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Chicken Smoothie Disscussion

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Hey I figured this could be a tread were others talk about what is going on on Chickensmoothie. Like about favorite chickensmoothie pets or about the summer event or about holiday events.



I really like this years summer event. I am having trouble getting some of the pets though but those ones seem to be the ones everyone wants as well.

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In truth, what "doesn't" have me confused xD


I am trying to figure out currency. How to make currency. If there's games anywhere to be played. If there's a way to see the pets that are/were available. How long they take to grow up. Etc. lol

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Oh.. hmm


Well I found the Egyptian-like event. And I adopted a slew of pets from that area. Is it like here.. where people need to give your pets attention to get them to grow... or is it just something that happens "whenever"

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