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Azure Wyrm

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In Earth's mid 21st century, pollution had reached an all-time high. After 1970, no 'green' movements took hold. No city beautification acts were passed. Water pollutants, improperly dumped garbage, hazardous chemicals and other waste had caused widespread sicknesses and diseases in most previously virgin environments such as forests, deserts, and even the first few miles of most shorelines. It was generally believed that some sewers were more hospitable to native life than more obvious locales due to the water runoff through the trash did not connect to the sewer systems.

This by no means meant that the world resembled a gargantuan trash barge; it did however have potent biohazard and chemical pollutants that easily affected approximately five times the space that the hazards physically took up. No place was pristine, but no place was completely destroyed, either.

The job to clean it and save more species from extinction was left to the geneticists. In order to cut cost, so the governments of the world would complain at least slightly less about funding, a single creature- made of genetically engineered enzymes- was created with a heavily instilled instinct. The instinct, of course, was to consume plants and animals from the environment it was placed in order to adapt to that area, and rise up the food chain. It would gain the evolutionary benefits of the organisms it consumed; such as it could gain wings from a bat, scales from a fish or reptile, horns from a goat, etc.

Whether the plants or animals were alive or not meant nothing. As long as the amount of mass was within 40%-120% of its own current size, the entirety of the new DNA would be available for its own use. To begin with however, the engineered enzyme was a single cluster of stomach-acid bearing cells, closely resembling ravenous clear slime. If the slime consumed less mass than the aforementioned percent, it would only 'unlock' some of the organism's traits; if it consumed over the percent, its body would concentrate on growing in size, and not on 'learning' what it absorbed. The slime's great weaknesses, however, was that it was highly likely that diseases and toxins would affect its entire body, its unstable DNA replicating and transmitting its newly discovered chemicals through each cell, before it could generate a venom or bacteria sac. It's other weakness was that whenever it grew, it would get hungry from using up mass. As it regenerated, which it did quickly, it would become hungry as it used up mass to heal. It would also get hungry as it used up mass to change its form, even slightly. All its additional hunger was in addition to becoming hungry anyway, as a matter of course.

The scientists were fearful that a single slime dropped into an environment on its own may die easily, and so it was given four additional skills that no plant or animal has.

One- each slime, while still kept in its ID coded canister, was given a small piece of DNA from a difficult to obtain, endangered, or simply out-of-place species. An example might be that Venus Flytrap leaves could be fed to a slime meant for the ocean; as it is a species guaranteed to not be encountered there. A handful of fireflies could be given to a desert slime, abolone shell given to a forest slime, or even whale given to a slime meant to be released in the sea- ensuring the slime would not have to bother hunting such a large thing later on.

Two- the slime may evolve into anything, but the scientists would need to know which creature was theirs if they needed to retrieve it or study it further. In order to ensure they always knew if a creature was theirs, no matter where it was released or how it evolved, they hard-coded the slime to eventually evolve into a creature that represents the unquestioned ruler of any food chain but does not exist in nature, which causes it to stand out easily- a dragon. The scientists knew that dragons could be many shapes, from Chinese, to wyvern, drake, dragon, linnorm, land, ampithere, sea, or wyrm. A slime could become any of these, and decide for itself its colors, patterns, skin types, etc, but it would clearly be a dragon to any who look upon it; though it would only use traits of plants and animals it had consumed in order to tailor its looks.

Three- to fill out a dragon's ability list, guarantee benefits over all other life, and help with diseases and cures, the slime could gain elemental powers from chemical agents, and could replicate any medicines, poisons, or diseases it encountered.

Four- if the slime found a deceased human, then the slime could consume the human's brain to learn at least most of what they knew. This was meant as a possible environment save, since the human would SURELY had died due to toxins that they released themselves and the slime would have to find how to counter it. Surely.

With all that planned in scrutiny, the slimes were ready to be released in order to do their four jobs- 'rise to the top of the food chain they are introduced to', 'quell the numbers of overpopulated species', 'deal with' infected or diseased organisms, and 'become a dragon'.

A safeguard was put in place to make sure that the slimes would only be in the area demanded of them, making sure they stayed out of each other's territory, and within the area of most dire need of their services.

But one test had to be run first at the main facility in Southern California. Three ants were placed in a seperate container with a slime that had not yet had its first meal. The slime was uninterested. Considering the slimes to be a wasted effort and failure, they were disposed of in a completely irresponsible manner, out of spite. The scientists acted like angry poorly-behaved teenagers and they stole the canisters of various slimes, smashing the canisters open as they threw them out the window of their vehicles while joyriding. The synthetic territory marker chemicals were left at the lab, unused. The slimes were free.

