darkness in his heart, and she tried to talk the others into not following his orders. Storm became angry with her, and he brought her out into the clearing, called the pack to gather her, and slaughtered the old she wolf right in front of the pack. Then, Storm put the females one by one in chains. And nobody did anything about it. Now, three generations later and Storm's evil great grandson Shadow now leading the pack, the females are still in chains. Every spring and fall, they are auctioned off and forced to have pups with the males of the pack. After the birth of the pups, the male must bring his pups to Shadow, and Shadow kills off the pups he decides to. A she wolf can loose her whole litter, or keep her entire litter. Their only hope? The other three packs. The females must find a way to escape without getting caught, and make it to one of the other packs in hope to escape Shadow's wrath. *Keep your own genders even *No pups to start *All males must be loyal to or too scared to defy Shadow *The females can't break the chains, the males will have to make a 'mistake' *The males will bid for the females with prey they caught (deer, rabbits, birds, etc) *More details later *A wolf (male or female) must be at least 2 years to participate in the auctions. Female pups are kept in chains, and the male pups are trained to hunt and fight. Ranks: Alpha: Shadow, leader of the pack, great-grandson of Storm. reserved for me. Alpha's Mate: the female Shadow chooses in each auction. Chosen In RPG Beta: second in command. Loyal to Shadow and evil. Message me me Beta's Mate: the female the Beta chooses in each auction. Chosen In RPG Brutes: All other males of the pack. Unlimited Chained Females: all females in the pack. Auctioned off each spring and fall, forced to have pups, and their pups are taken. Pups: none to start. They may be killed by Storm if he doesn't not approve or killed to keep the genders even Healer: the only female in the pack who is not in chains. She knows herbs, and is very wise. Is harshly punished if spoken out of line or doesn't follow orders of ANY male, even if the male is a pup. message me. Sign Ups: Full Name: Nickname: Age: Gender: Rank: Personality: History: Crush: Other: Pic/Description:
  7. M o o n l i t A Fantasy Wolf RP P l o t Many things are hidden in the woods. Treasures, daring quests, dark secrets... wolves. What the humans have yet to discover about these woods are the packs who've roamed them for hundreds of years. These wolves are unique, different from all others, though - strange, unnatural colors, unique designs, and, for some, magical abilities and qualities. The packs have never exactly "liked" each other - some have been at war since the beginning of their creation. It is thought that it is the terrible fighting that will threaten the packs - or could it be the many secrets that some do not share? Secret affairs, dark allegences? Perhaps... !!Rules!! 1. NO especially sexual/gory content. Things like "licks so and so on the cheek" is not sexual. "He had multiple wounds, each bloody and on the verge of infected" is not what I consider gory. 2. Don't kill off someone elses character without OKing it with them, first. 3. This is a LITERATE RP. Write in complete sentences with proper grammar. The min. is a whole paragraph (5 - 8 sentences long) and the max? Pffft. Go nuts (not, like, super nuts... Bah! You know what I mean ) 4. Be nice and polite to everyone. If you have a beef with someone just ignore it and have fun!! 5. Don't give every character a magical ability. It's supposed to be a bit uncommon. And nothing over the top (ex : spitting fire balls from his mouth while riding on a 100 ft serpent!!! .... No ) 6. Don't write OOC too often, but when you do, use () or anything like that. P a c k s Bloody Oak Pack This pack lies in the darkest part of the woods, and it is usually foggy and damp here. They have limited food supply due to their unsavory grounds. The wolves here are usually a little large compared to most, and are very skilled at hiding and fighting. They are secretive and quiet, and some may even call them violent. Alpha Male and/or Female: RIP (female) Beta Wolf: Healer: Guards: Fighters: Hunters: In-Training (5 - 9 months olds): Expecting/Nursing : Pups (0 - 5 months old): Omegas: Rushing River Pack Though each pack has some section of the river running through their territory, this pack has the largest section of it. They are lazy hunters, as they love to swim and have an unlimited supply of fish. These wolves are usually slim and long, but broad shouldered. They are excellent when it comes to fighting near water, but not too good on dry land. They are talky and easy-going, friendlier than most packs, but will put up a good fight when needed. Alpha Male and/or Female: Beta Wolf: Healer: Guards: Fighters: Hunters/Fishers: In-Training (5 - 9 months olds): Expecting/Nursing : Pups (0 - 5 months old): Omegas: Flaming Heart Pack This pack's territory lies in the thickest part of the woods, where prey is plentiful. Because of this, they find themselves in many fights over prey-stealing. These wolves are the largest wolves, and are usually very muscular and strong. They are excellent hunters and fighters, and very brave. Alpha Male and/or Female: Beta Wolf: Healer: Guards: Fighters: Hunters: In-Training (5 - 9 months olds): Expecting/Nursing : Pups (0 - 5 months old): Omegas: Sky Cliff Pack They live up in more rocky, even mountainous terrain. There are more dangers here than every other pack (eagles, mountain lions, lynxes, cliffs, etc), but that makes these wolves very alert and aware. They are very instinctual, and make amazing hunters. The prey is usually larger and more diverse than other packs. The wolves here and swift, quick, agile, and are lean and muscular. They are wise, and only pick fights when neccesary. Alpha Male and/or Female: Beta Wolf: Healer: Guards: Fighters: Hunters: Apprentices (5 - 9 months olds): Expecting/Nursing : Pups (0 - 5 months old): Omegas: Rogues & Loners: (none) Mods (PM me if interested): r o x y Want to join??? Here! Fill out this form. Username: Character name: Age: Description/Picture(s): Magical abilities?: History: Pack?: Position?: Anything else?:
