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Lily's Emporium *New CYO Added *Updated 1/4/2018

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Amici per Sempre

Have stage1.png  Want stage4.png stage5.png (<= Most wanted)

Ancient Triceratops

Have 6yykgsiqqsr87vchild3.png Want irrq0odnr8gpurbaby4.png I prefer stage 1 or 2

Atlantic Puffin

Havepuffinadult_alt1.pngx2 puffinteen_alt1.pngpuffinteen_alt3.png Wantpuffinbaby.pngpuffinbaby_alt5.png

Aurora Borealis

Have auroraborealisalt1r.png x2 auroraborealisalt2rr.png  Want auroraborealisalt3r.png auroraborealisalt4r.png auroraborealisalt5r.png 

Bali Tiger

Have child4.png Want baby.pngbaby1.pngbaby3.png

Barbed Darter Dragon

Havedhcpc25bm9erbqbaby.png uizkxd6pkdvsatteen.png x2 drfb2isn10v5uebaby2.pngx2 Want 7h0ww5omq3frdhbaby1.png (Stage 1 Perfered)
Beastly Beauty


Bright Bowkit

Have darkgreen.pngx2 Want pinklemonade.png 

Brown Hyena


Candy Thief

Have i3nhna2kq6bml02.png x2 Want nqfksve2g4jmjn1.png4hbq7sq7fczprg3.pngdtihx7hqrrfva84.png4anf5ahdguvf3q6.png

Also looking to gender swap 7pj3lacsiaus2e5.png I have a female and would like a male

Catfish Pup

Havecatfish_adult_alt_2_copy_by_jadepool-d4u x2Wantcatfish_baby_copy_by_jadepool-d4uj737.pncatfish_baby_alt_5_copy_by_jadepool-d4uj

Cheshire Cat

Have bluegreenchesh.png  Want VioletChesh.png BloodChesh.png GrayChesh.png RustChesh.png ToxicChesh.png

Eastern Bearded Dragon

Havebaby.pngbaby1.pngx2baby4.pngWant baby2.png

Equus Draconus

Have 2.png Want 6.png

Equus Magicus

Have 8k0rzmog7f2sun6.png x2 Want  758djm8te8vv5z3.png

Five Headed Dragon

Have hydra.png  ghostalt.png  Want gallery_5457_1578_25279.png gallery_5457_1578_7193.png

Fluton Gryphon

Have5.png x23.pngWant 1.png

Galaxy Bear

Have 1.png Want 4.png5.png6.png

Golden Hamster


Hokkaido Dog



Have adult3.png x2 adult6.pngWant adult5_zps45a7fa1b.png 

King Penguin

Have daljcws533os4m2.png 0x2zchz5a1wezr3.png Want 883rh0maq7ktmg5.png iyg57tcgkuys6j6.png


Have   kittyalt6.png x2 Want   Kittyalt3_zps2fe239d8.png


Have baby3.pngbaby5.png Want  baby4.pngbaby2.png

Little Merfox

Have tvbmg.png feb1k.pngduh61.png7pwrl.png  Want i025e.png


Have llamacorn3.png.a3eb9a636bb918cd7b49b554f Want llamacorn1.png.f9e18f6a363a3c6d12a4d6ff9llamacorn4.png.761dcb1dbf8c2b6c791cec2d6llamacorn6.png.e90889c873ca0ab31b7824e54

Magical House Scholar

Have gryffindorbaby.png slytherinbaby.png Want ravenclawbaby.pnghufflepuffbaby.png

Magnificent Quetzal

Have baby.pngbaby3.pngWantbaby5.png

Nile Crocodile

Havebaby1.png x2 Wantbaby3.png

Nyasa Lovebird


Pharaoh Lion

Have 3.png 5.png  Want  6.png

Sled Dog

Have darkbrown.png Want Any other Alt
Sorcery Owl


Spellbound Penguin

Have 4.png Want 3.png

Swift Fox

Tawny Frogmouth


Tyranosaurus Rexonusus

Have babyt3.png Want babyt2.png babyt1.png (If offering the white one I would prefer female but will accept a male)
Zanzibar Leopard

Havewmv7nxaih0xwcgadult3.pngWant upemf0of19ben0child.png 8e3xmbk1ol6z01adult1.png myecym12djvur5baby2.png 6d01yhcmh5k4rrteen4.png eg7ly5ubfg19xlteen5.pngFemale Preferred

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My CYO Shop

CYOs Without Alts

Silver Fox Kitsune by Rainbow Dash/ Vaporeon   *Sold Out

silverfoxkitsune1small.png silverfoxkitsune2small.png silverfoxkitsune3small.png silverfoxkitsune4small.png

50/50 No Longer for Sale

Oliver by BudgieFeathers

baby_zps7c65acdd.png child_zps6652ae25.png teen_zps214fef1f.png adult_zpsdc347259.png

45/50 300 ZC or 1 ZP

Snowy Griffin by Midnight Scarborough

tn_gallery_4158_1147_43575.png tn_gallery_4158_1147_20979.png tn_gallery_4158_1147_29948.png

