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Fogclan's Dilemma (Roleplay)

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Fogclan is a clan of the high mountains, who live in the ruins of an ancient two-legs civilization. For an untold amount of moons they've lived alongside the condors, the pumas, and the grasseaters of their beloved mountains - whom they call the Ancient Ones. Fogclan has lived prosperously for as long as any cat could remember, with few fears for their kits safety. But recently things have taken a dark turn as the beloved Ancient Ones, the mountains, have seemingly grown angry. The highest peak spits smoke and rumbles ominously, the cold streams from melting snow caps have run dry, and the usually bountiful prey have all but disappeared. Starclan says they have no answers to give, but that they are looking. For an already devastated clan matters only seem to grow worse as an old face, long having deserted Fogclan, has reappeared with connections to the clan leader.

And as always feel free to ask about adding in your own plot or ideas!


Bearstar (Lone Wolf)

Foxbite (Pink Madness)

Medicine Cat
Russetflame (Stonetooth)

Medicine Cat Apprentice
Jaypaw (Darkwolf)

Honeybreeze (Stonetooth)
Blackelk (Alcarie)
Turtledove (Alcarie)
Eveningsky (Pink Madness)
Redmist (Alcarie)
Palemoon (Alcarie)
Runningleaf (Darkwolf)
Bluestone (Darkwolf)

Ripplepaw (Stonetooth)
Patchpaw (Alcarie)

Leopardpaw (Pink Madness)
Songpaw (Lone Wolf )
Firepaw (Lone Wolf)

Wolfpaw (Lone Wolf)

Brindlefall (Ryewing)



Unborn Kits
Shrewkit (Alcarie)
Thrushkit (Darkwolf)
Whitekit (Darkwolf)
Crowkit (Alcarie)

Nightpelt (Darkwolf)
Crystalrain (Pink Madness)


Brindlefall mentors Ripplepaw
Runningleaf mentors Patchpaw
Turtledove mentors Leopardpaw
Eveningsky mentors Wolfpaw
Honeybreeze mentors Songpaw
Redmist mentors Firepaw

Nightpelt and Palemoon

Turtledove has a crush on Russetflame
Bluestone has a crush on Blackelk
Crystalrain has a crush on Redmist


Foxbite is Leopardpaw's mother
Redmist and Palemoon are siblings
Bearstar is Wolfpaw's mother
Firepaw and Songpaw are siblings

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(I guess I'll post :P )


The den was a little chilly as a morning breeze swept through the dark chasm, sneaking in from cracks and holes in the walls. A dark red cat could just barely be seen flittering across the den, barely visible in the darkness. It made smooth quick motions being swift, carrying supplies around; organizing. Everyone now and then there would be a jerk in the dark cats gate. Finishing his project, the red cat found his way out of the den, carrying a few leaves in his mouth as he walked outside. Upon arrival he sat down the leaves and looked around the clearing, and smiled. Russetflame shook out his dust and leaf ridden pelt, and separated the herbs he had carried out of the medicine cat den so that they could dry out as the morning sun rose. With a last look at his herbs, he headed across the cleaning to come to a sitting position at a pile of dead prey. He chose a small mouse for himself, and layed down to eat. With a pur as he took the first bite, he made a mental note to check on Brindlefall after his breakfast. 


Ripplepaw had served on the moon high patrol, and now slept with heavy breathes, and soft snores in the apprentice den. Being just over 12 moons the pretty silver she cat was more than eager to gain her warrior name. Lately she had been joking any patrol she could get her paws on, and had been fiercely training with her mentor. Working on her warriorship at all possible moments. The pretty she cat just could not wait to become a warrior. 


A small slender she cat snuck her way out of the Warriors den. As she stepped outside, she padded a few paw steps away, and sat down to start grooming her pelt from the dust of the Warriors den. She let out a small yawn before setting her tongue to work, on her soft, creamy peach colored tabby fur. Her soft hazel eyes glittered in the rising Suns light. As she groomer she watched as the clearing slowly started to come alive with life. She wondered if she would be assigned a patrol this morning. If not she would take her apprentice out.