Name: (remember, your character will not recognize itself as having a name yet, but you should still come up with one for us to recognize you as)
Bonus DNA: (the name or link of a real life, non-extinct species of plant or animal you want abilities from. I will unlock 100% of this species' DNA and powers for you)
Starting location: Choices are suggested to be desert, forest, beach, swamp, or sewer.
Description: a small, fist-sized clear slime (everyone starts this way, but it changes probably before the third post)
Equipment: (just a placeholder until you start finding DNA and special abilities, which is likely the second post)



I constantly update the character sheet with unlocks, senses in use, location, and event information here.
Also, due to request, I bought a voice chat server from TeamSpeak. The server address is:

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Q: Can I still join after the RP has already been going on for a few months?

A: I can always let new people in without ruining the story for anyone.

Q: I wanna start in a certain area. Can I?

A: The starting zones (Forest, Desert, Swamp, Beach and Sewer) I have listed are geographical locations I have knowledge of, because I've lived in them. Suggestions were made before of other places, but I didn't know enough about them so we'll stick with the ones we got until I get to travel the world more.

Q: When do we get the abilities of the creature whose DNA we selected to have at the beginning? Does it appear gradually over time or do we get it in addition to our first consumption? Or do we have them now?

A: You've already got 100% of the species unlocked right off the bat. However, to make use of any of it, you've gotta find some biomass to repurpose, like plants or animals to absorb. You'll undoubtedly get more DNA this way, too.

Q: Do we choose how the slime changes in form or would that be you?

A: You do. But remember what is said above- every change you make to your body makes you hungry (you used up either what's in your stomach, your own mass, or both to make the change). You also won't go from pure slime to 'fully formed' in a single shot.

Q: Do the slimes need gills in order to survive under water?

A: Once you develop a respiratory system suited to breathe air, then yes you need gills to breathe underwater. If you don't have the ability to breathe yet, then you can go wherever. This also counts backwards- if you grow a respiratory system suited for underwater, then you'll need to find something amphibious or air-breathing in order to leave that environment.

Q: You made a description into a link, but I don't know what that is still.

A: I make sure every image URL I use has the name of whatever it is in the URL itself so you can google/wiki it. I'm also in the midst of salvaging every image to the Azure Wyrm facebook page so we don't have to worry about sites going down and the picture being gone, and the story get confusing because no one knows what was supposed to have been referenced.

Q: You said I unlocked _____, does that include _____?

A: Yes, when a specific creature/plant is stated instead of one or some of its parts, you not only unlocked the creature's body in full, but you can choose certain parts. An example might be you unlocked both "bat" and "fly", but you want fly's eyes and bat wings. That isn't just possible, its encouraged. Say you also unlocked 'fire ant' and 'iguana'. You can have scales as skin from the iguana, but turn them red since that's the color fire ants are. In addition to this awesomeness, fully unlocked creatures also give you their instincts. This way people with less knowledge in biology can reap the full benefits of the creature by just concentrating on the creature's instincts, and I'll let you know how it would act in the given situation and you can decide for yourself if you bother or not.

Q: There's all these starting zones, but are we ever going to meet?

A: Yes.

Q: If we're all going to meet, why all the starting zones?

A: Since you can only unlock things at a certain ratio to yourself (you can eat one ant and gain nothing, but eat enough that it equals 40-120% of your own mass, and you unlock everything) you have an unquestionable guarantee of missing out on nearly everything in the world, no matter where you start. A bus-sized dragon will not even bother with eating ants, let alone find enough to count. But you can get those unlocks from players that started in the other starting zones- so you might not miss out on stuff after all.

Q: Can I find new DNA, eat it, and make use out of it in the same post?

A: No. You can eat something without knowing what it is right away, yes. That's highly encouraged! But using its biomass to grow parts you unlocked through your bonus DNA, as an example, is not something you're allowed to do as soon as you eat it. Reason being is you need to digest it first so its mass can be repurposed.

Q: Does changing colors take time or mass?

A: No. As long as it is a color or combination of colors you unlocked, you can just turn whatever part/s whatever color/s you want whenever you feel like it.

Q: How fast can I grow?

A: Think of it like a snail. A snail stretches its tail out pretty far, but it's also comparatively weak at that point since it's usually denser when pulled closer to its body. Well, that's why a slime has to eat a lot after growing, and takes a lot of food before growing too. It doesn't stretch as quickly, but it has to remain dense (or quickly make up for it). This is also why dragon/slime characters are more resilient than most other creatures. 