  8. Too Soon To Die...

    Prologue "Am I dead?" you ask yourself, It's cold and the air is thin. You feel a warmth wrap you and you doze Hearing short echoes and pains shooting in your body, coldness passing through your bloodline. You awake, "Drink up, Deary..." a kind she-wolf pours something in your mouth, the taste is horrid, yet you are too weak to spit up anything. "That ought to do it" she helped you up using her back. "Wha- What happened?" you asked, and she replied, "You were infected, Oh yes. The Humans' disease got in your stream. Very eerie indeed. It causes you to die in at least 24 hours" You look at her funny "Less than a moon dear." she smiles as she walks to some herbs, slid them over and picked up some more, then walked to you. "Eat, this ought to get rid of those chills you've got." you ate, while doing so she placed the warmth of an elk skin on you, and you drifted off. Soon you awake and am in front of a tribe of wolves. they are called The Klei Tribe. They lived around Tornado Alley, in the U.S. They, however, lived underground, they are suffering from hunger and a harsh winter a head. You are accepted in their pack and learn that they are migrating, yet what adventures will they face? Forums Name : Rank : Gender : Age : Crush : Mate : Pups : Looks : History : Personality : Other : Ranks Alpha Female : Alpha Male : Raigho Alpha Pups : Beta Female : Khaliyah Beta Male : Beta Pups : Delta Females : Jae Delta Males : Delta Pups : Subordinates : Hunters : Fighters : Omegas : Stalker ScapeGoats : Pups : My Wolves Name : Raigho Rank : Alpha Male Gender : Brute Age : 3 years Crush : None Mate : None Pups : None Looks History : Too long... Personality : Kind, Gentle, his soul is more on the dark side, however. Other : Very muscular, he doesn't pretend to be weak and tries to never look it either. Name : Pandora Rank : Delta Female Gender : She-wolf Age : 2 years Crush : None Mate : None Pups : None - though I wouldn't mind Looks History : Rather not tell you... >.> Personality : Fierce, she will hurt you Other : Name : Stalker Rank : Omega Gender : Brute Age : 1 year and 6 months Crush : None Mate : None Pups : Neh. Looks History : Will unroll Personality : Weak, just an Omega Other : Nope Name : Khaleyah Rank : Beta Gender : She-wolf Age : 1 year and 6 months old Crush : None Mate : None Pups : None Looks History : Way too long, she will only reveal to her loved one.. Personality : Gentle, and sweet - mean if you get to her bad side. Other : A Brute's best friend Ranks - Do not curse - Obey your Alpha - No detail in mating/birthing - Follow all PA Rules Let's make this the RP of the century!
  9. Currently Accepting! ..::T h e N i g h t::.. a wolf and dog RP Then... When many dogs flee from a puppy mill, they don't know what to do - they roam the forests before them together, with no order, no loyalties. Dogs fight with each other, food is scarce... until they meet the Night Pack, a pack of willing wolves who allowed the dogs to stay with them, at least until they were fed and taken care of. Some dogs left, though much of them stayed. Now... Since the dogs and wolves joined forces many moons ago, all has been well. While some remained wolves or dogs, others bred, to have dog-wolf hybrid pups. The pack has been thriving... until now. An unfriendly rival pack has moved in next door... N i g h t P a c k ..:: A l p h a ::.. The Alpha is the head of the pack, and is usually a wolf. They are responsible for the entire pack. If the Alpha has pups, it is usually the strongest or first-born that will later on become Beta, and then Alpha. Fang - 6 years - male - Wolf - darkwolf ..::B e t a::.. The Beta is the second in command, and takes over if the Alpha is sick, or has died. Usually a wolf. There are two Betas - a male and a female. Sometimes, they can be mates. Rosabella - 3 years - female - Silver Wolf - jpmouse ..::H e a l e r s::.. The healers are responsible for the well-being and health of the pack. Very important members By pack law, they are unable to have mates or pups. Only three Healers are allowed. Willow - 2yrs 1mt - female - Hybrid - paradoxedd Jay - 2 years - female - Wolf - Buffy ..::G u a r d s::.. The guards play a very important role to play, and are the fierce protectors of the pack. Usually, one of these canines will take the Beta position if it is vacant. Nero - 3.5 years - male - Gray Wolf - jpmouse Viper - 1yr 10mt - female - Collie - darkwolf Skye - 1.5 years - male - Wolf - r o x y Fallen - 1.5 years - male - Hybrid - r o x y Raven - 2 years - female - Wolf - Buffy Hero - 5 years - male - Wolf - SunrisePromises ..::H u n t e r s::.. These canines are responsible for hunting and bringing back food for the pack. These members are crucial to the surival of the pack. Silver - 2 years - female - Pomeranian - jpmouse Roxy - 2 years - female - Braque Francais - r o x y Ripple - 1.5 years - female - Wolf - r o x y Hawk - 2 years - male - Wolf - Buffy Sunrise - 5 years - female - Wolf - SunrisePromises ..::T o - B e ' s::.. These are the canines in training to become either a hunter, guard, or healer. They begin training at 6 moons, and end training at 10 moons. Swoop - 8 months - male - German Shepard - Mentor - paradoxedd ..::Q u e e n s::.. This part of the pack is made of mothers with pups and those expecting. They are also known as Care-Takers, as they all take care of each and every pup, regardless if it is their own or not. Aspen - 3 years - female - Dog - Mother to Snowy and Cloud - darkwolf ..:: P u p s::.. The youngest members of the pack. They range from 0 - 5 moons in age. Snowy - 2 months - female - Hybrid - jpmouse Cloud - 2 months - male - Hybrid - paradoxedd ..: O m e g a s::.. The least favored and lowest part of the pack. They are immature and easy-going, and are here to "keep the peace". Raff - 5 years - male - (three legged) Wolf - darkwolf ..::E l d e r s::.. The oldest members of the pack, ranging in age from 96 moons (8 years) and above. (None) Available to be Played Get permission to play an available charrie, though!! Snowy's mother, father, sister, brother. Aspen's sister. Crush & Mates A chart listing crush and mate status. Only to-be's and above are able to have crushes. To-be's are unable to have mates. Fallen likes Rosabella. Ripple likes Nero. Snowy and Cloud are too young to have a crush/mate (: Aspen is mates with (available to rp) Raff likes Sunrise. Rules Pweez read these!! If one fails to abide by these rules five times, they will be kicked out of the roleplay, and are able to join again with different character(s) the following week. 1. Please try to write in full sentences, with correct puncuation and such. There is a minimum of 5 sentences per post. 2. When speaking out of character, please make that clear by using ( ), [ ], *, or OOC 3. Swearing is forbidden, unless it is a clean swearing consistent with the roleplay. ex; mousebrain, etc. 4. If you and someone else are having a fight, problem etc, please don't include others. Either resolve it quickly, or take it to the PMs 5. If someone is being especially mean to you, please contact me. I will ban them from the roleplay for at least a week, depending on it's severity. 6. Please, no sexual or very gory content. Sexual? I think you know what that means. Gory? That includes guts coming to or from the body, cannibalism, limbs torn off, etc. If you want to know if what your about to post is clean, just PM me I don't bite. Form Name : Age : Breed : (if dog, put breed. If wolf, put wolf. If hybrid, put Dog breed x Wolf) Gender : Rank : Picture: (real, not drawn) History: Kin: Crush: Mate: Pups:
  10. We are currently ACCEPTING A long time ago, a adoption shelter was auctioned off. The dogs that aren't adopted are released into the streets. Some chose to stay in the City because they are familiar with the environment, and they formed a Stray Pack. But others, hating humans and prefer to stay away from them, moved to the forest that bordered the City, and thus they became the Wild Pack. The Wild Pack found enough food to keep them going. They are free, untamed, and safe from the taint of humans and smugglers. They dig dens covered in moss to sleep in, and the trees provide shade and shelter for them. Sheep and deers live in the forest, so they provide a steady supply of prey for the pack. They chase trespassers from their territory in order to survive. Life seemed to be good in the forest, but all is about to change... Ranks .: Alphas :. The supreme leaders of the pack. Brave, courageous, they would sacrifice themselves entirely for the safety of others. Alpha Male: Pushkin; Male, Alsatian, 3 years old Alpha Female: .: Betas :. The second in commands of the Pack. They are loyal and trustworthy advisors of the Alphas. Beta Male: Beta Female: Shasta, Female, Husky, 3 years old .: Deltas :. They are the Beta-in-Training. Only the strongest and fittest of the Juveniles have the honor to take this rank. Delta Male: Delta Female: .: Medics :. Dogs skilled in medicine. They heal others, from wounds to sickness. Lead Medic: Red; Female; Queensland Heeler; Medics: .: Subordinates :. Dogs without a rank. All dogs start at this rank. Subordinates: Ree; Female; Samoyed; 1 year old .: Hunters :. Dogs that hunt for the pack. They are especially skilled in that. Lead Hunter: Hunters: .: Soldiers :. Strong and powerful dogs that fights for the Pack. They protect the pack from safety. Lead Soldier: Soldiers: .: Juveniles :. A formal term for 'pups'. Juveniles are young dogs from a age of 1 day to 5 months. Juveniles: Lizzy, Female, Bull Dog, 3 Months .: Elders :. Old dogs that retired from their ranks. They are treated with great respect. Elders: .: Omegas :. The lowest rank in the Pack. They always get to eat last and they are always bullied. Omegas: Feather; Female; Queensland Heeler; 1 year old
  11. M o o n l i t A Fantasy Wolf RP Sign-Ups Interested in joining http://www.forums.petadoptables.com/index.php/topic/10527-moonlit-a-fantasy-wolf-rp-accepting/'>Moonlit : A Fantasy Wolf RP? Join here! r o x y (or any of the other Mods) will tell you if you are accepted or not ^ ^ Form: Username: Character name: Age: Description/Picture(s): Magical abilities?: History: Pack?: Position?: Anything else?: *ALSO - We are in need of more Mods. If interested, please contact r o x y*
  12. East Cliff *Sign Ups*

  13. Frozen [ A Wolf RP ]

    In the beginning, before man took over the earth, the land lay covered forests. The land was lush and green and the animals lived in harmony with it. The great packs on the Northern Mountains, Southern Tundra, Eastern Grasslands, and Western Woods coexisted peacefully... until a long winter frosted the landscape. Those who could not survive the drastically changing world around them perished, and those who could adapted and changed... The East and Western tribes fell while the North and Southern tribes flourished. As it came time to reclaim the land the fallen packs left, a vicious and bloody war erupted between them... Who will you choose to side with? The North or The South? Rules: 1: Submit your applications before you begin rping, I will approve it if all rules are obeyed. 2: Do not use art you don't have permission to use. 3: 3rd person rp format only please, and you must post at least 4 sentences per post. 4: Absolutely no nsfw rp in this forum, that means no forced breeding or birthing. 5: No special powers, wings, or abnormal colors. Tattoos, war paint like markings, piercings and jewelry is allowed though as long as they aren't too crazy or over the top. 6: No thrill killing, you cannot kill someone else's character without their permission! If a fight is too close, I will decide the winner via a coin toss. The loser can decide whether their character lives or dies after this depending on the severity of the injuries. The Packs: North, the mountain woods pack: Alpha: Eiskrieg Alpha Female: Beta: Beta Female: Frost Delta: Gama Members: Omega: Gresha Vying for alpha position: South, the frozen plains pack: Alpha: Thorn Alpha Female: Beta: Beta Female: Delta: Gama Members: Omega: Vying for alpha position: Liliana Application: Name: Gender Nickname: Age: Rank: Appearance: Other: Personality: Desired Rank:
  14. This story unfolds When a wolf pup and dogs; pup also coyote pup once lived together in the wild as a family. They thought they would be together forever but they were wrong. They use to lay under the stars together and tell one other about their dream,but When they got older so did their dreams. The dogs'pup wanted a human family of his own, and the wolfs' pup and coyote pup thought that was dumb. The wolf pup wanted to be wild and live with a pack,but the coyote pup thought that was a dumb dream also and he wanted to be wild and free. They started to fight and forgot about theri friendship, and they went their separate ways. Centuries past and the dog,wolf and coyote live theri dreams sadly without one anther. Will they forget theri difftens or will they stay away from one anther forever and fight. You will get to choses your own path. Are you a Dog,Wolf or Coyote? Would you take part in this fight or would you try to end it for good? Rules: No god-modding. No swearing No crushing/mating with your own charries. plz dn't talk like this. it's annoying and i don't like it and it's hard for me to read. thnx. black and white when mating or birthing please have fun you can kill the other peoples' character only if they say you can make form for pups. you can have up to how many charries you want but you must rp them all those put i follow the white wolf (if your good) i follow the black wolf (if your bad) in others so I know you readed the rules dont rp till i Accepte you please no rping on here this is for sign ups only you can have wings ect any colors on your wolf , dog or coyote you can be a wolf