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The Resistance


The idea began with a clever scientist in Brittania, a powerful country encompassing all of Europe, who, in the beginning of his career, aspired to create powerful soldiers that could outmatch those of Brittania’s rival nations. It was a good idea at first, however, this idea became too inhumane for Britannia's citizens, and it was disbanded. Dissatisfied, the scientist and few of his collegues took their research and fled to Rodel, a neighboring, rival country, one much smaller than Brittania. There this scientist continued his work, only there were no volunteers to become his super-soldiers. He needed human test subjects. Where would he find people to test this theory on, and would this theory even prevail? Would it work?


A few months later, children started going missing in the small, poor border towns of Brittania. The number of children that "ran away" or “went missing†grew, day by day, week by week, skyrocketing into the thousands within just a year. These children weren't necessarily troubled and running from problems. They were taken. The Head Scientist, as he became known, was building an army. 


These kids were tested on and transfused with the genes of different animals. Some died, some got really sick, and some went crazy. Finally... One child, a young girl, was a success. She became strong and powerful, the perfect example of a super soldier, everything the Head Scientist wanted. One they had one success, the thousands of children were each turned, one by one, and the rate of success grew and grew. They started to build an army and train these kids to fight. The Head Scientist at the base in Rodel called them Chimeras, half human, half animal.


The government of Britannia got word of these disappearances, then of the testing, and eventually, war broke loose between Rodel and Britannia. The only problem was that the Britannian army ended up fighting (and ultimately killing in some cases) the kids they were trying to rescue. 


Coming to the present, the year 3024, fifteen years after kids started being stolen, the two armies are still fighting and kids are still being taken from the border towns. Some of these kids became cold blooded killers, insane. Some are scared and want out. Some escaped. However, even escaping doesn't truly mean freedom, not for the chimera kids. The Brittanian army hunts these children down, wanting them for questioning and seeing them as threats. Everywhere is dangerous, especially for these loose children. Who can stop this situation? What if a different force rose? What if you could help? What are you going to do about it? What if you could resist?



•No god-modding (controlling other characters or killing them without owners permission)

•No Mary-sues or Gary-sues

•Swearing is okay, just don't overdo it

•Romance is allowed... Keep it PG-13... You know nothing crazy, and fade-to-black if you must

•Keep it semi-realistic: don't just appear somewhere or overhear something when there is no possible way you could have. 

•Respect other role players please.

•Please, no one or two sentence posts unless you're totally blocked. This is a semi-literate roleplay and I will expect you to have at least a four sentence paragraph, if not more, and with good grammar. This makes roleplaying easier for everyone and keeps the story moving. 

•Don't make you're character like 1 years old so they can't do anything.

•Put the word 'Bacon!' in the other blank so we know you read these lovely rules.

•Have fun!!


Also, this is the house they will live in:



Character Forms

Chimera forms:

Appearance:(Picture or detailed description) 
Chimera:(mixed with what animal?) 
Alliance:(Resistance, Britannia, or Rodel) 




Human Form





Appearance:(Picture or Description)


Alliance:(Resistance or Rodel)




Scientist Form





Job: (What do they do in the prison at Rodel?)

Appearance:(Picture or Description)





Britannia Army Form






Appearance:(Picture or Description)





Will you join the Resistance?


Wari's characters from Swizeo

My characters:

Name: Adam Heiderich

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance:(Picture or detailed description) Adam is fairly tall, well-muscled due to physical training, though is thin and pale from malnourishment. He has dark blue eyes, and shaggy, chocolate brown hair, not neatly cut since he's had to do it himself. He has a long, jagged fresh scar on his left arm where he attempted to cut his tracking device out, newly healing, and is covered in various wounds from being in battle.

Personality: There is no doubt that Adam, though occasionally cheery and positive, is a soldier, born and bred, trained to kill and fight. He can be very serious when he needs to be, and downright bloodthirsty if someone he loves is threatened. Despite that, he tries to be friendly, as is his canine nature, and if you give him food he will automatically adore you. Trust comes naturally to him, and that sometimes is a downfall, because it usually ends in pain or disappointment. He's also a natural leader, and will take over a situation, even if he may be in the wrong. He'll do what he thinks is right, and regret the consequences later.

Chimera:(mixed with what animal?) German Shepherd

Alliance: (Resistance, Britannia, or Rodel) RESISTANCE BABY

History:(Optional) Adam grew up a privileged child, with a huge home, two loving parents, and a baby brother. His dad worked as a Captain in the Brittanian military, while his mother stayed home with her two boys and writing for the newspaper on the side. He wanted for nothing, had all the toys, clothes, and food he could have wanted, living in a large house on the outskirts of town, in a large pine forest near an army base. When he was seven years old, and his brother five, his house was raided and his parents were killed. The two boys were then taken, and Adam hasn't seen his brother since, assuming he was killed in the process. He refuses to talk about his time in the prison, and escaped with two others when he was old and strong enough, though they were both killed in the process of escape, leaving him alone. There is so much more but I will elaborate if needs be later 

Other: Don't let Adam drive. Ever. And give him all the bacon and he will love you forever. That's all.


Name: Nicholas Baker (Nicky for short)

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance:(Picture or detailed description) Nicky has short, military-cut hair, light brown and straight. He has dark brown eyes with long eyelashes and a rounded face. He's fairly tall, about 6', and a bit awkward in his movements since he grew so much so fast.  

Personality: Nicky is a typical teenage boy, and likes teenage boy things. Girls (boys...depending), food, and exercise. He's a bit of a coward and won't willingly go into battle, and won't willingly shoot or kill. This often got him in trouble in Rodel, and he has the scars to show for it. He is also the sweetest human being/chimera ever and wouldn't hurt a fly, and would give everything to help someone he loves. Including his life. 

Chimera:(mixed with what animal?) Mule deer

Alliance:(Resistance, Britannia, or Rodel) Resistancia 

History:(Optional) He is from a poor border town on the far south coast of Brittania, basically Italy. He has a mum, a Dad, and two little sisters much younger than he is. His Dad is a soldier in the Brittanian military, and pushed Nick from the time he was a young child to join the military, though he was stolen before he had a chance. Taken at ten years old from a local market, he struggled in the prisons, as hesitant and scared as he is. His transformation nearly didn't work, and he lay sick for about six months before he could even start training. He escaped along with a few others, though was separated from them a few days after getting past the border into Brittania. 

Other: He might not be so into bacon as Adam is. Being a deer and all, he's not really keen on meat. 


Name: Charlotte Williams (Lottie for short, if you want. If she lets you.)

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Appearance:(Picture or detailed description) Charlotte is small for her age, her figure thin and nimble, able to walk without a sound anywhere she pleases. She has short, blonde curls, going to her chin, and large green eyes, with lots of freckles dusting over her nose, giving her a very innocent look. 

Personality: Charlotte is not what she seems. She is quiet, intelligent, though not one to speak up or boss people around. She does as she is told, and she's good at what she does. She is quick, ghostlike in presence, though her mind is sharp and her aim is even better. She doesn't make friends easily, though is a very good little actress, and will be very nice and wonderfully sweet until she shoots you in the head. She likes no one, because why bother liking people when they just leave anyway? She thrives off praise, off doing something right. 

Chimera:(mixed with what animal?) Fox

Alliance:(Resistance Britannia, or Rodel) TBD? (Rodel. But she's not gonna be telling people that XD)

History:(Optional) Charlotte was one of those children that was taken as a baby. Her father was a doctor for one of the small towns, and her mother a nurse, and when she was taken it devastated them. She grew up in the prisons, and thrived, developing a skill for sharpshooting that rivaled the older children, and an even clearer knack for covert operations, because of her intelligence and willingness to do as she was told. This was the only life she has ever known. 

