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The Search for 1x1 RPs

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Hello! So, I suppose I'll give a bit of an introduction about myself as well as a few of my expectations. I was going to do paragraph form but I'm extremely sleepy right now so It's in bullet form. 

  1. I'm Summer, previously known as Snow in Swizeo.
  2. I cannot be online 24/7 nor every day due to school (and the giant pile of death called homework).
  3. In terms of my writing skills, I am able to write a minimum of a paragraph with proper grammar and spelling (otherwise my English teacher might murder me). I often follow my partner's length. I do have writer's block from time to time and I understand if my partner does too, but I would at least want to have enough to respond too and not something like this:
    • She stayed quiet.
    • He followed.
  4. I play both male and female characters.
  5. I'm fine with mxm (love playing this), mxf and fxf (not very experienced but I'm always willing to improve myself).
  6. I don't mind having multiple roleplays with the same plot. If I have new ideas then I'll add it here and if I no longer want to RP a certain idea with others then I'll place a slash on it.
  7. I don't bite so feel free to pm me or respond to this thread :D

I think that's everything. On to the plots! Nothing is final and any additional ideas would be appreciated :) Forgive me for the terrible titles, I'm awful at thinking them. If you've noticed, some of them are song titles XD

Forgive & Forget

Pairing: Criminal x Cop

If there's one thing a city will never lack, it would be crime. But where there are criminals, there are policemen who stop these troublemakers from committing anymore destruction. Crime rate has never been high in this city but it's never been low either. It could be said that it's in the middle but ever since a new recruit joined the police force, crime almost seemed nonexistent. Almost.

This cop's record for catching criminals were nearly perfect, except for one extremely elusive criminal, a master thief responsible for stealing millions and millions of dollars from banks as well as the government. Although oddly enough, instead of keeping everything he's stolen, he takes one fourth and gives what's left to others.

Some people call him a modern day Robin Hood but no matter what the people think, the police still find him an annoyance as well as dangerous. Not that he's done anything severe other than steal large quantities of money with a few collateral damage.

Long story short, a new criminal comes into view, one much more dangerous who would not hesitate to actually hurt anyone. At first, the police thought it was the 'Robin Hood' but was soon corrected by the thief himself.

"This criminal is a nuisance to me as he is to you, so let's make a deal."

The criminal mastermind messaged. But that wasn't the most surprising thing that the thief said. It was what came next.

"I help you, you help me. So let's forgive and forget, shall we?"


Power Of Love

Pairing: Fallen Angel x Guardian Angel

The two had been best friends but suddenly one of them was cast out. Everyone had believed that A had done something wrong hence A had been cast out of heaven and fell to earth. It was decreed that no one would talk to A. After all, A was thought to be an angel who turned evil. Many years later, the guardian angel went to earth to do a job and the two happened to bump into each other. It turns out that the fallen angel was merely set up but A refuses to divulge any more than that. Would B do can to find out the truth about her friend? Would B risk everything to help him? Or would B simply walk away?


Deal Worth Making

Pairing: Hunter x Demon

When a hunter gets caught by a band of demons, the hunter expects to be killed. Instead, it would seem that the leader of the demons have a different plan for him. 


New Romance

Pairing: Old vampire x Young vampire

An ancient vampire is bored with life, having loved for an extremely long time. As he was looking around, the ancient vampire found a newly turned vampire. Having found the newly turned vampire interesting, the ancient vampire decided to guide/teach the other for the sake of entertainment. Although problems soon arise such as old enemies and secrets that may threaten the pair's relationship. 



Pairing: Delinquent x Student council (any position) (Realistic) 

The two have been friends ever since they were children but as time went by, they became more and more distant with one another. Especially seeing that they're complete opposites both in reputation and personality. Although as the delinquent keeps on getting in trouble, the student council person is always there to help/scold.