mix with a dog put what you follow (dogs wolves or coyotes) in others so i know you read the rules Ranks for Wolves Alphas Thor (played by darkwolf) (leader of the pack) Betas: night (played by darkwolf) (second in comand) Subordinates: Caretaker, hunter, etc: hunter:Twilight (played by Erathefox Omega: (lower rank) longers: (no pack) Ranks for dog Alphas (leader dog) Chi Meng (played by KeepAwaySeries) (leader of the pack) Betas: (second in comand) Subordinates: Caretaker, hunter, etc: Dobro(played by KeepAwaySeries) hunter:Ace (played by darkwolf) Omega: (lower rank) longers: (no pack) Ranks for coyotes Alphas (leader of the pack) Betas: (second in comand) Subordinates: Caretaker, hunter, etc: hunter:Fang (played by darkwolf) Omega: (lower rank) longers: (no pack) Form: Name: Age: dog wolf or coyote (which one are you: Gender: Personality: would you fight or forgive: Do you like wolves coyote or dog: Rank: Crush: Mate: Young: History: Description: Picture: Other: Wovles Home (woods) Dogs home (woods human homes or streets) Coyotes home (woods where ever they like) My charries: Name:Thor Age:old dog wolf or coyote (which one are you: Full blooded wolf Gender:Female Personality:rp out would you fight or forgive: I not sure yet Do you like wolves coyote or dog: no dont like dogs (with humans) Rank:Aphal Female Crush:open Mate:sure Young:none but wants History:not telling yet Description: Picture: Other: I follow the wolves of my pack Name:Fang Age:old dog wolf or coyote (which one are you:Coyote Gender:male Personality:mean would you fight or forgive:never I will fight Do you like wolves coyote or dog: i dont like dogs or wolves Rank:Hunter Crush:open Mate:open Young:wants History:kick out his old pack now he a hunter in his new pack Description:n/a Picture: Other:I follow the coyotes Name:Night Age:3years dog wolf or coyote (which one are you:Dog mix with a wolf Gender:female Personality:rp out would you fight or forgive: i forgive Do you like wolves coyote or dog:yes Rank:Beta female Crush:Twilight Mate:open Young:wants History:Her father was a dog and her mom was a wolf. They found one anther when her dad was walking in the woods and her mom was stuck in a humans trap. Her dad help her mom and it was love at first sight :3. She was their only pup. Description:she looks like a wolf more then a dog Picture: Other:i follow the wolves but i like to forgive Name:Ace Age:4 years old dog wolf or coyote (which one are you: Dog Gender:male Personality:He very mean when it comes to his food,family and friends. He likes to show off to Chi Meng hopeing she would give him a chance. he is also a strong dog. would you fight or forgive:fight!!!! Do you like wolves coyote or dog:No but only his friends and family and Chi Meng (they are all dogs) Rank:Hunter Crush:Chi Meng Mate:really likes Chi Meng to be his mate one day Young:might not sure History:I never look back Description:a very agressive and all muscular doberman Picture: Other:Only follow Chi Meng
  15. In the land of wolves there were two wolves a female and a male. Who wanted more then power over the lands so they set off to find what they were looking for. They come across a grave stone. The female wolf paws the grave and she turns around to her mate her baby blue eyes turns to dark red. The male wolf dont know what to do but to run from his mate he always knew. As he ran he could still hear his mates evil howls. Three years later the male finds a new mate and have two pups together (twins). The first pup a male had blue eyes and the other one was a female with red eyes. The male and his mate dont know but the female pup was evil. They set off for help. The oldest wolf of the pack told them to leave the female pup and she would be look after.The male and his mate dont know it but they did a bad thing. Their pack starts to die off then the males wolf mate dies. The male passes on later on. The male pup lives and starts his own pack. This is where you come in would you fall in darkness with the female wolf or would you try and fight it off with the good male wolf. Rules: No god-modding. No swearing No crushing/mating with your own charries. plz dn't talk like this. it's annoying and i don't like it and it's hard for me to read. thnx. black and white when mating or birthing please have fun you can kill the other peoples' character only if they say you can make form for pups. you can have up to how many charries you want but you must rp them all those put ( good) ( bad) in others so I know you readed the rules dont rp till i Accepte you please no rping on here this is for sign ups only you can have wings ect any colors on your wolf Ranks Good pack: Alphas:Sorrow played by darkwolf (leader of the pack)Betas: Ashes played by Prextail202(second in comand)Subordinates: Caretaker, hunter, etc:hunter:Omega:(lower rank)longers:(no pack) Evil Ranks Alphas:Flame (played by darkwolf) (leader of the pack)Betas:(second in comand)Subordinates: Caretaker, hunter, etc:hunter:Omega:(lower rank)longers:(no pack) Form:Name: Age:good or evil: Gender: Personality: Rank: Crush: Mate: Young:History:Description: Picture: Other:My charries: Name:Sorrow Age:oldgood or evil:good Gender:male Personality:rp out Rank:aphal male Crush:open Mate:open Young:noneHistory:he was the male twinDescription:gray with white blue eyes Picture: Other:good Name:Flame Age:oldgood or evil:evil Gender:female Personality:rp out Rank:aphal female Crush: Mate: Young:noneHistory:she is the female wolf twin with sorrowDescription:same as sorrow but red eyes Picture: with red eyes not golden Other:evil
  16. New Canine Equine Lover

    Hey everyone!! I'm a little late here with intro but better late than never, right? Well my user on site and in forums here is Juraco! I'm a 15 year old girl in America who thinks of herself as a misfit. I like being different from everybody else. I have my very own blog too! pitstoptsinthepath.blog.com there's an app for it available for Android phones. Cool right? I'm secretly a ninja ain't no way! I am secretly a spazz so if you're ever bored, come talk to me. I'll be sure to entertain you for a while. I just wanted to use the emote cuz it looked funny I am a member of DeviantArt.com you can see my art work at juraco.deviantart.com! I write, draw, paint, do photography, and play bass guitar. My guitar is named onyx and is a red and black Fender Squier. I recently acquired an iPhone 4 too so I'm one happy camper. I really love to read. I am currently reading some research documents on Graphology which is the study of handwriting. I can learn a lot about you from just your handwriting in pencil on unlined paper. Neat isn't it? I'm obsessed with the BBC show called Sherlock. It's really amazing. I watch it on the weekends and I really should be watching now except I'm busy here haha. I want to collect lost of dragon, horse, and dog creatures here on PA and I look forward to talking with you!
