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Chit's CYO & Custom Shop [open] *SPECIAL PETS FOR SALE!*

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Can I get:

  • 2 Florin 1200ZC
  • 2 Geb (can I get the definite Alt 3 and 1 egg) 1200ZC
  • 2 Nut (can I get the definite Alt 2 and 1 egg) 1200ZC
  • 1 Chinese Blossom 450ZC
  • 1 Protectoris Orbium Alt 4 600ZC


total= 4650ZC

I don't mind the gender and I'll send over the ZC now :)

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Glad you finally got alt 4 XD I definitely think there's one alt in each ED pet which is harder to get- like right now I'm still missing a darn alt 3 tigell and a darn alt 3 nut X,D

Of course! I'll send a trade shortly! :)

Sure thing! I'll start getting them all out and add them all shortly!

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2 Equitum Pluma (Alt 1,2) 1500ZC

2 Drayon (Alts 2,3) 1200ZC

2 Valentine's Guardian (Alts 2,5) 2400ZC

1 Morte Suprema Equos (Alt 2 Male) 2500ZC

Genders do not matter for the below.

1 Changeling 500ZC

1 Pomi 200ZC

3 Playful Pup (Alts 1,5,6) 2100ZC

1 Chinese Blossom 450ZC

Total = 10850ZC



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@The Mad Hatter
No need for holds, I don't think 44 are going to disappear within the next few days :P Just let me know what alt/gender and I can send it over :)

Yep, you can pick alts! I'm going to try and only do private CYOs now cx I'll send it over shortly!

Sure thing! I'll start getting them out shortly!

Also, sneak preview of another private CYO that's nearing completion c; (i hand sketched 5 damn paged of pets awhile back and want to make every single one eventually XD)


Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.12.48 AM.png

Also these aren't the final colours for an alt or anything, they're just the colours I used to separate each section to make colouring easier :P


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