Other: Le bacon


Ace's characters from Swizeo




Name: Suzumi Griggs

Gender: Female

Age: Sixteen, born in the winter

Appearance: Suzumi has straight black hair and hazel-blue eyes (wolf-like, not Sue-like). She was born pale, but the kidnapping put apparently-permanent dark circles under her eyes, and after her escape from prison, she spent all of her time outside in the sun, making her skin dusky in the rare moments she wasn't a wolf. Suzumi has only one physical semblance of a chimera. She looks entirely human, unless you x-rayed her, or you got her to smile. Her spine is set up so that it bends more similarly to that of a canine and in regards to her teeth... She has two molars/grinding teeth in the back on each side, rather than the four-five (depending on what you consider a grinding tooth, definitely three on each at your most critical). The rest are and act like canine teeth, locking together like a cage. (more about her DNA under "chimera")

Personality: Suzumi is frighteningly strong--emotionally, anyway--but she really doesn't realize how strong she is. For a while after her escape from the head scientist's base, she let her wolf instincts kick in. It wasn't about living, it was about surviving. Eating, drinking, breathing, sleeping (more information under "History"). She lived every day one after another, and that made the feat of surviving on her own incredible at her age, experience, ect. Looking at the big picture daunts her, but with a mindless, step-by-step plan, she can do tremendous things.

For the most part she's quiet and thoughtful. Her most recent past and some further along the timeline were not pretty, obviously, but she still takes her days step-by-step and that helps her to deal with it. She more or less "temporarily" forgives herself and moves on for the larger task at hand. Once she escaped from prison, she found it difficult to escape those memories and the horror of the final breaking point which sent her to flee in the first place, but since her joining, it became easier for her, save the odd, unwanted nightmare, and the haunted circles around her eyes that never really seem to go away.

Chimera: A grey wolf. With the curve of her spine, it makes things a bit more natural for her to be on her hands and knees, but she's used to walking upright and it's still a bit more beneficial for her. Sometimes it's difficult for her to stand for long periods of time, as her spine isn't quite meant to be standing vertically, but it is possible and manageable. Her stomach is a little more curious, though. It seems to be advanced in the sense that while a canine's stomach isn't built to digest things like vegetables and wheat, she still can manage with the natural enzymes her human organs are producing. Granted, it's not as easy for her, but it's still possible, enough of her human DNA remains that she can still pull nutrients from them as well. She doesn't necessarily prefer those foods anyway, and it's easier for her to have raw meat. She often prefers meat, though cooked is just a habit she could never break.

Alliance: The Resistance, of course.

History: Born 3008, her mother, Samantha R. Grigg, gave her to Adam Heiderich's family to raise her. Samantha Grigg wanted to join the military, and had given birth to Suzumi at a young age (17). A year later she joined the military at eighteen and gave Suzumi to her friend, Adam's father, through connection to the military. The father of Suzumi's name is William Grigg, and he was also in the military, which gave reason why Samantha left Suzumi (certainly not dry-eyed, of course--the military was her dream as much as William's). Suzumi was captured when Adam and Erik were (assuming the story is still accurate; I left out important details for that) and turned into a wolf chimera. She escaped, went feral, and lived in isolation for about half a year. She'd killed a few people for food, or who trespassed on her territory. She often went weeks without being in her human form. After she found out Adam was alive and had a group being set up, she began to really sort of "feel" again, her instincts taking over so much of what was human. She warred with herself briefly, about whether or not she should try, or whether it was really safe--she had a sort of life beginning, anyway. Eventually she decided she missed her non-blood brother and too many doors were left open for her to stay away.

Other: well besides bacon, no





Name: Ariel Devine

Gender: Female

Age: Seventeen, born in the blooming spring

Appearance: Ariel has flat brown hair that naturally curls, but messily, unattractively. She has mousy brown eyes and a tiny nose. Her face is long and her chin is pointy. Ariel was born and has deep ancestral roots in France (I talk about it more in "History"). She has a strange appearance, all things considered--when you look at her, you instinctively think of her as a child. She's short, thin, with gangly limbs and the general appearance of an uncertain teenager. At second glance, she wears a much braver, certain expression. The dark circles under her eyes on her pale, gaunt face are apparently ignored by her. She has straight shoulders, crooked toes that find their place on the ground in solid steps. She's bony, but not without some muscle.

Personality: Ariel is exactly the person that is the peacemaker. She sits in a sea of unbiased--arguments that would break out were left to her to decide what to do. If she was too tired to step in, no one else did, not usually. If she did step in, it was normal, it was expected. In her time as a soldier, leaders were assigned to the strongest, and most willing to take orders and follow them. Many chimera saw Ariel as fairly strong and responsible--in those days, no one could do much but follow their orders and try not to be slain. And Ariel took that a step further, not only take care of herself, but of others as well. Still, she was never a leader, never chosen among "peers" anyway, because she wasn't someone who could make plans and carry a group to fulfill a duty. Infighting was her thing, peace within a group was her natural talent.

Chimera: Ocelot

Alliance: Resistance! more or less. Her main goal is to find her parents.

History: As mentioned before, Ariel has deep roots in France. Both of her parents were born and raised in France by a couple also born and raised in France, all the way down the line, with some immigrant mingles of course (Irish, for example, was a strong point, accounting for pale skin and a love of potatoes). Ariel spent about six years in France with her parents, who were wealthy enough to travel the world and at that time, for her birthday, and otherwise a vacation taken from their work, they visited the tiny Rodel country. Children had been taken so quickly that word was slow to spread to this private family of three, and when the numbers increased to insane amounts, both Ariel's parents agreed to leave as soon as possible. Delays in leaving were the result of excessive detailed background checks to ensure Ariel was their actual child. Relatives had to be flown in with documentation, ect., and naturally, Ariel was taken. Ariel, at that age, knew quite a bit of French to hold a full conversation, but upon her kidnapping, she was forced to practice English. Being a child still, it was a little easier for her to pronounce and learn, but eleven years later she still remembers French. Not as much as she would like, but in her dreams, she relearns her natural language. She ended up escaping Rodel when the rest of her raid team were killed. It was a failed mission, and she hadn't even fully decided if she could survive leaving the prison--there was a lot she depended on there, such as food and water and shelter--but with other military still living, she didn't have a choice but to run and run as far as she could, and then hope that this mysterious Resistance group was real.

Other: I imagine she would prefer fish over bacon but





Name: he was born with the name Aaron, but he goes by Griffin (no surname)

Gender: male

Age: Fifteen, but a bulky fifteen, also probably born maybe late summer but he doesn't remember his birthday

Appearance: Griffon is a broad kid for his age. He has wide shoulders and muscles and is not quite tall enough to warrant "done growing". He has beady black eyes, part of his chimera DNA, but his aquiline nose was a mixture of parental genetics and having it broken a few times in combat. Griffin is the unfortunate product of "underlying genetics". He was a spindly little kid who had a lot of grace to him and pretty hair that--to this day--looks best just long enough to be grown but not enough to hang. He keeps it cropped pretty short, unfortunately, a casualty of the job.

He was chosen to be a bird because of this light, not-too-tall, thin limbed grace. And then he hit the right age and grew in size of all kinds and as a result they kept him malnourished in specific ways--low calcium for bone deterioration, low protein for less muscle mass and days without food for muscle and fat to be eaten away. Eventually they decided a half-starved, weak-boned fighting bird was of no use, so they gave him back his human necessities and trained him instead to find balance. Too much bulk meant he had to work too hard to stay in flight, too little muscle and nutrition meant he couldn't stay in the air for very long anyway. He became a prime example for why parental knowledge was a necessity--and why picking orphans, especially ones with anonymous parents, like him, was a mistake.

Personality: Given away the moment he was born, Griffin only knew lots of parentless children and the strange phenomenon of being on the best behavior when someone wanted to adopt. He used to call himself a mannequin from the many clothing stores that displayed aesthetic things to purchase. Kids teased him (more on it below as usual) and he became a sort of self-reclusive kid. It wasn't really a big bother to him that he spent a majority of his time alone, but when the teasing got worse, he started doing reckless things. When he was taken and trained, many thought he was insane in some way because he didn't speak with anyone and didn't seem quite as depressed or horrified, seemed to cry less and wear a straight face because that's what the orphanage taught him to do with bullies and that's what he did. When he grew older and began to experience sexual desire, all of which was directed toward men, he was looked down on--not as a sickness or sin--but because they could, much like his previous bullies (more on that too). It's about at this point that he went through a complete form--obviously something wasn't working so he went with something he knew would. He grew aggressive--not physically, but when others bothered him, he returned the fire. No one gave up so easily, but neither did he. Around this time he bulked up and lost his childlike features. The bullies started leaving him alone, but his flat and stony attitude didn't go away. 

