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Pet Descriptions

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Wait. So I just discovered that pet descriptions have been removed. Maybe this was done before I left, but come on. They were a pretty important part of each pet's page. What if we wanted to know what an Addax was? What about a Bateleur? If you went to any random person and asked what an Addax or Bateleur was, would they have known? Although the later official pets didn't really have any descriptions, I relied on them to know about each animal, or I liked to read what the owner wrote for their custom/CYO. Maybe they're a pain to go through for each CYO/custom, but it's part of what makes PA different.

It used to be raising awareness for animals, but it doesn't seem so anymore, especially with the inclusion of customs. I think bringing back pet descriptions would make a huge difference. It's also part of what makes PA unique. What's the point in having PA so similar to other adoptables sites? Sure, they're more popular, but PA's growing. People can get tired of the usual pet sites, so what makes PA any different unless you change it? I'm sure this applies to other changes you've made across the site. Please reconsider this >.<

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I miss all my Custom and CYO descriptions.

For some I took hours to write them and really like them, so I would love for others to read them.

And some were written by friends and are also great.


Well, all pet descriptions  - Custom or not - were interesting to read. So I'd love to have them back as well.

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I agree. The pets are very nice and I appreciate all the work that the artists put into them, however if I see a Dead Kit, for example, I would like to know the story behind it. What is a Dead Kit and what is the story behind it. Having just a image then telling people to put it on a site so it can get clicked seems rather pointless.


What about..say, Pirate Kitten. What is the story behind that one? I am sure the artist has one for it so why shouldn't everyone read about it if they wish? And if a creature doesn't have a description then why not be able to write your own to personalize it a bit?


There are way too many sites already that just have the creatures and all you do is click on them...whee. :mellow:

At least many of them have some sort of creature description so you know what is behind those creatures.


Anyway, this is a feature that should be returned, please.

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I miss my descriptions as well. Some of my customs are based off of some real life events or stories and are personal, I would love to have the descriptions back for them, so people will know how special they were to me.


I also miss knowing the facts about a creature - in the past, I would go and look at my pet's descriptions to learn more about each species.


What I wish is that we could have the descriptions in a little spoiler, so if you want to see them you can. If the pet doesn't have a description, it won't have a spoiler or it would just say, "I'm too special to have a description" or something cute along those lines.

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@Cake @Bob


Is there any way we could possibly reinstate pet descriptions?

I not only enjoyed reading the descriptions, but I loved writing them as well.

If there's anything I could do to assist reinstating them, I would be happy to.

Please at least consider having descriptions once more.

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I would like to bring this topic up again.  I was hoping in the time that I was gone that descriptions would have been brought back, but I am disappointed to find that they have not.  They are a key reason why I became so deeply involved in PA and their absence played a large role in my extended hiatuses.  @Cake Again, I ask you, please reinstate the descriptions for pets. 

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