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~ 20 Item Challenge ~ Request and win items!

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Hey guys!


Seeing as how I consider myself pretty lazy (and anyone who commissions me would know) I think it's time to kick my butt in to gear and get myself into the groove of working much more quickly again. So, I've set up a mini challenge:


I have two more days of break. One of which i'll be gone almost the whole day but eh. x3


Before break ends, I must complete 20 PFL OR HA Items. Each one must have at least 5 colorations. (Though if I wish to I can add more when completed.)


Of course I don't have 20 ideas; so, I need you help! Drop a request here. Include all you want: reference images, descriptive words, etc.


Every item that I make from this challenge will be raffled out so, the more the better! To be entered in the end raffle, just "Like" this post and post a suggestion!



Thanks everyone!



Considering: (constantly adding)


- Unicorn Horn! - PFL - Done!

- School of fish - PFL

- Tails - PFL

- Saloon girl hair - HA - Done!

-Saloon girl Pin - HA - Done!

- Hoodies - HA

- Clown nose - PFL - Done!

- Floating hearts - PFL - Done!

- Nature Dress - HA - Done!

- Fawn - HA - done!

- Blanket - PFL - Done!

- Frilled Markings - PFL - done!

- "Mist" - PFL - Done!

- "mist" - HAI - Done!

- Fireball - PFL - done!

- Fluffy tail - PFL - done!




HA items: (they're attachments; click for a clear, clean image!)




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  • different facial expressions for some pets?

alternate/multiple tails?

horn/bone mutations?

alternate manes/tails for basic horse cyos/common horses?

'markings'? different white horse/dog/cat markings that can 'customize' the appearance of the pet. (paws, nose, chest, tail, etc.)

antlers? for non-deer pets? (:

elemental mists? faint mists based on the elements that surround or 'engulf' your pet? more of a background item. could do sparkles and stars too, etc.

I will probably post more ideas later. :3 excited to see what you come up with!


edit: oops! I see you wanted avatar items, my bad. some ideas above may work for the humans too. either way, I will be back to post more ideas.

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Hmm.. Pretty dresses? (Those Disney princess ones; with glitters and stuff) and maybe some cute/goth themed outfit ;) maybe have a theme and you can make different items and even pet items for it :D

Here are some theme ideas:

-Goth (skeletons, horns, bones, etc)

-Cute-ness (plush toy, cute little PJ's w/ flowers)

-Candies! <3 (differnt types of candy: lollipops, bubblegum, etc)

-fancy smancy (beautiful fancy layered dress (those ones that the woman would wear))

Well.. I'm out of ideas XD *stupid flu turtle brain* can't wait to see what u create :}

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I would LOVE to see a wider variety of hair styles! :3 Also, maybe some different animals that can sit on your shoulder. And maybe our pets would like to have a friend! Like a little turtle that sits next to the pet? <3 maybe a unicorn too......heh heh okay I'm out of ideas.

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I have quite a few HA items I'd like to see:


-Casual hair bun. Not messy, but not super tidy either.

-Hair that fits well under the hats of PA.

-Skirts that are knee-length or longer

-A casual tanktop

-Realistic sized wings, be they bird or bat or a blend of the two. Probably folded.

-Pretty much any comfy-casual clothing. Maybe yoga pants?

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- Set of animal inspired hoodies (horse, cat, wolf, fox, etc) all cute and chibi styled (HAI)

- a line of fuzzy furred boots for the human avatars (always loved those extremely fuzzy boots, never got to own a pair though)

- Chibi little horse animal to sit alongside your human avatar (could expand to unicorns, little chibi foxes, ANYTHING)

- Victorian styled gowns for the female avatars (more corsets, anything of the Victorian era for this very blatant idea)


- maybe a shower of hearts, sparkles for the pets? kinda give them a little bit of bling to match their human owners.

- laced Victorian hats! like this one : 


- more pet jewelry, possibly necklaces, bracelets, and anything else that can be given sparkle effects and things of the like

- I would LOVE to give my pet a cute little parasol umbrella >///< might just be me



I can come up with more if you please, Wifu ^w^

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Maybe for pets clown themed things... like a rainbow afro... googly eye glasses... a red rubber nose...


As far as human things, I'd really like to see some more nature themed things... Like a dress made out of feathers, butterfly wings, or leaves... and maybe a matching head dress... That would be so cool!  <3

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