Chimera: Swainson's Hawk

Alliance: Resistance, but mainly for his own purposes. He wants personal revenge, because that's the kind of guy he is.

History: When Griffin was a child and bullied at the orphanage, it wasn't really as bad as it was until he was kidnapped. He got teased, started doing reckless things to get them to stop--mainly the things that they asked, i.e. "I bet you can't do [this/that]"--once the orphanage started taking notice of another "bad seed", they asked him why he did those things and he told them because the kids told him to otherwise they'd make fun, and they told him never to do with those things and promised to talk with the other bullies, who stopped, but only temporarily and found more secretive ways to bully. Griffin often spent his days alone, so being taken by a stranger was no difficult feat. His appearance created a false assurance in the scientists, who later regretted it,  as mentioned before. During his training, he was seen as a sort of odd kid, not really strange but different from everyone else and no one knew whether to view this difference as a good or bad thing in such a confusing and traumatic time. Eventually they chose the latter, only because, once more, as people started growing up, it was easy for them to hurt others rather than deal with their hurt. Bullying wasn't necessarily common, but once kids started realizing how easy it was to pick on someone who wouldn't defend himself, many chose to partake. Griffin snapped and got aggressive--kids backed off and he bulked up and made a very tiny name for himself as being strong and keen and not a pushover anymore. 

While on a mission, a bunch of his team mates had a campfire going and invited him over and asked if he knew what that creature was that was a lion and an eagle all mashed together, two species mingled together as one--not unlike them. He said he didn't know, and some kid said that a couple of other chimera said it was a griffin. To him, Aaron wasn't really a name that fit him anymore--that was the little orphan kid who got bullied and didn't do anything about it but want to fit in. So he started introducing himself as Griffin, and so Griffin he is.

Other: I guess his variation of bacon would be like a mouse or something xD Actually when he was younger he used to love cake. You can imagine little pudgy-faced Griff with icing on his cheeks and nose asking if there's any more for seconds



The last few posts:


"Hey, you're the one writing things down, Suzumi. Put whatever you like. Gasoline might be a little harder to get than food, but we can at least scope out a place to find it. Having the generator running would be brilliant, especially in the winter. A nice hot shower is worth it." Adam agreed, leaning his elbows on the table, watching the other two chimeras. He ran a hand over his face, trying to warm up from spending the morning in the chilly outside. His hands still felt like icicles. 


((I just assumed you were working on those 57 toasted bagels I ordered.))


Suzumi wrote down her suggestions to the list. A small, eager part of her was glad they agreed, ready to take a hot shower or bath in a heartbeat. Rivers were good enough, at the right place where the water isn't too murky, and when it isn't frigid. 


She set her pencil down and scanned the list once more.


Canned food (soup, ect.)

ice (for the icebox)


Dried meat -lots of

Dried fruits/vegetables/nuts





Six, maybe seven, total. That seemed like an excellent start. "Any other suggestions?" Suzumi asked as she tore off the list from the pad. An added bonus, she decided, was they could be there and back. She sincerely doubted they would want to be there long. 


(Oh yeah we're still working on those. They should be shipped within the next week)


Adam hummed, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back. "None from me, that looks good. I suppose we can always go back into town if we have to, if we think of anything. This is just...essentials for now." He explained, and Nick nodded silently in agreement. "I suppose we should go then? Get it over with before town gets too busy?" He offered the deer chimera, who nodded again. Adam hummed and stood up, walking to the hall closet to grab one of his father's heavier coats, grabbing one for Nick as well. He zipped it up in one quick motion and pulled a grey beanie over his hair. Might as well try to fit in as much as possible, and dressing normally was a good start.


"You'll be alright here?" Nick asked Suzumi, working on his zipper a bit longer than Adam, getting it stuck on the edge of his shirt. 


"I'll be fine," Suzumi promised. Better than if I went with. "I'll be outside most of the day hunting, anyway. Don't be surprised if I'm not here by the time you guys come back." She'd planned on hunting now, to pass the time, then trying again later at dusk. She usually caught the most prey at that time. Her kind were naturally nocturnal anyway, dusk was the prime opportunity for her, and by extension, Adam and Nick. Seeing as Nick was busy with his zipper, Suzumi held out the shopping list to Adam, trying to quell some of her nerves.


How long had it been that she'd felt like this, worried about someone leaving and never coming back? 

Adam waited for Nick to finish up with his zipper, folding the list up neatly and pushing it into his pocket for safekeeping. He adjusted the beanie on his head, and turned to Suzumi once he and Nick had made their way out the door, giving her a little wave before the two took off along the front path of the house. They walked down the path and Adam let them out of the gate, closing it with a small creak before setting off down the vacant street. It wasn't a busy area, and their nearest neighbor was a ways up the road. No one went down this way since the Heidrich family had been murdered, so it was pretty much an abandoned road. 
The two boys walked in silence, with Nick on the left, staring down at the dark road below his feet, and Adam to his right, staring ahead. The silence was slightly uncomfortable, since neither really trusted the other, and both were merely motivated by rumbling stomachs and the prospect of food. 
The prospect of seeing Suzumi happy helped too. 
They made it to town within the hour, and kept to themselves, walking with their heads down. Today was a slower day, with the cool air keeping people in their homes and the presence of the military scaring most people from casual shopping. Neither teen felt safe when they were there, and the hair stood up on Adam's neck every time he heard a voice, every time he saw an officer or soldier walk by in their uniform. When they made it into the food shop, there was a palpable air of relief around either boy, and they dutifully set off on their task. Adam pulled out Suzumi's list while Nick grabbed a trolley, and they walked together through the store, not even talking, merely pointing if they found an item. Not a word had been said between them the entire time. 
That was the thing with chimeras, they were effective at communicating without sound and without notice. 
As soon as they pulled the bag of ice into the trolley, the two boys walked to the register. Adam took charge, while Nick stood back, and almost flirtaciously talked to the woman checking them out, making sure they aroused no suspicion whatsoever. Oh yes, he was enjoying the school break. No, he didn't need any help carrying his items. Yes, his family was well. All said with a smile and a wave as they left, each carrying two bags, one in each hand. 
They couldn't have walked faster toward the road out of town. Only twenty minutes there and Nick's hands were shaking, Adam's teeth set on edge. They wanted to get home, and fast, away from any possible danger. Back home to the warm fire, and the prospect of cooking the food that they held in their arms. Back home to Suzumi, who might be out hunting, but might be home already. Finally, after about three and a half total hours of them being away, they stepped back through the gate, looking behind themselves to make sure they weren't followed. 

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((YESSS WARI, I just saw this now btw I took the last couple days off to enjoy my Thanksgiving break lmao))

When Adam and Nick left, and the gate closed with a satisfying click, Suzumi about-faced and set off to the back woods.

The Heiderich mansion hasn't been this full in almost two decades, and in the span of seconds it was empty. 

Save for the food and dust dutifully removed from the nooks and mantles. There was a kind of life underneath the house's decay, a shiny, polished life. They would be back to keep it burning.

Suzumi stripped before she went outside--better to keep the clothes warm and dry--then shifted on the porch. Her bones stretched and pulled her face, her nails thickened and elongated. The last of the process was always the fur as her body compensated for a complete transformation. Unfortunately, this made for a cold endeavor, but she'd done this a million times, and so when her bones were just articulating properly, she started at a slow pace, letting her fur grow out as she left the porch. From there she loped into the woods, and breathed in the chilly air.

She doubted she would find much, but better to try and get lucky. She wouldn't be done before Adam or Nick came back--she was out here in case of luck, but doubted the luck anyway. The air smelled like snow and not like furry musk. She pressed deeper, eyeing for animal tracks, ideally a rabbit. The last deer she'd seen was Nick. If God exists, Suzumi thought, not without considering Nick's feelings on the matter of deer, He'd give us something that we could eat for weeks.