Returning The Favor

Pairing: Musician x Musician (Realistic) 

Similar to the first except musicians version. Something along the lines of, a band needing a certain person to either play an instrument or be the singer. They've parted ways for a long time but the band player knew just the person to ask. An old bandmate who he parted ways with when they were disbanded after losing a competition (or something like that). Although to the band person's distaste, the other had quit when it comes to music. With no choice, he decided to say, "Remember that time when you said you owe me one? I think I'll cash it in now."


The Truth Is...

Pairing: Assassin x Target (Realistic)

An assassin was sent to kill a target for knowing a little to much. Although when the assassin sees who it is, the assassin saw his/her childhood friend. Now, torn the assassin not only has to keep his/her identity a secret but also to protect his/her childhood friend from other assassins. But it would seem that his/her friend not only knew but kept quite a secret.


Miserably Loving You

Pairing: Prince x Prince 

It would seem that two families promised to wed their first born. So what happens when the two first born are both males? What more when they've had a secret relationship that ended with broken hearts. Will this serve as a second chance? Or will it merely bring heartbreak once more?

Recently Added Plots

Hello Again

Pairing: Vampire x Hunter
- A vampire meets a small child, lost in the woods (or elsewhere). Ever since then, the child continues to go to the woods (or elsewhere) knowing that he'll be lost, in order to see the vampire again and again. Later on, the child moves away but leaves some sort of token for the vampire to symbolize their friendship. Years after, they meet once again although the child is no longer a child but instead, one of the most promising hunters. Although just like before, it seems that the hunter just can't stay away from the vampire.


The Dilemma

Pairing: Hero x Ex-villain

A few years ago, a well known villain disappeared for some reason. It could be because he simply became tired of the life or had enough of failure. Whatever the reason the villain may have, it didn't matter. Everyone was just glad he was gone even if they didn't know that he was amongst them with a different identity. Back to the present, a new villain has arose. One that's much more cunning and intelligent than any other villains before. It would take more than the hero to battle of the new villain and the hero knew just who to look for. The retired villain, of course! But the question is, is the ex-villain even willing to help the citizens that had shunned and hated him in the past?



Pairing: Hero x Hero

In a city, there exists two heroes. One who is known and glorified by all while the other tends to be less known and prefers to stay in the shadows. The two would sometimes fight common enemies but they never cooperated with one another. They worked separately and never talked to one another. It's not as if they really ever needed to. Not until a villain arises that threatens their city. One that cannot be defeated alone. Will the two team up or continue to go their separate ways at the cost of their city? 


Something's Gotta Give

Pairing: Delinquent x Student council 

The two have been friends ever since they were children but as time went by, they became more and more distant with one another. Especially seeing that they're complete opposites both in reputation and personality. Although as the delinquent keeps on getting in trouble, the student council person is always there to help/scold.


Journey To Getting Along

Pairing: Knight/Mage x Knight/Mage/Royal

Within a kingdom the two main characters reside. The two are well known for their skills and expertise in different areas. The two are like water and oil, they never mix nor get along. Whenever they meet, people have learned to expect an argument to start within the first two seconds. So yes, they absolutely hate each other and yet after an attack, the two are forced to work with one another. The king has fallen ill due to a poison (or something deadly) and the two are chosen to find the cure and return. That is, if they haven't killed each other first.


Light In The Dark
For decades, a war has been fought between humans and demons. Demons had their magic, but so did humans. Humans were inferior to demons both in strength and magical capabilities but they had strength in numbers. The two sides were even with both strengths and weaknesses. That is, until warlocks came to the light of day. Warlocks, immortal users of magic who were born of both demon and human. They decided to fight for humanity upon seeing their resilience and positivity. Eventually, the tide of the battle shifted to the favor of humans. Just when victory was near, a powerful demon came onto Earth and changed the tide once more. This time, to the favor of demons. It took time but eventually, one side emerged victorious. The side of demons. Humans were enslaved while warlocks were hunted down and killed. It was a dark time for humanity who had no more means of fighting back. But one thing kept them going. A prophecy of a dying warlock that one day, a hero would emerge and with this hero would bring back light to the dark world.
Years after the prophecy had been spoken of, a saviour has yet to emerge. People had started to lose hope that this hero would come but there were those who still believed. Crime was on high with people stealing from one another in order to survive. Bounty hunters and mercenaries hunted down their own kind as well as demons, depending on who'll pay more. Humans were also pit against one another for the demons' entertainment. In less words, life was not easy. One day, one of the very few warlocks left had stumbled upon someone who wielded power that seemed to be the right with the prophecy. Finding this person was easy, at least easier than the next task which was convincing them.


