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Sketchi's Custom Commissions

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♥  Welcome to ♥

Sketchi's Custom Commissions

SO, I like to draw, and if you like the way I draw, you can ask me to draw stuff for you! YAY!



YOUR SOUL!! no just kidding, why would I want that...


Mini Customs

with alts: $25

without alts: $20


Full Customs

with alts: $60

without alts: $50




Extra Lineart Edits

this is optional, and is calculated per drawing


simple edits: $3

(eg; if you want one alt to be wearing sunglasses, hats, winking, etc)


complex edits: $5

(eg; if you want one alt to have longer fur, wings, etc)


in this example, there are 5 extra edits, so that's an extra $25.


complete redraws: $15

(eg; if you want an alt to be in a different pose)




I would also appreciate 1 pet from your custom, any gender and alt, since I like to have at least one of everything I draw.


for examples, check my profile! every custom and CYO I've ever drawn is posted. or scrolllll down for previous commissions!



Fill out the form, and if I'm ok with it, I'll let you know and only THEN you can go submit your brush and send me money. I'll keep you updated on the progress via PMs.

Paypal: sketchi@gmail.com



Custom Type:

Any extra edits?

Amount in USD:

Describe what you want:

Picture Reference, if available:

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Past Commissions
(FC) - full custom without alts
(FCA) - full custom with alts
(MC) - mini custom without alts
(MCA) - mini custom with alts


Jade's Ethereal Walker (MC)




Matchitehew's Faeriephant (MCA)




Omi and Arty's Luptigra (FCA)




Scone and Pokemainia's Draconis Chimerae (FCA)




Runingwolfin's Shadow Thorn Dragon (FCA)



Matchitehew & BudgieBirdie's RyuHo no Neko (MCA)




Matchitehew & Pokemainia's Vintwin Cat (FCA)


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Yay, finally~! Sketchi customs :3

I actually have three if that's alright ;D-
A FCA collab between poke and myself- @ has the brush
a MCA collab between BudgieBirdie and myself- @ has the brush
An MCA of my own :3- I have the brush Taking that one off because the FCA is more then I expected XD
I also have enough money in my paypal account for all three ready :)

And eventually I'll be coming back for my FCA that Zilon couldn't end up doing X3



Edit: Do we send you a PM with the form, or post it here? O>O

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I would fill out the form- but what if we don't have a brush ready yet (custom collab with another) but have money ready?


would we need to reserve a slot, or wait until we have a brush-?


And- by custom description, (sorry, my head hurts and I just woke up xD; ) so you mean a description on how the pet looks OR the pet description used towards the end when actually uploading them?

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Custom Type: FCA (Shadow Thorn Dragon)

Any extra edits? There will be a few line edits between the stages. One will be less spikey than the others and one will be more so.

Amount in USD:  65-75 USD

Custom Description:  TBA

Picture Reference, if available: I have an image for a game, but it's not that great. Mind if I pm it to you? I can give better descriptions, just woke up and cursed for not being the first poster when I was hoping to be XD

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@Scone: I mean how the pet looks, I'd better make that clearer!! oops.

and yes, you can reserve a spot without anything, but when the time comes and I let you know you're good to go, if you don't have the brush/money ready I'll just skip you and do the next person on the waitlist. :)

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@sketchi Alright- by skip, you will continue to do who's on the wait list, but we keep our spot? or you only hold until us, then skip if not ready and we re apply for a slot? xDD I'm thinking the first but cant be all too sure ^^;


We are I believe halfway there in saving up zp, and I have money setting about just begging to be spent lol ^^; 

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Custom Type: FCA

Any extra edits? none please, ^^;

Amount in USD: $60 I believe

Describe what you want: Something similar to what's shown in the images below- As for the alts, I was thinking mainly first to change the colour of the flame/butterfly then work on the rest of the pet from there, Have yet to decide alt colours in specifics, but we can discuss things if needed as well. I do however have ideas for flame colours.

Picture Reference, if available: Ref 1 & Semi-Ref 2

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@sketchi I sent you a long pm, but I hope that it makes sense >.< I'll also be back for another FCA of a wolfy nature :) (I have better references of this one, I promise!) I'm going to hold off on posting that form until the current order of mine is started. Hopefully the wolfy natured one is a lot easier for you to do, since that's the main reason I want to hold off on her >.< ~<3

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@sketchi - @omai and I are doing an FCA collab. Do you have a spot open? (I see that you've crossed match off your list) - we've go almost all the details and everything sorted out :)


(I'll send you a PM with the details if a spot is spare :))

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      Slots aren't confirmed until payment is complete. If someone backs out of their slot, the reserve gets it.

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