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Guide for Breeding Outcomes old (please post your pets here)

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I own these babies, but they're out of Lilytoras pets (:
pileperch4_alt2.png x pileperch3_alt1.png = 8lnwVNaDnQ_1.pngpileperch1_alt1.png (new alt and original alt)
pileperch3_alt4.png x pileperch3_alt5.png = G8KvPEVTtu_1.pngpileperch1_alt4.png (new alt and original alt)


edit: adding the other stages here:

another edit: more babies
pileperch3_alt1.png x pileperch3_alt4.png = 5d4491b02f01648da706b9a22f95a68d148172405d4491b02f01648da706b9a22f95a68d14817240 (mixed alts)
G8KvPEVTtu_3.png x 8lnwVNaDnQ_3.png = caee6fee38207942be6267aa5dd604ce14817204pileperch1.png  (mix alt and original alt)


another nother edit: more stages for above mixed fish



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Well. THAT was a hiatus of half a year. O.o Anyway, I wanted to post the type of babies that hatched from the litter that I bred just before my hiatus back in summer. 


new alt kitten and an Alt 3 'wild form' kitten.



The third stage above was missing from encyclopedia. I just included the full array for cuteness. Because cuteness.

3 British Longhair litters gave 7 eggs, and these will grow up at some point today. I'm eager to see if I get to post new baby combos. :D



The third pair did not give anything new.

Next litters are two Clouded Leopard litters and a Nebula Cat litter! I cannot wait. :D

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4 hours ago, Wolfsdrache said:

I think we have these pikas, but maybe not all stages, so this could probably help ;)

Christmas was busy for me, so updates maybe next saturday.

In the future I'll try to be more diligent about getting all the stages posted if I can figure out how. I can't seem to grab the image from the pet's page an get it to show up here.

I do have this one from the same litter that isn't fully grown yet but shows up in the breeding room list...3_KfORBWp4Tg.png



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@Imzadi83 you need to grab the stage image from the main page when you view the list of your pets. It doesn't work from the pet page.

One pair of Clouded Leopards produced new results! (The other pair did not produce anything new to the encyclopedia.)


The first baby is logged in the encyclopedia already as a new alt, but not out of this pair combination yet. The second baby is mixed alt that has not been logged at all yet. (Although I do not know if anyone else has posted this before I did "after" the last time you updated the encyclopedia.)

As for the Nebula Cat Litter... well, it was good. :D Three babies - I got one parent duplicate and two mixed alt babies. The mixed babies were the same alt though.


I'm still contemplating what I should breed next lol



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My current project is now working mostly with Birman Cats - I'll be making specific crosses from a table to try to find any more missing alts, three attempts with each parent pair. The first group I'm working with now is the wildtype parents pairs (Alts 1 through 6). According to my little table in Word, there are nine wildtype pairs that were never tried together! The next month or so is going to be fun for me. And there will be spare birman kittens running all over Market. Haha.

For you, I'd suggest...

1. Picking a species you love or

2. Picking a species that's hard to buy/get, since your spare babies will sell very, very quickly. A retired or shop-only species, perhaps? Maybe some of the christmas pets?

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LOL. I don't have a lot of christmas pets myself. Just a couple elfings and snowkits I lucked out with from the Abandoned Room. I have one lone Gift Grabber that I need to breed at some point to a snowkit. All this after my birman project of course. :P

Bats and red panda sounds good!

Edit: My third red Kangaroo egg just hatched. Eeee! :D:D This new alt was known to exist, but the pairing had not been found that made it. :D



One of my Birman cat pairs made a new result. LOL. Not an unknown alt, but it's a new result from this specific pair.



I noticed this stage was missing from the outcome encyclopedia, so.



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