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Fogclan's Dilemma

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Darkwolf and I have decided we're both in a bit of a roleplay funk. So, to try and drag ourselves out of it Dark came up with a simple Warrior's roleplay where the plot is minimal so that we, and you, can get creative juices flowing.~

The Very Simple Plot...
(So that the roleplay won't stagnate. Of course, feel free to add in any sort of plot twist, turns, ect. at any time!)

Fogclan is a clan of the high mountains, who live in the ruins of an ancient two-legs civilization. For an untold amount of moons they've lived alongside the condors, the pumas, and the grasseaters of their beloved mountains - whom they call the Ancient Ones. Fogclan has lived prosperously for as long as any cat could remember, with few fears for their kits safety. But recently things have taken a dark turn as the beloved Ancient Ones, the mountains, have seemingly grown angry. The highest peak spits smoke and rumbles ominously, the cold streams from melting snow caps have run dry, and the usually bountiful prey have all but disappeared. Starclan says they have no answers to give, but that they are looking. For an already devastated clan matters only seem to grow worse as an old face, long having deserted Fogclan, has reappeared with connections to the clan leader.

Unlike many Warrior's roleplay, this plot does not have to be the main focus of the roleplay. It can be background to keep things interesting and moving forward. If anyone has any ideas for things they'd like to see happen then please let us know! We'll incorporate them in.

Current Plot Ideas People Would Like to See Happen:
Darkwolf: The clan leader falls in love with/has relations/ect. with the deserter mentioned above and grows pregnant with his kits. This causes a lot of problems as the deserter is not a nice cat and the clan will hate him. What will she do about the kits/her feelings? That's up to whoever would like to play leader! Of course, if you'd like to play leader and not do this idea, let Dark/me know and we can change some things. :3

Fogclan Territory

This is where the camp is located. It's along the side of a mountain in an ancient two-leg ruin.

Because the camp is so large the main center of it is in the clump of dens shown below. Because no two-legs have discovered this place yet it is much more covered over with plants and foliage than the pictures show. The clan has mainly cleared this section so that's its opened up for easier travel. The meeting area is the uppermost, largest den (looks like it's got windows on the front).

*Both pictures are mine. Please don't use them anywhere.

Fogclan's territory spans deep into the mountains and is filled with herbs and other plants, in particular during the rainy season. Usually, just below the camp, there's a large stream that's fed from snow caps; but within the last couple of moons it's run dry. Same with prey. Usually there's plenty of it running around, but recently it's become extremely scarce.

There are many hazards to living in the mountains as Fogclan does. But they've become very good at avoiding it over the seasons. Predators include hawks and condors, the latter are large enough to grab and carry a full grown cat, more-less as kit. Puma's are also extremely dangerous, though they are rarer than birds of prey. Rockslide's are common and should be avoided, and mudslides are just as bad during the rainy season. There's the constant threat of falling from the mountain side, so kits are kept close to the camp and apprentices close to their mentors until they toughen their pads and know their limits.

- All PA rules apply.
- No power-playing or god-modding. I will not tolerate this, due to it being a massive pet peeve. If you are battling with another persons character, you will not automatically hit them. Accepted: "Snowflake aimed a blow at Moonbeam's head." Not Accepted: "Snakeflake's claws raked across Moonbeam's face, leaving behind four slash marks." Give the other persons character a chance to respond. If I catch you doing this, you will gently be told to please change your post. If you repeatedly do this, I might ask you to leave the roleplay. This is not to be mean, but to try and keep everything fair.

- No Mary-sues. Again, a pet peeve. No characters are perfect, period. They can all be injured, they can all die. One cat cannot take on four others and hope to win without serious injures. No cat is flawless when it comes to beauty, fighting, or hunting. Please, make a believable character. Thank you.
- I would like to keep this semi-literate. Please no one-liners. I know this is not always possible, and I will excuse it a couple of times no problem. I'm not completely heartless.^^ Please try to use proper grammar, and add a little detail if possible.
- Don't one-on-one with another player for an entire page. I know everyone has different schedules, so please try to be patient.
- You may have unlimited characters, but try to only chose one high ranking (leader, deputy, Medicine Cat, Medicine Cat Apprentice). Please don't play your own mate/crush, where's the fun in that?
- You can go crazy with names, I'm perfectly fine with that. But please don't make a cat that's pink, or has six eyes, or wings.
- Please keep things at least PG when it comes to birthing or mating, fade to black works great. No excess gore either.
- No text talk, or cursing outside of Clan language (fox-dung, etc). Please be nice to fellow roleplayers, and no fighting in OoC.^^
- If you'd like a major plot development, such as an earthquake or fire, please let me know and I'll fit it in. This is not just my roleplay, I want you to have fun and make it your own as well. If you want something done then ask and I'll incorporate it in.