  17. Living in the Wild

    Warning : This is a rank-less wolf roleplay, there are no ranks due to the situation. Ranks may develop later on in the roleplay. Living in the Wild Millions of animals live in the wild. But, one in particular, the wolf. For centuries the wolf species has been.. 'intolerable', and such. Hardships. Yet, not for us, but wolves. Wolves must find a territory, defend it, and raise a pack. Within a century, it seems, the human species has left their territories, only cause for the wolves to move there. Yet, throwing around some stuff, there must be a reason why humans left the area. Why, it looked exactly like the wild, and yet none of the wolves living here knew anything about this place. They had been in crates when they saw the humans there, placing footage films and such within the area, dens that were brought in to the area fenced with glass. Trees, built in ponds, everything. Even life prey, during the afternoons and late at night. But with all this, the wolves have been a little curious as to what they were living in, and even if they didn't know it - the elders did. But, the elders were really in the wild. Once each wolf had chosen partners, and the females were pregnant, they would release the couple. Yet, keep in mind, every wolf brought in, was brought in by pairs. for every female, there was a male. For every male, there was a female. It was a strategy to repopulate. Some couples were used to repopulate the exhibit, while others would be released. The wolves were constantly watched, and given IDs, rather than names. Puppies were taken from dens at birth to be ID'd even if they were to be released. Rules Follow all PA rules Must have 1 female for every male created Cannot be mates with your own wolves Do not go into detail when birthing/mating You cannot break out of the exhibite You cannot kill the workers No Cursing *** it out If you read this please put 'Living in the Wild' at the top of your form Forms Looks <Image here> Name : Gender : Age : Crush : Mate : Pups : Personality : History : Other : My Wolves Looks Name : Aurora Gender : Female Age : 2 years old Crush : None Mate : None Pups : None Personality Sweet, and kind, though feirce when harmed. She can be flirty at times, though only when she has a crush. She's a bit of a 'clueless' wolf when she's around a crush. History Her history, well, it goes way back. It's better to her, when she keeps quiet of it, for the memories already give her nightmares, no where near the sweet dreams of which she longs for. Other : Looks Name : Zero Gender : Male Age : 3 years old Crush : None Mate : None Pups : None Personality Not a weakling, and nowhere near one. He's overall a very strong, and handsome wolf, that's bound to protect his future mate. He doesn't really 'like' the idea of having to be shipped away with some wolves and being forced to eat their 'prey', but he goes along with it, and lives in the hundreds of acres. History A bit long, and a bit complicated, he's been called. He came from one of those live-or-die packs - which he never considered a pack - and was never taught the feeling of love. Never learned it. Ever. He's also had a bounty over his head and glad that these people rescued his sorry ***. Other : Looks Name : Aspen Gender : Female Age : 2 and a half Crush : None Mate : None Pups : None Personality Generally sweet, overall mean. History To long to even mention, for it may start a conversation Other : Sister to Lobo Looks Name : Lobo Gender : Male Age : 2 and a half Crush : None Mate : None Pups : None Personality Generally sweet, and forgiving. Yet, like his sister - overall mean. History To long to mention, yet is a great conversation starter. Other brother to Aspen
  18. This is the Sign-Ups! Forgot to Mention it in the title, Dx Welcome! This is an RP that I doubt anyone's ever done before so I think it will be neat (:. So, this is an Animal Rp of course! It's about these wolves at a zoo. During the daytime their like a normal pack! This is no ordinary zoo! It's a wildlife refuge. So, there will be hunters that can kill deers and stuff. If you've ever done a wolf RP before in the mornings it's just at Night Time is when it becomes different. Five Workers run a Breeding Mill in the after hours. They also run a fighting arena. Will your wolf be treated like a normal wolf or a mutant wolf? Rules: 1. If a worker forces your wolf to do something you MUST do it. Unless you PM me a good reason. 2. If your wolf is forced to mate with another just fade to black, please! 3. Minor Cussing! 4. No Power Play while fighting or any other time! 5. Have Fun! 6. No being mates or crushes with your own wolf!! Ranks: Alpha Female: Charm (me) Alpha Male: Beta Female: Thurasa Beta Male: Delta Female: Delta Male: Lead Fighter: Hawk Fighters: Skye (me) Chloe & Sasha (Thurasa) Lead Hunter: Jagger (me) Hunters: Rose Lead Healers: Healers: Lead Pupsitters: Cream Pupsitter: Flutter (me) Pups: Daylin Elders: Omegas: Loners: Wolf Form: Name: (Humans give you a different one at night this is the during the day one.) Gender: Age: Rank Wanted: Crush: Mate: (Only in the mornings. Night you have to mate with whoever the people make you) Pups: (Not aloud to have pups in the mornings) Personality: (No RP out.) History: (No *growls or anything like that.) Looks: Other: Human Form: Name: Gender: Age: Job: Personality: Are you nice or mean to the Wolves?: Looks: Other: Human Jobs! (Only Five People! First Come gets one!) Boss: Ryder (me) Co-Boss: Faia Person In Charge of Fighting: (Must be mean) Person in Charge of Breeding: James Regular Worker: (Mean or Nice) Please Join!