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Despite Russetflame's claim that she should retire to the nursery, Brindlefall had ignored the medicine cat's suggestion and had continued sleeping with her fellow warriors in the Warrior's Den.  Particularly because she didn't want to sleep alone in the spacious nursery.  She'd only learned of her pregnancy a few days ago when she'd experienced an unusual discomfort in her belly while training her apprentice.  She'd had to leave the training session in the paws of one of her fellow mentors to seek out the medicine cat when the ache had not subsided and thus had discovered her ailment.  She still wasn't completely convinced Russetflame was right in his assumption that she was in fact carrying kits, but when the pain only worsened after she failed to abide by his request to take her leave as a warrior, the she-cat had been left with little other choice.  It drove her mad that her own recklessness would now directly impact her apprentice.  She'd been trying to keep the news to herself, but it was difficult with Russetflame breathing down her scruff, and a few of her Clansmates had already figured it out.  It wouldn't be long before Bearstar forced her retire to the nursery, but until then, the dutiful warrior would not abandon her apprentice.

Once her Clansmates started waking and leaving the den, Brindlefall joined a few of the early risers by disentangling herself from her nest and squeezing through the increasingly small tunnel entrance.  Pushing through tunnels had always been a problem for the thick-furred she-cat, but with her increasing girth she was sure to find herself trapped one day.  With a grunt, the queen forced herself through the brambles into the early morning, leaving behind a few clumps of fur in the process.  Once through, she quickly sidestepped to let any other warriors pass through as she took in the clearing.  Only a few were awake so early, but she could easily identify Russetflame at the prey pile and Honeybreeze was busy grooming herself to the side of the shared den.  Pointedly ignoring the medicine cat that was sure to make her day miserable, the she-cat maneuvered to join the fellow she-cat.  "Good morning, Honeybreeze."  She greeted politely as she shook out her fur that had a terrible tendency to dwarf her kinsman.

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 FirePaw felt the chill of the morning breeze against his pelt and groaned softly, slowly getting himself into a sitting position, and stretching befoee standing up. He looked over at his sister, who was still asleep next to him. He gently nudged her and slowly made his way to the kill pile, sitting down; trying to decide between a shrew and a pigeon. Making a glance back towards the apprentice den he decided to wait for SongPaw.


SongPaw's eyes slowly opened, yawning she sat up and began to groom herself. She was eager to work on her warrior training, and was hoping that maybe today she could be part of the morning patrol. She was quick to finish her grooming today and soon had made her way to the kill pile next to her brother. She looked around and spotted her mentor, HoneyBreeze. "I'm going to go eat with my mentor today." She said quietly, then with an apologetic look to her brother she dashed over to where HoneyBreeze sat. 

"Hey HoneyBreeze, what will we be doing today?" Unlike her brother, SongPaw liked being a part of something, she loved her clan mates and the life they had; FirePaw didn't truly hate his clan mates, he just felt distant and like he didn't belong. FirePaw felt there was something missing and that the clan was hiding something from him and his sister, but he kept this to himself, though SongPaw knew some of this, but didn't know how to really help him, she just wanted starclan to help him through it. 


BearStar had been one of the first cats awake. She hadn't eaten yet however. She was deep in thought, trying to make a decision about BrindleFall. She was one of the few cat's who knew she was pregnant. 

She knew BrindleFall wanted to keep working with RipplePaw, but also knew that if she continued it could lead to problems for the unborn kits. She sighed deeply, having made her decision she made her way over to BrindleFall. 

"Could you please meet me in my den omce you've finished eating" She didn't wait for an answer,  she just turned and made her way towards her den.


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Honeybreeze paused mid lick in grooming her soft pelt to look up at the cat whom had joined her. "Oh good morning Brindlefall" the she cat said with a pur. She was one of the cats that was still unaware that the brindled she cat was with kits. She watched as her own apprentice Songpaw padded up to sit with the two she cats. Honeybreeze dipped her head in greeting to her apprentice. "Well if we don't get called for patrol this morning, maybe we can co-train with Brindlefall and  Ripplepaw this morning. Sound okay to you?" She asked inquiring with a look to Brindlefall.


Russetflame looked up from his almost gone mouse, to see Firepaw settle in on the other side of the prey pile. "Tough choice" he commented as he noticed the young apprentice trying to decide amongst prey. "Did you sleep well?" He asked trying to make conversation, and make sure his clan mates were staying healthy. 

