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Anime Themed Roleplay, Anyone?

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Greetings fellow members, I, Shiro am looking for a Roleplay partner (or multiple). I'm a semi-literate to literate writer, I prefer two to five paragraphs per post. I'll probably never reprimand someone for having a grammatical or spelling error or two, unless I can't understand what you're saying. Most of all, I love a creative and fun Roleplay. The following animes I'd like to RP out are..

- Black Butler/Black Butler 2

- Sword Art Online/Sword Art Online 2

- Noragami

- Free! 

- Soul Eater

- Kill La Kill

- Elfen Lied

- Neon Genesis Evangelian

- Full Metal Alchemist

- Nana

- Rosario Vampire

- Stein's Gate

- Madoka Magica

- Durarara 

- Ouran High School Host Club

- Deadman Wonderland

Needless to say, if you're interested in any of these, please reply below or shoot me a PM. I'm up for any pairings, (mxm,fxm,fxf) or no pairing at all. I don't mind creating a original plot or using the plot already made.

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      I know they're pretty rare, and most don't even have them, but I happen to have two of the same alt. 
      I'll trade alt 3 ->  for any other alt. Preferably alt 1->  or 2-> . 
      I'd also be open to trading this pet for something else with a similar rarity. 
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    • Uni_Animalia

      I might not be on here for a little while or as much, because I just found out my sister's pregnant with her first child, and I'm going to be an aunt for the first time, so if I'm not on here, don't worry just family stuff. <3
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      Like, let other people get art please :'))) I am sick of you getting your art drawn the same way for the 15th time, I want my stuff drawn for free for once
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      ...interesting. Why are they doing this now though? 
      I don't know if I should be happy or sad. ;_; 
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    • Kaylercool

      I have a CYO ready to go for an upcoming Valentines Day giveaway of mine, but I am unsure of how I want to go about this giveaway. 
      I want to make it unique, perhaps do some sort of game. 
      Also, I'm considering doing another Valentines CYO because I like making them, but I'm low on brushes.
      I might sell designs if anyone is interested. or maybe something else. I don't know.
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