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Found 68 results

  1. Kimii's CYO Shop

    Information on my CYOs; The prices listed are per pet. The only CYO I can guarantee alts on is Ragnarok, or already hatched pets in my CYO rooms starting with "9." However, I give my full consent for you to use the wishing well on my CYOs if you don't get the alt you want from an egg, or to change its gender. As a secondary option, feel free to message me about it, and we can exchange the unwanted alt with another egg of that CYO as long as one is available. Gifting is fine, but please don't resell my CYOs. I may be willing to do a trade for pets on my wishlist, feel free to ask! (I'll be making a forum wishlist soon and will link it here, since the PA wishlist doesn't let me select the stage of the pet I want.) My CYOs; Raptor Pack - 800 ZC Blue Stripe, Green Stripe, Green Solid, Brown Solid, Orange Flame, and Black Flame alts; Siberian Husky - 800 ZC Egg, Goggles, Red, Blonde, White, Sky, and Jake alts; Ragnarok - 700 ZC Egg, Fenrir, Hati, Skoll, Fire, Ice, and Reaper alts; Doggos - 600 ZC Egg, German Shepherd, Mutt, Shiba Inu, Belgian Tervuern, Border Collie, Siberian Husky Across The World - 600 ZC Egg, Forest Wonderer, African Princess, French Maid, English Rider, Time Traveler, and Jungle Man alts; Norse Wolf - 500 ZC Costume Kitty - 500 ZC Fallen Flame - 500 ZC Pirate - 300 ZC Pageant Pups - 300 ZC Egg, King, Knight, Dark Wizard, Hero, Rainbow, and Rockstar alts;
  2. Meadow's Pet Mall~ Customs and CYOs!

    Welcome to Meadow's Pet Mall!! Here I have a variety of pets, all for very cheap prices!! I have divided all my pets for trade into different sections based upon the price of the animal. Accepted currencies: ZC, ZP, mainly ZP. I can hold pets for 1 week at the most. If you purchase a custom from me, including CYOs, you are NOT allowed to trade/sell it. Reserves: 1. blazeclaw8 - White Alt Mountain Lion - 150zc _______________________________________________________________________________ Ores for trade: Silver: 2700 5 Silver for 2ZC, or 250 Silver for 1ZP Platinum: 159 1 Platinum for 10ZC, or 10 Platinum for 1ZP Gold: 654 1 Gold for 2ZC, or 50 Gold for 1ZP _________________________________________________________________________________________ 10zc: _________________________________________________________________________________________ 20zc: _______________________________________________________________________________ 50zc: _________________________________________________________________________________________ 100zc or 1zp: _________________________________________________________________________________________ 150zc or 1zp: _________________________________________________________________________________________ 200zc or 2zp: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Customs!!! :DD Flying Hedgehog: Slots: 2000zc: 1. Savynn ~ P 2. heat79599 ~ P 3. 4. 5. 15zp: 1. Wolfsdrache ~ P 2. 3. 4. 5. Hane Kujaku Kitsune: Slots: 2000zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 15zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ______________________________________________________________________________________ CYO Customs!! :DD Rainy Day Cat: Slots: 600zc: 1. TaigaWolf ~ P 2. hope-hopper ~ P 3. BudgieBirdie ~ P 4. KichiCD ~ P 5. Savynn ~ P 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Demonic Kitty: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Fairy Tale Pup: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Aura Kitsune: Slots: 600zc: 1. FernisWolff ~ P 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cupcake Cat: Slots: 600zc: 1. FernisWolff ~ P 2. yammy115 ~ P 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Stardust Cat: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Sunset Cat: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Moonlight Cat: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Icicle Kitsune: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Earth Day Cat: (All are female) Slots: 600zc: 1. caitlingal ~ P 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Volcanic Horse: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  3. Grimms CYO Shop (New FREE Masked Kitsune CYO!!!)