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The queen settled down next to the younger she-cat and had just started pulling bits of moss from her pelt when they were accompanied by Songpaw.  Brindlefall's whiskers twitched in amusement at the apprentice's eagerness, she could still clearly remember Ripplepaw acting similarly when she was still a newly named apprentice.  Now it seemed Ripplepaw's only focus was passing her final assessment and earning her warrior name.  While the idea of her apprentice becoming a warrior brought the she-cat a great sense of pride and joy, she wasn't ready to admit that she wasn't ready to let the apprentice go.  She was enjoying her life as a mentor too much.  Her thick tail brushed across the loose soil as the queen distractedly thought about her apprentice, her green eyes flicking towards the apprentice's den.  Ripplepaw had gone on the moonhigh patrol without her last night, so she wouldn't be awake for some time, and the she-cat was disinclined to wake her.

Suddenly, the queen's attention was drawn back to her companions when she realized Honeybreeze had said something to her and was expectantly waiting for an answer.  She'd only been half-listening to the fellow mentor, so she found herself frantically searching her thoughts for what had been said.  Something about Songpaw and Ripplepaw?  Yes, that was it.  She'd made an inquiry about Songpaw taking advantage of training with an older apprentice, that had to be it.  Shaking her fur in embarrassment for not paying attention to the same clansman she had so abrasively intruded upon after waking up, she finally responded; "Ripplepaw went on the moonhigh patrol last night, so she won't be starting her training until sunhigh."

She felt a sense of grief for trodding on the excellently proposed idea, training with Songpaw would be advantageous for both apprentices, but Ripplepaw had been honing her craft as a warrior late last night and needed the rest.  When she turned her gaze away from mentor and apprentice, she noticed Bearstar padding towards them and felt apprehension ripple through her pelt as the large she-cat came to a stop before her.  She didn't say much, only dictated that Brindlefall meet her inside the leader's den before leaving.  A cold chill ran down the queen's spine as her gaze snapped toward the russet colored medicine cat.  Had he told the leader of his assumptions or had Bearstar - as a mother herself - figured out Brindlefall's condition without the medicine cat?  Her pelt quivered as she found herself dreading the trek to the leader's den.  She had a feeling she knew what Bearstar wanted to talk about, but she simply wasn't ready.  She could still train Ripplepaw.  Even if Ripplepaw's training was more centered on things she would be doing within the camp as a warrior, Brindlefall could still teach!  And the apprentice could always hone her skills by coaching the younger apprentices.  The queen's tail lashed at the thought of being confined within the nursery by herself.

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Only slightly disheartened at not being able to train the apprentices together, she flicked her ears trying to think of something better to do. Perking her ears back up, reuniting with her usual chipper self, she looked over at her apprentice. "Well, we'll find something else to do!  Don't worry bout it Brindlefall" she said chipperly. She watched as Bearstar padded up. Once she walked away, she glanced at Brindlefall. "That sounded ominous" she mewed

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Rolling around in his sleep Jaypaw paws the den walls. Then suddenly felt as if he was going to fall, the apprentice opens his eyes to meet the sunlight touching on his nose. "Morning already? I better get up before Russetflame figure out I was sleeping in." He meows to himself. Shaking the dirt from his pelt  Jaypaw dashes out the den like he was up for hours.


Runningleaf sleeps away in the warriors den, not worrying about a thing.


Pawing the grass Bluestone begin to think about different things. He always wondered how did it felt having fur to keep warm. During the cold months he liked to get closer with his clanmates to get enough body heat to survive.


Watching a rat eating a piece of corn, Nightpelt jumps at the right time and lands on the rat. "I don't mind taking your life little creature." He purrs. With a huge front paw with claws out he takes the rat's life. Nighpelt begins to eat without any thoughts about it. 

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Blackelk: Giving himself a rough shake to attempt to rattle the cobwebs lose inside his head, Blackelk stifled yet another yawn. The moon high patrol, while one of his favorites, always left him feeling devoid of motivation for the rest of the day. Sure he'd be allowed to sleep later into the day to make up for it, but the only time he'd done so had knocked his sleep schedule off so bad he'd been up all that night and was asleep on his paws for the rest of the day the next; and the vicious cycle continued for nearly a quarter moon. No, best to stumble throughout the day and conk out in his nest as early as possible. Not for the first time, he was supremely glad to not have an apprentice. Whiskers twitching in silent gratification the thought brought the lanky tom stood up to stretch, thin tail curling over his arching back. Once more awake his gaze turned towards the rest of the camp, noting first who was roused, more-or-less, then the fresh-kill pile. With a pang, he realized that it was still low. No matter how much they hunted, which seemed so very often, the pile always stayed low and even continued dwindling. Thinking back on the night he couldn't remember ever hearing the tell-tale signs of life like normal. Usually the night so high up in the mountains was alive with movement of prey - a time when the condors and falcons didn't rule the sky to send the smaller animals running. But recently the prey seemed so very scarce.

