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Mistclan's Secret | Roleplay

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I've finally started the roleplay! Woo-hoo!

Sign ups are here (They're open until this roleplay has used 2 full pages): 

sorry I'm not sure I can do spoilers on the forums anymore



1. No power playing

2. No perfect characters

3. If you already have a major role, please do not take another unless you have permission from me!

4. I definitely will add later :) 


Clan Ranks


Meadowstar - Alcarie


Brindleclaw - darkwolf

Medicine Cat:

Snowsky - Dashy

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Hawkstorm - Pink Madness


Smokeleaf - Moss4brains

Scorchedfur - Alcarie

Moonlight - darkwolf

Wolfshadow - Pink Madness

Swifttooth - Dashy

Darkshade - Dashy

Skyfrost - Dashy

Pebbleclaw - Dashy

Quickclaw - Dashy


Honeypaw - Kitkat

Flarepaw - Pink Madness

Silverpaw - Dashy

Kestrelpaw - Alcarie

Halfpaw - Pink Madness

Griffonpaw - Moss4brains

Pantherpaw - Alcarie

Slatepaw - Dashy


Deerspring - Alcarie


Poppykit - Kitkat




Honeypaw Swifttooth 

Flarepaw Wolfshadow

Silverpaw Smokeleaf

Slatepaw Moonlight

Goldenpaw Scorchedfur

Kestrelpaw Skyfrost

Halfpaw Pebbleclaw

Griffonpaw Darkshade

Pantherpaw Quickclaw

If I missed anyone please tell me!


If you want a change with the mentor/apprentice thing I'll be happy to help.

Its early in the morning - around sunrise.

We're in early Leaf- fall, so its chilly out.


@Kitkat, @Pink Madness, @darkwolf, @Alcarie, @Moss4brains The roleplay is up! :) 


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Snowsky was up checking herbs, sifting through them lazily. It had been a quiet morning; nothing much had happened so far. Shaking out his fur, he checked the last pile. It's not like I need to go through them. Nobody's gotten sick just yet, though Leaf-fall will surely bring some sickly cats. With a small snort the white tom padded outside of the den to breath the crisp morning air. A leaf fluttered down next to his paw. It's definitely Leaf-Fall. He thought, trotting casually over to the fresh-kill pile. I guess there hasn't been any hunting patrols out. Moving a vole out of its place he spotted a plump mouse and grasped it in his jaws. After a few moments of looking through he grabbed a starling for Hawkstorm. Hopefully she's awake, he thought with his mouth full as he padded back to the Medicine Cat den, nodding to Swifttooth on the way.


Swifttooth woke up with a sting in his paw. Grumbling, he lifted it to see there was a nagging thorn in it. It wasn't that deep in, he could see. Just yesterday he had gotten three thorns in his paw from falling into a thornbush - It looked like Snowsky had missed one. Remembering what the Medicine Cat did before, Swifttooth pulled out the thorn and licked the wound. There was no blood - it had barely gone in. Shaking his head slowly, he got up and padded outside. It was a crisp morning. He wanted to get his paws moving. Annoyingly his stomach grumbled at just the right time. I'll ask to go on a hunting patrol after I eat. He thought as he padded to the fresh-kill pile, giving a brisk nod to Snowsky, whose mouth was full. He chose a vole and sat underneath a tree to eat.


Darkshade woke up from a dream - it was one about his father. He couldn't remember much about it, but he did remember his fathers face. It's been a long time since I've dreamed of my father. He thought with a sigh, laying on his side in the Warriors den. Standing up, he padded out of the warriors den. He glanced at the measly fresh-kill pile. Looks like some cats already ate. He thought, then spotted Swifttooth eating. or are still eating. Darkshade didn't feel hungry this morning, so instead he grabbed a plump mouse and a small mouse for Deerspring and Poppykit to eat. He began to pad over to the Nursery. 


