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!!!❤︎ADOPTABLE Ideas

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Hello! I want to start doing adoptable's, but I need some ideas to practice on! You should probably post here because I don't know how PM works.

Maybe you know a random generator I can use or maybe a site that gives you random Ideas but anything would be very very helpful right now!!! So again, Just leave me random Ideas (since Im not a official artist I can't officially make them) But I will post pictures of them here!(I don't know how to do art online) so I will just post the picture from my phone. Again Thank you for anyone who helps!!!❀❤︎❀❤︎❀

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I'm willing to do a commission. I'll charge a big or small amount of ZC depending on what your mind is set to. Looking at this,it looks like confusion. Maybe a confused type adoptable? If your not willing to do ZC,I can change what you'd be willing to trade for this.(Unwanted pets possibly. I can adopt in exchange. I'm not an official so you might need a brush. If you do brush that will change the price for making it)

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      When we go to our own pets page and scroll towards the bottom, we can all see the button that says, "Display BBCode and HTML codes". 
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      Hey there everyone,Just checked my brush inventory and almost had a heart attack.

      HOLY! *faints* "brushes...too....OP...."

      So I need some cool ideas for some cyo's and supremes If The idea Is too my liking (probably will be)

      I will create that idea and give a free set (if has alts) to the one who came up with the idea+250 zc.

      so if your design gets picked I will shoot you a pm!

      Feel free to post literally anything!

      color palettes,images,sketches,poses!!!


      These cyo's will be up in my cyo shop so keep your eyes open!


      Some Of my Own CYO's I am working on:(DO.NOT.STEAL.!)

      Rebel Runner-status:waiting to be approved

      3 stages no alt's


      Here are some of my own ideas for supreme cyos:

      Pre-Historic Kangaroo



      Prehistoric Mysterious Dinosaur



      Prehistoric Killer Pig