(Picture here if you have one)

Warrior Name: (If apprentice or kit)
Age in Moons: (1-6 kit, 6-13 apprentice, 13-60 warrior/leader/deputy, 60+ elder)
Mentor: (If apprentice, put a warrior/leader/deputy you want as mentor. Seriously, please do this...)
Description: (1-3 sentences; not required if you have a pic)
Personality: (No RP out; must be at least 2 full sentences)
History: (Not required if your cat simply grew up in the clan)
Any Other Family?:

Plot Ideas?: (If you have a plot idea(s) you'd like to see happen tell me here!)

Delete everything in brackets please. 

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Bearstar (Lone Wolf)

Foxbite (Pink Madness)

Medicine Cat
Russetflame (Stonetooth)

Medicine Cat Apprentice
Jaypaw (Darkwolf)

Honeybreeze (Stonetooth)
Blackelk (Alcarie)
Turtledove (Alcarie)
Eveningsky (Pink Madness)
Redmist (Alcarie)
Palemoon (Alcarie)
Runningleaf (Darkwolf)
Bluestone (Darkwolf)

Ripplepaw (Stonetooth)
Patchpaw (Alcarie)

Leopardpaw (Pink Madness)
Songpaw (Lone Wolf )
Firepaw (Lone Wolf)

Wolfpaw (Lone Wolf)

Brindlefall (Ryewing)



Unborn Kits
Shrewkit (Alcarie)
Thrushkit (Darkwolf)
Whitekit (Darkwolf)

Nightpelt (Darkwolf)
Crystalrain (Pink Madness)


Brindlefall mentors Ripplepaw
Runningleaf mentors Patchpaw
Turtledove mentors Leopardpaw
Eveningsky mentors Wolfpaw
Honeybreeze mentors Songpaw
Redmist mentors Firepaw

Nightpelt and Palemoon

Turtledove has a crush on Russetflame
Bluestone has a crush on Blackelk


Foxbite is Leopardpaw's mother
Redmist and Palemoon are siblings
Bearstar is Wolfpaw's mother
Firepaw and Songpaw are siblings

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Warrior Name: ---
Age in Moons: 24 Moons
Gender: Tom
Rank: Warrior
Mentor: Open
Personality: He's a cat whose quick to smile when the time calls for it, though they're small and typically shy, and has a tendency to add smartelic quips or cheeky words when conversing with friends or those of the same rank. He has a tendency to be charming, though he usually doesn't know he's doing it, sometimes even suave when it's a she-cat; though point it out that he's doing it and the large tom turns into a flustered ball of stammering fur. Basically he tends to flirt when he doesn't mean to, but when he does try he tends to be a bit of a moron: so he doesn't try much any more. Towards those of his clan Blackelk is friendly and an typically an open book, someone whose emotions are written all over his expressive face and whose thoughts he tends to spill without much prompting. Loyalty is big for him, though family and matters of the heart tend to be more-so. He'll die for his clan, but he'll kill for what he believes is right. He has his own thoughts and ideals about things, but he won't speak his mind often in fear of being rebuked or looked at as a turn-coat; that doesn't mean he won't make up his own mind about things, though likely he won't tell anyone else or give them insight about what he's going to do. Blackelk seems like a well adjusted cat, happy and sociable, but that's not always the case. He doesn't have much of a temper, and will let others walk all over him; in fact Blackelk could be called a push-over. Unless, of course, it concerns matters that are special to him. 
History: He was born in the clan and has never had any other dreams or ambitions outside of becoming an honorable warrior. Though his father attempted to sway him towards other paths, Blackelk wanted nothing to do with them. This caused a lot of tension and headbutting between the two and ultimately, when Nightpelt left Fogclan, Blackelk was not sad to see him go.
Parents: Nightpelt (father) and Mothwing (mother)
Siblings: Open
Any Other Family?: Open

Kits: None
Mate: Perhaps One Day
Crush?: We'll see
Other?: Nothing of importance.


