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OldFoo's Click Shop OPEN

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yeah I saw them in there.. but 300zc for an egg drop pet.. it's something I can resist for now at least lol.
I'd very much appreciate the hatching as well. :3 would you like me to pay for the whole breeding now? or just the individuals I pick out in the end?

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okay sounds good.. now the 5 day wait.  it'll definitely be 5.

I also don't feel right cluttering your thread with my nonsense lol.. so here's some rottis to level to 3 for me please & thanks.

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you're gonna like this one... decided I need to bite the bullet and hatch all my halloween pets..
I made a room for some pets I'm trading and they're allll in there.. something like zzzzzzzzzz. trades
it should just be at the veryyy bottom of the room list. ha.
just to hatch. no rush to finish them so only when/if you have room.

there might be a couple non-halloween pets in there, feel free to hatch them too if you want.
send me the killer total or batch by batch, doesn't matter haha. I think I might still owe you for the last order too?


thank you sooooo much! (and goodluck.. ha)

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@OldFoo Thank you for your fast response. I have more, but would like to get these leveled a bit...

Link to pet:824277.png

until stage 4 (138 clicks)
Starting clicks: 62

Link to pet:992230.png

until stage 3 (98 clicks)
Starting clicks: 52

Link to pet:828156.png

until stage 4 (135 clicks)
Starting clicks: 65

Let's say around 400 clicks together / 50 * 10 = 80 ZC?

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