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Mio's Art Thread

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Hello everyone, I'm Mio, a new PA artist since November 2013.

I currently don't go to school anymore but I studied animal care & behavior in college because animals are my passion and I like to know a lot about them.

One of my other passions is drawing, of course, but I didn't go to art school, why? I don't know xD


I'm glad to tell you I'll draw custom pets for you. Send a PM when you're interested :)

The time for drawing pets depends on how many customs I'll have and how many official pets I'll have to draw for PA,

but for mini customs it will be somewhere between 1-3 days and full customs between 1-5 days.

Payement with PayPal.






Mini Customs

without alts: $20

with alts: $25


Mini Customs include: Egg - Adult stage


Without alts:



With alts:



Full Customs

without alts: $45

with alts: $55


Full customs include: Egg - Baby - Child - Teen - Adult


Without alts:



With alts:




This example doesn't have a baby stage






Custom Examples


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hey @Miosita yor art is really nice I bought a blue whale the day it came out :)

also I would like to know since your an approved artist and have loads of xp with drawing and stuff,what brushes do you use?aslo do u work on photoshop?pc or mac?

cuz im trying to match my cyo style to the actual bases I use and i cant find a brush that works


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Hello @gemscale1234 thank you :D 

I use default brushes in photoshop, mostly the hard round brush and sometimes the soft round brush for some markings. I draw on a pc.

I draw my pets on size 300x300 and use a hard round brush 4px for the lineart and it seems nice when I make them smaller, maybe you could try that too (:

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thank you! :D




wow that's a big file x) but when you change the size to 150x150 are the pixels still good? Because pixels can change when the image size gets smaller or bigger.

Normally default brushes on photoshop are the always the same, it doesn't matter if you use a pc or mac :)

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You can change your brushes to any size really :P. But I think the most commonly used sizes for drawing linearts are 3 to 4 pixels, but really it depends on the programs you're using. That's just my experience 


For coloring you can use any size. And also for resizing the canvas a lot of artists are now going for the bigger 150x150 px. because it allows them to show more details on the pet. :D

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Are you referring to PC as in Mac or PC or just in general of computers? People with really expensive drawing tablets can draw directly on it (it's touchscreen) and the screen its self is the program. :P


I draw by mouse because I don't have a tablet yet. We should PM each other so we don't spam this thread XD

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Hello,Moisita and congrats on becoming a Custom artist, you deserve it! I really like how you didn't go to art classes in college, just goes to show if you work hard enough at something, you can achieve it! I will most definetly stop by sometime within the next few months :3

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Well, I'm glad it worked out for you, Miosita. I've been wondering how you got so good :P Guess it was your own initiative learning, which I should try out sometime XD Maybe one day I'll actually be brave enough to submit a CYO. Welp, I should probably stop cluttering up your Art Thread XD *Runs away*

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