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    • By Jade
      --Jade's Weekly AR Drop--
      Hello and welcome to my AR drop thread! I have been doing AR drops for quite some time now as well as AR cyo's and have gathered quite the collection of AR content! I mostly post CYO's I create for the AR here. Each cyo is either made by me or commissioned and its only purpose is for the AR I don't sell them so please don't bother asking! All pets can be found in the AR or obtained by donating.
      Click us please!!!!
      For every 100 clicks one of these pets below gets, I will drop a special Click generated AR CYO. These cyo's are only dropped after 100 clicks are added onto the pet the cyo was created for... so if you want to see more pets, go ahead and give them a click!

      Below are the current Click generated AR Cyo's available.
      Donate 50 or MORE pets to the Weeky drop and you get one Keeper of Sygal in exchange!
      CYO's Currently in Rotation:
      These are the CYO's that are currently available for AR drops! Each week I drop a couple of each pet into the AR! These pets will be released for the AR until the limit is reached.
      Retired AR CYO's:
      These are the AR cyo's I've hit the limit on, if you would like to see one of these put back into rotation you can always donate ZP to fund a potion!
      These are some of the CYO's waiting to be produced, sometimes I just need to finish the art or am waiting until I have enough ZP to get the cyo on site! You can also donate 2 ZP to help get the cyo moving along and you get one of the pet when its released!
      If there are certain pets you;'d like to see in the next AR drop just post below and I can usually get a few for the next drop. And feel free to suggest any ideas or cyo ideas!
      Have AR CYO suggestions? Just go to this thread here.
      2ZP -- 1 AR CYO
      5 ZP -- 3 AR CYO's
      Also feel free to post the AR CYO's you guys find I would love to see where some of them end up!
    • By Kitkat
      WELCOME TO MY CHRISTMAS RAFFLE! (the pets may or may not be Christmas-like.)
      I will be giving out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.
      Each raffle ticket costs 65 zc, and you can purchase up to 5 of them.
      This event will end on 12/20/17


      (Snow Leopard)

      (Toy Poodle)

      500 zc


      (Atlantic Puffin)

      (Keeshond Dog)
      350 zc


      (Sun Bear)
      250 zc

      Dashy - 5 tickets
      Caitlynmellark - 5 tickets
      Alcarie - 5 tickets
      Kayladoeseverything - 5 tickets
      THANK YOU!

    • By Kaylercool
      This Quiz is officially closed and all the prizes have been given out!
      I want to say thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners! 
      I plan on doing more of these in the future with even better prizes and questions.  
      See you next time!
      Hello, everyone! I've decided to do a short little quiz. 
      The questions are random. Some hard, some easy.
      Some you may just have to take a shot in the dark at.
      The first person to answer a specific question correctly wins the pet next to that question. (The prizes are NOT a hint to the answer.)
      NO RESELLING PRIZES. (Especially my CYOs.)
      Don't just keep guessing over and over on a question until you narrow it down. Give others a chance first.
      If you'd like to guess, but don't want the pet(s), that's fine. Just specify that you're giving up your reward.  
      1. To some I look like the cross between two different animals, though I am not. I first appeared about four million years ago. I was carnivorous. What animal was I? 
      Prize:   (Bred mix.)  Answer: Tasmanian Tiger ~ Won by @GalaxticTraveler#1 
      2. What is Kayler's favorite flavor of tea? ;D
      Prize:  (This alt of my CYO Chocolate Cat is very rare. Around only five existing. My only one left.)   Answer: Earl Grey~ Won by @Moonwing
      3.  I live in deserts and grasslands in Asia. I can be kept as a pet. I store fat and water in my tail. I am 99% certain you've seen me before. What animal am I? 
      Prize: Answer: Leopard Gecko ~ Won by @paws4ever
      4. What is Kayler's favorite breed of cat? ;D    
      Prize:  Answer: Scottish Fold ~ Won by @GalaxticTraveler#1
      5. I am a breed of Russian origin. I resemble an Oriental Shorthair Cat, but there is something different about my fur. 
      Prize:   (This is the last of my yellow Colorful Storm Cat CYOs.) Answer: Peterbald ~ Won by @Jadespets
      6. What is Kayler's favorite Generation 4 starter Pokemon? ;D (Since yesterday was Pokemon Platinum's anniversary!)  
      Prize: Answer: Piplup ~ Won by @paws4ever
      7. WHO'S THAT POK- I mean...ahem... What pet is this?  
      Prize:  Answer: Gypsy Pony ~ Won by @Jadespets 
      8. I'm native to the Sahara desert of Northern Africa. I am fairly small and cute. I mate for life. I can survive without free-standing water. I get most of my water from leaves, fruits, prey, ect. What animal am I? 
      Prize:  Answer: Fennec Fox~ Won by @Jadespets
      9.  I have no stomach. I was born out of an egg, but I still nursed from my mother. What animal am I? 
      Prize:  (Bred alt.)   Answer: Platypus ~ Won by @GalaxticTraveler#1
      10. Alright, the finale is here! How many Cheetos are in this bag? (Also, thumb reveal.)  (XD What the heck am I doing?)
      Prize: (This alt of my CYO Chocolate Cat is very rare. There were no more that five (if even five) available. Only one left.)  Answer: 0~ Won by @paws4ever
    • By Jade
      Future AR Click Cyo! :)
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      I am pleased to announce the BJD Quad (+more) is finally available!
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