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Wolf RPG :3

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Hai, so yah clear.pnglot

There are 3 wolf packs... Moonpack:
Loyal, kind and generous
Neutral, fair, strong and smart
Rutheless, power hungry, smart and wicked strong

but yah... you dah wolf



Alpha M
Alpha F

Beta M
Beta f

Delta M
Delta F

Lead Bloodfang
Lead Bloodelk

Lead Trainer
Lead Spy

Lead Healer

Healer apprentice or whatever

Breeder(has pups mainly and watches over nursery)
Spy(very few... self explanitory)
Snapper(only deathpack... kills the runts[theyre evil... dont get mad at me])
Elder(pretty obvious)
Trainers(usually experienced in hunter and/or fighting and only train pups)


Follow guidlines are rules 
No power playing(op/overpowered)
No innapropriate/explict material
No swearing
Not too graphic gorewise.

sign ups

Name(Nickname too):

Must ask first before becoming alpha etc.

MoonPack is the kindest out of all the packs. They are the eldest pack, dating back to more then 100 years. They believe that patience, love and generosity lead to a strong and healthy pack. They give every wolf and pup a chance and usually take loners etc. in allot. They are mainly Arctic, Grey and Himalayan Wolves.

Darkpack used to be moonpack, but Scar, a wolf who was a little too dark for Moonpack and had his own ways ran off with his mate and a few others... rogues soon joined and Darkpack was made. They aren't evil as deathpack but are still kind at times. They are tougher and not as gentle. They are strict and more hungry for power but are still allied with Moonpack. They are mainly made up of Grey Wolves, few Red Wolves, Eastern Wolves and Iberian Wolves.

Deathpack is a foreign pack. They are mainly a different breed of wolf. They are made up of about 40% of them are mane wolves mixed with Eastern Wolves, as they are from the south and bred with escaped Maned wolves from a zoo train which crashed near their territory. They soon had the hybrids part of their pack. But now also have Mexican wolves with few other subspecies.

Wolf Sign up rules....

You can only have maybe 1 or possibly 2 rare wolf breeds. And cannot be 100% purebred, since they are rare and wild. And don't make them pink either. Keep them breed specific, I will except dark red wolves etc. Just no unrealisticly crazy colours or super natural abilities. 

Have equal numbers of genders.

Max of 5 pups per little unless there are hardly any wolves. Do not get all you're wolves pregnant at random times either. There is a season thing. (spring is when they are in heat... just saying)

Let your wolf have flaws... not everyone is perfect.
Add variety to you're characters. Don't make them all the same and/or based off of yourself.
There is no limit to packsize, but don't abuse it. In the last wolf rp I was in people abused that and had more then 200+ wolves in a pack... 
But I will allow 100 just for fun.
Be nice...
And don't make you're wolves immortal. Wolves usually live up to 10-12 in my RPs but there are many dangers in the wild.
Please no hunters... I don't want any other species other then wolves, prey, and dogs in this...
The wolves do talk to eachother...
One wolf can't bring down a moose easily. Maybe a deer just because I'm nice... But not a moose. it takes a team to bring them down.

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Name( Max/ Bloodfang):
Pic/Description: Lost family when born. Grew up training him self of Martial Arts. Seeking revenge now.





Edited by Phantom Nyari
Forgot to put the d in bloodfang

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@selenathelonelypillow (by the way, you changed the name of Nightpack/Darkpack as you went along)


Name(Nickname too): Shank 
gender: female
age: 4
personality: Shank's either got your back - or she's chewing on it. She is a fiery female, with the attitude of  a Marine Corps lieutenant general. Angering her will likely be the last thing you ever do. She has a strict code of honor, and will stand by her comrades to her very last, and will never back down from any fight. However, she will not assist anyone in one of their own fights unless they deliberately call for aid, or if they are incapable of the same, for she believes in proving one's worth in battle. Her fighting prowess is infamous, though her negotiation skills are a bit lacking. Though no one would ever dream of calling her gentle, her heart is still in the right place.
mate/crush: open, but good luck ~ it'd definitely be an honor to have this senpai notice you. Because of her sense of loyalty, if she were to choose a mate, it would be for love and for life.
pack: Darkpack
Pic/Description: A maned wolf with an exceptionally prominent mane. Her eyes are unusually dark, it cannot be said exactly what color because no one has ever looked her in the eye and lived to tell of it.