Skyfrost was finishing her starling by the leaders den. Once she had finished the last bite she looked around the clan. With a sigh and a small burp, the she-cat stood, shook out her ears, and wondered what to do. She hoped today would be eventful - so far, this leaf-fall had been quite boring. Two leaves - one red, one yellow - fluttered slowly to the ground. Skyfrost batted at one and then pinned it to the ground - then, realizing what she was doing - Sat down, leaving the other leaf to flutter peacefully to the ground. Skyfrost groomed her chest, slightly embarrassed with herself. Heaving a sigh, and regaining her composure, Skyfrost headed towards the Apprentices den to see if Kestrelpaw was there.


Pebbleclaw was awake and laying underneath a tree. It had been a boring morning, and she just wanted to get out. She was very restless, and wanted to just go out for a quick hunt but didn't want to miss Meadowstar or Brindleclaw assigning patrols, so she stayed and waited. Finally, after a few moments of watching the leaves fall, she stood up and sighed. She wasn't going to sit around all day, and there would be plenty of opportunities to go on patrols later. Pebbleclaw padded out into the forest, sniffing out the leaf-fall air, looking for prey to catch. She had noticed the tiny fresh-kill pile. After a little while, she heard scuttling in the leaves. Opening her jaws wide and pricking her ears, she located the small mammal - it was a mouse. She crouched low to the ground, stalking forward and watching her step. Finally she pounced on the creature she had spotted and gave it a quick nip to the throat. Burying it quickly, she noticed another scent. Blackbird! she spotted it nibbling at the seeds beneath a tree, nosing under the leaves. Getting into position, Pebbleclaw leaped. The bird saw Pebbleclaw, but before it had the chance to fly off, Pebbleclaw killed it. It was a messy kill, but a kill all the same. Feeling satisfied, Pebbleclaw took her two catches and started to head back to camp.


Quickclaw was just finishing his mouse. (sorry, short! He's open for interaction.)


Silverpaw, after waking up, hopped up immediately. Quickly, she groomed herself, licking her fur down. I should go and find Smokeleaf. She thought, finished her chest fur, and bounded outside. She sniffed the air and sighed, wondering what she was going to do. It was at the tip of her tongue, she just literally thought about it. Huffing, she then spotted a leaf. Eyes lighting up, she batted at it, and pinned it down successfully.  Waving her tail around, she realized that she was going to go find Smokeleaf. Letting go of her leaf, she scanned the camp, searching for her mentor.


Slatepaw woke with a yawn, shaking out her fur and sneezing. She groomed herself carefully, licking down her puffed up fur until it was all neat and tidy. With another long yawn, Slatepaw padded outside, nearly running into Silverpaw, who was just outside the den, looking around camp. With a small eye roll, Slatepaw looked around camp, trying to find her mentor. Her stromach growled. Hopefully Moonlight will let me eat before we train or go on a patrol. 

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Griffinpaw spotted dark shade going to the nursery, she decided to follow him out of curiousity. " Darkshade! Wait up!" She yelled with excitment as her long fluffy tail swayed back and forth and her little legs sprinted toward him. 


Smokeleaf was in the middle of having a vision of the past, he was moaning and looked uncomfortable in his sleep. His breathing became louder than usual and both his paws and nose was twitching. 

( yay XD) 

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Hawkstorm tags: Snowsky

She was still deep in sleep, when tasty smell of fresh kill comed to her noise, first she thought that its a part of the dream, but realised soon that it wasen't. Opening her eyes she looked still dark medicine cats den, noticed something white at the entrance "Snowsky...it that you?" she meowed still very sleepily and kind of unsure was this really happening or was she still dreaming, but one think was sure, the fresh smell of the dead prey.

Wolfshadow tags: Silverpaw, Slatepaw

Yawning the dark smoke tom padded out of the Warriors den almost bumping to Silverpaw and Slatepaw as he walked past the apprentices den. Murmuring something to himself he looked down at him, noticing who the cat was "Oh Silverpaw, Slatepaw, where you two have a such a hurry this early into the Morning" he meowed coldly, but in kind tune.


Flarepaw tags: Open

She was still sleeping at her nest, murmuring at her sleep when someone or something kicked her into the belly "Stop it..." she meowed silently, when awakened to her sleep. Glancing around little confused she noticed Halfpaw sleeping next to her " again" she hissed to the other apprentice. This wasen't first time when the tom move to much at this sleep, than he tecnically takes the others cats nest too.