A bird's cry caught the attention of her ears. It was a crow, sitting high up on a tree. Was he wondering where her pack was? They're out shopping, she replied, and moved on thinking that if he thought he'd get lucky and eat some of whatever she caught, he'd have to try his luck elsewhere. 

She found tracks in the snow, and nosed her way in that direction. She might find a rabbit up early for how late the season is. The hunger drew it out, perhaps. It didn't smell promising, but if she could find the den, time it right so that when the rabbit left at twilight she would be there for it's return...

She licked her muzzle and drifted from the tracks, hoping the rabbit would have a harder time picking up her scent later at sunset.

The den was a modest distance from the mansion. She was fairly certain the rabbit was inside, and so she stayed away. It wasn't a kill, but she was pleased, because later today or tomorrow or the day after it could be. This was, as far as she was concerned, a little bit of her luck cashed in for the day. 

Maybe she should save the rest to hope that Adam and Nick would return safely.

Her thoughts fluttered nervously in her chest, and she tried to breathe the cold air to slow her hot, worried blood. She wasn't even with them and she was still anxious about the general public. She flexed her toes, digging her nails into the hard ground. Slightly frustrated and admitting to the waste of opportunity for food by giving up now, she left the rabbit den and moved on to see what else she could find. She circled around, keeping the mansion to her left so she wouldn't get lost, and hunted on.

((EDIT I'm also going to within the next couple posts progress that sudden winter storm idea we talked about a while ago, that way we can kick off this roleplay with the other characters we'd planned to introduce soon-ish.))

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(James, the hero we all deserve.)

Adam led Nick through the gate and down the path to the porch, rolling his shoulders to adjust the weight on them. He set one of the bags down so he could open the front door, pushing it open with his shoulder once he'd grabbed his bag back up. "Come on, it's going to get colder once the sun drops below the tree line. Can't let the heat escape." He warned Nick, who rushed inside after him. Adam glanced back outside, making sure they were alone, and shut the door behind them both. 

The two teens brought their groceries to the island in the kitchen, spreading out their bags. Together, they unpacked everything, shoving the bags aside and staring at their hoard. Eggs. Bread. Jerky of various types. Dried fruit. Peanut butter crackers. Granola bars. Cans of soup and vegetables. Ice. Gasoline (enough to last about a week in the generator, Adam and Nick could only carry so much). Everything they would need to keep them sustained for a while, especially if the weather turned. 

Adam took the ice and set it in the ice box to keep, and set the gasoline by the generator. He would try to make it work when they really needed it- they had to conserve. Once Suzumi got home, he could turn it on for some hot water for showers. That might be useful- a shower would improve their living conditions and moods quite a bit. 

While Adam went into the garage, Nick started to put away the rest of the food in the cupboard, leaving one bag of dried fruit to snack on while they waited for Suzumi to come back. He figured she wouldn't be back until nightfall, and so, with a dried mango between his lips, he wandered back to the living room, picking through the bookshelves. The books were old, and dusty, but he grabbed one that looked somewhat entertaining and made himself comfortable in one of the chairs. Adam joined him, with a knife instead of a book, focusing on sharpening it. This was his dagger, the knife he'd had for months, the one he'd dug the chip out of his arm with and hunted with. He treasured it and took care of it. 

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((I'm going to make quick time with this post, feel free to interrupt the wheel of responses if you wanted to fill anything/had interaction plans between Adam and Nick in while Suzumi's out hunting.))

It wasn't efficient, but Suzumi needed landmarks. She didn't know these woods, and she couldn't hunt as effectively until she did.

The mansion always stayed to her left, and she drifted closer and farther as she grew and lost in confidence. She found rocks, paths, dens, and used the angle of the mansion for references and markers. She retraced areas that had less obvious markers, using her scent as a marker instead and tethering herself further away incrementally. 

It was late noon before she found another den that she was confident still housed a rabbit. She'd heard a mouse or two, but didn't catch them. She needed to focus on mapping these woods, and they still had some of the squirrel, which would ration them a couple weeks if they didn't eat every day. Eventually she'd expand further and further until she had a good couple miles memorized. It was the wolf's way--she'd done it with her hole in the ground, and she'd do it here. This was, in a sense, her territory. She also, in a sense, had a pack now to help her defend it, if it came down to it. It was more a strange thought than a comforting one.

She pushed herself until the sun yellowed the dirty ground and the sky was pink. The rabbits would come out soon. 

She went to the first den she found. If she caught this rabbit, she'd take it back and call it a day. It wouldn't feed all of them, but they could make a stew with it that would if they needed to. Plus, they went grocery shopping--hopefully that went well. There were also mice and she might catch a lizard or two off guard in the early afternoon tomorrow. These thoughts made her feel a little less guilty about bringing home something bigger that would last them and feed them for days. Her fur prickled at the thought of killing too much and losing their precious store of prey this winter.

We have money to buy food, she tried to relax as she settled back, the den just within sight, prepared to wait out the rabbit. If we lean on that a lot this winter, we'll make up for it in the summer. Her breath settled in her belly and she waited.

Eventually, the sun was a sliver in the sky. She could see easily in the dark, as long as it wasn't too far away, but she'd prepared for that--the den was within the edge of her vision, a blurry but easily identifiable hole. She checked the wind a thousand times, but it was very calm today. She listened and smelled. The rabbit had two trails to it's den, to Suzumi's left coming from the west, and another to her right, leading off to her north. Her vantage was better if the rabbit came from the left, but she was listening along both paths, and had plans for them too.

She saw the rabbit before she heard it. His path was well-laid. He sniffed the air, eyed the gap where his den was. Suzumi's heart was beating rapidly, and her muscles flexed under her skin as she leaned onto her paws quietly. He would not wait to go to his den, so it was just moments after she rose that he hopped into the small gap between the trail and his home.

She pushed off the ground. The rabbit panicked and quickly chose to veer away from his den. It was the surprise that brought his neck into her jaws and it was her pack's survival that broke him.

She trotted through the woods to the Heiderich mansion, pleased with something to show for her day's work. If her ears seemed pricked and her steps light, it was certainly no secret as to why. 

Her fur changed to skin at the backdoor of the mansion, the rabbit laying dead on the ground. She stepped inside with her prize, closing the door and setting her fresh kill aside as she located her clothes right where she left them by the door and pulling them on to chase away the cold.

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(Back from Thanksgiving AND I'M BLUE :D. Also the picture of little wolf Suzumi trotting up with her rabbit is strangely adorable?)

The sight inside was anything but excited. About a half an hour after arriving back at the mansion, Nick curled up on his chair and fell asleep, wrapped in a warm blanket as he sat by the fire. The many months of barely sleeping for fear of his own life out in the woods, plus the years of a prison's bed made the warmth and the comfort too hard to resist. That coupled with the fact he hadn't slept well the night before made it simply impossible not to nap a little. 

To his left, on the sofa, Adam resisted the urge to sleep a bit longer than Nick, but also fell under the spell of the warm fire eventually, sprawled out with a blanket half-covering him. The two had nothing to do while they waited for Suzumi, after all, and it wasn't like he and Nick were going to have a conversation. The two had spent hours together and had hardly said one word to each other. The trust and friendship just simply wasn't there yet. 

The warm fire, however, was like a spell, sweeping over them and making their eyelids heavy, bringing them both into a deep sleep, light snoring filling the silence of the sitting room. 

The sound of the door opening jarred the keen-hearing Nick awake, causing him to sit up quickly with a small intake of breath. His gaze narrowed until he realized that Suzumi must have come in, and part of him relaxed a bit. She was safe, and so were they. He turned to Adam, seeing the other boy asleep on the sofa, and crawled over to gently shove Adam awake. "Hey, mate, Suzumi's back, I think, I just heard the door close." He explained when Adam jerked awake, looking around in a panic for what woke him. 

