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Herro, so. I will be selling CYOs and taking commissions.



I am always open for requests/commissions so don't be shy... I have nothing better to do.



If you are a regular customer, you get discounts. 



I will do alts, stages anything. But the price will change, depending on the amount of time put into it



and just how well it looks.



I am always ready to negotiate.



I am selling pre designs and CYOs as I mentioned. 



My regular price for pre-designs is around






For commissions it can change.



For full stage and all alts it could be up to 4-5k zc



But i mainly do single stage(including egg) with no other alts.















egg (3).pngbabyf.pngpm for prices <3




Sea Cat 

Seacat.png 700zc 





Divine Angel Kitties 

wing1edcat1.pngwinged2cat1.pngwingedc3at1.png 2000zc





My Chemical Kitsune[HALLOWEEN] 

mychemicalkitsune.png 1500zc





Skittle Cat 







floracat.png SOLD-Vixxey





Candy Theif[HALLOWEEN] 

CandyTheif .pngSOLD-Vixxey





SteamPunk Kitsune[HALLOWEEN]





CocoaCake Cat














fish cat.pngalt 3 fish.pngalt 2 fish cat thuing.png



Christmas Kitty Doll

egg.pngxmas kitty doll.png

 1700+ (will do 250 per alt)




egg (10).pngnoname5.pngnoname2.pngnoname3.pngnoname4.pngnoname5.png


1600-2k :D (PM me for negotiation)
Remembrance Day Kitty(delayed cx)
yahhhh.pngyepo  (2).png





[Valentines Day]

'Torn Heart'
Starting at 1500*will go down to 900*:angel:
Definitely negotiating*that is just a starting price* 
























Pm me to commission me, offer a price and details. Please be descriptive or give me an example. 



You must NEVER claim the design as you'res.



Once it is on the game, please send me an egg.



Do not steal the idea, or submit it to other art sites etc. without my consent.






Thank you ;3









My PA user is Skittliceous ;)



egg (10).png


egg (10).png

egg (3).png

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