Halfpaw  tags: Open

Moving like a drunked owl, he sleeped at his or halfly at his nest. The tortie tom murmured something at his sleep, but it was almost impossible to get clear what he was saying there.


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 Poppykit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Poppykit woke up as she saw the dawn light filtering through the den opening. She nudged Deerspring to see if she was awake. 


Honeypaw woke up, sitting up and grooming herself. As she looked outside, she wondered if Swifttooth was going to take her on training session. She quickly got up, and started looking for him.

Sorry about the short replies, I'm just getting started with roleplaying.

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Fore paws outstretched languidly in front of her, the small tabby leader gazed out of her den and into the slowly awakening camp. She'd not been awake long and the thought of moving from her nest was not a tempting one. With the nights becoming colder the emptiness of her den was becoming more and more pronounced and it took time for the chill to dissipate from her body. Bloody leaf-fall. She internally grumbled, the stone walls of her den seemingly mocking her with their drab, cold appearance. Huffing, Meadowstar law her chin on her front paws and stifled a yawn, shoulders hunched high to protect her neck from the seeping chill. She knew she needed to move and get patrols going, or at least see who Brindleclaw wanted to go and ask if he could squeeze her onto a border one. Maybe a run through the forest would warm her and her mood? Tail tip twitching, Meadowstar finally heaved a sigh and got to her small paws to pad into the camp, giving a friendly nod to Swifttooth as she passed him. But there was no sign of Brindleclaw yet and the kill pile was low. Blinking, Meadowstar quickly scanned the camp to see who all was awake and present. "Quickclaw?" She called. "Do you have anything important to do this morning with Pantherpaw?"

Biting back the urge to hiss some rather un-kit friendly words, the fluffy red tom let go of the burr that was tangled in the fur of his tail and glared at it, along with it's three siblings, petulantly. After a second, he realized he looked more like a pouting apprentice than a seasoned warrior and forced his expression into a more neutral state. Not that it seemed the burrs cared much. If the apprentice who brought that moss into the den filled with burrs was one of my kits I'm disowning them. His irritated thoughts were put on pause as Meadowstar appeared from her den, casting an inquiring look around. It reminded him that he had a job to do. Giving up on the burrs for the time being, Scorchedfur sat up and gave his own look around in hopes to spotting Goldenpaw. He'd always thought it a bit odd that the former leader had given him one of his daughters to train. Though Eaglestar had known of Goldenpaw's true origins as the kit of Clawheart and Sunflower, Scorchedfur had never thought her her, nor her siblings, as anything other than his kits since the day Pebbleclaw had brought them into the clan. That didn't mean he gave Goldenpaw special treatment. He treated her as an apprentice, not a daughter, when it came to mentoring. Which means if she doesn't get her butt up very soon she's going to be replacing all the moss in the warriors den by herself this afternoon

Humming softly as something nudged her side, the queen blinked open bleary eyes and glanced down at Poppykit. "Your awake early little one." She purred, voice raspy from sleep. Rolling more onto her side with a wide yawn, Deerspring carefully stretched in the confines of the nursery, tail arched up behind her and claws extended yet careful they were nowhere near her kit. "I suppose I should see if there's any fresh-kill left." She murmured, more to herself than Poppykit. Flicking her ears, the she-cat sat up slowly and gave her pelt a thorough shake to dislodge the small balls of moss. "Once the suns up a bit more to warm the forest we'll see about taking a walk outside of camp. How does that sound?" She asked Poppykit, feeling a bit sorry for her being the only kit in the nursery. It couldn't be fun playing by herself or with her mother all the time as there were no young apprentices either.

