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Rising Moon Pack-----RP

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The Valley



Silent Forest Camp Entrance(camp underground)



Rushing River Camp 



Main Prey:






~Rarely a deer





~Birds or Prey

~The Occasional varmint (opossums, skunks, badgers,etc)


Silent Forest Pack:

Alpha: Skyfire (played by anyone)

Beta: Crusher












~Yip (Adder) {played by anyone}

~Squeak (Pebble) {played by anyone}

Omega: Birch


Rushing River:

Alpha: Tundra

Beta: Fang













~Nibble (Brook)

Omega: Ginger



~Night (black male fox friend of Moon's)


Sayings to Remember:

~Leaf Fall = Autumn

~Leaf Bare = Winter

~Leaf Grow = Spring

~Leaf Scorch = Summer

~Frozen Road = Ice covered river

~Harsh Bite = hypothermia/frostbite

~Forever Sleep = Death

~Skyfire = Sun

~Silver Fire = Moon

~Weather of Blood = War

~Unlight = Night

~Heavystepper = Bear

~Adder = Snake

~Soarer = Birds of prey

(May add more)


Dark Forest Wolves: (Played by anyone)

~Cougar (M)

~Bear (M)

~Mouse (M)

~Snip (F)

~Thorn (M)

~Cricket (F)

~Maple (F)

~River (F)

~Hawk (M)

~Ash (M)


The Great Meadow Wolves: (Played by anyone)

~ Honey (F)

~Strike (M)
~Lightning (M)

~Forest (M)
~Tiger (M)

~Stone (M)

~Mist (F)

~Breeze (M)

~Raven (F)
~Robin (F)


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Moon padded softly through the forest. She lifted her nose every once in awhile to test the breeze and make sure it was clear of any Rushing River pack wolves. She loved patrolling, she was able to help protect her pack while spending time out in the woods. She loved the forest, the crunch of the leaves as she walked, the scent of living health plants, even the birds chatter was nice to hear. "Moon! Stop puttering and get a move on! Honestly! You don't pay any attention!" a Silver she-wolf snarled at her. She growled and muttered under her breath. Of course Silver always ruins everything. Ever since last spring Silver had snubbed Moon and started acting oh so more mature. "We're coming up on the main border, be more alert or I'll leave your but!" growled Silver as she stalked forward. Moon sighed and padded after her.

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Lifting her snout to the air, Skyfire drew in a deep breath. The morning air was clean and the skies were clear. The hunters must be having a good day. She ran up to the ledge as her chestnut fur rippled in the light breeze. She lightly huffed as a bird flew by and lept onto her place on the cliff. Pups were running around, omegas wandering, warriors standing alert. She sighed. hmm, this morning is a little too perfect. All of the sudden the air went still. Her gaze followed the horizon. In the distance she spotted the patrols, birds, trees - and something else. It was round and raggy and seemed to heave with every step. A Heavystepper! Skyfire dashed down into the woods howling for her warriors.

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