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Found 6 results

  1. I am auctioning off both my clouded leopards for zc!! Here they are: and: RULES: 1. No begging the winner for them 2. No complaining please 3. Please don't sell them, they are very special to me 4. Be fair 5.please mention me when you post 6. Have fun!! Starting Bid: 500 zc Bid increments: 200 zc Highest bid: 500 zc, Rinai Auction ends: 30th of July Good luck!!
  2. Buying ZP for ZC and/or ores

    Since I don't seem to have very valuable pets and would like to get some ZP, state your offer here. 100 ZC per 1 ZP is, of course, the minimum. I'd say about 500-600 ZC per ZP would be my maximum, though. 750 silver per 1 ZP sounds reasonable, right? 150 gold for 1 ZP. Don't know if anyone's looking for platinum, but still - 50 platinum for 1 ZP. I could do mixes, too. So, if anyone's interested...
  3. chibi cats zc adopts | open

    From the album xWB's Adoptables

    asdf it was ages since the last one so here is a second one ; v ; I apologize if the designs I draw/make/sell look like yours or someone else's character/artwork, but I assure that this is completely drawn and thought up by my unintelligible brain and any similarities are coincidental. ;;Rules - » first come first serve. So please send the ZC to my PA account (xWildblaze) once you comment that you want one. » please adopt only if you will use these designs, and are able to pay right away. » do not steal these — using the designs without buying » credit is preferred and appreciated, but not necessary. if you do then please link to my dA. ;;Price - 20 ZC each » 1 · sold to SpiritWolfe » 2 · open

    © art / designs © me / xwildblaze.deviantart.com

  4. ZC Adoptables:: batch 1

    From the album xWB's Adoptables

    Alright I promised I would do this way back in August, so here it is ( ; v ; ) I figured that doing it on the gallery would be better, since I'm more used to deviantart so I feel more at home here xD I don't really know if this is allowed or not (but it's just like art commissions on the creative desk, only already-made it shoud be okay?), so admins are free to move/remove as they see fit \( ; ∆ ; )/ ::Rules!:: There aren't a lot, so please read~ » Do NOT steal these designs or this artwork. It's a violation to law. Do not use the designs if you did not buy. » If you want one, comment here on this image with it's number and price (name/gender/other character info optional :3). These are first come first serve. » Please wait for me to reply to your comment with my 'ok', then immediately send the payment to my PA player, 'xWildblaze' (same as here.) » Do not bluff if you really want one! Meaning do not comment with an "I want __ " then walking off and forgetting about it. Please adopt only if you will use the character. » You can use your adopted on any site you want, just credit me if applicable on the site. it's preferred to link to my dA. Please enjoy! ^ v ^ 1. sold to - Lilytora 2. 12 ZC - no owner 3. sold to - Lilytora To anyone who cares wants to know; I drew this by hand with pencil (class scribbless) then scanned it and colored with PS.

    © art/design © me/xWildblaze.deviantart.com || characters © [future] owners

  5. Hello! I am seeking ZP(Zodiac Pearls) and I an hoping to save for a custom pet :3 I have the perfect idea in mind, but all I need now is the ZP I am not allowed to buy -.- So here is my attempt at getting the ZP! I am willing to trade my Ores and ZC for ZP, as well as throwing in a few pets into the mix, here we go: Currencies Silver: 2450 & Growing Gold: 560 & Growing Platinum: 125 & Growing ZC: 1,083.90 & Growing Pets Ahh, my babies! I am open to most of my pets. Note: Any pet under my 'Faves' Tab is Off Limits. If you interested, please post here or message me, either here or on the site :3 THANKS!
  6. Missing ZC?

    Just now I went onto the main site, and noticed me ZC has gone down since last night. My current total is 3.80ZC, but I clearly remember leaving yesterday with about 23 or 28ZC, since I remember from the AR Frenzy, I bought one pet slot and it dropped me to lower then 30ZC. After that, I didn't do anything but leave the main site. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't re-call buying anything after the frenzy, since I'm trying to save up my money, not spend it. Thank you for your time, ~OceanHorse