  19. Floating Island ((OoC))

    ((So, generally this is an old idea of mine.. that never really worked for me in the past. But gonna re-test it out here. Because I will be out of town Saturday-Wednesday the role-play won't start till Thursday the 26th. But you are all welcome to make characters and chat OoCly here. Uggh, gonna post-pone starting this rp till Tuesday May 8th because I have to pet/house sit May 2nd-7th and I don't think there will be an available computer.)) Plot Somewhere amongst the many oceans is an island that never stays in one place. It travels through the water as if hollow from the inside. The island is completely isolated, and is unknown to the whole of mankind. Those unfortunate beings who wind up trapped on the island must then fight for their lives; as not only is the island dangerous, but also the creatures that inhabit it. It is rather unlikely that any who make it onto the island will survive long enough to escape and return to the real world. Yes, the real world. For here on this island things are not always what they seem. Creatures exist on this island that would not exist elsewhere. Creatures one only sees in their wildest nightmares. Island Inhabitants Zombies are human-like creatures that are neither living nor dead. They are created when a human is bitten by a zombie. The infected human, depending on how healthy they are, will turn within fourty-eight hours, depending upon a number of unknown circumstances. There is no cure for this dangerously contagious virus. Their eyes are glazed over, and they depend mostly on their other four senses. They can run as fast as the average human unless they are suffering from the loss of a leg or part of one. These creatures usually look as if they were mauled by an animal, and are hard to recognize unless you've come across them before. They are formidable because they don't feel pain and are hard to stop. Once an infected human becomes a zombie there is no longer any essence of the human. The zombie will attack friend or foe without regret. These creatures lack functional brains so they can be easily tricked. Zombies are vicious, endlessly hungry animals. Once a human is turned there is no way to bring them back to their original, human state. Skeletons are a rare sight to see on the island as they only come out during the full moon and the nights surrounding it. During this period of time they rise from the ocean where their ships had sunk near the rocky shoreline of the island. Rumor has it, that they come to take revenge on the surviving creatures (not just humans) of the island. No one is quite sure how one becomes a skeleton. Or why the skeletons are animated and alive. Hostiles; these half-human, half-dragon creatures live a top the only mountain on the island. There they have their own village which consists of hunters, who hunt the human prey and own the lachers that help prey upon the rare two-legged creatures (humans) who sometimes come to the island. There is also a healer within the village which heals wounds of the hostiles, lachers, and prey. The elderly of these creatures are thrown aside as soon as they are unable to help feed the clan. Their bodies are humanlike except for their four inch long claws, scales cover their body in different shades of green or brown making it easy for them to blend in with foilage. A long sturdy dargonlike tail, and dragonlike wings. Hostiles can speak two languages, one of their own tongue, and the English language. They learn the English language to lure humans towards them. Their only known weakness so far is water, for they seem not to be able to travel across it, and they don't seem to like caves, or going under the mountain. Naturally, the males look more like dragons than the females. There chest and face appear human, they usually have dark colored skin, appearing to be Indian, Hispanic or African American-like. From a frontal view, their legs hidden, they look human. Usually, the males wear no clothing as opposed to the females that usually have something over their chests, which are very similar to a female human's chest. Males usually have more scales along their backs, and the ridge of their necks. They have wings that look very much similar to a bats, these lack both fur and scales and are simply protected by thick, rough skin that is hard to penetrate. Their hands and feet are claw-like and they produce long talons that help them to grab prey easily. The creatures also have thick, sturdy tails that they use like an extra limb, and also use them as a great defense mechanism. On a scale of intelligence, their's is slightly below that of a humans. But what often makes them formidable is their appearance and their pets, lachers. Lachers; these huge wolf-like creatures are not exactly pack animals. They hunt for their prey on their own. Though, they only hunt humans when their masters (the hostiles) wish it of them. They are then used to ambush the human prey. Very little is known about Lachers because they seem to be very solitary creatures, and don't attack humans often. However, like their masters they fear water, and can't even cross it. Spiders can be found in the jungle, usually near the many clumps of banana trees that can be found deeper in the jungle. Their webs usually connect from tree to tree, and they're hard to see in the dense jungle. If someone winds up trapped in the webs it is almost impossible to free themselves without help. With the aid of another, there is a chance that the person will escape, if he doesn't alert the spider(s) in the process of trying to free him or herself. These spiders are larger than any normal spider, when mature they're the size of a small pony, but they can get much bigger, the largest seen was almost as big as an adolescent horse. Regulations 1. No godmoding, powerplaying, or metagaming. This means, don't act like your character is god-like and invincible. Everyone has weaknesses. Don't decide the actions of another person's character, they get to decide themselves (This is often seen while fighting). Also, no OOC info can be known IC especially if your character Sue is a recent arrival to the island. Sue cannot know that that both hostiles and lachers are afraid of water or that hiding is a cave is a person's best chance of survival. 2. Unless I approve of a new 'island inhabitant' don't add any other species aside from a human. This means no neko characters or any long lost cousin to a hostile. Hostiles are only found on this island. 3. You can have as many characters as you desire, so long as you're able to keep them all active. 4. No killing another person's character without permission from them and myself. 5. This is going to be a semi-literate role-play. And I would prefer if we could all avoid one-liners. It makes it hard for someone to roleplay with you if there's not a lot to work with. 6. No chatspeak or abbreviations in the roleplay, unless your character actually says "W-T-F". All rules are subject to change, or be added to as I see fit (or when more problems arise). Character App. Full Name: Nickname: Gender: Age: Marital Status: Sexuality: Hometown: Humans only Job: Appearance: Link and/or description Personality: Background:
  20. Hello there Everyone! (I do hope this is alright to post here.) I am the site owner of a multiple player, variety roleplaying forum website. I wanted to post here in the hopes of spreading the word of our always growing site. We are always accepting new players and we love reading all the different and amazing ideas that come from our site writers. Young, middle aged or older; age does not matter in the world of fantasy. There are so many different kinds of forums: from wolves to horse, wars to fantasy tales of love and wonder. Anything you could imagine and post can be found on the site. We hold discussions forums and even have different contests every few months! The site is completely PG13 to keep all of our site members safe and sound. Best of all, the entire website is free. We never ask for a charge, we only ask you to bring your creativeness to the table and enjoy posting while on the site. I hope to see some bright, new faces on the site and hope that you lovely members enjoy your time while there. Feel free to mail me here if you have any questions or comments or on the site. I am under the username of 'Ale' there, site owner. Thank you kindly for your time everyone! http://www.everythin...y.proboards.com
