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Hi, guys. My name is Nyghtshade after the phrase "pretty poison" in the Wizard of Oz (I know those flowers weren't nightshade). I just like the way it sounded.

I'm in my last year of high school and I live mostly with my dad and family. My mom is in the hospital battling cancer (end-stage) so I sometimes stay with my grandmother (she's the one who recommended this site; everyone calls her Pixie). She's got her own health issues (cluster migraines) so she's not on the computer much these days. Hopefully she'll get better soon. We live on the west coast of Canada. At home I have a cat named Boots; he's so affectionate. Next year I hope to go to college. I love collecting things, like pet adoptables. I've just joined a few sites and am having a lot of fun.

I really like the Halloween trick or treating here. It's so cool. I'm way behind 'cause I just joined but I'm looking forward to getting at least one special Halloween pet. Nanna said she'd let me get some ZP to play with if I keep my music down to a "dull roar", so I'm going to do that (my headphones are broken).

I love watching s/f TV as well as fantasy and some horror (Star Wars, Star Trek, Grimm, Lucifer, The Magicians, Travelers, Dr Who, Torchwood, etc). I also love Dusk Til Dawn on Netflix.

Looking forward to meeting you. If you know me from other sites, come and say Hi.

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