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Chit's CYO & Custom Shop [open] *SPECIAL PETS FOR SALE!*

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@matchiitehewI should have enough by the end of the day tomorrow, the latest will be early the day after tomorrow, I'll send the trade at that time. Could I get the rainbow and starry ones as female and the green, blue and black as male? I'm fine with either gender for the red.

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hey, can I reserve these? I currently don't have the ZC yet but I will in a few days 

Fairywing 900 ZC

Blue Leaf Pony 200 ZC

Likaha 400 ZC

Blue Kitsune 200 ZC

Moonlight Wolf 700 ZC

Sweetheart Alt 2 700 ZC 

Faeriephant Alt 6 1500 ZC

total 4600 ZC

(I don't mind the gender)

oh and can i have a Elfenaidd Winwydd Alt 6 900ZC? 

so total 5400 ZC 

Edited by Zoelle

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3 Incinerator Cat 1200ZC

Also,could i get

Faeriephant Alt 1 and Alt 2 3000ZC

Dracklewolf Alt 3, Alt 4, Alt 6  1300ZC  (I have Alt 1 full grown i would like to trade for an Alt 1 egg.I forgot to freeze mine.I like stage 2 of them and mine grew up.)

Total = 5500ZC

Gender does not matter.

Edited by Oddora
Forgot to say Any Genders.

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Could I please get a male Dracklewolf alt five, a male Pharaoh Hound as male and a male Fennec Water Guardian?

1400 ZC(I believe I added this right, if the Dracklewolf's ZC slots are all taken based on Oddora's order I'll just buy the Pharaoh Hound and Fennec Water Guardian for 1000 ZC)

Think that's all for now.


If I manage to get the ZP(which I will try but I'm unsure when it will be, if at all) I'll be coming back for: Aangkil alt one and five, Zzyanderthal alt five and six and Obvolutae Et Calefaciat alt six.

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Gender does not matter

1 Morte Suprema Equos (Green)  3000ZC

1 Valentine's Guardian (Alt 6) 1500ZC

1  Pharaoh Hound 500ZC

1  Omage (Alt 6) 400ZC

1 Faerie Mew (Alt 6) 550ZC

1 Tiki Tula (Tiki Room) 450ZC

1 Protectoris Orbium (Alt 5) 750ZC

4 Sparkle Faerie (Alts 2,3,5,6) 1200ZC

1 Sneezyphant (Dumbo) (Alt 1)1700ZC

1 Blue Kitsune 200ZC

1 Likaha 400ZC

Total = 10650ZC

Faerie Pup - I have Alt 6 and would like to trade it for Alt 3 please

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Alright, about to sit down and start getting all of these pets out, send trades and then update the front post X'D

All good! I'll be sending a trade shortly!

1st post- Listed pets are fine. I wouldn't normally swap pets for eggs for hatched non-ED pets, but because you waited I'll do it this once cx
2nd post- Listed pets are fine again. As for the faerie pup, I have no hatched ones and they're ED so I can't pick alts, but I'm happy to swap you for another egg if you're okay with that.
I'll add to the trades shortly

@Lone Wolf
That's fine! You can have the drackle for zc anyway as a thanks for your patience c:
I'll send a trade out shortly!

Sure thing!
Yes, you can :) Otherwise if it's not the outcome you want you can trade it back to me for a fresh egg :)


And also I know it's not from this thread but thank you very much @Brightshadow for the trade! It's very much appreciated <3

Also seeing as you guys were awesome and patient, here's a sneak peek of another pet I started months ago before all the real life stuff kept me away XD


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I'm going to bug you again for more pets :P

Genders does not matter.

1 Party Animal 200ZC

1 Sunlight Wolf 700ZC

1 Moonlight Wolf 700ZC

1 Fennec Water Guardian 500ZC

1 Honey Bear Faerie 350ZC

1 Blue Leaf Pony 200ZC

2 Sweetheart (Alt 2 and 5) 800ZC

3 Elfenaidd Winwydd Alt 1,2,5) 2100ZC

1 Faerie Prince 500ZC

1 Faerie Princess 200ZC

1 Mortefae 200ZC

1 Full Set of Lynis 2100ZC

Total = 8850ZC

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