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Name: Yawela

Bonus DNA: Giant Oarfish

Starting location: Beach

Description: a small, fist-sized clear slime

Equipment: Merp~


Well, I get to use all of the starting points. XD


Oh look picture of an oarfish that would be great on the Big File~


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(If I wasn't on my phone, I'd make a form right now! Wait....give me a sec *hopes this works*)

Name: Eizon

Bonus DNA: Wandering Albatross

Starting Location: Forest

Description: a small, fist-sized clear slime

Equipment: (for later)


(Hope the link worked; I don't usually use pictures or links)

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(I felt like putting one for once. Also, I promise I'm alive, I just can't get on here through a computer much. Also, I'll look through that here when I have time. I have to leave for school about now, I'll try and modify it properly at school.)

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OOC @Chloecat194: Not a problem, if you look at my older threads, you'll see there have been times I didn't do updates for months at a time. But, I say this where everyone can see it now- if you don't post an update for a full calendar year, then your character enters the Cull The Numbers event, which means your slime can now be an NPC and can be killed for whatever random purpose I feel like at the time.


Also, I approve both your characters. I'll do updates later today; you'll see your one and only one "plain English" intro, so you can understand what is going on. Then from then on, you can only respond from your slime's perspective, but your first update will show you what I mean.

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The trash-diggers were angry, but they didn't have much choice. The police officers said that they had to dump the garbage from the dumpsters they looted furniture from, but where they were supposed to dump it was annoyingly far. Far enough to be out of jurisdiction for the officers that caught them. At least they weren't in trouble...

Amongst the garbage shoveled into the back of their pickup truck was a glass vial with metal caps on each end, a bar code on the side, and a genetically engineered slime, unactivated. Air was needed to activate a slime; and none had ever touched this one. They got to a "good enough" spot and opened the hitch to the back of the truck and shoveled everything out amongst the trees. One of the shovel-fuls broke the slime's canister in half, and the slime itself got stuck at the end of the shovel. It was flung out into the forest, and landed on top of a dirty rock with loose soil on it, then it rolled off and landed on a tree root.



The surfer dude opened the hood to his car, staring at the steam. The car was overheated, and was in desperate need of water in the water tank. But he didn't have any bottled water, and even he wasn't dumb enough to pour seawater in there. He did have... it looked like bottled water.

He took the bottle out of his trunk, and unscrewed the metal cap from the top and held it over the opening to the engine's water tank. It wasn't water in the container; it was a genetically engineered slime. But the slime wasn't coming out, and the surfer didn't understand it wasn't water.

He thought it was just really thick water. He shook it and held it over the steaming hole. Nothing. It still didn't come out. He shook it harder, and the clear whatever inside started to jostle loose. Then he shook it even harder, but the slime inside flew out of the canister, through the air, and into some plants growing on the side of a small hill just above the high-tide mark- but no one saw where it landed.




@Yawela: The slime came to life; it woke up. It was really hot and humid, and there was a taste in the air that touched the slime's surface that tasted both salty and putrid. It felt itself be flipped upside-down, and also now came to realize that it was surrounded by smooth inorganic in most directions. A violent movement happened, making the slime go up and down, but out of instinctual fear it held on to the inside of the thing it was in, somehow. But it was losing its grip as the movement got worse, until then all of a sudden it felt itself no longer able to feel the inorganic at all, but felt itself... it didn't feel anything else. It just had that slight taste of salt on its surface, though it didn't taste the putrid anymore. It landed harshly on an inorganic thing that had some thick, moist parts.


@Eizon: A sharp inorganic thing pierced the slime within its first second of life, and it felt itself get flung somewhere. A moment later, it felt itself hit something dusty and dirty and inorganic and hard; not what it was looking for. It didn't actually know anything; it didn't even know what it was looking for. But it wasn't this! The slime didn't stay on the inorganic thing very long though, as it slid off and landed on the ground. There was something hard there, and organic.

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Surprised by what had happened, Yawela poked around. Inorganic... That wasn't bad, but it wasn't very good either. She knew she had to find something organic, so she could eat!

Picking one of the thick, moist parts of the inorganic at random, she slimed herself over to it and tried to absorb it. Realising fairly quickly that it wouldn't be the easiest thing to eat, she continued on in the same direction, poking randomly in every direction, looking for more organic.

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Eizon felt a sense of goodness as it shifted itself from something inorganic right onto something that actually was organic. Out of instinct, it tried to eat the organic object, but found it too thick to devour. Now hungry and tantilized by something it couldn't eat, the slime rolled off the thing, in search of something it could actually eat in the vast, yet dark world it was now in.