Huffing softly, Blackelk turned away despondently and slipped around one of the large stone walls of the camp so that he could get a better view of the main meeting areas of the camp to await further instruction from either Bearstar or Foxbite. He was tired but figured he'd do something useful none-the-less; a hunting patrol would be nice, to try and wipe the foreboding image of a starving clan from his mind. Could it have something to do with how upset the Ancient Ones seemed to be? The mountains they inhabited seemed restless, rumbling at times like an ominous harbinger. Blackelk was not a cat who immediately turned to Starclan for anything, preferring instead to deal with life in a way he could use his own paws and mind. But when the Ancient Ones moved even he was willing to believe in a omnipotent force at work.

Turtledove: Striding from the warriors den on light feet, the small tabby she-cat blinked against the sudden light of the sun. It was one of the few things about her new home she didn't particularly enjoy. As a loner she'd been lower along the mountains more often than not and the sun further down didn't beat as hard nor as bright as it did on Fogclan's territory. Biting back a grumble, the small she-cat kept her head down and eyes narrowed as she padded for a relatively shady spot not far from the dens. It took only a cursory glance around for her to realize Leopardpaw was not yet awake, as her apprentice easily towered over her much slighter frame and tended to be spotted easily enough. "Should probably go wake him." She mumbled to herself, momentarily distracted by a small burr on the underside of her tail. Scowling, she set about pulling it out without to much of her fur, internally debating on her apprentices progress and where he needed to be. Snippets of Honeybreeze's conversation with Brindlefall drifted to her ears, though she chose not to pay them much mind outside Honeybreeze's cheery greeting and inquiry. Once Bearstar directed Brindefall to her den Turtledove stood and padded towards Honeybreeze with a friendly nod of her head. "I wonder what that was about." She murmured to her fellow mentor softly, tail tip twitching. "Though if your up for it still maybe Leopardpaw and I could train with you and Songpaw today if not chosen for a patrol?"

Redmist: Watching as the sky turned from pink and yellow to purple then blue, the senior warrior favored waking just before the sun to watch the night turn to day. Slitting his eyes against the sun, Redmist watched silently as the cats began to wake as well and putter into the camp either from their dens or in from a night of patrol. In particular watching the apprentices attempt to wake themselves was a source of amusement. He could vaguely remember doing the same at a young age. Huffing softly, the fluffy tom didn't startle as a pelt brushed against his own and the smell of the mountains and something else infiltrated his nose. Tipping his head slightly to regard his sister wearily the tom attempted to assess Palemoon's mood. Someday's she was easier to handle than others, and in particular as of late she tended to snap at little things. But this morning she seemed at ease, almost happy even. But from where she was pressed to his side in sibling huddle Redmist could tell she'd been out of the camp for a while from her cold pelt and scent. "Good night?" He asked neutrally, turning to look back at the camp to see his apprentice up and speaking with Russetflame.

"It was." Ah, there was the sharpness. He missed the days she'd confide in him, actually seemed to trust him. Nowadays she walked around with an ice chip on her shoulder, always looking back at something only she could see and glaring at anyone who looked at her to long. Redmist knew she'd always been a bit of an obstinate she-cat, but even for her her moodiness had been unusual. Sighing sadly the red tom leaned over so he could lick a stripe across Palemoon's forehead. "Don't worry about it." She grumbled, nudging his shoulder with her own, and though her voice still carried a sense of bite it was tampered a bit more. Taking a moment to look at her while she was distracted he attempted not to snort. For such a shortage of prey Palemoon seemed to have put on weight. "What?" She snarled, shoving his head away with one large paw. "Don't you have an apprentice to go train or something. Stop big-brothering me."

"I wish you'd trust me. I could help you you know." Without waiting for her, no doubt cold, reply Redmist got up and slowly made his way towards Firepaw and Russetflame. "Good morning Russetflame, i hope everything is okay?" He meowed, looking between the medicine cat and his apprentice carefully.

Patchpaw: Rolling ungracefully from her nest, the calico apprentice stumbled to her paws with a wide yawn and bleary eyes. She hated, no maybe that was not strong enough a word - she loathed morning. Groaning to herself, Patchpaw shuffled into the main area of camp without any type of grace of coordination and plopped down a few tail lengths from the apprentices dens entrance and blinked at the motion of the camp. Runningleaf was not directly seen, so Patchpaw figured she had a few minutes to herself to wake up. Rolling her shoulders, the apprentice inwardly debated on grabbing a quick bite to eat, then decided against it. She'd rather catch something later and enjoy the meal when she felt more alive.

