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ZC money gone!


So i get up this morning and open some PA pages,each page in a different tab so i can keep an eye on multiple things,checking things out before i start my day.Each time i open a page i noticed a little zc money would disappear which happens all the time to me.

But!...Once i left these pages open and went to fix breakfast for the family,did dishes,gave my son a haircut and such,i come back and open another PA page to adopt an egg from the egg drop and BOOM! i noticed a whole lot of my money is gone!

Nothing was purchased,nothing was sold other then 2 pets i had in the bazaar,nothing else changed on my account at all accept that about 14097ZC is gone.Give or take 2-5 zc here and there for every time i go anywhere else on PA.

Money Gone1.png

Money Gone2.png

Money Gone3.png

Money Gone4.png

Money Gone5.png

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I don't know where your ZC could have disappeared to, didn't hear about ZC vanishing little by little before, and unfortunately I (or any other Mod) can't check it either. 

Let's tag Emma and Bob, because they can check such things on the main site and restore things. And I hope you can get it back, because that's a lot of money.

@Cake @Bob

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You were caught cheating with 15+ accounts in the Auction House and Pageants. I was trying to be nice about this and not make it a public issue, but because you're acting as though this is a bug where you slowly lost ZC as you browsed the site, I have to publicly address it. The ZC you obtained through your other accounts in the Auction House was removed from your account all at once. Members are only allowed to have one account. :)

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Nice. :) 

Because it's not like a have friends or family.It's summer,they all cluster at my house on daily bases and we are always grilling out and such.We are also heavy gamers like WoW,Terra,etc.And we play many other pet sites like this one.I have extremely good internet connection which i pay lots for so its perfect for us when we gather for gaming and such.

But it is ok.This is the only site that ever gave us an issue.I've been a member for a long time now and they thought they would join and check it out since they were here and see me on here often.They are not worried about getting ban because they just started not to long ago and prefer to play the games anyway.

About being public,ya,there is an option on this site to send a message.I was never messaged or emailed or anything pertaining to this matter so ya i assumed it was a bug.

I'm not even worried or mad,life goes on.

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I do not know you personally,and i'm not going to even pretend i know anything about you at all.

But one could assume you're very temperamental,argumentative,and such.

I said it once before and for the last time...i'm not mad,worried,or what have you.And i'm most certainly not an argumentative type.I will be 43 fyi this weekend.I'm most likey old enough to be your mom.I have 3 teenagers.1 with ADHD.Trust me when i say i have a lot of patience.Whats done is done.Its over.

No,really,its that simple.Don't sweat the small stuff.Life is to short for that.

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      What do you guys think of this idea? If you like it, please support this post. If you think it'd be useful or not, please tell me! I value all of your opinions.  
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