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This song reminds me of...

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I thought this might be quite fun to do. Basically all you need to do is name a song that reminds you of the person who posted above you.


This is meant to be nice, so no posting anything nasty about other members. To avoid confusion, please explain why you think the song you named reminds you of the person above. :D


You can post links to the video :D but if you think it has 'adult' content of any kind, be careful to disclose it!



so to start, i guess I'll say what song reminds me of me XD since there is no poster above!



I was going to go with 'the science of selling yourself short' by less than jake, but it was more relevant to me a few years back. now, i think 'much more beautiful person' by bowling for soup might be the one :P




I have serious trouble believing that i'm a good person and that i have any point in my life, so i listen to this song and it makes me feel so much better.

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