Warrior Name: ---
Age in Moons: 30 Moons
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Warrior
Mentor: Her apprentice is Leopardpaw
Personality: Turtledove is a bit of a matronly type of cat, always poised and composed in front of others while simultaneously being a mother hen. She tries not to do this so much with the warriors, unless of course their hurt of grieving, but will hassle the apprentices into taking care of themselves one way or another. She has no problem glaring those who refuse to take proper care of themselves into submission (or attempting too), even the leader if she needs to. But Turtledove does know when to back down, when she's overstepped her boundaries, and will graciously back away with an apology. She's usually level headed and pretty easy-going towards even newcomers; she's a type of cat who likes just about anyone and will chat with whose ever around. She believes her enjoyment of having others close and taking care of them stems from living most of her early life alone and scavenging for everything. Now she loves her clan and the closeness it allows. Typically Turtledove has a lot of patience, though her weakness tends to be stupidity. She loathes stupidity. This makes her able to get along with apprentices and kits who seem to have more energy then they know what to do with; she has no problem watching over them and playing with them for hours if need be to give their mothers/mentors a break. Turtledove finds she often enjoys the company of the young, with their curiosity and innocence, more than the pessimistic warriors. But Turtledove has her flaws, same as any cat. She trusts too easy, which could get her into a lot of trouble. She also has a temper, though it's slow to rise, but when it does she doesn't tend to think to clearly and will lash out needlessly.
History: Turtledove was, at one dark point in her life, a simple rouge fighting for every scrap of anything she could find. She was young, around 12 moons, when she finally stumbled upon Fogclan after a flood washed her down from a higher peak and almost right into the camp. Because she was young and trainable the clan took her in, and once she was healed enough too she begin apprentice training. She took to the clanlife like a fish to water and has never looked back at her rouge life.
Parents: Unknown/Unimportant
Siblings: She does, though she's not sure their even alive.
Any Other Family?: Nope

Kits: None; she's like to think she'll have some one day
Mate: Nope
Crush?: A silent (forbidden) one on Russetflame
Other?: Nothing of Importance.


Warrior Name: Patchpelt
Age in Moons: 7 Moons
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Apprentice
Mentor: Runningleaf?
Personality: Patchpaw is a very outgoing she-cat, typically all faux-shy smiles and bright eyes almost always filled with curiosity and wonder. She's exuberant and constantly curious about, not only the world around her, but also the cats surrounding her. She wants to fit in, wants to be a part of something bigger, so she is always trying to impress the warriors in hopes they'll keep her around for one reason or another so she can listen and learn. Patchpaw is not a suck-up, however, and does not necessarily care to speak her mind; though she does try to think through her words before speaking them. She's learned over the course of her apprenticeship that back-talking can get her scrawny butt kicked in training by her older fellow apprentices and by her mentor. Patchpaw can be a snarky cat, typically played for laughs, and loves to be around others her own age to talk, hunt, and explore because she feels she can be a bit more of herself rather then trying to keep in good graces with the older cats. She's surprisingly smart for someone her age when it comes to the world around her and strategizing is one of her stronger points. Patience, on the other hand, is not so much something she's good at. Nor is dealing with blood or standing up to bigger cats/creatures.
History: Nothing much of importance. She was born into the clan and plans to die in it.
Parents: Unnamed/Unimportant (Open)
Siblings: (Open)
Any Other Family?: (Open)

Kits: Too Young
Mate: Too Young
Crush?: One day!

Other?: Nothing of Importance

Norwegian Forest Cat (Wegie)