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13 hours ago, Phantom Nyari said:

Could I be the lead of the Darkpack?

We'll see, I have an idea of what I wish the leader will be, or at least more details of your wolf. Would you mind giving more of a detailed personality thing... since evil, fierce and kind is kinda bland. I just wanna see more depth to a character and not so much as just listing stuff.

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I would like to express my interest in the alpha position for deathpack. I can have a wolf form done in about an hour and then you can decide if he/she is good enough.

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Name ;
Age ;
4 years old
Gender ;
Crush ;
Secret Crush ;
Open, but be warned she is going to really be a tough one to win over.
Mate ;
Open, she doesn't believe in having mates though. It would probably only end up in someone's heart being broken or them dying. Whichever comes first.
Secret Mate ;
Open, like said before she doesn't really care much for mates and highly doubts that she will ever actually have a mate. If anything she runs off every male before they even say hi. Those who stuck around didn't leave without have a scratch or two on them.
Personality ;
How to describe Raven? Bubbly, excited, a happy , and very sensitive female. That's what she's not if we really need to go there. Her personality can be hard to figure out being that the only emotion she truly shows is her anger. Raven is more cooped up in emotions instead of a sharing type. Somethings are just meant to be left unsaid like always. It would take a wolf nearly eternity to break her down and not a single wolf has gotten to her yet. Mean, is what some wolves would say. She runs off anyone she possibly can with anything. Regardless it be a threat or just a creep moment. Company is something she doesn't like, if she actually tolerates a wolf for a while then there is something about them. The only wolf she actually tolerated was her brother, Ace. Someone who isn't as rough as she is, but isn't exactly nice either. If some really knew her they would think she had a rough past or something, but she didn't. This is just how she was meant to be from the beginning.
History ;
Like most wolves now and days she was born to two alphas. Not. Her parents were loners, or outcast if you really wanted to know. All her life she had to learn to be rough on others thanks to her papa. Her mother had given them the cold shoulder most of their lives other than feeding time as babies. Raven takes after her mom mostly, but not fully. As she and her siblings grew they began to notice something about Raven. She was different and not in the good way either.

As she sprung into teen years she would take her and her three siblings out for walks so called. They didn't know what the real real was to them being other there. The previous days before this one Raven had been missing and made her family think she wasn't guilty of anything or hadn't been plotting anything. When really she had been plotting, everything. The pup snatching of her own siblings. She wanted them gone and hadn't thought the whole thing through . The wolf had snatched up her other two siblings, and she didn't really think this through. Raven watched as the wolf snatched up the pup and drenched them in water , even drenched their own scent, before taking off with the pups. Raven and her older brother Ace stayed behind watching them go. She and her older brother ran away after their parents discovered two of the pups missing. They had been on the run for so long and she had never felt the need to look back at the past. Eventually the pair had been separated, somehow. Now she lives alone in her little den.

Rank ;
For now she is a loner. As for a wanted rank, that's classified information. She will eventually become a hunter of her pack if that is okay with her alpha.
Pups ;
Raven has no pups at the time.





Name ;
Age ;
2 Years old
Gender ;
Crush ;
Secret Crush ;
Open, however he will not be exactly the easiest to win over
Mate ;
Open, he doesn't think he will get a mate being that he is so focused on his rank and getting away from the Alpha. If it's not one thing it's another which leaves no time for him to focus on a mate.
Secret Mate ;
Open, as stated ahead of time he doesn't even have much time to crush on anyone being that he is trying to avoid messing up. Not saying trying to be perfect, but trying to keep himself alive.
Personality ;
Unlike most males spotted in role plays Jay isn't one to just instantly love someone or always be so nice to everyone. He can be a bit of a brute and push others away from him. Even if that is not the way one should go about things. He prefers to hang out with females and maybe a male or two. The females are key to the future, so he feels as if he should be friends with most of them just because. Jay can be a tad stern as if he was taking role of being a leader. It's just in his genes that all. He wants to one day be the lead of something. Not sure yet, but something will do.
History ;
Work In Progress
Rank ;
Pups ;
Currently, none