One sniff of the air was enough to tell Adam that Suzumi was back- unless there was another wolf chimera he should have been worried about- and he couldn't help but smile. "Brilliant." He exclaimed sleepily, kicking out of the blanket he'd entangled himself in and working himself to a standing position. "Suzumi, in here!" He called to his friend. 

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((CONGRATS ON THE BLUE I know how much you wanted it, you know I'm 1000000x excited to work with you again <333

Also, I agree, Suzumi excited about helping (the) others is a really cute image))


Suzumi carried the rabbit into the living room, pleased to see the fire still going and to see them both safe and sound. Some uneasy shard of glass had been digging into her heart and now it eased, still trapped between the fine gap of muscle and bone. She supposed one day she'd have to let that shard in, let it melt under her body heat, but that took time and she would have to find more of that before she could do anything else.

"I caught us a rabbit that should keep us for a night if we run out of food." she said, a genuine smile stretching the skin of her lips. Some tiny part of her pride and satisfaction shone in her eyes as she gestured the rabbit higher for them to admire it. "I'm not sure how to skin it, though," her smile faltered a fraction on one side. "I've only really eaten them raw."

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(Thank you <333333 Can't wait! I need to learn a bit about the site and how it works and the adoptables I'm super behind on but I'll get there! Wheeee!!!)

Nick grinned as he saw his friend walk in safe and sound, though paled a little at the sight of the dead rabbit. Something inside him churned at the sight- it wasn't the blood, he was used to that. It was just the thought of eating it that made his stomach nauseous. "Good job. Bet that was tricky to catch, rabbits are fast." He managed to compliment, sitting back down in his chair, though still turned to face Suzumi. 

"And we got ice for the ice box so we can keep the rabbit longer. That's brilliant, Sumi!" Adam added, his grin clear on his face, admiring her catch. He'd tried to catch rabbits before, and indeed, they were tricky. As she spoke again, he hummed, and patted his pocket. "I've got a knife here, I can try to skin it for you. I can't guarantee it'll be perfect but I've had practice with squirrels." He offered, shrugging. "Lucky for you I just sharpened it." He added, gesturing to the porch. Skinning it inside probably wasn't the best idea, especially not in front of Nick. 

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Suzumi followed Adam's glance to Nick. She lowered her arm and the rabbit with it. "It's okay if it's not perfect, just as long as it's something." She made for the back door then, to save Nick his discomfort. She left the door open for Adam to follow and took in the sharp air. As the sun set this time of year, the air past noon grew much cooler. She was grateful for long sleeves, but this would be bloody work, so they'd be rolled up and useless.

She tried to imagine herself doing this, standing in the biting snow. She looked down at her socks--if it was winter, she'd want to leave them inside, to avoid them getting wet and freezing, but of course there were probably boots her mother wore for that. 

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Adam nodded as she went on to the porch, following her out, noticing how the sun had begun to set. The day had passed by quickly, the sun setting earlier now that winter was approaching. He got out his knife, taking it out of the case, letting it reflect on what little light there was left. Pulling up his sleeves, he knelt down on the deck- it should do if they just did it out there, he could wash the blood and gunk away with a bucket of water. 

"Hand it here." He said to Suzumi, reaching out for the rabbit. "We managed to get everything on the list, if you're hungry, there's loads to eat now. Well, not loads, but enough." He explained, with a shrug. 

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Suzumi wasn't hungry--the squirrel yesterday had been very satisfying. Her stomach was empty, but she didn't feel starved. Part of her wanted to wait and conserve the food, but maybe as she got used to having excess food and stored food, she might feel less obligated.

It was just a hard season to want to binge-feed when they should be bracing for bad hunting.

"Maybe later." It wasn't quite a promise, but it was just as indecisive as it implied. She passed him the rabbit and chewed on a corner of her lip, prepared for taking mental notes about how to preserve a meal. She rolled away her long sleeves, embracing the cold with crossed arms. Her lips felt chapped from the drying air.

"I think snow is coming." she said suddenly. She wanted to talk with him instead of be silent. The sky was blue and the clouds were high and whispy, with some tiny circular clouds in groups. It seemed like unconvincing evidence. "It's been so dark and overcast lately, I feel like it'll rain and freeze or something."

((Fun fact, it actually really abruptly snowed where I live and we got like a foot of snow and we haven't gotten any since. It was a really early time for it to snow here xD))

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(I just went on Akinator and tried to search for Adam just cause I was bored. I want to keep doing it until he actually becomes a thing on there! XD Wouldn't that be hilarious! Akinator got really mad at me cause whenever it asked if it was my character I would say no, because I wanted to add him to the system!)

Adam hummed at that, nodding. She probably wasn't used to eating so much or so frequently. You had to get your stomach used to that sort of thing or else you'd make yourself sick. He took the rabbit and spread it out flat on the wood paneling, running a hand over its soft fur. It was plump enough to make some good eating for a few days, if they portioned it right. Carefully, with his knife, he cut up the rabbit's stomach, careful with how much pressure he was using, knowing the skin was delicate. 

He worked in silence, concentrating, wanting to do this right now that he had an audience. He bit his lip, concentrating hard, as he carefully skinned the rabbit. Once he finished that, he piled his mess up and leaned back, letting out a long breath, as if he'd been holding it the entire time. 

With her words, he looked up at the clear sky, lifting an eyebrow at his old friend. "You think?" He asked, turning back to look at her. "There's definitely a chill in the air, and a breeze. Might bring some clouds over the mountains, I suppose, though it's a bit early for snow this time of year." He offered, with a little frown. However, his instincts told him otherwise, told him to shut himself in and curl up into a warm ball for the night. He smiled a little, leaning his hand on his knee. "I haven't properly seen snow since we were kids. They always shoveled it out at the prisons."


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((LYING TO AKINATOR! That'd be pretty incredible if Adam became a thing on Akinator lmao))

Suzumi's mouth quirked wider to see Adam smile at the thought of snow. Even a single flake had grown to mean too much snow for her over the past year or two. She recalled a time when she'd played with her brothers in it, packed it into shapes and exercised her creativity with all of that white. "Maybe we should have a snowball fight." She smiled at the thought, but bit her lip to stifle the amusement the idea brought her. 

She had no idea who this Adam was. Would he still be playful? Did he make time for fun? She didn't want to seem insensitive to his dreams. She didn't want Adam to find a reason to believe she didn't support him, or the Resistance.

"Whatever we don't throw at each other, we can use for the icebox. When we run out of that, the snow and icicles will be a perfect replacement." She eyed the rabbit furs. It wasn't perfect, like he'd said, but it still left most of the rabbit in tact. She could tell it was a difficult task, and hoped she'd get better at it in the future. The concept of preserving and curing food was a little new to her. When she tried to imagine store-bought meat, pan cooked or grilled or stirred into soup, she found, quite plainly, that she couldn't at all.


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("Does your character have deer-like eyes" No it's not Nick... I am going to do this. If you ever try it, write in Adam Heidrich (Leader of the Resistance) in it if it doesn't guess it. That's what I've been doing.)

Adam smirked a little at her suggestion, looking out into the shade-covered garden. "Oh, I think I could manage a snowball or two. Might give Nick a chance to get back at me." He joked, smiling at the memories of he and his brother and Suzumi running and rolling around in the snow-covered yard, sledding and tracking it all over the house. It drove his mother crazy! He leaned forward, the memory turning dark as he remembered another snowy day, the white glittering snow turning red. 

Forget it, Adam. Forget. 

He glanced back at his friend, and nodded. "I think we still have some sleds in the garage somewhere. Could be fun." He offered, a bit shocked at himself. When was the last time he'd had fun? It sounded wonderful. "True. Ice will be plentiful outside, we won't have to go to the shops for it. If we can manage to catch a few more rabbits we'll be set for a while with the icebox functioning." He agreed, grinning at her. "I suppose we could clean this up, or...put it in a bag or something. I'm honestly not sure what you're supposed to do with it." He admitted honestly, gesturing at the still-bloody skinned rabbit. He'd need to clean himself up as well, and was trying not to touch his face with his dirtied hands. 

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((xD I'll do it. I feel like I'll check in every now and again like, "is it working yet??"))