Name: Palemoon
Warrior Name: N/A
Age in Moons: 36 Moons
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Warrior / Queen
Mentor: She's not open to being a mentor right now
Personality: Palemoon is most definitely a cat resolute in her opinion that, though she's female, she is just as conductive to clan-life and the protection and development of Fogclan as the toms. She does not belittle the males though, knows that they are important, but she's all about equality between the two. She'd grown up with a bit of an aloof mother who taught her the values of being a strong-willed she-cat and Palemoon loved the idea. Wanted to be like her mother, Falconwing, who didn't cower at anything, who'd stood resolutely beside her mate in the face of any challenge. So from a young age she molded herself into someone who voices her opinions (sometimes in the wrong situation), won't back down easily, and is resolute in her ideals and values. This makes her hard-headed and contrary, a cat whose likely a bit too proud at times. She wants so badly to become a cat her mother would have been proud of: a iron-willed, headstrong she-cat. But by trying to become this she's lost a lot of her gentler nature; or maybe not so much lost as she's never learned how to let it show properly. When she needs to show a little delicacy she's not sure how to go about it and often fumbles, so she's resigned herself to staying away from situations that require a soft-touch. But now that she's learned she's going to be a mother and is going to have to learn how to be loving and a care-giver she's scared out of her mind. She's worried she's going to inevitably screw her kits up and completely fail as a mother. For a cat whose always prided herself on being in control of herself and the situation the fact that this is so completely out of her comfort zone is driving her crazy. Which is why she's hidden the fact she's pregnant for so long; but now that she's beginning to show she knows the secret will soon be out and she'll be herded off the nursery where she'll surely worry her fur out with nothing to take her mind off the coming moons.
History: Palemoon had a simple kithood, with no extraordinary circumstances or personal losses. She was the sole kit of her parents second litter and the only she-kit: thus was pampered and coddled by both her father, Swiftdarkness, and her older brother, Redmist (Redpaw at the time). Her mother Falconwing, though attentive to Palemoon, was not a particularly affectionate cat and had the opinion that she-cats were not simply lovers, soft and sweet, but also fighters. She wanted to instill this value into her daughter- wanted to teach Palemoon that her place was beside the toms, not hiding behind them in the nursery. Palemoon took her mothers teachings to heart and from a young age sought to 'be one with the boys' so to speak. Much of her ability to be one of the guys stemmed from watching and learning from her brother, who never once blinked at the thought of his little sister growing up just as rough, bawdy, and crass as most young toms. He worried about her though and she knew it; not that it stopped her. Growing up, form apprentice to young warrior, Palemoon remained close to Redmist, and used him as a shoulder from comfort when she felt she needed it though it was always out of sight of the others. Out of all the cats in the clan Palemoon felt that it was her steadfast older brother who she could trust her innermost secrets and soft spots too. He'd not judge her.
Palemoon realized fairly quickly that she had one sharp contrast with the typical she-cat, other than the obvious tom-boyishness. She, though friends with them, had no interest in toms romantically. She couldn't see being confined to the nursery, detested even the thought that she would be cooped in a small den where she'd have to rely on a male to provide her with food and protection. So, unlike so many she-cats who'd found their 'other half', Palemoon simply sneered at the notion and went on her merry way. At least until she made a rather terrible mistake. She fell in love. What made it worse was that it was with a loner, a deserter of Fogclan. The stories of the tom Nightpelt were still told to the kits; "don't leave the camp after dark or Nightpelt will get you. Nightpelt will kill you same as he did his sister, his parents, his mate. Nightpelt always watches out for bad kits to snatch away in the night." But Palemoon, skeptical as though she is, couldn't see a bloodthirsty cat in Nightpelt, who treated her with kindness, with respect. Nightpelt didn't want to own her, didn't want to pamper her. He, in her eyes, saw her as the independent she-cat she is. Though now pregnant and still very much smitten, Palemoon does know the very real danger posed to her and her unborn should the clan find out she's bearing the traitorous Nightpelt's kits.
Parents: Swiftdarkness (father/deceased) and Falconwing (mother/deceased)
Siblings: Her brother, Redmist
Any Other Family?: Nope (Open)

Kits: She's pregnant; she's just now starting to show
Mate: Nightpelt
Crush?: Nightpelt
Other?: Nothing of importance.


Warrior Name: N/A
Age in Moons: 44 Moons
Gender: Tom
Rank: Warrior
Mentor: His apprentice is Firepaw
Personality: Redmist is quite the opposite of his sister Palemoon. Where she's stubborn and likes doing things on her own, Redmist is a socially orientated cat. Even when an apprentice Redmist always had the impulse to be helpful, always desired to be needed in some way; even if it was something as small as fetching new bedding or putting mouse-bile on elders' ticks. These were the types of things he enjoyed doing because it made him feel like he was doing something constructive. The first time he saw Palemoon after her birth Redmist knew there was no going back; he'd do anything for his little sister, would give anything to her she requested. To his amusement their father often did the same - was much the same cat Redmist grew up to become. Both toms knew it was the she-cats that ran the little family unit and both were more than happy with it that way. Because of his mother Redmist had always admired and respected the she-cats, never saw them as 'lesser' or things to be objectified and sent to the nursery to care for kits; likely the reason he's never taken a mate. He took to being a big brother easily and readily, but came to learn that Palemoon didn't particularly like being the 'little sister' and figured out that with her it was best to let her come to him if she needed support; which to his delight she sometimes did. Because he never got to play this role though and he always had a lot of caring instincts Redmist instead turned to helping guide the younger apprentices if needed.
This worked well for him, made him happy, so even after becoming a warrior he still aided the younger cats. Over the seasons he's become a cultivated cat when it comes to being a confidante or simple an adviser, has learned what signs to look for when it comes to helping in specific situations. He wouldn't say he's wise per-say, but he's been around long enough he's seen most of these situations before so he can give some perspective. Though being this 'confidante' and is happy to help where he can in everyday life Redmist is as amiable as Palemoon is hard-headed. He's not one who wants to lead and will follow orders without complaint. Naturally social, Redmist does enjoy being around other cats and will step into the middle of a brawl to sort things out before blood can be shed or words that cannot be taken back are spoken. He's extremely cool-headed and hates to fight, be it physical or through words. However, harm a kit or apprentice and, though older and not prone to violence, Redmist does know how to use his considerable bulk and strength to his advantage.

