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Sketchi's Custom Commissions

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Hey sketchi! wanted to mention something about me and poke's FCA-

with that ref I gave with example stages- you can still experiment around with poses if you'd like because of my fail creativity and some of them would be hard to make look nice 100x100


Just wanted to mention this now ^^


ALSO- Runningwolfin's FCA looks amazing! you never cease to amaze me xD

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ALSO- Runningwolfin's FCA looks amazing! you never cease to amaze me xD

It totes is, but it's a shame that it's for another artist XD I'm sure I am annoying when I keep asking for minor edits like the tail markings and the tail edit for the baby  stage and the like, but I think it's well worth it ~<3 I think that these were well worth the money spent and the time waiting. The issue I run into now is I think I want the full set in every stage >.< Which is 30 of them... Which is a lot, especially if I want to give the option for others to get them as well XD

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@Runingwolfin: what do you mean it's for another artist? *confooosed* also just sell a few for zp, get a zp potion, and... profit!!! *w*

@Scone: oh sure, I'll give you some roughs to pick from, when I get to you! you've really fleshed out the character already so all I have to do is experiment with form, not design. which will be fun! haha drawing's always fun. @o@

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hai hai sketchi :3 I have a collab planned with @, and s/he wanted you as our artist(we just love your work > u<) And if ever she would pick the DP pendant design one, I was wondering if you take DP pendant custom commissions. You don`t have prices for it, so I was not sure :3 Thankies o/ Also, would it be possible for you to ping Ocean and I when a slot opens up? once again, thank you > u<)b

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      It's up for Sale!! I didn't make a CYO/custom in ages omg
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      PM me!!
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      Full CYO with alts
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      Mini Supreme - $20
      Mini Supreme with alts - $25
      Full Supreme - $35
      Full Supreme with alts - $50

      + Simple Background $2
      + Complex Background $5
      + Simple Alt Edit (so one alt has a different edit to the rest) -  $2 (Per alt)
      + Complex Alt Edit (so one alt has a different edit to the rest) - $5 (Per alt)

      All prices are in USD, paypal via goods & services only.
      My prices are not up for negotiation, though I am happy to send an invoice and you can pay in parts. However, I will not start any work until it is fully paid.

      Slots aren't confirmed until payment is complete. If someone backs out of their slot, the reserve gets it.

      Reserve -