29/50 200 ZC or 1 ZP

Bumblebee Tiger by Webby


50/50 150 ZC or 1 ZP *Sold Out

Muisto by Allie


16/50 400 ZC *only 0 left for zc  2 ZP *Only 5 left for ZP

4 Available for Swaps

Bumble Pup by Tomomi


18/50 300 ZC or 1 ZP

Sandy by Silver/Silverdragons


15/50 150 zc or 1 zp

Scorpius Maximus by Anin1009

vris1.png vris2.png vris3.png vris4.png

22/50 300 zc or 1 zp

Fairy Bun by Ruisistence


100 zc or 1 zp

Only 3 left

Only one Female left the rest are male

Prehistoric Pup

baby.png child.png teen.png adult.png

300 zc or 1 zp

31/50 *Sold Out

Captain Pirate

pirate_pup_baby_by_jadepool-d4t7ooy.png pirate_pup_child_by_jadepool-d4t7orn.png pirate_pup_teen_by_jadepool-d4t7otu.png pirate_pup_adult_by_jadepool-d4t7owb.png

300 zc or 1 zp

18/50 *Sold Out

Lilium Cattus

baby.png child.png teen.png adult.png

300 zc or 1 zp

11/50 *Sold Out

Sugar Star by Matchiitehew

wolf1 copy copy.png wolf2 copy copy.png wolf3 copy copy.png wolf4 copy copy.png

300 zc or 1 zp

Volleyball Fox by Matchitehew


100zc or 1zp

CYOs with Alts

Bow Wam by Matchitehew

wambabywhitecopy100_zps122b5e1d.png wamchildwhitecopy100_zps41629e24.png wamteenwhitecopy100_zps4dc8c597.png wamadultwhitecopy100_zps764a24b7.png

wambabywhitecopy100_zps122b5e1d.png wambabysandycopy100_zpsfaec6177.png wambabylightgreycopy100_zps3cd07bfa.png

wambabygreycopy100_zpsc0d8b24e.png wamchildgreycopy100_zps2be7607b.png wamteengreycopy100_zps71447908.png wamadultgreycopy100_zps6907daa8.png

wambabygreycopy100_zpsc0d8b24e.png wambabybrowncopy100_zpsd53ed4b1.png wambabyblackcopy100_zps56a93970.png


Alts 1-5 400 ZC or 2 ZP Alt 6 500 ZC or 3 ZP

Graceful Kai by Grace/ Graciegra *Sold Out

tn_gallery_490_625_71097.png tn_gallery_490_625_35251.png tn_gallery_490_625_59228.png tn_gallery_490_625_30423.png tn_gallery_490_625_18192.png tn_gallery_490_625_49251.png

50/50 *Sold Out

Alts 1-4 500 ZC or 1 ZP Alts 5-6 600 ZC or 2 ZP

Scarfed Cats by Luxray *Sold Out


50/50 *Sold Out for Now

Alts 1-5 500 ZC or 1 ZP Alt 6 600 ZP 2 ZP

Jelly Goo Kitsune by Matchitehew

post27610200475001385017059.png post27610090500001385017061.png post27610773976001385017062.png post27610727898001385017064.png post27610646928001385017066.png post27610284076001385017068.png


All Alts 500 zc or 1 zp

Sold Out

Fetch by Alcarie

Bull Terrier Tan.png Bull Terrier Brindle.png Bull Terrier White With Markings.png Bull Terrier Blackandwhite.png Bull Terrier White.png Bull Terrier Tan and white.png

All Alts 450 zc or 1 zp

Alt one is no longer Available

Love of Rain Lines by Yingraner, Shading by Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Color by Me

gallery_2045_1635_17871.png gallery_2045_1635_16702.png gallery_2045_1635_12873.png gallery_2045_1635_23218.png gallery_2045_1635_9987.png gallery_2045_1635_27285.png

All Alts 450 zc or 1 zp

Scruff Pup by Gammawolf 



450zc or 1zp

Scaredy Cat by Gammawolf


450zc or 1zp

No more alt 5 and 6 available

Easter Owl by Matchitehew


Not yet Available for Purchase


CYOs that have been returned to me They are the same prices as above

 None Right Now


Upcoming CYOs

An unnamed Kistune cyo


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Lily's Custom Shop

Collector Pigeon by Hoshi

pigeon6.png pigeon5.png pigeon4.png msg-41-0-93830800-1378082267.png msg-41-0-29602500-1378082268.png pigeon1.png

19/25 Shared with Matchitehew

Alts 1-5 1200 ZC or 8 ZP Alt 6 1500 ZC or 10 ZP

*4 left for ZP *1 left for swap


Sennyou Flutter by Kellaymarie

1_alt1.png 2_alt1.png 3_alt1.png4_alt1.png


4_alt1.png 4_alt2.png 4_alt3.png 4_alt4.png4_alt5.png 4_alt6.png

Alts 1-5 3500 Alt 6 3800 or 20 ZP Any alt?


Also available here


Teacup Pomeranian by Miosita

TeacupPomeranian_Alt1.png TeacupPomeranian_Alt2.png TeacupPomeranian_Alt3.png TeacupPomeranian_Alt4.png TeacupPomeranian_Alt5.png TeacupPomeranian_Alt6.png

Alts 1-5 1300 zc or 5 zp Alt 6 1500 zc or 7 zp

No More slots for zc, 4 slots for zp, No more for trade

Matchiitehew is Co-owner

18/25 *2 on hold for Allie *1 on hold for Ocean


Customs that have been returned to me; Same price as above


Coming Soon!


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I have this Alpacaa1792i58of0v9a3.png

This Bullsharkqnjx5pv0vm0iju2.png

I have a Common Hamster egg that should be browncreme_baby.png

I havewgezxsmld09lpa2.png or 9p09bd8ass1pjz6.pngfor yours

I have this2.pngbut only Female

I havesparrowalt3baby.pngbut a different stage

I have2.png

I have1.pngand would like the black one for it

I havebaby4.png

I havelqiojoysvm1onj6.png

I havebaby4.pngat last stage though, for your green one

I have4.png

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