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OOC @ Everyone: Zeditha and other players on other sites I have this RP requested I get a voice chat server for us, so I did.

Teamspeak3, and here's the channel IP: T304.DARKSTARLLC.COM:10252 


Azure Wyrm room password: I_Am_Slime 

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(@Viirin I'm very sorry, but my parents won't really allow that. Since I've started school, I can only really get on in the morning and maybe around 8-9:00. Even if I did manage to, they might not be happy that I'm chatting with someone online. I don't mind, but my parents will.)

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((Oh that's fine. I stalk it constantly, but that in no way means anyone else has to! It's just a harmless voice chat, where you'll find out we're all normal, real people XD Use it as much or as little as you can/want to!

I'm sure there is a way to hack and track you down from TS, but I don't know it, Viirin's too busy to use it even if he does, and I'm sure it's exactly as easy from PA anyway.~))

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(So, do you think maybe a PM would work just for the three of us? It's the only real idea I can think of, because I don't really know another way to do this. I might get on if I'm alone in my house or something, but other than that, there is literally no way I can at the moment. I might have more opportunity when I move to our house that's being built, but I doubt it.)

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OOC @ Chloecat & Zeditha: It would be easier through PA than my server because you don't have to register on my server, but you do here. But that isn't important- you're on there almost 100% of the time, even when you're asleep, Zeditha.

I guess PM is the best possible right now- I'd say the group chat on Escapist but when people reply to that I don't get emails, and I don't check there as often as other sites, so that wouldn't work. Just another reason to get my site up and running, eh?


@Chloecat194: You're able to absorb any organic of any density, but the thicker it is, the longer it takes. Think of how your slime eats things right now as... it's a moving ball of stomach acid. It would just have to dissolve things as it bores its way through wood, bone, or seashell, as examples. I'll find you something easier though :) Not like a tree is going anywhere.



@Yawela: The slime immediately found something organic! The moist inorganic didn't even weigh anything, though it was thick. The organic the slime found had a strange texture to it, but everything was new to it. The organic had, from what the slime felt, points. Thick points. Not sharp, and all the points seemed to connect to each other. Whatever it was, slurping around the organic wasn't proving to make the thing make more sense nor give the slime a better understanding of it.


@Eizon: It didn't take long for the slime to discover a new organic thing. It was... it felt odd. It felt tall to the slime, thin, but kind of thick for how thin it was, and really really soft! But not so soft that it fell down when the slime bumped into and curled its ooze around it a little. The slime also felt a different kind of organic, one that was hard, thin, and brittle, on the ground it was traveling on.

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Eizon, finding itself already oozing around the stramge organic object, not that it didn't find everything around it strange, continued to try and absorb it, thinking that the other oraganic objects beneath it could also be absorbed afterwards. It was strange beeing only able to feel the world around it, but the slime was making do with what it had.

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((I'm not on when I'm asleep... I just don't sleep. Not much, anyway.

As soon as it's nighttime, I'd like Yawela to go across the beach (less likely to be spotted at night and I don't want to trigger another Arc too early) and into the water.))


Yawela immediately engulfed the thing. It wasn't nasty or painful, so there was no problem with just eating it. She wanted all of it, which meant sliming around for a while as the organic was fairly large.

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Mew... @Viirin, can you plop my character on DC into the NPC group? I'm not really on there as much as I am on PA, and I think I get the concept better now.


I don't know how Teamspeak works. *checks site* Ehh.... Which one do I download? How? Wat? I'll poke someone until I figure it out! *pokes Zedi*


Name: Tsumi

Bonus DNA: Snowy owl

Starting Location: Beach

Description: Slimy slimey slime~

Equipment: hrr?

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OOC @ Fyonra: You're not in the RP on DC, but you're on Magistream. I was wondering where you were. Yeah I'll make that one NPC. I've been super busy the last couple days but I'm trying to get updates done on all 4 sites tonight, once I take a nap.

Okay, so, on the teamspeak site, hit the "free download" button and install. Once you run the program, at the top left, it says "connections". Click that, click "connect" and paste the IP. To enter the Azure Wyrm room, put the password in. I request that every player uses the name I know them as in the server- Zeditha of course is Zeditha, so I'd ask you to be Fyonra. Don't worry, you only have to put the password to the room in once and it'll remember it.