Suzumi's eyes lit up at the prospect of sledding. That sounded a million times more fun than fighting, even if with snow. She loved the feeling of running as a wolf, particularly the way her muscles stretched and her limbs found the ground ahead of her. Skimming along the snow sounded like the same flying sensation.

She looked back at the skins. "I guess that depends on if you want any coyotes to hang around. They might hunt our rabbits or scare them off. I guess can just throw it in a trash bag and let the garbage rounds take care of it?" It seemed like too much effort to carry them off somewhere, and she wasn't going to eat it. She'd certainly eaten rabbit skin before, but to only eat the skin was like eating the crust and none of the bread. 

"I'll throw the rabbit skins away if you store the rabbit in the icebox." she offered, crouching down to gather up the strips of furry skin, shred by shred. She hoped the smell of blood wouldn't catch a coyote's nose. She had no idea how frequent the coyotes were around here--where her den was, they didn't mess with her too much, but this was closer to the city and she knew they weren't shy of hanging around backyards so long as there wasn't any dog scent or people around. 

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(OMG I got it to go on the suggested character's list! The "does your character appear on this list?) I'M DOING IT!!!)

Adam grinned at Suzumi's face when he suggested sledding- that was a definite yes, then. He could even picture Nick wanting to sled too- seeing the other boy let loose for once might be nice. He wanted to form a Resistance, yes, but that could wait. That needed to wait until they had more members. He couldn't bring down Rodel with three chimeras, no matter how inspirational their cause, no matter how driven they were. Training and planning needed to wait for a while, and getting to know (and re-know) one another was more important right now. 

"I don't want any coyotes hanging around, no. I hear them at night." He explained to her, frowning as he stood with the rabbit carcass in his hand. "Putting it in a trash bag will at least hold them off a little. We could keep it in the garage and run it down the road in the morning? That way they won't bother us. If they do, you and I could run 'em off." He added, with a small grin. A wolf and a big dog? They'd be a threatening pair to a bunch of lowly coyotes, even in a pack. "Plus they can probably smell me, I've been here for a while, and I go in the garden a lot. That alone will keep them away for a little." He added, reaching down to pick up his knife. He'd have to clean it again, which wasn't so hard. 

"Thanks for this. The rabbit. They're hard to catch, I know, but it'll be good eating for us. Poor Nick." He added, with a small little smile. He had gotten lots of food for the boy, and didn't feel too bad, he wouldn't starve by any means. "We better get in if it's going to snow. No use freezing to death, and the fire is warm."

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"The two of us could scare off a coyote no problem." She sneered. "I just trekked around the Heiderich mansion a couple times, they'll smell wolf if they try tonight. The more frequently I hunt, the more I can trace over those scent lines. Adding yours would help too. Coyotes push boundaries a lot, but if we don't make it worth their while they'll stay away." She once recalled coyotes following the pack she'd tried joining, they liked to eat whatever the wolves didn't. The wolves never cared much so long as the coyotes knew their place. In her experience, if they smelled wolf, they hung around, hoping a pack would leave leftovers. Also in her experience, they disliked her human smell, and she always kept a strict territory, as big as she could manage being a lone wolf (which wasn't very big). Coyotes were a pitiful thing to compete with, but she managed okay.

The piled as many rabbit scraps into her hand as she could. "You're welcome. I've caught a thousand rabbits and I'll probably catch a thousand more. At least if we get snowed in tonight, we'll have this rabbit to last us." Joking was not her strong suit, but it was an attempt. Her hands were full of bloody rabbit fur and Adam's were also probably very red; no point in trying to keep the door handle clean. Smudging some of the blood, she leaned with her weight to pull the door open, carefully clutching the rabbit fur so she didn't drop a single scrap.

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Adam hummed at that- they'd be fine, then, at least for now. The human smell as well as canine would confuse the coyotes and they shouldn't bother them. "The blood might attract them still, but we'll be fine inside. I suppose we forget we have a good shelter. We needn't worry about them at all, really." Adam reasoned, gesturing to the large structure behind them. This house meant safety. Locked doors and warm air, far from the forest beyond the walls. 

He leaned back on the wall of the house as she spoke, watching her, keeping his bloodied hands away from his clothes and anything else, not wanting to make much of a mess. "We will, yeah. We've got loads of things to last us now. It's odd, knowing that, isn't it? You still want to worry." He explained, with a small chuckle, before he glanced down. "I...I'm really glad you're here, Sumi. I am. Really glad. If there's anyone I wanted to see out of that place and alive, anyone I wanted to be here, it was you." He explained, his voice quiet and somber as she started to walk inside. He had to say it, and saying it in front of Nick was far too embarrassing. 

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Suzumi took a deep breath and offered an affectionate half-smile. She couldn't help but immediately think of Eric as he said that. In her dreams, she had a chance to say goodbye to both of her foster brothers; she probably didn't have that now. She briefly wondered if Adam wouldn't be happier if Eric was here--his actual, blood brother. She didn't actually feel so cynical; the thought came from the reminder that they were once a whole family, even if she technically wasn't born into it, and without Eric it just wasn't quite whole anymore. Of the three of them, she belonged less, but Eric had died instead, and she was just as grateful for living as much as she was grieving for her brother dying.

His words lodged in her throat, but that was okay because she didn't have anything to say. She hoped her soft smile and blank eyes filled in the blanks. Grateful, but grieving.

She left the door open for Adam once more and made for the kitchen trash. She found it where she remembered it, letting the mass of fur fall from her hand in it's own perpetual gravity. A couple strands stuck to her bloody hands, and she peeled them free and let them join the rest of the rabbit skin at the bottom of the trash bag. "When this fills up, I'll sneak it over to the neighbor's trash when the garbage truck comes. They won't notice an extra bag or two." Her bloody hands suddenly made her uncomfortable. She thought she could taste it in the bile of her throat and tried not to think about the blood stain that had once been the last remnant of her younger brother. She wished the water pump was working more than she ever had. 

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Adam frowned as well, his mind mirroring Suzumi's, thinking immediately of his brother, the one missing person of their trio. The one they both had realized was more than likely dead, and had probably been for a very long time. Adam had lost hope the moment he'd asked Suzumi if she'd seen him. He'd probably lost hope the moment he was taken away from his little brother in the first place. He wanted to reach out to her, wanted to hug her, to thank whoever was out there that at least one member of his family survived. That they had each other now. "We both know, Suzumi. I knew he was gone the moment they took me away. But you, I...I wasn't sure. I hoped." He explained gently, before letting her go into the door. 

He lingered for a few moments, before stepping inside and locking the door behind him. He took the rabbit past the kitchen and into the garage, finding a few plastic bags from their time at the grocery store and wrapping it in them. Then, he placed it in the ice-filled icebox, ready to eat at a later time. He returned to the kitchen with a bucket filled with water- he'd collected some earlier that morning from the well before chopping the wood. "Here." He said to Suzumi, placing the water on the counter. "Wash up, and then I will. I'll try to get the generator working tomorrow when it's light." He explained. "We could have proper showers. I figure we should limit them, but you lot look like you need one, and it's been forever for me too. If it snows, it'll be nice to have the warmth." He explained, trying to change the subject away from their earlier, somber conversation. It should be happy, them back in this house, even though both of them were haunted by what happened here, and what could have been. 


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((Just so you know ahead of time, I'm going to make the snow storm happen that night and Ariel will be arriving in the middle of that xD it's going to be after they go to sleep, so no rush, but as the characters wind down dont be afraid to send Adam and Nick to bed, you won't be ruining my plans or anything lmao))

Suzumi pushed her hands into the water without a second thought. "Thanks," she said, rubbing her hands together and twining her fingers together in an effort to get all of the blood possible. When she lifted her hands out, an opaque red line rested on her forearms. It seemed she was never quite free of blood on her hands. Or bloody floor stains, but at least she shared that burden with someone.

