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Soul's Characters

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"The tougher it gets, the colder I get."



"Wolf" Real name unknown.


Twenty-four years old



Appearance: Wolf certainly has the rugged edge with his rugged facial structuring and toned physical structure. Standing at six foot three, he typically is the tallest man in the room and, with his imposing height, usually demands attention (or at least for the new "pieces of meat," as he calls them, to glance over in his direction). Many say that he was skinny and the one who always was the one to be seen with a new bruise or two on his body. However, no trace of that is left. In place of the fabled once skinny boy now stands a toned and rugged man with a chilling edge to his brown eyes. Soft, straight dirty blonde hair falls right above his eyes, but grows thicker and longer as it heads toward the back of his head. His sideburns are a dark brown color and are more plentiful than his bangs; actually, they cover his ears almost completely, and, in addition to the hair that comes in from above, only a small sliver of his ears show. In contrast to his dirty blonde hair, Wolf only sports a slight tan that indicates that he is easily burnt when exposed to the sun too long. His lips are a soft pink color that can be interpreted as "skin-colored" when in a strongly lit area.  At times, he sports an afternoon shadow that silently states that he was up late training or merely exercising and woke up a tad bit too late to shave. The only personal item he wears is a necklace with black string that keeps in place the small, silver wolf head in the middle that, in its chest, holds a light blue gem.


Personality: Stoic, cold, and distant from the rest of his faction, and this often calls to question why he is one of the leaders of Dauntless; however, it is often silently portrayed by his actions toward the members of his faction and by his intellect. Although he has the body of a brawn, he prefers to observe scenes from afar before taking any action, which is why he is often seen at the outskirts of a crowd or by himself. With this key skill practiced and put into use daily, Wolf is hardworking and trustworthy due to his nearly always sound or practical judgement. Aside from these facts, nothing else is known of the male.


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“We all fight to the death, but in different ways.”


Lowell Burton

Eighteen years old

Personality: Lowell had never been one to bow to anyone, even those said to be in authority. Always striving to be ahead of the pack, his reckless and ambitious traits always come off strong when first greeting the male. Instead of fearing change, he embraces and makes it own, even it that mean breaking friendships and loyalties with those he views to hold nothing of “value” to him anymore. He organizes people by what they can offer to him and how they will help advance him the world and in the business of being the one to instil change. However, his instinctive need to always be on top of every situation bring forth his own insecurities of being left behind and being discarded himself. Therefore, he may always plaster a cheery and friendly smile on his face and it may also happen to reach his eyes, but that does not mean he truly feels the emotion. This natural lack of trust is what he has carried on his shoulders since he was a young boy that had still been fighting to earn a place in the world.

Appearance: Lowell is not the tallest nor the most tone within his circle of associates. Standing at five feet and nine inches, he is the normal height for anyone his age and lineage; however, he typically is not the one who towers over others nor uses his average height to intimidate those around him. No, instead he uses his kind amber eyes that he has trained to feign any emotion he needs to persuade anyone he encounters. Along with his rare eye color, his features are ones that capture those whom he meets the gaze of. His soft black hair is usually gelled upwards, forming a cowlick in the front, yet it is evenly balance because, compared to sides and back of his head, was cut thicker on the top. He also may have a light afternoon shadow depending on what mood he is in or if he is simply too lazy to shave it off. His slightly large lips are a dark pink color, which contrast greatly with his slightly pale complexion. Commonly, he wears a button up shirt accompanied by a tie and black pants. Even so, he can sometimes be seen wearing a tad bit more casual, such as a t-shirt with jeans and flip flops.

History: Lowell was born into a wealthy family and has lived in the lap of luxury his entire life, even when he was in high school(newly graduated). Elected as class representative all his years shows that he has had his drive since most were outside playing. However, none of this truly came natural to him; that would be unsatisfying to him and rather dull. He began his studies when he was four and was homeschooled by the best tutors that his parent’s wealth could buy till he was old enough to start high school(his parents believed that social skills were as important as being intelligent). Although, the sudden thrust from a private life to a public shocked him greatly yet he regained his balance quickly; he found his place and that happened to be in the front. Even so, great achievement does not come without scars and he carries his by burying them under a list of accomplishments

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“They call us barbarians, but look at how they treat each other.”



Nicknamed Gale

"One Who Holds Back Evil"

Warrior of the Berserker class.

Twenty-four years old

Personality: As per customs, Gale was raised and trained by the Tamassrans. It was there that she began to understand the true path she was meant to walk, and where she gained her unshakable loyalty and stubbornness. Like all Qunari, she is quite attached to her family (meaning the Qunari as a whole not a familial unit), and has put her own life on the line to ensure her comrad's life. This has resulted in her baring more pain than those around her, even as she passed her training and became an Arvaarad. When she is the midst of a battle, she hardens her heart like any and plunges straight for the enemy. However, when in isolation, she find herself weighed down by the loses and the cruel treatment of the Saarebas. Qunari are not known to cry, yet she had come close several times in the past few years, and this is why her loyalty brought her to the Ben-Hassrath. There, she endured rigorous torture as being re-educated, yet, when she left their care, she still felt compassion toward the mages under her care. The once firm ground beneath her feet began to soften and shake at that moment, and now she hesitates to use Saarebas as tools for the current war.