History: Redmist grew up loved by both parents, though his mother was not exactly affectionate and had nothing extraordinary happen to him during his kithood. He was always closer to his father, Swiftdarkness, than his mother and grew up watching the love that was so obviously shared between Falconwing and Swiftdarkness. Once Palemoon was born Redmist took to being a big brother like a fish to water and as he grew up this instinct to protect and offer advise and a shoulder to lean on never left him. Instead it grew. He knew when he was much older than being anything other than a warrior was not for him and instead strived to be a cat others could count on. Though he knew some though it was odd for a cat who loved and lived as easily as he did to never have found a mate, Redmist simply brushes it off.
Parents: Falconwing (mother/deceased) and Swiftdarkness (father/deceased)
Siblings: His sister is Palemoon
Any Other Family?: Nope (Open)

Kits: None
Mate: Never took one for his own reasons.
Crush?: Perhaps someday
Other?: Nothing of importance.


Warrior Name: Shrewfur
Age in Moons: Unborn
Gender: Female
Rank: Will be a Kit
Mentor: We'll see whose open at the time
Personality: As she's yet unborn her full personality has yet to be fully decided. Likely she'll be much like her mother when she's older and after she's out of the nursery and not dependent on Brindlefall. After Shrewkit is old enough to open her eyes and move around it'll be notable that she's a bit hard-headed and stubborn but full of innocent curiosity - always asking questions about whose who or why a cat is going what they are. She'll want to learn and get out of the nursery to see the world early on, but her inquisitiveness could lead her into trouble quite easily if not watched properly. It won't be until a bit later in life that she'll start to realize not all cats are friendly and will grow to become more reserved and persnickety with whose she confides in and who she considers friends rather than simply clanmates. She'll become a bit haughtier and focused on making something of herself and eking out a niche for herself in clanlife. That's not to say she won't be a friendly cat, but she'll be more sedate and dignified when older than she ever thought she could be as a kit. She'll become a cat whose easy to lean on because she's steadfast and hardy yet flexible and serene when she needs to be. Likely her biggest fault will be her loyalty to her family before her loyalty to her clan.
History: She's yet to be born.
Parents: Brindlefall (mother) and an unidentified tom
Siblings: Thrushkit (brother)
Any Other Family?: Her grandparents were Whiteflake and Barkfang

Kits: ---
Mate: Too young
Crush?: Too young
Other?: She's the one on the left.


Warrior Name: Croweyes
Age in Moons: Unborn
Gender: Male
Rank: Will be a kit
Mentor: I'll see whose available at the time.
Personality: As he's yet unborn his full personality has yet to be fully decided. As a young kit he'll be skittish and extremely dependent on his mother; a fact that will slightly dishearten Palemoon while at the same time forging her protective instincts. It will take a lot for him to leave the front of the nursery and will flit back inside the moment any larger cat pays him any attention. As he ages to the point where he'll be ready to become an apprentice he'll have come out of his shell a bit more, though will not be as ambitious and rowdy as many young apprentices. In fact he'll be pretty socially backwards and shy, and will likely stick to his sisters side more often than not; or seek out his mother still. After a time Crowkit will grow into himself, though he'll be quite a bit older, and will learn to stand on his own four paws with more dignity and self-sufficiency. Yet he'll never be any sort of deputy material, as he'll never become a social cat - he'll carefully choose a set of friends to stick with and likely won't deter far from them. But to those he gives his loyalty to Crowkit will stay by their sides through thick and thin as he'll become a cat who when he loves (be is in the sense of friendship or romantic sense) he loves with everything he's got and will give the fur off his back if he has too. As for everyone else, well it will depend on the cat and the situation. He might help, or he might turn a blind eye.
History: He's not yet born.
Parents: Palemoon (mother) and Nightpelt (father)
Siblings: Whitekit (sister)
Any Other Family?: Blackelk will be their half-brother

Kits: Too young
Mate: Too young
Crush?: Too young
Other?: Nothing of importance.

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Name: Honeybreeze
Warrior Name:
Age in Moons: 23 moons
Gender: she cat
Rank: warrior
Mentor: (If apprentice, put a warrior/leader/deputy you want as mentor. Seriously, please do this...)
Description: a pretty, slender, cream based she cat, with pinkish orange tabby stripes on her head, down her back and on her tail. One white front right paw. Pretty hazel eyes and a bright pink nose. 
Personality: Honeybreeze is one of the most sweetest cats you will ever know. Sweet enough to match her name and her scent. She smells sweet like honey which gives her her name. She would never harm a fly and several times thought about leading a kitty let life because she doesn't like fighting or war. However, you give her something to fight for (a loved one, a clan mate, or kits) and she can be one of the fiercest warriors in battle. 
History: (Not required if your cat simply grew up in the clan)
Parents: Agileclaw and Sweetfeather
Siblings: none
Any Other Family?:

Kits: maybe one day 
Crush?: open 


Name: Ripplepaw
Warrior Name: open to naming at time of warriorship 
Age in Moons: 12 moons
Gender: she cat 
Rank: apprentice 
Mentor: open
Description: a pretty a glowing silver based she cat, with darker grey tipped fur. All four paws are white with the exception of  her back left leg which is a white sock. She has an almost black nose and bright blue eyes. A white muzzle and nose bridge with dark black whiskers. 
Personality: even though her exterior is quite pretty and glossy. She can have an attitude like a yellow jacket. She acts like one of the boy apprentices. Always rough housing and trying to show off and prove she is the best. Will one day make a great warrior. 
History: (Not required if your cat simply grew up in the clan)
Parents: n/a
Siblings: n/a
Any Other Family?:

Crush?: open


Name: Russetflame
Warrior Name: (If apprentice or kit)
Age in Moons: 33 moons
Gender: male
Rank: medicine cat
Mentor: (If apprentice, put a warrior/leader/deputy you want as mentor. Seriously, please do this...)
Description: a strong, muscular, broad shouldered burnt dark red colored tom with a white muzzle, chest fur patch, and ear inserts. The rest of him his dark red. He has medium length fluffy fur with a long furred tail. His eyes are a dark deep forest green color. Only flaw is a twisted, once mangled back leg. 
Personality: strong, noble, and proud. Would have made a fine warrior. His memory is vast and untouchable. He is great with all kinds of cats, and is also very humble. He is proud to serve as the clans medicine cat. 
History: Russetflame, then known as Russetpaw had been in the middle of taking his apprentice assessment to become a warrior when an unexpected rockslide hit. There's was nothing any of the Warriors watching him could do. He had been in the middle of hunting when it happened. Rocks came tumbling down, tearing his hind leg muscles and wrenching the leg into a mutilated twist. The ex-medicine cat wasn't able to do anything about it, beside pop it back into place. The leg, though twisted is still usable. After taking moons for it to heal, and the other apprentices gaining their warrior names without him, he was banished to stay in the medicine cat den until it healed. Finally when he was healed enough to gain his warrior name he decided to become the medicine cat apprentice. His leg was too badly injured. He would never have been able to properly hunt again, without it making a noise everytime he'd strike. The prey would hear him coming. He was humbled to have been able to stay in the clan as a medicine cat. 
Parents: Rosewing and Dewclaw
Siblings: open 
Any Other Family?:

Kits: one day maybe 
Crush?: (forbidden love anyone?) 


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Name: Leopardpaw
Warrior Name: Leopardfrost
Age in Moons: 10 moons
Gender: Male
Rank: Appretice
Mentor: Turtledove (maybe?)
Description: Short furred brown grey black spotted tom, with amber eyes. He is very big sized to his age and can even beat some Warriors (in size).
History: Clan born and have pretty normal kidhood.
Parents: Foxbite (mother), Bearheart (father)
Siblings: open
Any Other Family?: open

Kits: none
Mate: later maybe
Crush?: none yet




Name: Eveningsky
Warrior Name: above
Age in Moons: 18 moons
Rank: Warrior
Mentor:   I guess she is still bit young for mentoring a apprentice
Description: Long furred grey light brown and white smoke she-cat, with amber eyes. She is not big in sze, but have sharp claws and strong legs.
History: She is half clan born, but she did birth inside the clan camp. Her parents was rogues, but her mother was very sick cat. Her mother colabsed to the Fogclans territory an was founde By a patrol. The clan taked her in because her pregnancy and sickness, but only a short time. When she could be strong enough she could leave the clan, but that never happened. Her sickness getted worst and worst, even the clan medicine cat was helpless to cure it. When Eveningkit become a apprentice, only a two moon after  her mother passed away.
Parents: Sky (Mother), unknown (Father)
Siblings: open
Any Other Family?: None

Kits: Wants
Mate: wants
Crush?: open
Other?: She got her name end "sky" for her mother




Name: Foxbite
Warrior Name: Formely a Brownstrike 
Age in Moons: 40 moons
Gender: Female
Rank: Deputy?
Mentor: open
Description: Brown and red short furred tabby she-cat with some black places on her face. Have a bright amber eyes.
History: She is clan born, with mostly normal life. Se fall in love for her clanmate bearheart and got kits with him. She was happy for her life, but it all crashed, only one stupid patrol. She was leading a border patrol, when they get attacked By a  aggressive fox. At the fight she was close to lost her life, but her mate Bearheart protected her by his own life (She lost her tail there). Fox almost killed the whole patrol, but the hunting patrol come to help and the fox was ejected.  The following trauma chanced her too much so she asked the leader to chance her name to Foxbite (Brownsrike was now dead).
Parents: Beaverfang (father), Softclaw (mother)
Siblings: Open
Any Other Family?: Open

Kits: Leopardpaw, open
Mate: Bearheart (Deceased), open
Crush?: Hmm...


