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aw man okay SO!! I really am not active on this site all that much and so... I haven't got much use for the currency. I am also up to my ears in CYOs, and it seems like a waste to just let them fester in my abandoned rooms. 

So honestly, at this point, yall can just take 'em. This is also a great opportunity to cash in on some quality boys if I never fulfilled your order way back when - I'm not gonna make you pay if nobody else has to now.

I would like to put a limit of 12 pets per person - if I don't get much of a response I may increase it. (and the maximum number of each cyo I'll give you is 6.) I can't really promise alts, though I do have a few hatched eggs I can give on a first-come first-serve basis - alts I have hatched will be bolded (x#) -- bear in mind numbers may not be 100% accurate

Alts precede gender. If I don't have an alt of a particular gender, you'll get the requested alt of a different one.

I do request that you not sell them.

**Since I've had a few people ask -- The only "rule" I have is to please not sell them, otherwise you can do what you'd like**


Summer Kitsune (30 left!)


ALTS: Constellation, Nature, Beach (x1), Lemonade, Camping, and Fireworks


Shark Wyvern 

Series I



ALTS: Great White (x6), Horn (x6), Lemon (x4), Tiger (x3), Black-Tipped (x6), and Whale (x5) 

Series II


                         ALTS: Thresher (x3), Cookiecutter (x6), Goblin (x4), Wobbegong (x7), Sawtooth (x5), and Zebra (x4) sharks


Tabby Cat (38 left!)



Literal Five-Headed Dragon


ALTS: Basic (x3), DualWorld (x1), Precious Metals (x2), Volcanic, Leopard Gecko (x2), and Invisible (x1).


Starfield Cat (36 left!)



Ducem Draconis (37 left!)



Skydra (39 left!)



Draco Mare


Alts: 1 (x2), 2 (x1), 3, 4 (x2), 5, 6


Auri Leonem



Melon Collie Baby



Alts: Watermelon (x1), Cantaloupe, Honeydew







Alts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


Cheshire Cat 


Alts: 1 (x3), 2 (x6), 3 (x2), 4 (x2), 5 (x5), 6 (x4)


Serpens Aeris 


Alts: Smooth Green snake, Copperhead, Eastern Garter snake, Timber rattler, Milk snake, and Eastern Hognose.


Gingerwolf (29 left!)



Dracoration (35 left!)


Alts: 1-6 at random

Edited by Cyanocitta
minor stats upkeep

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Oh, and update-

I will be leaving town from wednesday morning until saturday, and then I might be on for a little while before I go to summer camp for another week. So hopefully I'll be able to get the brushes by tomorrow and submit them on Saturday, then get the designs and alts up and submitted when I get back and then it'll hopefully be only a few days until I get the codes! 

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    • By Kaylercool
      EDIT 02/22/18
      I still have some free CYOs left!
      ONLY 10   LEFT!
      These are up for grabs! First come, first serve. Claim as many as you want!
      If you already have this alt, that's fine. You can get more. (If you just want an extra of this alt, or if you want it for alt trading/changing.)
      But, my rule below still applies:
      Please DO NOT resell these. If you do, I won't allow you to get any other CYOs from me.
    • By Dashy
      I hope all of you wonderful PA-ans had a wonderful Christmas!  
      Unfortunately the CYO that @Kaylercool made for me was only just approved yesterday, so I couldn't start this giveaway until now.
      Everyone is allowed up to three of these adorable CYOS (of your choice) and you can also ask for a random alt and gender if you prefer until they run out. (36 being the limit~)
      PLEASE make sure you mention which alt and gender you would like or else I'll just assume you want random. 
      ♥ ♡ ♥
      ~Fluffy Spirit of Christmas~
      By Kaylercool <3

      23/36 taken
      ♥ ♡ ♥
      Merry Late Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! <3~
    • By Kaylercool
        Rules: You may NOT resell these gift CYOs or any other CYOs you get from me.
       If you decide you no longer want them, send them back to me. 
        EDIT: 12/08/2017  
         There are 0 Caroling Cats left! 
       There are 0 Christmas Dreamers left!   
      The event is over!
        Hello, everyone!  
      I have two brand new Christmas CYOs that I will be giving out for free! 
      Everyone is allowed up to three eggs per CYO, so six in total! (If you desire that many that is!)
      The alts come at random, so what you get will be a surprise!  
      (Caroling Cats are available in male or female, but Christmas Dreamers are all male!)
             Comment below if you're interested!      
      (If you get doubles you can use the Wishing Well , PM me for swaps, or swap with anyone else that's gotten one from me and wants to trade alts!)
       The CYOs and their possible alts are down below! What alts will you get?
      Merry Christmas, you guys!
      I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! <3
       Caroling Cat:   (Female or male.) 

        Christmas Dreamer:   ( ~These are all male! ) 

    • By a magic potato
      I am giving away literally everything on my account that can be given away. I have lost interest for this site and haven't gotten on in months. So I figure its time to pass my stuff on.
      All the pets and money on my account will be given to someone.
      The actual account will stay in my possession for security reasons.
      Currently, I have 2406.4 crystals and 0 pearls. About 97 pets, including five old event pets (2 Summer Solstice Cats, 1 Equinox Chupacabra who is wearing cloths, 1 Le Gardien, 1 Pharaoh Dragon, and 1 Noctilucent Kirin).The exact number of pets may be a bit different as I am selling cheap ones and getting new ones from the egg drop.
      I may not have a lot but I want it to go to a good home where the person will take care of the pets and get a nice use from the things.
      Basically, I'm going to be picking who gets all this stuff by a small contest. Write me a paragraph of what you would do with all of this stuff/why you want it and I will pick based on that. This is going to end on July 10th and the winner will be chosen on the 11th. I will use the site's clock to judge the exact ending time. So, uh, yeah. Good luck. Be nice.
      Lilytora thank you for informing me about the clothing not being tradable (I meant to update this when you posted but completely forgot)
    • By ⛥Ashton⛥
      I know I haven't been on PA for that long, about since March of 2014.

      BUT... I have the need to give stuff away.

      It's hard to be a newbie, and there is allot of learning to do and is harder to get started.

      So, I will be giving eggs/pets away.

      I will have a room named [Newbies].

      You can take up to 3-4 eggs or pets.

      I don't have TOO many pets, so it would help allot if I got pet donations.

      I will NOT take ownership of ANY donations. They will go STRAIGHT to the [Newbies] room.

      You can either take 1-2 a day, or 10 a week

      So, if anyone has extra pets, send them over and they will be for Newbies, or just needy PA members.


      1-2 a day or 10 a week.

      Thank you all.

      They won't cost anything, but donations are excepted.

      Thank You

      Good Luck,


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      Ugh I have to sort out my rooms cuz I don’t like how I put them so I have to find out all the pets breeds and make them a room but it will all be worth it
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      I always wonder if people ever put my CYOs on their Wishlist owo
      I only have Songstone Cat for now, but I wonder
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    • Kirito

      Is anyone else having issues on the PA website? for some reason it won't load and only the forums work :/
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    • Jadespets

      Subbys dumb has made another account and I need zc so I’m gonna take advantage of putting a pet in the auction so he can bid all his zc lol is that too mean? He has been messaging me on pa and saying rude things
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    • Kaylercool

      So, I just ate a taco with french fries, brown gravy, taco meat, cheese, and hot sauce. 
      and it was friggin' delicious. 
      I'm just over here waiting for the new "French fry taco" from Taco Bell. If they do it, just know I did it first. 
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