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CYO Preorder! [Five nights at Freddy CYO] (Revamped)

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 Hello! :D  Welcome to the Preorder thread ^_^ 


All the images are sized so this is what they will look like when you get them.

When you preorder you save 50zc (Not much but i'm broke and need money to buy a cyo brush)

(You cannot choose alts but you can choose genders)

(This is my old preorder thread from like 2015 but i decided to revamp it and use it for some for my new cyos :D )


CYO's For Preorder



Five Nights at Freddy (Name may change)

Co-owned. Art by: Kirito

Co-owned. Idea and brush used: @Jadespets

500zc or 1zp

I will only have 25 of the pets if I run out you will have to go to Jadespets





-Thanks :D 

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Riding Hood 

Images are not sized





Stages of Grief

Images are not sized





(Custom) kitty (Need a name)

5zp Preorder! (For a brush)







(Custom) Dragon ( Needs a name)

5zp Preorder (Need zp for a brush)



Reaper Neko v2 (Alts not yet chosen)




And more will soon be added!







Edited by Kirito
Revamped from 2015 to now :D

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I want what alt I get to be a surprise, so just send me what alt you think I'd like best or choose one at random. If you want to send me a message, you can though.

The Alts are Random anyway i don't get to chose what i get to send people~

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      Hello loves❤️ This is where you order my new fnaf cyo  hope you like them ~<3

      there are rules to my cyo shop!
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      2.please be patient I’m not on all the time because I have a lot of things to take care of
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      i hope that you will be satisfied with my fnaf cyos @kirito is the artist and I did the ideas

      five nights at Freddy’s cyo
      400zc or 2 zp

      have a nice day~<3
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