If none interests you then just say so and I'll write the others I've thought of, and if you have ideas of your own then I'd love to hear them! I'm pretty much game for anything except for horror or anything with zombies (they scare me ;-;)

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I may be interested in starting another one with my male mage thief, my favoriteOC I will post the link to his profile below, he will be the first one on the list, let me know if your interested. 


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@Creus I'm quite interested! You have an interesting and well thought out character :) Did any of the plots above interest you for your character, or you have a plot of your own you would like do? Or would you rather create one together?

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I do a rough idea, somewhat of a combination of two of the ones you mentioned above though I apologize in advance, as my thoughts are a bit scattered after a long day of work.

The setting takes places in a world once torn by war, over a thousand years ago a massive war occurred started by a simple disagreement between the leaders of humanity and the leaders of supernatural types/ demons leading to a battle that lasted nearly two centuries. Humans whom due to their higher numbers eventually won the war  though not without the help of allies they gained on the other side. After a hundred years passed after the end of the war, what happened still remained heavy on everyone's hearts, it was a source of bitter disagreement for everyone, discrimination and crime remained high between both humanity and the now dwindling numbers of supernaturals. Eventually along the way that tension between the races led to fear and later hatred and somewhere along the way someone began twisting the truth, leading to even more fear and hatred and when that reached a climax humanity began to hunt down the supernaturals. 

For centuries this went on, humans hunting the supernaturals, drastically reducing their numbers and even causing some species to go extinct.Eventually this too slowed down, largely due to the lack of beings to hunt and blame for their misfortunes and due to the slowly changing tide of public opinion. Although the fear still remains and many are quick to persecute the supernaturals and legions of self proclaimed hunters still exist, in the last hundred years they have been slowly starting to make a comeback but not in the same form they where once in. Rather it was in the form of hybrids,  from the start of the war and until recent times humans and these beings have interbred and while at one time hybrids where treated as enemies they are now slowly being able to move forward. If they could prove their human ancestry then they could obtain basic rights such as working and buying homes. Finally the tension is easing and the world seems to be obtaining some sort of peace or so it seems. Unfortunately many aren't aware of just how much damage the war caused the world or the hate that still lingers in the hearts of those supernaturals who are old enough to have lived through the war.

Centuries before, at the end of the war one of the hero's whom helped bring the war to an end announced a prophecy that in the future great chaos would occur and that a member of the royal family, his family would have to find a someone like himself a powerful pure blooded supernatural of pure blood and assist them in saving the country when consequence of the war finally struck. That ancient hero was not human, but rather a powerful being that married into the royal family, a being who was so powerful that even in the currant generation of the royal family, eight hundred years later children are still born with power. During all the war and hate it was something the family kept hidden but now as the prophecy, once buried and almost forgotten is brought to light when the king falls ill with a mysterious curse. When no known modern medicine can cure him and fear of the prophesy starting to grow on the royal family, one of the families own is either dispatched or sets out on her own to find the pure blooded being mentioned in the prophecy in hopes of saving her father.

The where two problems though one is that she has no idea who this being might be as there are quite simply so many hybrids out there that she cannot even begin to imagine what a pure blooded supernatural being might be. The only guess she has is that this being is supposed to be strong and so she leaves on a year long search to find this person. The second problem, when she does finally find this person he turns out to be the last thing she expected, a criminal whom seems to have absolutely no interest in some ancient prophecy or getting involved with royalty, much less saving the countries king. Far from some hermit living out in the forest or country side avoiding humans or white knight that she might have imagined. 



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