Name ;
Age ;
3 Years old
Gender ;
Male | Brute
Crush ;
Open, even though he is opened it will take him a while. As it even takes him forever to warm up to someone as a friend. It would take dang near forever for him to actually develop a crush on someone.
Secret Crush ;
Mate ;
Open, as stated in his crush it would take him forever to find one. Good luck to anyone willing to give Kane a chance and jump over the high rock to get to him.
Secret Mate ;
Open, as stated ahead of time he doesn't even have much time to crush on anyone being that he is trying to avoid messing up. Not saying trying to be perfect, but trying to keep himself alive.
Personality ;
Kane can be down right rude, as in he will push you away if he wants to. Sometimes Kane doesn't want to be bothered by anyone. Not even the alpha. He doesn't believe that anyone is over him, if anything they are all on the same level. Kane doesn't really like ranks, but will put up with them. At times Kane can seem shy, but no he just doesn't want to talk to anyone. Like every other male out there he is protective over those he cares about. Which is a list that is little to none. After the lost of his adopted daughter Kane has been closed off. . History ;
Kane has never had a pack, always been an outside wolf. He didn't think that he ever needed a home until he got his adoptive daughter, Cheyanne. After Chey's arrival he felt that he needed to find him a den to stay in. He didn't want anyone to harm her, so he and his daughter hid deep in the forest together and grew until Chey decided to slip from Kane and ended up being killed by a car on the hunters trail. Kane does sometimes blame himself, but realizes that there is nothing he can down about that.
Rank ;
Pups ;
Currently, none

{ These are forms of mine from another site. I would like Raven to be in the DarkPack.. Kane in the DeathPack... and Jay in the MoonPack. I apologize about the pictures because I don't really know about the breeds. I can change those if I need to. If not then, that's great. Let me know :3 }

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Note: I would like fairly descriptive sign ups, I have Cena few with just


name: Pyro

Personality: Mean, Fiery etc.

Please be more descriptive, especially if you are asking for a rank... I want a good idea of what the character is like.

Saying they are loyal and smart and kind is not very clear. I would like what they are like through different states, interaction etc.


For description. It is hard to find a picture that is completely matching your image of the wolf in your head. So, I would like if you could also put some more description into what your wolf looks like. So I have an idea of what they look like, along with what you picture in your head.

So maybe put the size, eye color and fur more descriptively.


sorry to be a bug, I just wanna make sure everyone is clear on characters so they're all not Jane Does or John Does-be creative :3


And if you wish, if you find wolf breeds-you can make your wolf that sub species etc/hybrid of some subs. I will also allow extinct breeds... let's just say they aren't. So add more variety. Since this is set when most-more modern times. Like 1800s or earlier but in a more different type of version of our world... kinda where wolves are in secret locations where humans dunno bout'


so yee.... Just not too many extinct breeds.


And later on I'll put more detailed histories/origins and stories of each pack... along with some folklore... :3

they also have beliefs but Imma talk bout' that later... and if I am allowed to do this-I have the same wolf RPG but more detailed and more to the RPG on my RPG site, I am not trying to poach, but just so this RPG is more exciting and organised.

here da link... if I am not allowed imma delete it. http://insanepillowrpg.englishboards.com/f10-animal-official-rpgs