She found a napkin and wiped the rest of the red off. Her hair was a grimy mess and her skin was peeling--a shower would do them good. "Tomorrow sounds good. We should definitely conserve it, but maybe a little more lenient during the winter." She set some napkins next to the bucket for Adam's red rings from the bloody water, then shrugged. "In the summer, we can use river or well water." She walked from the kitchen and sat down by the fire, just like yesterday. Once the sun set, it'd be a full day back since she'd been kidnapped. Her own inner fire warmed at the thought that she could share this moment, not only with Nick, but with Adam. It was then that she realized whose room she'd relive first of the upstairs rooms--Eric's.

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[Totally fine with me! That's a good time for her to sort of show up! I might have Charlotte come in soonish, but after your character gets more established]

"Usually I find some sort of use for a bucket of water or two a day." Adam explained, leaning back on the counter, watching her. Once she finished cleaning off her hands and arms, he moved up to the bucket. The water was dirty, but he managed to wash most of the grime off. He was used to blood on his hands by now, and cleaned it off stoically, without expression or thinking about it. It was almost instinct, cleaning the blood off his hands. 

Silently, he reached for another napkin, cleaning his hands off as well, and let out a small sigh of relief. "I got enough gas for a while. If we run it only when we really need it, we should be fine." He mused, dumping the bloodied water into the sink, watching it disappear down the drain. "There's a small creek nearby, isn't there? The one we used to fish in in the summer? Or at least we tried." He joked, memories always creeping back. Usually he'd ignore them, push them aside, but with her he could share them. Pretend they had a good childhood together. 

He stayed in the kitchen for a long while after she went back into the sitting room, and cleaned his knife off with the napkin, careful not to leave any trace of blood on it. 


Nick glanced up as Suzumi came back into the room, and smiled a little. "Skinned successfully?" He asked, a little humor in his voice. It still grossed him out, but he knew it would be good for Suzumi and Adam in the long run. "You lot were out in the cold, and I've been enjoying this nice warm fire!" He bragged, lifting his hands up towards the fire as if they'd be warmed from across the room. 

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((Griffin will probably come soon after Ariel, so maybe he could spot Charlotte along the way?))

Suzumi smiled at Nick gleefully. She pulled her legs close to her chin and wrapped her arms around her shins. "You're gonna be really tired of that fire soon enough if it snows tonight." She gave him a playful sneer, one that might have been her tongue sticking out if she was younger. "Adam will have to get the fire wood and I'll be hunting, and someone will need to watch the fire, so I hope you like the view." Part of her hoped he wouldn't mind too much--would Nick get lonely if he spent most of his time alone? 

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[Oh that could work!]

Nick chuckled a little as she came in, watching her sit down by the fire. "After being cold for a few years, a nice fire is a bit nice, don't you think?" He asked, leaning back in his chair. "I could get the fire wood sometimes. I'm not completely glued to this fire, you know." The deer chimera added, though his voice was full of humor, clearly joking. "I do like the view, though. Fire is pretty, if you really look at it. The warmth is good too. I can actually feel my toes." He joked, laughing. 

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Very nice, Suzumi agreed.  Having a fire was a luxury. It was why she chose to sit on the floor, close to the fire; she constantly wanted to relish it. 

Granted, she'd also hate to watch it. Maybe that's where her empathy came from. Staying in the Heiderich mansion to watch the fireplace would be suffocating and claustrophobic, even if her toes were warm.

Speaking of...

Suzumi stood up, stretching her muscles for a moment. "That reminds me, Nick--if it does snow tonight, we should probably gather some extra blankets." She looked from Nick to Adam, meeting his look. "If you want to get some food together for tonight, Nick and I can carry up some blankets. I'll grab you some, Adam, and besides--" Suzumi looked back at Nick. "--we need to set up your new room anyway." She hoped her choice of words seemed like an obvious implication to the deer chimera. He was practically one of them, and she had every intention of integrating him. 

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Adam meandered into the sitting room as Nick and Suzumi conversed with each other, having cleaned his knife up and put it back into his pocket where it was safe. He moved to the sofa, wrapping his arms around himself. Being outside for a while had given him a bit of a chill, and part of him wanted to join Suzumi so close to the fire, but he also wanted to give her space. 

Nick turned to her as he was spoken directly to, watching her. "Oh, yeah, that's a good idea. You really think it'll snow?" He asked curiously, lifting one dark eyebrow. 

Adam nodded in response. "She thinks so, and there's a bit of chill in the air. It very well could." He answered Nick, watching Suzumi. "I can do that. I was thinking of making up one of the soups? We can easily heat it over the fire and share it between the three of us?" He offered, then turned to Nick. "There's a few extra bedrooms upstairs, you're welcome to choose whichever you like!" 

The deer chimera blushed a bit at being addressed by both of his new companions, and nodded. "Thanks, that'd be good. I might actually fit in one of those beds." He joked, with a small shrug, not mentioning the horrible nightmares he had the night before. 