Kuvahaun tulos haulle white silver siberian cat

Name: Crystalrain
Warrior Name: Have it
Age in Moons: 24 moons
Gender: female
Rank: Loner Queen
Mentor: None
Description: Very long soft furred Silver grey striped she-cat with hazel eyes. Her pelt is very busky and hold cold very well.  
Personality: She is rather sweet, motherly and kind cat. She is growed to a clan  so have the same hunting/ fighting skills as any other clan born. For her busky pelt she really don't like hot days. She is not used to hot summer days, because her formed clan territory was in north and there was always cold.
History: Clan born, but not from Fogclan. Her birth clan is another clan, far away from Fogclan, named Alpclan. At her home clan she was medicine cat apprentice, but got exiled after becomed mates with a traitor. Her mate was greed of power and tryied to kill the clan leader. Soon after she left the Alpclan, she got pregnant, but her mate get angry to her with this and leave her behing. She is travelled two moons alone.
Parents: Both in Alpclan
Siblings: All in Alpclan
Any Other Family?: None!

Kits: Unborn
Mate: open
Crush?: Redmist
Other?: She will probably lose her kits (but I am not sure yet)

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I'm interested in this roleplay, I'll send in some characters later today, I'm not really in a place to be able to fill out the character sheets so that they'd be acceptable, I should be able to start them in maybe 15-30 minutes.

I do have a question as well, has the deserter been taken?

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@Lone Wolf Take all the time you need! I've got another character or two I need to make as well so this won't start till later tonight (or whenever Dark gets her characters up). As for the deserter, yeah Darkwolf is going to play him since she knows how she wants him to be played so that he causes the most problems for the clan. :3

Of course, I'm sure if you'd like you could ask Dark is it's alright if her characters brings someone else back with him, or there had been someone else who'd deserted the clan alongside her character? If you have any plot ideas or whatnot please let me know and I'll try my hardest to incorporate them in.

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ame: Nightpelt
Warrior Name: meow
Age in Moons: 41 moons
Gender: tom
Rank: loner
Mentor: no
Description: on photo
Personality: Nightpelt personality is not a good one,as he has anger problems. He not afraid to kill any cat in his path.
History: Nightpelt was clan born,from Leafdrop and Redfur. As a kit he hated everyone in camp, because of his sister snowfur. She would make him mad for no good reason and tell him  no one  liked him. Course he believed her. After all she is his sister.   Once he became a warrior he gotten tried of snowfur. So he killed her in cold blood.  Then he fake loved a she-cat mothwing after she had his kits he killed her as well. Then he kills his parents as they saw him kill the leader of the clan long ago. Nightpelt ran away from clan life. Now he loves another she-cat name Pale moon. Nightpelt plans on killing the rest of the clan.
Parents: Leafdrop and Redfur dead because he killed them 
Siblings: snowfur dead he killed her.
Any Other Family?: no

Kits: Blackelk (his mother was mothwing)
Mate: Palemoon
Crush?:ummm no
Other?: meow!!!



Name: Runningleaf
Warrior Name: n/a
Age in Moons: 26 moons
Gender: she-cat
Rank: warrior
Mentor: (If apprentice, put a warrior/leader/deputy you want as mentor. Seriously, please do this...)
Description: (1-3 sentences; not required if you have a pic)
Personality: Runningleaf is a little shy, but she will warm up to any cat she knows. She loves kits and always wanted some of her own one day.
History: she was clanborn
Parents: in starclan
Siblings: nope
Any Other Family?: nope

Crush?: open 
Other?: read them rules
Plot Ideas?: (If you have a plot idea(s) you'd like to see happen tell me here!)




Warrior Name: Jinx
Age in Moons: 23 moons
Gender: tom
Rank: warrior
Mentor: open to be one
Description: on photo
Personality: Bluestone is a true warrior at heart, he would do anything for any his clan mates. He secretly has a huge crush on a cat, but to afaid to tell him how he truly feels. 
History: Bluestone was clan born, his mother snow and his father Raff came to the clan after their human dump them out to live on their own. Snow gave birth to Bluekit as his first name was Jinxkit his father don't see it fitting him so they renamed him Bluestone.
Parents: Snow and Raff 
Siblings: he was the only born
Any Other Family?: nope

Kits: nope
Crush?: he likes Blackelk
Plot Ideas?:  i got few with him.