  21. Welcome to the Ice River pack! These are a few things about the pack: 1. If there is a rank your wolf wants, you can fight for the rank. The alpha female will be almost impossible to get. 2. The beta(s) will get to be the next alpha male or female, if the one before dies. 3. If a wolf DOES manage to defeat the alpha female, they can decide whether if the alpha female should be the beta female, or not. 4. Please do NOT godmod! It basically means that your wolf has no weaknesses. Plot: This is about the mystery of Ice River pack. Kits and apprentices have been missing. It had all started a few moons ago. Bramble was Frost's mate, and they had three kits (before Mist). One night, someone had snuck into the camp and had kitnapped all of the kits. The next morning, Frost had found out that someone stole her kits. She sent Bramble to find them. At that very night, Bramble had dragged the three kits' bodies back into the camp. He was almost dead, a deep gash in his throat. He had managed to say a few words before he died: Enemy... beware... battle... Frost had grieved over Bramble, and had thought day and night about those words. She had even called a meeting. But there was no use. No one knew who the killer was. After a moon, an apprentice have been murdered right in the apprentice's den. Another apprentice, Maplepaw, had seen the killer. She described him like this, "Black pelt, as black as night. He had bright amber eyes, more brighter than the moon." After that very night that Maplepaw had described the killer, she was killed. She was dragged out of the camp and killed in the forest. Hawk had found a tuft of black fur caught in Maplepaw's claws. It meant that Maplepaw's description was right. There was a killer loose in the forest. Night's Pack Form and Information: I will be the killer (which is called Night) and Night will have up to five assistants. Only ONE assistant will be a spy/traitor in the pack. If you want to sign up to be the assistant or spy, use the sign-up form below, but put 'black as night' as the password, in the 'others' column please. Use this form please for night's assistants/spies: Name: Gender: Personality: Rank in Night's Pack: History?: Others: Rules: Rules 1. Absolutely no godmodding! 2. Emma's rules apply to us, too 3. Ask the alpha if you want someone to be your mate. Ask the person you want to be mate with, too. 4. Be fair! Let everyone have a turn. 5. Please read several posts that are before yours, because you will need to keep track with the story. 6. Yammy is the co-owner, so she can decide whether to accept you or not. 7. Password is: lightning slashes through ( i have no idea what it means. just a random word. if you want to be a murderer, read the bold words in red above please) 8. Respect your alpha, and everyone in the pack! 9. A wolf's full name is what his/her mother saw the first thing he/she was born. The nickname can be what your wolf wants to be called. 10. This roleplay is for everyone to have fun, so HAVE FUN! Ranks (for Ice River pack AND night's pack): Ranks Red = Female Blue = Male Alpha Male- None Alpha Female- Frost Alpha Pups- Mist Beta Male- Eagle Beta Female- Star Beta Pups- Delta Male- Hawk Delta Female- None yet (but held for Rachadura) Delta Pups- Lead Hunter- Sting Hunters: Storm Pandora Woffie Hunter apprentices: Lead Fighter- Red Fighters: Crystal (spy) Fighter apprentices: Mintpaw Healer- Spirit Healer's apprentice- Elders- Omegas- Night's Pack: Leader: Night Deputy: Fighters: Spies: Crystal Form for Ice River Pack: Form Full name: Nickname (the name you want your character to be called): Gender (Male or female?): Age: Rank given: Rank wanted: Crush (please update): Mate (please update): Pups?: Description and/or pic: Personality: History (optional): Other: IMPORTANT NOTICE! PLEASE PUT ALL YOUR CHARACTERS IN ONE POST, TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR EVERYONE TO UNDERSTAND. IF YOU MAKE MORE LATER ON, PUT THEM IN THE SAME POST TOO! Rank Information: Alpha/leader The Alpha(s) are the most respected wolf/wolves of the pack. They are the leaders of the pack. If the Alpha(s) aren't given the respect they demand, there will be fighting, or consequences. So respect your Alpha! It is their duty to do the best for the pack, and they have the final say on decisions. They will try to find out what's going on between the pack members. They will hear everyone's opinion to make a decision. They usually decide what goes on in the pack: like meetings, hunting, exploring, border, etc... If they are not here, the beta(s) will be in charge. They will be respected by all wolves, no matter gender, age, pack, or rank they are in. Beta/deputy The Beta(s) role is quite similar to what the role's of the alpha(s), but they are only in charge of the pack if the Alpha(s) aren't present. They are able to make the same decisions, and they will be highly respected, too. While the Alpha(s) are present, the Beta(s) are mostly used to solve minor problems, while the Alpha(s) solve the larger problems. If the Alpha(s) die, the Beta(s) will take their place. Then the Delta(s) will take the Beta(s)'s places. The alpha(s) will choose the next Delta(s). If the Beta(s) die, the Alpha(s) will choose the next Beta(s) before the next day. Delta The Delta(s) are the co-deputies. They take over the Beta's position, if the Beta(s) got chosen to be the next Alpha(s). The Delta(s) roles are the same as the normal pack members. Fighters The fighters are the warriors/guardians of the pack. There is a lead fighter, which means that he/she will lead the fighters. There aren't a lot of members that makes up the warriors. The first warriors will be taught by the Alpha(s), Beta(s) or the Delta(s). They will teach them secret fighting techniques. The other wolves in the pack will be taught basic techniques. The warriors' roles are to protect the pack from predators, or other packs or wolves. There will be more later on, and they have to have reached six months of apprenticeship, while being taught by the warriors that already are in the group. The warriors' roles consist of getting strangers, and chasing them away if they pose a threat. There are certain conditions that a wolf have to reach to become a fighter. They are the largest and strongest wolves of the pack. Hunters The hunters/scouts are quite similar to the warriors, but they are quick and lithe, so they can catch prey more accurately, without a lot of misses. Apprentices will be chosen either to join the warriors, or the hunters. They keep in touch with other animals or packs, and they have to work cooperatively with each other. They catch land prey, fish, or hawks and eagles. Being a hunter requires a lot of teamwork, so even if you are fit to be a hunter but you don't work together with other wolves, they will be chosen to be a hunter, or something in between. The wolves who aren't chosen to be hunters OR fighters, they will be given border patrols, and they can sometimes catch prey for the pack. Elders Elders are retired wolves that have served the pack faithfully. An elder is usually an elderly wolf, but if a wolf have pemanent injuries (like crippling, blindness, deafness, etc...), they will be switched to the elder's den. These wolves don't need to hunt or fight for themselves, the other healthy and stronger wolves will do that. The apprentices will take turns taking care of the elders, like cleaning their bedding, or getting ticks off the elders' fur. If an elder is stiff, or for some reason he/she can't move to fetch water, an apprentice will bring a ball of moss soaked with water to give the elder to drink. The elders are often described as grouchy or grumpy. Usually, an elder will tell stories to pups or apprentices.