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      Warrior of the Berserker class.
      Twenty-four years old
      Personality:As per customs, Gale was raised and trained by the Tamassrans. It was there that she began to understand the true path she was meant to walk, and where she gained her unshakable loyalty and stubbornness. Like all Qunari, she is quite attached to her family (meaning the Qunari as a whole not a familial unit), and has put her own life on the line to ensure her comrad's life. This has resulted in her baring more pain than those around her, even as she passed her training and became an Arvaarad. When she is the midst of a battle, she hardens her heart like any and plunges straight for the enemy. However, when in isolation, she find herself weighed down by the loses and the cruel treatment of the Saarebas. Qunari are not known to cry, yet she had come close several times in the past few years, and this is why her loyalty brought her to the Ben-Hassrath. There, she endured rigorous torture as being re-educated, yet, when she left their care, she still felt compassion toward the mages under her care. The once firm ground beneath her feet began to soften and shake at that moment, and now she hesitates to use Saarebas as tools for the current war.
      In regards to outsiders, Gale is quite cold and curt. She was raised in the time where humans had tried to take back their home and this caused more strain to be placed on the Tamassrans. They were the sole ones who could produce more warriors and leaders, after all. Thus, her experience with humans had always been them attempting to kill her or her kin, even if her people did walk in peace. Even so, she would not attack blindly. Her training to become a Arvaarad dictates that she always try to be diplomatic and save murder for last. However, her words can be as cutting as any blade, and this often causes outsiders to be put off or be enraged. 
      When outside of her home, she rarely allows her to guard to relax and this may result in a blade being pointed at anyone's throat, if they so happen to step out of line. If a mission is unsuccessful, it will count as a failure on her part as a commander rather than the whole platoon. Thus, her attitude towards those under her can be blunt, but never directly insulting. Toward the Saarebas, she is more flexible and pays little attention to them unless there is a need to use their power.
      Appearance:Gale stands at eight feet tall, with a slender body mass. Compared to the males of her race, she is either of the same height or slightly shorter. Her skin is of a light grey color, as is typical for a regular Qunari, and is rather rough to the touch due to her visit to the Ben-Hassrath a year ago. Accompanying her common skin color is her white hair that is usually free-flowing, yet has been tied back in times of battle. Soft to the touch, it greatly contrasts with the texture of her skin. Since her hair often frames her face, her bright orange eyes seem all the more startling and vibrant.
      Gale possess a slender body type, yet she has little issue manipulating her war hammer. Qunari, both genders, are meant and made to swing large weapons with ease. Their body is simply made for it, and the ease in which the female utilizes her weapon boldly states this as fact. Her height is also another common trait of a Qunari, for she is taller than most of any race, humans included. 
      Her facial structure is angled, and more square in the chin area than most. It is rumored that she is the Arishook's daughter for the two possess the same facial structure, but this has neither been confirmed nor denied. Her lips are of a darker grey than that of her skin, and rather plump (yet again, another trait typical of Qunari). As Qunari do not kiss nor have any romantic desires to for each other, it is a safe bet to guess they have never touched another's. Gale's nose mimics her facial structure and is angled and sharp. This trait varies amongst the Qunari, but it furthers the rumor that she is the Arishook's daughter. Small, sharp, and angled eyebrows frame her vibrant orange eyes that are usually narrowed. Lastly, her ears are as pointed as any Qunari's would be, yet they are typically covered by her hair.
      Gale sports typical Qunari armor and does not stray from this armor. She has been trained to fight and move in it, thus she treats it as if it is part of her skin. The only difference in her armor is that the upper straps are of a lighter brown and gold than any other. Whether this is to display rank or to easily identify her in battle is unknown. 
      History: Gale was born with two biological parents, yet Qunari do not raise their children. No, they are sent to the Tamassrans instead and raised to fulfill their future role. This was no different for Gale, and she soon came to see her instructors as her parents, even though they only call her by the number. Qunari are not given names under the Qun, only numbers, yet a few had given her the nickname of Gale to describe the manner in which she fought. However, this technique is common amongst Arvaarads, for they need to be powerful and swift to ensure a Saarebas does not escape or lose control. Years of constant practice sharpened this skill, and she finds solace in her technique. 
      Upon becoming Arvaarad, the female found herself in another world entirely. Responsibilities were placed on her shoulders in rapid succession due to the war. It was clear that she struggled to adjust, yet she was given time for her loyalty in the Qun never wavered. Thus, she was given the opportunity to become a true leader even if she showed momentary weakness. However, those of a higher rank than she often disregard her due to her early struggles. At this time, she is still struggling to prove her worth even if most missions lead by her have been successful. 
      Her success as a leader lasted till she turned twenty and a battle ended in the bloodshed of most of her platoon. Most of the Saarebas under her control died in the battle due to her eye straying from the objective. When she returned home, she found herself isolated even though she continued to receive orders and roles to assume. Qunari society relies on each member to function as a whole, and, for the first time, she felt completely separated from this. Even so, she continued to perform her duties while attempting to forget her raising doubt. However, in another battle, she hesitated and this resulted in a close acquaintance being killed before her eyes. 
      Death was common, almost second nature to her by this point, yet the guilt ate at her. The resounding silence of those around her made her slip further. This was the moment when she turned herself over to the Ben-Hassrath. She forgot some of her grief, her anger, her disappointment, yet her depression remained. No amount of wounds, whether physical or mental, could cure her or soothe her as it did most. Seeds of doubt had already been planted and were growing roots. Yet, she kept this quiet. She did not speak to any of this, for she did not wish to be killed or become Tal-Vashoth. This is why she began to accompany more platoons into the front lines, for she hoped to meet death on the battlefield, but death as yet to greet her.
      The Mage Thief
      Creus Aurinko
      Twenty-three years old
      Appearance: Creus if fairly fair skinned  usually being most active at night however if he spends enough time in the sun he gets a light honey colored tan. He is also fairly tall and lean reaching 6 feet and a hundred and fifty-five pounds, with a chiseled physique due to years of living life on the run. He has a rather athletic and well proportioned build. He isn't overly muscular as he is built more nimbly his assets lying in speed and stamina rather then physical strength.  As a result he isn't very wide in the shoulders but his build has served him well in his years of living as a thief. Like this rest of his build his face is also well proportioned, oval in shape and narrowing at the jawline. His proportions give him a rather graceful appearance for a human. He also bares thick, golden blond hair that falls just above the center of his back when left loose however he often keeps it tied back out of his face. One of his most striking features are his eyes. If one where to examine them closely they would see a dark blue rim around his iris and jagged rays of lighter blue around his pupil. He generally tends to wear lighter weight clothes preferring not to be weighed down when a speedy escape is needed. He often dresses in a somewhat noble fashion with stolen clothes as he often goes around impersonating a traveling noble. His usual attire often includes a simple white button down shirt with black pants and black leather boots. Over that he wears a stolen white trench coat with plenty of hidden pockets sown into to stow away stolen valuables.
      Personality: Creus is a bit of a loner, he is slow to warm up to others and is often a bit standoffish and distrusting but as he warms up to the people around him his kinder side becomes apparent. He will often quietly lend a hand to someone in need without asking anything or wanting in return. In fact he generally does not like to be recognized for his good deeds and will often try to put others off snarky or blunt comments. Creus is definitely not the type of person to sugar coat things, if someone ask him a question he will tell them exactly what he thinks and sometimes his words can be a bit cruel. This is because he believes the truth is far more helpful then gentle lies no matter how tough it might be. However while he might be blunty truthful with personal stuff with other people he usually contradicts himself as he is generally far from an honest person. He is a thief and a con-artist and has quite the silver tongue often trying to talk and lie his way out of dangerous situations often preferring to try and avoid conflict with words rather then action. Along with that he is generally a more intellectual person spending quite a bit of time in his pursuit of knowledge, specifically magic. Cunning is another word that could be used to describe him as he has been thief the majority of his life and had so far avoided capture.  Along with all that he had a rather pronounced rebellious streak to him, he's not afraid to question who's in charge and the choices they make. He will do so openly, often directly challenging anyone who had a superior rank to him but only if he truly believes that the higher ranking person is mistaken. Something that will probably get him into some trouble but despite his challenging nature he is loyal once he befriends someone. Not only that but despite his challenging nature he has no desire for power or anything else that might give him extra responsibilities, leading to the fact that he is quite lazy. If he can manipulate or coerce someone to do work for him he most likely will.  With all these faults however he does do a few good deeds, one in particular is that often what he steals goes to help others in need.
    • By Soul
      So, for the past five years, I've been writing on my own but I miss the different ideas that merge together in roleplays! Plus, it's where my roots are, and I feel like reconnecting to them!
      Here is my list of published works!
      I'm interested in trying anything, but I will let you know that I am experienced the most in romance and adventure. Sci-fi I am also incredibly interested in.
      I'm mainly interested in seeking one on one roleplay partners, but I may look into group roleplays. 
      I am able to roleplay both male and female characters, and, as long as the roleplay is interesting, have no issues with either. That being said, do not feel offended if I lose interest or purpose new plot ideas!
      Literacy wise I am searching for at least 1+ paragraph(s) consisting of 7+ sentences. 
      I look forward to roleplaying with all of you! ^.^
    • By rapunzel
      Rapunzel here! It's been so long since I've been here that I decided to put a few plots I am interested in doing, with hopes of finding a partner(s) to roleplay it with.
      In short, I am looking for a mature (writing wise) partner who can provide a couple of good, meaty paragraphs per reply on average. I also ask that proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling is used apart from the casual mistakes here and there. 
      I have a strong preference for the female role (so I have it in mind for me for all of these roleplays).
      Without further ado, a few plots:
      Fallen Heroes
      Tags: superhero-villain, romance
    • By bilbo212
      The year is 2283 While on the East coast, the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel hasn't had a legitamite enemy in six years, and they now wish to reestablish contact wish the Western Brotherhood.
      Meanwhile, in the West coast, the New California Rebublic and Caesar's Legion are at a standstill over the Hoover Dam for over two years. The poeple of New Vegas are becoming restless as the promises of the NCR break down. With all of their Vetrans and Rangers at the river,  there are only new soldiers to take on the Raiders that the NCR promised to emilinate. Cities across the Mojave now resist their "guardians". Hidden away beneath the sands, the Brotherhood and Enclave bide their time. To the north, hostilities between the NCR and a colony of (mostly) peaceful super mutants are escalating. A coup staged at the NCR Correctional Facility has created a new gang of raiders, Powder Gangers, armed with mining-grade dynamite. Far to the Northeast, a reclusive pack of fromer vualt dwellers armed with more explosives than they know what to do with are keeping all outsiders at an artillery gun's length. In freeside, just outside of New Vegas, the peacekeeping gang known as The Kings are at a knive's edge with the NCR's Military Police. House, the self called "King" of New Vegas is getting real sick of other forces inhabiting his "kingdom".
      Yes, New Vegas is a powder barrel, all it's going to take is a spark to break it all down. But a couple people aren't confortable with sitting idly by, waiting for everything to fall apart. The real question is: will they try and erect peace, or will they be the spark the city is waiting for?
      I'm lookinf to set up a 1X1 with somebody whose familiar with the lore of Fallout. Would anyone be interested?
    • By Shameless
      Ello, I am in need of an 1x1 partner. We could do any topic you prefer. If interesed, let me know.
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