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Packages for Newbies

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Hello! And welcome to Packages for Newbies!

_What is this?_

Here other players can donate newbies surprise gifts such as, pets, ZC and ZP! :)

How do I get a package?

Post a reply below with a link to your profile, and ask for a package!


1. You can only post ONCE for a package. If you want to say thank you to someone who gifted that's fine. ;)

2. No spamming

3. All the PA rules apply

4. Each package that is sent needs to AT LEAST include 1 pet and 10 ZC

5. Don't ask for anything specific! It's supposed to be a surprise :)

6. Your account needs to be less then a month old to receive a package


1. Your allowed to gift even if your a newbie!

2. Feel free to gift a person more then one time.

3. There is no limit on what you get or what you give. If you have already been gifted once by a player, you can be gifted again. =) 

I'm also a newbie!

But that doesn't mean you have to gift me XD Be aware that I will gift when I can and if I can. :)





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Hello everyone, I'm also a newbie. Joined just yesterday in fact. I would love a package, and would like to thank anyone who sends one in advance. You're awesome! :D

Here is the link to my profile...it's a work in progress. I still haven't decided how i'm going to sort all these lovelies. 


Thank you again!

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Hello, I just joined tonight :)

I was roaming around trying to figure out how all of this works when I decided to go to the forums and stumbled upon this thread. This sounds like a really neat idea! Might I be able to get a package, please?

Hopefully I've done this right: http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=DonutMunchie

Thank you to whoever helps me out  ^.^

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Hi, I joined PA way back in 2011 (Is my player number considered very low? #1404) but I havent really played until a couple days ago. So, I'm still really new to everything. I only have the few pets I bought back then, and some that Ive been getting from the egg drop. I hope it's ok if I ask for a bit of help. I promise I'm not a freeloader or anything Cx

Profile: http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=Stripeclaw

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      I know I haven't been on PA for that long, about since March of 2014.

      BUT... I have the need to give stuff away.

      It's hard to be a newbie, and there is allot of learning to do and is harder to get started.

      So, I will be giving eggs/pets away.

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      1-2 a day or 10 a week.

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      Giving out promo pets for newbies.

      Your account must be less than 2 weeks.

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      Please mention me when you comment.

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      I have
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