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Eizon welcomed the presence of more organic materials happily. As it had begun to form something, more food was always helpful, at least from the slime's experience. It quickly moved towards the organics (as fast as a slime could), but it didn't fully ignore the liquid either. Maybe it was organic?


(I'll try and be more active here soon hopefully. This semester is a lot less hectic than the last one, and Spring Break just started for me!)

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OOC: I finally found a place to move to, but it'll take me a couple/few more months to save up in order to have enough to do it. Once I get there, my health will improve, I'll have friends to hang out with, and possibly even a job, or at least somewhere to volunteer so I can go outside and not just be stuck alone and in my apartment for years in a row. I'm sure that my mood would significantly improve and I'll be able to post at least weekly like I used to.

In the meantime, I'm still trying to get artists to be able to get everyone images of their characters, and hopefully a picture-only graphic novel to follow each character's story individually. I put up a Patreon finally to maybe help this.


@Eizon: (unlocked: maple tree) The mildewy, mucky organic was effortless to absorb, but the liquid itself did seem... to... there... hehehe. Some strange feeling began flooding the slime's system, spreading throughout its mass as it ate the organic. There were little chunks of... no. There was something grainy touching the not organic ne... smmmf... the... maybe it could rest.

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(Just going to start pinging you from now on. Also, college is as hectic as ever, but I only have about four weeks of it left. Hopefully I can be more active over the summer.)

Eizon, feeling strange and tired, moved the best it could away from the thing that wasn't organic before stopping to rest. The slime eventually found itself focusing on the liquid, but couldn't think of a reason why. Whatever the reason, the slime took its time resting, using it to figure out if what it had been growing had finally begun to feel less strange.


(Ugh, I've gotten used to verbally roleplaying thanks to my D&D group.)

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OOC: Just stuff in RL kept me away. Check out my Patreon! Also, I was waiting to post because of a date in the Big File, but then I realized I was looking at the wrong one. I need to get some help to keep it updated. I'm on Skype all the time. You can always add me (search my name here. My avatar is a saber-toothed prehistoric six-horned rhino, called an uintatherium).

----------Story Update------------

It really did look like a traditional dragon. It had green scales instead of red, but also short horns and bat-like wings. Upon closer inspection, its scales and wing membranes were made of spraypainted cardboard and paper, and its flesh was toy slime-covered gelatin. It would be considered a particularly poorly crafted fake, since its materials were cheap and easily acquired, but the artistry was something to behold. The only reason anyone gave it any pause as to be anything real to begin with was how it looked from far away, and the fact that it actually had a circulatory system bearing red blood.

Later that day, the laboratory had a report on the generous blood sample. It was fake. It was nothing but corn starch and red food coloring; a few chemicals. The same solution was commonly sold as vampire blood for Halloween costumes.


@Eizon: The slime... huh? No, it wasn... it still felt strange. Inside, it felt a lump near its front that wasn't there before. It was smooshed and a ss? was smm.... it could f... it should making it stop the thing. That wasn't those the things. Others were, too. What was with the things that outed the stuff for food?

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OOC Moved, got a new place. Landlord lied and it isn't what I was told it was. Working on going somewhere else, but for RP purposes I am glad to say I am finally BACK and accepting new players.

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