    Welcome To Grimms CYO Shop ~Take a look around~ My Current CYO's On Site first of all before buying RULES (oh yes we love rules): WHEN SENDING A TRADE PLEASE ADD THE AMOUNT OF ZC BEFOREHAND,I dont want to have to run after players to add the zc.your trade will simply be canceled. When Buying A CYO please do not resell,if you dont want it anymore please return it too me. Please do not alt change,otherwise you will no longer be allowed to buy in my cyo shop EVER! If you would Like to keep a pet on hold please remind me if I forget. Please MOST IMPORTANT! When sending me a trade for the pet you want please post in the message with the trade what pet you want which alt and gender otherwise I will simply ignore it,(Its very confusing when doing trades and having to check every page for what every player wants.thank you) Very Cheap CYO's Utopia Bunny: (5 stages-no ALT's) 350zc or 1zp Crazy Deranged Cat: (5 stages-with ALT's) ALTS: all alts except alt 4 are 350zc alt 4 is 400zc or 1 zp SkullHead Jackalope: (1 stage-No Alt's) Pricing: 300zc/1zp Jack-O-Rabbit (5 stages-no ALT's) Pricing: 350zc/1zp Abandoned Ghost Kitten: (1 stage-no ALT's) Pricing: 350zc/1zp New Releases: Changeling Griffon (5 stages-4 Alts) ALT's: Pricing: ALT 1-400 (barn owl) ALT 2- 450 (snow owl) ALT 3- 500 (falcon) ALT 4- 550 (armored griffon) Pumpkin Cat: (5 stages 6 ALT's) ALT's: Prices: 1,2,3,5- 700zc or 2zp 4,6(rare ALT's)-800zc or 2 zp Kimono Kitsune: (4 stages-6 ALT's) ALT's Prices ALT's 1,2,3,4-650zc ALT's 5,6(special kimono designs)-750zc Sushi Wolf: (4 stages 6 ALT's) ALT's Prices: ALT 1-salmon and cucumber sushi roll-350zc ALT 2-salmon and Lettuce sushi roll-400zc ALT 3-salmon and Wasabi sushi roll-450zc ALT 4-salmon and egg sushi roll-500zc ALT 5-Shrimp sushi roll-550zc ALT 6-Octopus sushi roll-600zc Cherry Blossom Kitty (4 stages no alt's) Prices 500zc or 1 zp FireCracker Wolf: 300zc or 1 zp RiceBall Kitty: 350zc or 1 zp Sleeping Dragon: [5 stage supreme CYO non alted] (This Pet I consider To Be Just Like a FCA-but cheap (-~-) Prices: 900zc or 3zp Playful Kitten [5 stage supreme CYO non alted] (This Pet I consider To Be Just Like a FC-but cheap (-~-) Prices: 900zc or 3zp Rebel Runner 3 stage CYO No alts Price: 650 ZC or 2 ZP (p.s. I completely redrew the base and edited it+I also reshaded) Bacon & Egg's Full staged CYO Masked Kitsune: Price:FREE! 1 Per player please dont resell this is a gift,not a source to exploit some quick zc in the bazaar,so no reselling thank you. 7/50 Price: 450 ZC or 1 ZP Horses Of The Apocalypse: 1 Stage Supreme CYO (I consider this equal of a MCA) ALT's ALT 1-Death (Price:1,500 ZC or 6 ZP) ALT 2-Famine (Price:1,400 ZC or 5 ZP) ALT 3-War (Price:1,400 ZC or 5 ZP) ALT 4-Conquest (Price:1,000 ZC or 3 ZP) New MCA By Miosita Released Shizen No Sheishin ALT's alt 1-Normal alt 2-Fire alt 3-Earth alt 4-Water alt 5-Light alt 6-Darkness Prices: Alts 1,2,3,6-2,500zc or 4zp Alts 4,5-3,900 or 5zp Rules: No Alt Changing No selling or trading without letting me know. break these rules and you will not be permitted to buy again in my shop. Stay tuned for: The Four Horsemen Masquerade kitsune Carousal Cloppers Fluff Jacket Soul Eater The Lone Ronin p.s.-I also do Cyo Trades Nope
  4. Kirby's cyo shop and looking for Swaps