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Foxbite was still at her nest, which was really unusual to her. Mostly she was the first to be awakened and this time of day she could be filling the fresh kill pile or even ordering the morning patrols. Now it was different, it beginned at the evening, the coldness and her throat was so dry. She layed at her nest, powerless to do anything, her pelt feeled like she was burning, but still she was too cold in inside. She wasen't alright, maybe she could go to the Russetflame and tell Bearstar, that she could order the patrols or make some other cat to do so. Thought even moving a one paw, was almost impossible she was a prison on her own nest.
Eveningsky opened her eyes when sunlight shined to her nest, which was pretty close to the den entrance. So far she was cursed about her sleeping place, if she was been more clever she could not made her nest so close to the entrance. Yawning the young warrior stood up and walked out of the warrior den entrnace looking at the awakened cats, wondering what kind of day this could be.
Leopardpaw  was laying onto his messy nest, curling around like a little kit. As much he could be wanted to sleep, whole night he didn't sleep even one moment. Unsleeped night made him little pissed, but tryed to hide it, because he knowed that it was unnecessary  to blame other for his night. Hearing voices coming outside of the apprentices den, he recognised his mentor Turtledove to talking with Honeybreeze about them to training together. Sighing hard he stood up to his tired paws, knowing that in any time soon his mentor will pock her head to the den and call him to begin the trainings. He just was there and waited.
Crystalrain is sleeping somewhere close to the Fogclan's borders.

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The queen kneaded the earth as she contemplated obeying Bearstar and putting the meeting off for a while longer.  After all, the leader had distinctly said to meet in her den after Brindlefall had eaten, and she had not yet wandered over to the freshkill pile for her morning morsel...  But she also knew the longer she put it off, the more likely someone would start asking questions, or worse - and as unlikely as it seemed - Ripplepaw would emerge from the Apprentice's den wanting to get her apprentice duties underway before the sun rose too high in the sky.  Subtly raking her claws through the loose soil, Brindelfall knew what had to be done as she wrapped herself in a false sense of security and confidence.  "Maybe she's noticed Ripplepaw's progress?"  She suggested vaguely, Ripplepaw was admittedly close to finishing her apprentice duties.  As the words left her mouth, the queen shifted to her paws and started towards the leader's den just as Turtledove emerged from the Warrior's den and took her place beside Honeybreeze.  Brindlefall couldn't help but notice how popular the she-cat was as her gaze roamed the rest of the camp.  Most of the Clan was finally moving around, meaning morning duties would begin soon.

After a few more pawsteps she found herself planted outside the lichen curtain that obscured Bearstar's den and her anxiety sparked again.  She was not ready to have this conversation.  Even if she was carrying kits, even if she was as far along as Russetflame seemed to think she was, she still felt like she could continue to work.  And the fact that the nursery needed some repair.  After all, Songpaw and Firepaw had been the last kits to utilize the den, so its maintenance and upkeep had not been a priority recently, same with the empty Elder's den since Barkfang's passing.  Realizing both dens required some much needed renovations, despite herself, Brindlefall began structuring an effort to get the apprentices to help repair the dens.  Leafbare was coming, and all of the dens needed to be reinforced, it would be a good team building opportunity if she could convince the other mentors to go along with the idea.  At this thought, another came to the she-cat as she lifted a paw to separate the curtain and announce her arrival to her leader.  If she was confined to the camp on Bearstar's order, she could easily assist Ripplepaw in repairing the dens.

"Bearstar?"  She mewed quietly, as the massive she-cat entered the dark cavern.  If worse came to worse during this meeting, she could always try to persuade the leader to let her train Ripplepaw within the confines of the camp.  Goal set firmly in mind, the queen slipped further into the den.

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"Greetings Turtledove" Honeybreeze mewed dipping her head to the she cat. "That sounds like a lovely idea to me" she purred rising to her paws. "What do you think?" She asked inquiringly to her apprentice. The she cat gave her paw one last lick dragging it casually over her soft pretty face, and then shook out her freshly groomed coat. She then stood and waited for the reply. 

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( @Ryewing Please don't determine my cat's size without my sayso, BearStar isn't by any means a large cat)

SongPaw nodded, "Yeah, I'd love to train with BrindleFall and RipplePaw" she exclaimed before giving her paw a few swift licks and bringing it across her ears. She then looked back to her mentor, "I haven't eaten yet however, could I quickly do that first?"

