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A Dark Secret sign ups (open)

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 "Come my children,and gather around to hear my tale." Replied a young mother wolf to her very tiny puppies. Hearing their mother's warm voice the puppies settle down beside her warm fur. "Mother is this one of your bedtime stories,which you make up yourself" asked the youngest pup known as Tiny. "No my sweetheart this story I am about to tell you all are very true. In the beginning wolves never lived here, only humans ruled these woods. Two sisters changed this all, before I get head myself let me tell you how it all began. Two sisters were born from the king and queen of the north. It was a very small kingdom that was place above the misty mountain.

   The oldest sister known as Shira was born with pure beauty and grace. Everyone would come far and wide to see her beauty.  On the other hand the youngest sister known as Aries was born blind. Seem no one understands her or even wanted to,only her dear sister Shira' beauty people understood.  Aries hated being blind by sight, she grow angry at the world. Seem Shira was only one to understand her sister's pain. 

  One day it began to snow and covering the river with thick ice, Shira knew how much her sister loved snow. She leads Aries to the frozen river where they could ice skate. Aries walks on to the ice, not seeing the ice crack beneath her only hearing it she tries to run but the ice wins. Shira tries her best to save her sister but was to late. After that day loosing her sister Shira visits the river hoping to see her sister.  This day, Shira return to the river and sees a dying creature on it's side. As she takes better look it was a creature she never seen before. Feeling bad for the creature she sits down and sings her sister's lullaby which she always sang to Aries every night. "A warrior look on upon her kingdom, which she sing lullabies. My dear sister first time I saw you, I always will love you Aries. Even those we far a part you will always be in my heart." 

  Opening her eyes slowly Aries find herself back in the woods. She feels difference as if she was never born blind.  Looking down at her hands are now paws, Aries begins to freak out. " I am a wolf?!" She tells herself. That how we wolves come to be." The mother wolf tells her puppies. "Mother is the story now over?" Tiny asked.

The mother wolf smiles warmly. "Course not Tiny, as legend be told there is a evil wolf whom white pelt cover with ice. Her blue clears can't see but she has a power. Which she  will make eternal winter and kill packs to get revenge. She only awakening  on blue moon which is dose not exist." 

"Mother why dose she want revenge?" One the pups ask. "She wants revenge because her old pack the Slivercreek wolves wanted to kill her because being blind and different as they don't understand her. Also she would sing Aries's lullaby to kill other wolves. Don't worry pups just a legend, and now time for bed."




 Unfortunately the young mother wolf was wrong, the blue moon dose exist. The Western pack forget all about the tale of the white wolf till it happened. One their pups were found dead in the woods. The winter season seems to not go away.  Now they are trying to stop the white wolf before she kills them one by one. Will they be success or would they die under her claws?




All PA Rules Apply

Please keep this rp pg-13

yes there will be blood the white wolf is a killer if this bothers you then this rp not for you.

No being your own crush or mate where fun in that?

Go crazy with names

No six legged wolf or colorful wolves

Only one high rank unless I approve 

No rping here it's sign ups

I must approve your form before you can rp

More rps will be added later.















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      I hope you're all doing well! 
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      What do you think goldfish are lady? An offering? And you built your dead cat a shrine.....?
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      Its a sad day when all the snacks you bought are eaten before you get to them.
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      I'm loving the new watercolor brushes on clip studio.
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