    WELCOME! This is my shop, where I am selling my cyos, other pets, swaps etc. First post: Selling Cyos Second post: Swaps and Selling pets (Christmas Giveaway) Third post: My Wishlist Please mention me @Pink Madness MY SWAPS AND SALE PETS IN THE SECOND POST, HAVE A LOOK! Three post is: My wishlist: wanted pets CYOS [Dorado Felina] 100zc/ 1zp / 18/50 [Cherry Mask] 100 /1zp / 12/50 [Haru Rakuen Neko (Spring paradise cat)] ] 200zc /1zp / 24/50 [Tulppaani] 200zc /1zp / 31/50 OFFICIAL CYOS (Non Alted) [bright Days Kitsune] 100zc /1zp / 23/50 [Dead bunny walking] 100zc /1zp / 1/50 [Bewitches (made By: Ikiru] 200zc /1zp / 3/50 OFFICIAL CYOS (Alted) I can't choise alts so come as a random [Fruit Bomb cat] 100zc /1zp /29/50 [spruce bear] 200zc /1zp / 8/50 [spacetraveller] 200zc /1zp /6/50 NEW! [Criminal heart kitsune] 200zc /1zp / 6/50 [Runny (made By; matchiitehew ] 350zc /2zp / 6/50 [Diamond sleeper (made By: matchiitehew ] 350zc /2zp / 6/50 [Summer firefly kitsune (made By: Hizkoh] 350zc /2zp / 3/50 CYOS SOLD [Tye Dye kitsune(Maker: Sierra Rose)] 200zc / 1zp /50/50 PS. Do not re-sell them and you can send them them to AR, if you don't want them anymore. Up coming cyos (maybe) None Welcome to shopping! __________________________________________________________________________________
  5. Buying ZP

    I am currently looking to buy up to 10 ZP. I'll pay 850 ZC per 1 ZP.
  6. =^~^=Welcome=^~^= Hello everyone,welcome Im in current need of zc and zp :/ so Im going to sell some of my pets,cuz I have like way too many. ​The pets will be divided in rarities ^~^ I do not accept trades/ores,though if you decide to buy a pet which is a certain rarity and is alt's 5-6 the price will be higher then the others. common: ≧◠◡◠≦✌ Uncommon: ≧◠◡◠≦✌ Rare: ≧◠◡◠≦✌ Mega Rare: ≧◠◡◠≦✌ Ultra Rare: ≧◠◡◠≦✌ Endangered: (zp only) ≧◠◡◠≦✌ Limited Edition: ≧◠◡◠≦✌ Other: (zp only) -alt 5 -alt 3 you can offer on all the pets. I will either say yes or no ^~^ + please dont offer very low prices on rare's/mega's.... Pets sold: -@Najawarie -@OldFoo also,Im considering selling my bred pets/breed able pets since I no longer breed that much if you think I should add them please comment ^~^
  7. JellyBelly's "General" Pet Sale!

