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Breeding Outcome Discussion Thread

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Note for those who have not been waiting...my first litter of Sphynx (calico tom, black+white queen) just came back, 3 eggs - 2 male, 1 female - and took a little less than 48 hours, which is not too bad. They are presently in Incubator (not even I will wait for hatch, lol), will let you know what results as this pairing is not listed in the Results thread. I put in a pastel tiger tom and solid black queen (alos not yet listed), we'll see what they produce.


...and having fallen completely for the NFC/Sphynx hybrids, I will have to spring for a level 3 and find an NFC somewhere - I also have had rotten timing where they are concerned.

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ooops, lol - thanks, I would have been delighted - the only one I saw in the Bazaar is a 2nd gen, and as you surmised, I'd like to start with virgin stock. well, there's time, I'm still experimenting with the Sphynx, have all the lil critters to play with and need to track down a female Spitz or two - I managed to wind up with 3 males, not sure how.

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