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Breeding Outcome Discussion Thread

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Dont think Ive seen any of these posted, correct me if I am wrong. I know some are close to others but not exact. I personally love the first stripe one.

do we know the parentage on these beauties? the 3rd (all black) is an existing "original" alt - though it can turn up as bred as well.

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Nmm...naw, that black one is definately bred ^^

The normal Alt has purple eyes and is a bit lighter, see? :3


(Not meant rude in any way, sorry if it comes off as that ^^")


And for parents...Wolfi has made a great guide ^-^


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Kittens from first breeding hatched -
Male9qy2ea7z8rcaic6.pngX femalepjk6dgq1hk15l92.png gave
one 9qy2ea7z8rcaic6.png M (same gencode as father) and two SDnh6jeG92.png (1 M, 1 F)

Eggs from this pair just hatched -
Male0w4nx3cg51ak805.pngX femalewunwwt5k9mznp03.png gave one each
CiCPqKsBf8.png and SDnh6jeG92.png
ferrets just came back!
maleblacksableferretadultstage4.pngX femalechampagneferretadultstage4.pnggave
2pC6WZrvE5.png,champagneferretbabystage1.png(mother's genotype), andcdZ8fKpVZR.png
New Sphynx pair set up :
Malepjk6dgq1hk15l92.png X FemaleSDnh6jeG92.png produced
H9L5G7eBSk.pngwDYTGpKDz9.png and MnpRKCou38.png : nice group for my first 2nd-gen litter!


now to try crossing two 2nd gens.

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