    Hi! I'm trying to get some money, and some of my pets are just sitting there, and I don't even know they exist. I want them to go to better homes <3 Yes, I care about my virtual pets <3 Feel free to offer zc or zp, either is okay! (: All the pets in my general room (also known as the main room) are for sale! For my reference. For the Doctor For theforestpaper
  8. This is a new post of the same topic,my other topic failed and I couldn't post any images. This post Is going to be for all my promos and fundraisers for my free cyo pet giveaway. Most Of These fundraiser's will be for zp,I am saving up to buy a supreme brush which then you guys will vote for a design for the upcoming supreme. the promos will consist of both! LINK TO MY FREE CYO GIVEAWAY! Linearts for sale: (more will be posted,first come first serve) Mega Pega-3,500 ZC or 6 ZP (ZP always wins) Hungry Rabbit: 3 zp Hybrid Bat: 3 zp sold to @Alcarie Long Legged Hunter Wolf: 6 ZP sold to @thylac1ne Headphone Addict: 6 zp Spirit Keeper: 4 zp @Alcarie Winged Leo: 4 ZP Frank's Bride: 6 zp Completed CYO Designs: Hippocampi: 20 ZP-Only ZP! Upcoming CYO's: Fish Tailed Neko (Fundraiser special) -Pre-orders (each pre-order gets a random cyo from my shop) 1 stage: (more alts coming soon) Pre-orders:(1 zp each) 1.@Starstream 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Fundraiser cyo's: Donate To Adopt:(donate a random amount of equus 1 zc or 1,000 zc to adopt ^~^) Soul Eater: Donations: 14/35 ZP 4,650/30,000ZC Donators: @-2,500 ZC @OldFoo-CYO Brush @Rose305-100-200 ZC @Starstream-Future Donor @Brightshadow-CYO Brush @thylac1ne-500 ZC @Alcarie-1,500
  9. Hippocampus Child

    From the album Artwork By Me

    The second stage for my cyo/alted design. fundraiser/promo

    © Grimm

  10. Grimms Pet Shop (new special deal!)

    Pricing Range's (Please Take A Look before Offering,Arigato) More pets will be added as more are sold off SPECIAL DEALS AT THE END OF THE PAGE! ZP Pets: 5-8 ZP Japanese Tiger-15 ZP (final price) Extinct/Rares: Extincts:(6-9 ZP) Others:2-5 ZP Ethereal's: ZC prices:700-1,500 ZC ZP prices:2-3 ZP Uncommon's: ZC:500ZC-1,000ZC Egg drops/AR/CYO: 500-2,500ZC (Selling For ZP only!) (Selling For ZP only!) (Selling for ZC & ZP) (Selling For ZC only!) (Random Pricing (ZC only!)) : 1.Buy Over 8 pets (randoms) and get two of my cyo's your pick! 2.buy over 4 pets (randoms) and get one of my cyo's your pick! 3.Buy 2 random pets and get one random one free! SOLD PETS:
  11. Pre-Orders: Supreme Brush. Note:this will be a private pet!. Horses of the apocalypse (note:name may change if its too long) Here's the sketches of what the horses will look like:please not these are SKETCHES I am going to redo them in my manga studio. There Will be 1 stage,the adult stage. Names of alts Conquest,Famine,Death,War Colors: Death: black body,white skull,silver scythe and red eyes with shadows. shadows around the feet and tail. Conquest: White Body,golden hair,shining golden hooves,dark gold bow,silver arrow. Famine: Pale grey-ish green,black hair and a dark bronze scale at his from feet (gonna add that in manga studio) War: War Lineart: Dark Bordo Body,Flaming mane,Dark grey armor,light red-ish brown cape. Long sword at his feet (adding that in manga studio.) I will be using use the adult horse base. Slots: (2 zp per slot,each pre-order gets a free random cyo from my collection) 1.@Alcarie 2.@Alcarie 3.@Alcarie 4.@Alcarie 5. 6. 7.
  12. Grimms Commission Page: [Fist Come First Serve] Rules:(please read before posting,thank you) 1.Payment for commission:I only take zc/zp so please do not offer ores or cyo trades. 2.I talk half payment before I start working,then on finishing the commission I take the other half.I will not send the files for the cyo until I have the rest of the payment. 3.Do not copy or steal any of my work,Unless you have had my permission to use! 4.Do not ask for a commission then half way through decide to withdraw or decide you don't want the cyo anymore.(you will be banned from buying any of my cyo's/commission ect.dont waste my time) thank you. Pricing Single Stage CYO's: With ALT's- 650 ZC ​Without ALT's-450 ZC Full Stage CYO's: With ALT's-3,800 ZC (pricing may vary depending on alt changes) Without ALT's-2,000 ZC Supreme CYO's: With ALT's-15 ZP (pricing may vary depending on alt changes) Without ALT's-10,000/9 ZP How Long Will It Take?: For simple CYO's With ALT's (full staged or not)-1-1.5 hour's (may vary) Supreme CYO's With ALT's (full staged or not)-3 hours-1 day (may vary) Commission Form: (please fill in and post to me in private messaging) Name/User: CYO?:(Normal/Supreme) Stages: (1-4 not including egg) Alts? (description if you want extra items added to each alt): Poses(if supreme post for each stage): Reference(images): Color Pallette?: Price: Have you read the rules?: Open Spots: 1.@OldFoo-DONE 2.@Vixxey-DONE 3.@Vixxey-Done 4.@Vixxey-Done 5.@Alcarie-not done Examples Of My Work:
  13. Warrior's Corner

