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Looking for CYO Designs and CYO Commissions! (can pay in zc or zp)

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I'm looking to buy CYO designs already made or commission someone for some! I can pay in ZC or ZP :) I also don't mind paying what you think is worth so I think it would be easiest if the person drawing for me decided the price of their work! 

Here are some of the CYO's I have in mind most of these are my own characters! Some of them are fairly complex so i would like a pretty experienced artist for those.

Frost Ghost Fawn -- 





Unnamed -- 




Egyptian Prince --









Snaplion Sprout




well.. Is about a lion flower :D... is a kitty with three stages and can have some beautiful alts. first stage the kitty is little and green with a leaf instead of tail. the next stage, at the head a flower starts to open and the last stage the kitty has a beautiful flower mane :D! A snap dragon flower as the final mane!


The Elderly




Senior dogs, old dogs. fur graying in some places. Maybe just mixed breed dogs or popular dogs breeds, either would work. Maybe one with it's tongue hanging out of it's mouth. As if he can't keep it in his mouth. Maybe one that is blind. Can find dog pictures for alts but you get the general idea

I also have some linearts drawn up that I wouldn't mind commissioning people for to color and shade and finish all the alts and all that if anyone is interested? Here are a few of them 


Baby by jadeypoopAdult by jadeypoopOopss by jadeypoop


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@Jade You say in your description of the Snaplion CYO it has 3 stages, which stages of the Big Cat base do you like the most?


How's this? Or should the tail be only one leaf? The leaves around the neck should go or stay?



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@Jade I will have to trace those lines though. Or use another brush myself. It looks so weird like this. xD

I'll continue with this the next time I am free, which is on Sunday unfortunately. I'll try to finish it by then, at least the lineart.

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