FirePaw startled as RussetFlame spoke. "Yeah, I guess." He said quietly. His eyes stayed locked on the two pieces of prey. After several moments longer he had made his decision and picked up the shrew. Taking a seat again he began to eat. 

WolfPaw finally had emerged from the apprentice's den. Casting a glance around the camp she soon spotted EveningSky and slowly made her way over. "Good Morning EveningSky, how did you sleep?" 

She yawned slightly before sitting down, it was obvious she wasn't completely awake yet.

BearStar looked up as BrindleFall entered her den. She motioned for the queen to make herself comfortable. "RipplePaw's training has had great progress, she will be becoming a warrior very soon, you have trained her well and should be proud" Her tail flicked, "You also will be a wonderful mother"

Her voice then became more serious, "How long ago did you find out you're with kits? Continuing on will only have increased risks of your kits being born with illnesses or worse" She paused, this was a painful topic for her. "You don't have to fully retire to the nursery" She looked at the queen,

"But you can't continue the training you and RipplePaw have been doing either. My condition for not fully retiring to the nursery is you must stay in camp at all times, no battle or hunting lessons either. Maybe you two could fix up the nursery and elders den, as that's a big priority right now."

She looked away for a moment before looking back, "I'm sorry if this seems unfair, but please trust me that it's what's best for your unborn kits, I don't want any more cats going to starclan before it's really their time" She did her best to keep her voice from shaking, few cats knew WolfPaw wasn't the only one from her litter.

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Foxbite was only laying there, listening the voices coming outside to her den. She was still very bad feeling, but guess, her much to do her job. Organise the patrols and so one. She did have enought power to standing up to her shaking feets. Taking deep breath, she padded to the den entrance and peeped out. Looking at the cats, thoughtfully "Blackelk, I will make you to lead the border patrol, take anyone you want to take with you" she meowed to the black tom, walking to him. Glancing at the fresh kill pile "Brindlefall, If it's not too much to ask, but could you lead the hunting patrol? Take Ripplepaw, and anyone you feel right with you" she meowed, trying to act like she was alright.

Eveningsky washed her face, when heared someone talking to her "Hmm! Good Morning you too Wolfpaw" she mewoed kindly, looking at the apprentice. Stooding up she shaked her pelt "Actually very good, how about you?" she asked, facing the sunlight once again.
Leopardpaw  He sitted at his nest and listened as his mentor speaked with Honeybreeze, first he thinked to just wait so his mentor could get him, but now he didn't have enought patience to wait. Yawning the spotted tom leaved his nest and padded out of the apprentices den. Clansing at the two Warriors "Good Morning Turtledove, Honeybreeze" he meowed tiredly, but tryied to hide it.
Crystalrain awakened at her nest, she was found last evening. She has been walking and walking, she wasen't been very lucky to catch a enought prey to her and her unborn kits. Now she was starving, her belly was way too big for do anything and it scared her, if she don't figure something out soon she or her kits will die, but what can she do? What kind of prey will walk to her mouth? There is such a animal. SIghing she desided still to try, stooding up, she padded  out of the den and maked her way to the forest, hoping for the best.

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Heading toward the kill pile Jaypaw picks out a small bird to eat. Then taking his place beside a hollow log to eat his meal in peace. Jaypaw knew Russetflame would eventually figure out his mistake which worries him more then anything at the moment. Jaypaw takes his time eating the bird as he don't want to start the day yet without enjoying a meal. 

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Brindlefall's tail drooped in the dust, defeated.  She'd known the conversation was going to happen, she'd even prepared herself for it, but it didn't change the fact that she still felt duty-bound to her responsibilities as a Warrior, not a Queen.  Just as her mother had been, she'd never wanted kits of her own and frankly she couldn't even discern who the father of the kits she currently carried even was.  At least her mother had had the sense to know who had sired her kit.  Brindlefall didn't even have an official mate.  She might not have wanted kits, but she was still a she-cat who desired the company of a male counterpart.  As soon as Russetflame had told her that she was pregnant and she hadn't been sure she believed him, she'd immediately began retracing her steps to figure out who could be the father.

Instead, she tried to listen to her leader.  It was her own fault she was in this situation, anyways.  "A few days ago."  She admitted after a moment, "Russetflame seems to think the kits will be born within the moon."

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