    All pets here are for sale, will not trade for other pets sorry. Only for zc and zp, just name the pet you want and price. Please put a reasonable price!
  14. Hello Everyone,Im in current Need of ZC & ZP so im going to sell some of my unwanted/unneeded pets mostly extinct/ultra rare/mega rare/rare and limited+ holiday edition pets. please don't offer prices you know you wouldent accept on a pet you'r selling. also there are some pets I will only accept zp or maybe zp+zp. so just ask thanks =^~^= ​Limited Edition: Holiday Pets: Meadow Pets: Mega Rares: Extinct/ZP: ZP Pets: (f)(m)[20-25zp] (m)-outcome 3rd generation [25-30zp] oh and I don't accept trades/ores
  15. Hey guys ^^ I've got a lovely little cyo here that will be needing a supreme brush. Unfortunately, I do not have one. haha. The bills are kinda tight or I would pay for it myself, but I would really like to get these beauties on site as soon as possible. That's where you come in! I'm holding ZP preorders for my Fae Kitsune made by @Velseir! This shows the egg, and alt 1-6 in order from left to right. The most popular alt selected in preorders will become the rare alt once on site. There are 10 slots, 2zp each. Please let me know whether you would like male or female when placing your order. Oh, and if you PM me a description (I have yet to think of one for them) and I use it, you will get one free alt of your choice! 1. Aleah alt 6 female 2. Aleah alt 5 male 3. Scone alt 3 male 4. Najawarie alt 4 female 5-10. Full set at Match. gender not specified.
  16. Valentine Bear Design Sale full stages with alts/or none ALT's: The alts are in no particular order feel free too Place them in any order when bought. This CYO Will be sold at 7,500zc or 4,000 if you are just buying 1 alt ^^ not sure if I should sell these alts separately,feel free to comment on what you think ^~^
  17. Chinese Dragon Pre-Orders Made By Miosita full stage non CYO Alt Brush stage 1-sleeping stage 2-yawning stage 3-playing stage 4 pouncing ZP Slots: 1.@Midnight Scarborough 2.@Najawarie 3.@Soichan 4.@tomomi 5.@firedancer123 6.@Aleah 1 slots costs 1 zp prices will be raised to 2 or 3zp when on site. these are special orders,I pay 5 zp the other 5 slots are special. [Pet is now on site]
  18. My first MCA Brought From the talented artist: Miosita! This Is a Mini-custom Alt Brush Shizen No Seishin-Translation:"Nature Spirit" Work So Far Alt 1-Wind Alt 2-Fire Alt 3-Earth Alt 4- Water Alt 5-Darkness Alt 6-Light 5 slots-4 zp each 1.Midnight Scarborough 2.Matchitehew 3.Matchitehew 4. 5.
  19. Fairy Bear CYO Bidding