Name: Jaypaw
Warrior Name: Jayflight
Age in Moons: 7 moons
Gender: tom
Rank:medicine cat apprentice
Mentor: Russetflame?
Description: photo
Personality: Jaypaw loves everything about helping others, he also loves to learn more about herbs and other medicine cat dutys. As a kit he would always talk about being medicine cat one day. 
History: clan born
Parents: Night shade and Jayblue
Siblings: open to be rped
Any Other Family?: nope

Kits: forbidden 
Mate: forbidden
Crush?: forbidden but he has a crush on one the she-cats
Other?: nope



Name: Whitekit
Warrior Name: Whitestorm 
Age in Moons: 0\moons she not born yet
Mentor: open
Description: (1-3 sentences; not required if you have a pic)
Personality:I will update this when she born
History:  she has no history yet
Parents: Dark pelt and Palemoon 
Siblings:????? Blackelk half brother 
Any Other Family?: nope 

Kits:to young
Mate:to young
Crush?:maybe later 

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Warrior Name: WolfPaw 

Warrior Name: WolfSong

Age in Moons: 6 moons

Gender: she-cat

Rank: Apprentice  

Mentor: EveningSky(if that is alright)

Description: (1-3 sentences; not required if you have a pic) 

Personality: WolfPaw's personality is very similar to her mother's, though she has an adventurous side and gets angry easier and sometimes acts before she thinks. She still is very loyal and would do anything to protect those she loves  

History: (Not required if your cat simply grew up in the clan) 

Parents: BearStar(Mother), WolfHowl(Father)

Siblings: all deceased

Any Other Family?: N/A

Kits: N/A

Mate: N/A

Crush?: open

Other?: She doesn't believe in starclan 

Plot Ideas?: 


Warrior Name: BearStar 

Age in Moons: 30 Moons 

Gender: She-cat 

Rank: Leader 

Mentor: N/A 

Description: BearFang's is something in between the color of a grizzly bear and a polar bear. She has deep chocolate brown colored eyes. She also has a scar across her right eye, and a long deep scar that runs from her right flank, across her shoulder and that stops by her chest.

Personality: BearFang is very loyal and gentle, but she also has a fierce side. She usually is calm and collected, but has had moments of rage and anger. She puts the thought of the clan before herself and would die for them if it came down to it.

History: Grew up in the clan.

Parents: WillowFur(mother), StrikeClaw(father) both deceased 

Siblings: none 

Any Other Family?: N/A

Kits: TigerKit(deceased), MouseKit(deceased), FoxKit(deceased), WolfPaw 

Mate: WolfHowl(deceased) 

Crush?: None currently but I'm fine if someone wants to use her as a crush

Other?: BearFang never knew her mother very well, she died shortly after she was weened, her father changed after her death and died before BearFang became a warrior. She fell in love with WolfHowl and they had four kits, though only one survived. WolfHowl never returned from a hunting trip that took place only days after their kits were born. BearFang knows WolfHowl won't be returning, but still deep down she hopes he will someday. She named their only living child, WolfKit in his honor. 

Plot Ideas?:  


Warrior Name: SongPaw 

Age in Moons: 6 moons

Gender: she-cat

Rank: Apprentice

Mentor: HoneyBreeze or RussetFlame

Description: SongPaw is a ash-grey she cat with a black tail tip and a black splotch over one eye.

Personality: SongPaw is very sweet and gentle. But she's also very shy, she only really talks to her mentor and brother. She does talk to other cats if they talk to her first, but rarely in full sentences.

History: A young cat arrived at the camp with fatal injuries with two kits, she died before she could tell anyone what happened, but not before asking for them to protect her kit. She never said the kits, who were barely a week old, names. She also made them swear on the name of starclan to never mention a word about her or what happened that day to her children. The young cat received the name SongPaw, at her naming ceremony.

Parents: Father unknown, Moon(deceased)

Siblings: FirePaw

Any Other Family?: Unknown 

Kits: N/A

Mate: N/A

Crush?: Open


Plot Ideas?: 


Name: FirePaw

Warrior Name: FireBird 

Age in Moons: 6 moons 

Gender: Tom

Rank: Apprentice

Mentor: RedMist(if that's alright)

Description: FirePaw is a reddish tabby tom with a black paw and cream chest. His tail tip is white.

Personality: FirePaw is the opposite of his sister, he is very bold and daring. He loves training to become a warrior, he isn't one to easily hold a grudge, but he does wonder who his parents are, and doesn't really like that no one will speak of them.

History: A young cat arrived at the camp with fatal injuries with two kits, she died before she could tell anyone what happened, but not before asking for them to protect her kits. She never said the kits', who were barely a week old, names. She also made them swear on the name of starclan to never mention a word about her or what happened that day to her children. The young cat received the name FirePaw, at his naming ceremony.

Parents: Father unknown, Moon(deceased)

Siblings: SongPaw

Any Other Family?: Unknown 

Kits: N/A

Mate: N/A

Crush?: Open


Plot Ideas?: 

(Still working on this, just didn't want to lose my progress)

I may bring in more later, I first want to see if I can handle these four 

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