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Fyonra, Izumi or Kyouki. She doesn't choose. -.- STAY STILL SENPAI


Ooh, can we be friends from the start? Basically, meet really really fast, and then just go around as best friends forever? Pleez? :D


So... if I started a small way from a surfer dude's car, then perhaps there's another road to the same beach nearby with another slimy predicament? Then, we slime towards each other, meet up, go to the beach and the sea, and slime together :D

You can be the snowy-owlish fish thing swimming around my massive sea serpent head, Izu XD

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OOC @ Kittychat: That's pretty accurate equipment. Even more accurate the longer you play!




@kittychat47: The canister of slime sat at the bottom of the water, stuck in the mud, above a wide rock. It took over a week since being deposited there, but the slime hadn't activated yet so time wasn't important. But a dead branch from the tree overhanging that specific part of the water had been dead for awhile, but stuck in other branches. Eventually though, a bird landed on one of the weaker branches as they often do, but it was just enough to unbalance and dislodge the branch. It came crashing down, the back and thickest part of the branch acting somewhere in between a spear and club.

It hit the edge of the canister, shattering one end of it. How the canister was able to submerge was due at least in part to there being no oxygen in the canister; all of them were vacuum-sealed. They had to be! If it wasn't for that, all slimes would start active once they were created in the laboratory. But now that it was broken, and muckwater started flowing in, the slime was alive.






"Looks like a frisbee to me."

"What are you talking about? That doesn't look anything like a frisbee."

"Yeah it does. Hey, I bet you can't hit it with a rock."
The second punk picked up a rock and looked at the specimen canister.

"No, not while I'm holding it."

"Okay, well, try and hit it in the air then."

"Wait, wait. Go further."

The punk went onto the sandy beach's shore, further than the patch of purple iceplant (there you go, Zeditha. The iceplant flowers are purple.) and almost to the water line.

"3... 2... 1... pull!"

The punk threw the canister up in the air, and the second punk threw a rock that surprisingly hit it right in the middle. The canister was already partially fragmented, but not enough for its seal to have actually broken. It landed in three pieces- each piece of canister landed in separate places, and the slime fell almost straight down, directly on top of another slime that no one had noticed was there.




@Yawela: (unlocked: purple iceplant flower) The slime was enjoying its first organic it was consuming, when all of a sudden something hit it from above. Something that was organic, but rubbery and squishy. It hurt, but not a whole lot. Whatever this thing was, it was still touching the slime. Luckily, it hadn't gotten in between the slime and what it was consuming at least.


@Eizon: (unlocked: monotropa uniflora, aka "ghost flower") The organic was... strange. Absorbing and dissolving it let the slime know that it was able to... no. Anyway, the dry, brittle organics were able to be absorbed with the same ease. Though brittle and very thin, the thicker organic the slime absorbed wasn't as dense. There were little fragments of other organic sprinkled around inside the dry ones the slime was absorbing, but it couldn't tell yet what it was.


@Zimmer: The slime activated, coming to life. It immediately felt itself be pushed away from... wherever it was, and it felt a smooth inorganic curved thing be pushed out from... under it, and above it? It was all around it. But then it wasn't. All that was left was wet. Wet everywhere. Wet that didn't taste good, but it was slightly warm. Everything seemed to be, now that the slime was able to feel it. As the slime drifted downwards, it felt something rough, hard, and inorganic.


@Tsumi: The slime awoke, becoming what counted as a life form, while in midair. All it could feel was... nothing. nothing at all. There was nothing anywhere... for the smallest instant possible. Then it started going down quickly, but there was no way for it to know why. Then it landed, finally, on something organic and slippery, but kind of bouncy, too. Then it bounced off after hitting, and landed nearby, still touching the thing. But it was also touching some other kind of organic that felt totally different.

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(Able to what? *suspense and tension* I don't need to know now, just joking around. Though, I'm not going to do it yet, because I'll figure you'll tell us, but when will our slimes start to be able to evolve?)

Eizon felt the closest thing to pleasure an unemotional slime could have, feeling as if absorbing the organic had some sort of purpose. Well, besides making it not feel as hungry as it was when it landed on the thick organic thing. Feeling oddly comfortable where it was, the slime continued to find more of thin, dry organic matter it was absorbing, not sure if it liked the dry organic or the organic inside more.

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((I wasn't expecting to meet that quickly... lol))


Curious, Yawela poked at the other organic. It didn't seem to be a threat, and it wasn't as nice as the thing she was eating, so she continued absorbing... Wait. There was something she needed to do. She needed to make something. It was round... She didn't know what for, but it was definitely needed.

(oarfish eye. Idk how good those are, but she's growing one.)

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