    This is a resent CYO Iv made the fairy bear I only Have one request from whoever wins the bid,that I recieve one of the copies of the CYO ^-^ Bidding starts at 1,000ZC Minimum bid Increments 500zc at the end of the bid,the highest bidder can have a choice of adding color alts for an extra 1,000ZC let the bidding begin ^-^ Bidding ends of the 15.1.2014 who's outbid? @Poke @Midnight Scarborough
  20. Kinght Chess Piece: [supreme Alt Brush Needed] (1 stage,will be colored and shaded) (taken From Baby Horse Base) currently changing bottom part of chess piece. Description: Each ALT Will be a different type of chess piece ALT 1-white Alabaster chess Piece ALT 2-Oak Chess Piece ALT 3-Black chess Piece ALT 4-Cream Chess Piece ALT 5-Glass Chess Piece ALT 6-still need an Idea each ALT will match the chess board the knight stand on Slots: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  21. Taking Line-Art Commisions

    Currently Doing Line-Art Commission's Rules (read before commissioning me!): Line art Designs For Sale: 'been looking for a great CYO custom idea? though you you don't have the time or energy? look no further,here you van buy amazing line art's made by me,you can buy your own line art edit it and color it...' rules (must read): -you must send me one of your final results/pet that you make/if its with or without ALTS 1 pet! not the whole batch lol -when you buy the design its YOUR design! -you may not resell it as your own line art -you may edit it as you please -when you sell the design as an official pet,you must mention me in your work. -when you buy the design,you send over a trade for the amount of ZC,then I send over the file via a private message. -read the first rules,you get the message. -do not use the artwork unless you have bought it -you may add stages,alts... -MOST IMPORTANT RULE!-TO GET THE FILE,I MUST SEND THE FILE VIA EMAIL,I WILL USE AN ANONYMOUS EMAIL (I ADVICE YOU TO AS WELL). SO THAT YOU CAN GET THE FULL BENEFIT OF THE FILE IN HQ. Commission Example's: Made for Spirit Wolfe Prices-According to The Amount Of Detail Regular Pricing For One Stage Simple Details (1,000-2,500zc) example: Prices For Normal one stage Normal Details (2,500-3,000zc) example: Prices For Extreme One Stage Details (4,500-5,500zc) If you would Like to Buy an already made Line-art Click Here! Current People In Line For Commission: 1. 2. 3. 4.
  22. Super Silver Sale! - CLOSED

    Closed! You can delete or lock this thread now, if you want (:
  23. Hi,im gemscale1234 im a blooming cyo artist and looking for some jobs,because I am in dire need of ZC. I have 3 cyo's that I currently have created I am looking for some preferred normal/simple jobs.(just look at my cyo's i have created you get the picture.) thanks for reading. -Beauty Pony (not added yet) -Dog Shark (not added yet) -Gypsy Traveler-Added -Utopia Bunny (Added+alts coming soon)------> Yay my Utopia bunny Was Accepted! selling 10: male:450 female:550 current cyo commisions I have done: sam-Puppy Pawz Furry Kitsu Fox-Jade
  24. closed to orders

    So 2 of my cyo's have run out! oh no! So I'm opening up some preorders for them so that i can buy cyo potions to replenish their stocks! Please specify which alt and gender you are interested in when ordering! The foxxie florae orders are 2zp each (normally 3zp) so 5 slots are available slots: 1 Ocean - alt 6 male 2 3 4 5 Acorn Wielder's are 3zp (normally 4zp) so 4 slots are available slots: 1 ocean 1 male 2 ocean 6 female 3 ocean 3 female 4 ocean alt 2 male ocean alt 5 male ocean alt 4 female
  25. Auction for limited-edition Hanami Bat

    Bids start at 200 ZC or one ZP Bat also being sold in Bazaar for 550 ZC. Bid ends if Hanami bat is bought in Bazaar, or on October 20th. If this is successful, more bids will pop up. Who knows? Maybe even a rare animal...