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Name(Nickname too): Anastasia  (Ana, Stasia, Stae, Sia)
gender: Female
age: 4 1/4
personality: Anastasia is very fiery, she takes no ones crap and will stand for her beliefs. She will argue until her lungs burst and has a whit unbelievable and will pick out something in an instant to shoot down whoever is trying to prove her wrong. She loves to argue, if you haven't noticed and always wins(depends). She thinks she's right unless someone of higher power, or someone she trusts can change her mind. She will take in opinions, if she doesn't find it right, she will fight for what's right. Despite her strong headedness, she can be a little free willed and has no foresight and can screw up allot, thus making her a bit unpredictable. She loves to socialize, unless she is not fond of someone-then she will ignore the heck outta them. If she could write, her book of "who I wanna punch in the face" would be taller then a great oak! When it comes to her pack, nothing will stop her from fighting and helping them. If she weren't so free willed, she could get a higher rank, but that holds her back... and despite her attempts to change that... she still remains as unpredictable and willy as a pup! She has an attitude, but when it comes to training and pups-she is the most reliable, understanding and nice wolf ever. Therefor making her first pick for training. She is patient if she is in a good mood... but every teacher has that one thing the students hate about them... for her that's her need to challenge and need of perfection... yes she is understanding and patient etc. but if her bloodpaw tries to rebelle, then she snaps. She will train super hard, she will shout, she will be as strict as ever. But pays off in the end... In general she is kinda bi-polar and can be a Gemini at time(horoscope joke hehe) but is very reliable and yah... :3
rank: Bloodfang/Trainer(shooting for leadbloodfang)
mate/crush: she wants to focuse on her pack first, but would love to have a pup of her own someday.
pack: Deathpack, but as a pup stolen from Bloodpack, from when Deathpack was dominating the forest. They did take in many pups and younger wolves. When they were passing through Colorado. Once her foster mum- Arkan(I dunno-making up random words cx) took her in, she saw that Deathpack did have bad intentions but behind that terrible mask are wolves that do have feelings-and accepted the fact it was her new home. And forged strong relationships with her foster siblings.
Pic/Description: Sia has a dark brown pelt, with hints of red and black. She is 1/4 maned wolf,  1/4 African wolf, and 2/4 The Florida's Black Wolf... she is a fair size, but has more speed and agility then Strength but has wicked fighting skills, which makes up for her lean and slimmer build. But since her pelt is thicker and dense, her skin is more protected by bites. She has orange-ish amber eyes with unique blue rings around her pupils, that fade to her amber eyes. Her fur is medium, but goes thick, almost matted density, and fades to a soft silky feel. She has a long scar along her face though, and some on her leg and a torn ear(its still intact, just little pits out the outer rim) and yah!

Picture \/


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Name(Nickname too): Broken Bone(Bone,)
gender: male
age: 6
personality: Bone is a very bad temper, he can't stand anything without snapping. Unless you're someone he loves and would never hurt... well you're stuck in the mud because he won't take anything. He hates arguing and is pretty bad at it but just pretends anyway, just to make sure no one thinks any lower of him. He can't be quite flirtatious, but if he messes up and gets aggravated over himself he will freak... he's quite unstable but they keep him anyway. Because of his fighting. He is humongous... but is kinda slow, but when he does bite etc. it's like being hit by a bus! But he is left vulnerable since he can't be as fast. He's like the opposite of Anastasia, so since he is bad with socialization and can't train a pup without killing them over frustration... he is left as a breeder, carrying down his strong humongous build genes. He does fight etc. but that's part time.  And since no one could ever handle him(unless you use witchcraft) he just has the pups and leaves. o-o (I must be original... I think I've gone far enough with 'originality'. But most of the time he is tearing trees apart, hunting to release anger or sleeping(XD) In general... don't piss him off.
rank: Hunter/Fighter part time and the rest of the time a breeder.
mate/crush: nope, nope, nope, nope *drops nope bomb* NOPE
pack: Deathpack(figures)
Pic/Description: He is a large hugemongous white beast of a wolf and is very intimidating, his paws are as big as a Fennec fox(his great grandma cx) His eyes are grey and piercing

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18 hours ago, Phantom Nyari said:

https://biodiversitywarriors.wikispaces.com/Red+Wolf?responseToken=01f6e2561f3736cb953cf61ad954ab424.    This guy is what my character looks like. Btw and by more information, what do you mean, like eye color, how he was raised, etc.?