  22. *door bells ring* Welcome to my little shop! This week we are selling: Einhorn der Magie Customs! We are selling them for ZP. Anybody interested?
  23. The land of Hysteria is a barren land full of mysteries and legends. Cripple a she wolf born without a leg and blind. Her family was ashamed of her chasing her out snarling and snapping at her as she ran away as fast as she could manage. When they chased her across the border she stopped running swearing she would come back for revenge. Now don't get me wrong they were only following the rules of nature; Only the strongest survive. She was so young she didn't know how to hunt she roamed the lands scavenging for food but the crows got there first and they fought her off easily. She was dying she had broken her spine trying to fight for food a rock shattering her lower back she couldn't use her hind legs. Giving up she dragged herself to the border where she was abandoned. She lay there laughing hysterically deciding she would embrace the death. She died laughing the fear in her laughter audible for miles around she had gone completely insane. Wolves straying too far from their territory say they can hear her laughter echo off the walls of the mountains. That was the past she is finally getting her revenge on those who weren't even around when she lived. Animals of all types disappear straying too far into the woods on their own. Most of the rival packs have left in fear of being next. All except the Royalpack. They still linger in the territory, they have safety precautions . Wolves have learned to fear straying too deeply into the woods. Still many wolves are still disappearing. Including the King (Yes the King is also with Jaypack) and Queen's two sons, Cries of the Forgotten Soul (Soul) and Jay. (Yes they live in Jaypack now XD) Now answer these will you; Will they all vanish like the princes? Or will they learn to cope with this mysterious land? Is it really Cripple's revenge? or something more? And will this land continue to be scary stories for pups all over the world? Rules: PA rules apply. Blackout for mating. Pups are born into their ranks Any questions PM me XD Ranks: King (Alpha)- Ace Queen (Alpha)- Zaya Dukes (Beta)- Dakota Duchess (Beta)- Missy Nobles [2] (Delta)- Dawn Knights (Fighter)- Fell, Mahira, Naasir, Lakota, Zennith, Iron Rooks (Hunters)- Bakra, Smunch, Namyra, Nyree, Mist, Casper, Bala, Midnight, Panic, Curse Slaves(Omega)- Larka, Nakita, Enyca, Jake, Crick, Delta, Ivy, Pups- Mothers- Zaya, Ivy Form: Name: Gender: Rank: Crush: Mate: Pups: Personality: Pic/Description: History: Other: My Charries XD(Sadly no Jay he's with Jaypack XD) Name: Ace Gender: Male Rank: King Mate: Zaya Pups: On the way.. Personality:He is a strong loyal wolf. He was never suppose to be King. Wolves here are pretty much born into their ranks... Pic/Description: History: His father has recently gone missing and his mother died his brothers have been missing for years. Other: Jay and Soul are his brothers Name: Larka Gender: Female Rank: Slave Crush: NA Mate: NA Pups: NA Personality: Very Timid Pic/Description: Yes I photoshopped her eyes XD History: She was born an Slave her life pretty much sucks Other:
  24. This is war

    Ok so this is about two packs. There is one that lives in the mountains and there is one that lives in a forest. They all think they need more space so they try to force it from one another. They constantly fight, raiding and over borders. They steal prey occasionally since they both don't have a plentiful stock of prey. Here is the ranks Mountains Alpha Male: Swollen Alpha Female: Beta Male: Beta Female: Snow Bell(Snow) Delta Male: Delta Female: Ella Lead Hunter: Comet Hunters: Rain, Charlie (Same with iAkita since I don't want to automate xD) Serum Lead Fighter: Salem Fighters: Desponda Mitsu, Guidance Upon a Dark Night(sorry Banana got Delta first but if you want to be a huner I can change this) Savage Sage, Autumn Pups: Moose Elders: Apprentices: Omega's: Crimson Foresters Alpha Male: Storm Alpha Female: Beta Male:Zorro Beta Female: Delta Male: Delta Female: Moni Lead Hunter: Hunters: Aria,Aslia, Angel Lead Fighter: Fighters: Fallyn Lost, Bling Tameara, Shades of Color on a Painting Pups: Elders: Apprentices: Omega's: When the alpha dies and beta's and delta's move up a rank the new alpha's choose the new Delta's or Delta so be aware of taking spots when they are open. They don't beleive in healing and leave each other to die unless they are madly in love. But they have no yet invented healing and only know of warmth. Friends do help friends though. Forum Name: Gender: Age: Rank: Crush: Mate: Pups: Looks: Other: Pack: My forums Name:Swollen Gender:Male Age:2 years Rank: Alpha Male Crush:N/A Mate:N/A Pups:N/A Looks: Other:N/A Pack:Mountains Name:Rain Gender: Female Age: 2 years Rank: Hunter Crush:N/A Mate:N/A Pups: N/A Looks: Other:N/A Pack:Mountains Name:Zorro Gender:Male Age: 4 years Rank: Beta Male Crush:N/A Mate:N/A Pups: Fallyn(Adult) Looks: Other:N/A Pack: Foresters Name:Fallyn Gender: Female Age: 2 years Rank:Fighter Crush:N/A Mate:N/A Pups: N/A Looks: Other:N/A Pack: Foresters Name:Serum Gender:Male Age: 4 years Rank: Hunter Crush: N/A Mate: N/A Pups: N/A Looks: Other: N/A Pack: Mountain Name: Shades of Color on a Painting (Shade or Shades) Gender: Female Age: 2 years Rank: Fighter Crush:N/A Mate:N/A Pups: N/A Looks: Other: N/A Pack: Foresters Ok so have fun and just follow PA's rules. Oh yeah and first come, first serve but dont hog the high ranks we do that at the next few days if we are low on like maybe three of us. Then you are permissioned to go character crazy. Ok so yay it's done.