In regards to outsiders, Gale is quite cold and curt. She was raised in the time where humans had tried to take back their home and this caused more strain to be placed on the Tamassrans. They were the sole ones who could produce more warriors and leaders, after all. Thus, her experience with humans had always been them attempting to kill her or her kin, even if her people did walk in peace. Even so, she would not attack blindly. Her training to become a Arvaarad dictates that she always try to be diplomatic and save murder for last. However, her words can be as cutting as any blade, and this often causes outsiders to be put off or be enraged. 

When outside of her home, she rarely allows her to guard to relax and this may result in a blade being pointed at anyone's throat, if they so happen to step out of line. If a mission is unsuccessful, it will count as a failure on her part as a commander rather than the whole platoon. Thus, her attitude towards those under her can be blunt, but never directly insulting. Toward the Saarebas, she is more flexible and pays little attention to them unless there is a need to use their power.

Appearance: Gale stands at eight feet tall, with a slender body mass. Compared to the males of her race, she is either of the same height or slightly shorter. Her skin is of a light grey color, as is typical for a regular Qunari, and is rather rough to the touch due to her visit to the Ben-Hassrath a year ago. Accompanying her common skin color is her white hair that is usually free-flowing, yet has been tied back in times of battle. Soft to the touch, it greatly contrasts with the texture of her skin. Since her hair often frames her face, her bright orange eyes seem all the more startling and vibrant.

Gale possess a slender body type, yet she has little issue manipulating her war hammer. Qunari, both genders, are meant and made to swing large weapons with ease. Their body is simply made for it, and the ease in which the female utilizes her weapon boldly states this as fact. Her height is also another common trait of a Qunari, for she is taller than most of any race, humans included. 

Her facial structure is angled, and more square in the chin area than most. It is rumored that she is the Arishook's daughter for the two possess the same facial structure, but this has neither been confirmed nor denied. Her lips are of a darker grey than that of her skin, and rather plump (yet again, another trait typical of Qunari). As Qunari do not kiss nor have any romantic desires to for each other, it is a safe bet to guess they have never touched another's. Gale's nose mimics her facial structure and is angled and sharp. This trait varies amongst the Qunari, but it furthers the rumor that she is the Arishook's daughter. Small, sharp, and angled eyebrows frame her vibrant orange eyes that are usually narrowed. Lastly, her ears are as pointed as any Qunari's would be, yet they are typically covered by her hair.

Gale sports typical Qunari armor and does not stray from this armor. She has been trained to fight and move in it, thus she treats it as if it is part of her skin. The only difference in her armor is that the upper straps are of a lighter brown and gold than any other. Whether this is to display rank or to easily identify her in battle is unknown. 

History: Gale was born with two biological parents, yet Qunari do not raise their children. No, they are sent to the Tamassrans instead and raised to fulfill their future role. This was no different for Gale, and she soon came to see her instructors as her parents, even though they only call her by the number. Qunari are not given names under the Qun, only numbers, yet a few had given her the nickname of Gale to describe the manner in which she fought. However, this technique is common amongst Arvaarads, for they need to be powerful and swift to ensure a Saarebas does not escape or lose control. Years of constant practice sharpened this skill, and she finds solace in her technique. 

Upon becoming Arvaarad, the female found herself in another world entirely. Responsibilities were placed on her shoulders in rapid succession due to the war. It was clear that she struggled to adjust, yet she was given time for her loyalty in the Qun never wavered. Thus, she was given the opportunity to become a true leader even if she showed momentary weakness. However, those of a higher rank than she often disregard her due to her early struggles. At this time, she is still struggling to prove her worth even if most missions lead by her have been successful. 

Her success as a leader lasted till she turned twenty and a battle ended in the bloodshed of most of her platoon. Most of the Saarebas under her control died in the battle due to her eye straying from the objective. When she returned home, she found herself isolated even though she continued to receive orders and roles to assume. Qunari society relies on each member to function as a whole, and, for the first time, she felt completely separated from this. Even so, she continued to perform her duties while attempting to forget her raising doubt. However, in another battle, she hesitated and this resulted in a close acquaintance being killed before her eyes. 

Death was common, almost second nature to her by this point, yet the guilt ate at her. The resounding silence of those around her made her slip further. This was the moment when she turned herself over to the Ben-Hassrath. She forgot some of her grief, her anger, her disappointment, yet her depression remained. No amount of wounds, whether physical or mental, could cure her or soothe her as it did most. Seeds of doubt had already been planted and were growing roots. Yet, she kept this quiet. She did not speak to any of this, for she did not wish to be killed or become Tal-Vashoth. This is why she began to accompany more platoons into the front lines, for she hoped to meet death on the battlefield, but death as yet to greet her.

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