Personality in general. Don't just list things. Be descriptive of what your character is like

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cName(Nickname too):  Dew

gender: Female

age: 2 years old

personality: She likes to hunt and flirt but she can be quite furious about unmatched things or just kind of be a perfectionist. She hates it when males think they're trying to act like alphas and ESPECIALLY hates when alphas try to act weak. She loves going on walks and loves to share prey, because she cares about too many pack memebers. She can be very charming and persuasive and she gets what she wants at most times. She doesn't like talking about where she came from or her past so she will be shy and quiet.

rank: Bloodelk

mate/crush: Open / Jay


Pack: Moonpack




Name: Shard

Age: 3 years

Gender: Male

Personality: Hard to please and strict. He likes being alone and is hard to fall in love with because of his attitude and easy to fall for because of his charm. He can get flirty if he is in the mood but never really was a lovable wolf. He gets a bit depressed because of his background which he never tells anyone. Shard is a very calm person who doesn't get mad easily. He just likes to stroll around and fight. 

Rank: Bloodelk

Pack: Darkpack

Mate / Crush: Open / Open but probably won't be taken for a while because like I said,  he is hard to fall in love with





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Name(Nickname too): Fury
gender: female
age: 1
personality: Fury is like her name, she is a very hot headed little shrimp of fury. She is driven to train to be an awesome bloodfang and won't quit. She can't keep still and is like a bullet. She is very outgoing and kind but her sense of humor can be quite harsh cx. she gets along better with the male pups just because most of the girl pups aren't as ruff and tumble. 
rank: bloodpaw
mate/crush: nah
pack: Darkpack
Pic/Description: Fury is a swift little shrimp, she has shortish fur with blue eyes and a dark brown red pelt with some black ticking. cx she is still young and hasn't fully grown yet so she is still a good size for her gender and age. But has a good amount of fighting skill. a_young_grey_wolf_by_picturebypali-d3hca

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Name(Nickname too): Opal/Shade/Link
gender: female/Male/male
age: 1/1/1
personality: Opal is a sweet little shrimp of a she-wolf and has learned to deal with her brothers, since she is very small compared to them is to just be innocent and call for mum. She has is cute and adorable and loves to wander and smell the roses. She can sweet talk a bear into giving her food(metaphorically)/Shade is the biggest outta his siblings, he is a little... darker for say and doesn't like talking as much(kinda like me cxcx jk) and keeps to himself. For a pup he is kinda anti-social, and is more of a pessimist/Link is a daring little shrimp and is thirsty for adventure, he is a medium size but has the skill that makes him fight like he's the size of Shade, he doesn't give up and is stubborn unless the alpha sets him straight or his mum.
rank: bloodpaw/bloodpaw/bloodpaw
mate/crush: na na na(my chemical romace hehe cx)
pack: Moonpack/Moonpack/Moonpack
Pic/Description:  flat,550x550,075,f.jpg <Opal

tumblr_static_wolf_pup4m12-ederceyla20.j ^Shade  




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Name(Nickname too): Kiyana(Kiya)
gender: Female 
age: 4
personality: Kiya is a kind and gentle female, but she is also tough and fierce. She is an excellent hunter and fighter. She is a good leader, but does not actively seek out a leadership role. 
rank: beta or delta
mate/crush: open
pack: Moonpack
Pic/Description: (middle wolf) russet fur with mossy green eyes and stone grey 'points'.three_wolves_lineart_by_firewolf_anime-d

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Name: Kalavard (Kali but rarely is ever called that)
gender: Male
age: 4
personality: ||Dark humored|| ||Mysterious|| ||Troubled|| ||Prideful|| ||Charming (somewhat)||
rank: Loner
mate/crush: Psh Kalavard? Liking someone? Never would he ever...
pack: Loner
Pic/Description: thumb.gif

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Name(Nickname too):Name-Fang-Nickname: MoonStar


age:18 moons


rank:Alpha Female

mate/crush:None yet


Pic/Description:has moon like twilight fur with crystal blue eyes

am i able to be alpha?

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