The mutterings and morning sounds of the other apprentices woke Kestrelpaw from a rather wonderful dream including a plump rabbit and a warm day. The chill of leaf-fall was not promising nor very comfortable. Though having so many bodies in the apprentices den during green-leaf was stifling, the apprentice was glad for it when it came to leaf-fall and leaf-bare. Cracking open and eye at Flarepaw's hissing, the orange tom barely bit back a laugh at the she-cat's ruffled look as she gazed down at her brother. "Maybe you could change nests?" He meowed, grinning slightly. Getting to his paws, Kestrelpaw gave himself a good shake to wake-up a bit more properly before heading towards the den entrance. "And don't feel to bad, Pantherpaw's not a great sleeping buddy either. He gets cuddly when cold." As if sensing the paw swipe aimed towards his head, Kestrelpaw ducked in time to miss having his ears buffeted by his friend. Laughing out loud this time, Kestelpaw shoved past an faux offended looking Pantherpaw quickly, nearly tripping on his own paws as the larger tom shot out of the den after him. "Ack!" Barely skidding to a halt in time to keep from running into Skyfrost, the breadth was knocked from him as Pantherpaw ran into his back. "Oh, sorry Skyfrost." Sheepishly, the apprentice shuffled his paws and sent his mentor an embarrassed look. He was one of the oldest apprentices for Starclan's sake, he shouldn't be running around like a kit who was let out of the nursery for the first time! "Er, did you need me this morning?"

Rolling onto his back with a exaggerated groan, the black spotted tom blinked the sleep from his eyes as the cat in the nest next to him began moving about. "I'sh to 'rly." He garbled out, glaring at Kestrelpaw as his best friend ignored him and focused instead on two of Pebbleclaw's brood. Hopeless. Knowing he'd get yelled at by Quickclaw if he didn't get his tail moving, Pantherpaw gave up on any hopes of going back to sleep and stood up to stretch languidly. He ignored most of the conversation, tuning in only when he heard his name mentioned. "I do not!" He exclaimed, whiskers twitching in mock agitation. "That's you, fuzzball!" Swatting at Kestralpaw's ears, he wasn't surprised when his smaller friend ducked and bolted from the den with a chuckle. Intending to gain his revenge, Pantherpaw followed just as quickly and narrowly avoided sending Kestrelpaw into Skyfrost when his friend hastily stopped. "Oof! Oh, good morning Skyfrost." He chirped, eyes twinkling.

OoC: Goldenpaw is not on the clan list, just as a heads up. :3 I only noticed because she's Scorchedfur's apprentice and I wasn't sure who played her.

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Poppykit blinked a few times, hearing her mother murmur about going to see the fresh-kill pile. She nodded in glee when she heard that Deerspring would take her outside of camp. "I'd love that!" She mewed, shaking her tail and adding a little purr. "Remember to get me something from the fresh-kill pile too!" She mewed. 

Honeypaw decided to go to the fresh-kill pile before she found Swifttooth. She quickly chose a starling and sat down.

( she's open for interaction) I'm sorry it's so short!

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(Just noticed that Goldenpaw wasn't on the list @Alcarie, I'll fix that. Thank you for mentioning it :) Also, if feels like it has been so long since I have been active on this roleplay, I'm getting on a five day break tomorrow so I'll definitely be able to respond more promptly.)


Snowsky twitched his whiskers, padding forward to drop the prey by her front paws. "It's me." He meowed with a small purr of amusement, nudging his apprentice. "Get up, we should go out after we eat and look for some herbs before Leaf-fall settles in completely. It's already feeling pretty cold out." Grasping his mouse in his jaws, he padded next to his nest to eat his meal.


Quickclaw swallowed the last morsel, and spotted Meadowstar. When she asked him if he was doing anything with Pantherpaw, he stood up and shook his head slightly. "I was going to take him on a training session a little later, but for now I'm free. Why, do you need something?" He flicked his ears a bit. He was going to go wake Pantherpaw up, to see if he would go out on a quick hunt, but if Meadowstar needed something, he was happy to oblige. The hunt wasn't urgent, it would just be to warm up Pantherpaw, and he was going to go on a different training session with Pantherpaw later anyway. 


When Skyfrost made it to the apprentices den, Kestrelpaw shot out of the den, then came to an abrupt stop, Pantherpaw running into his back. She looked at the two sternly, but when she heard her apprentice apologize, and his friend mew a quick 'good morning', she purred. "It's alright." She meowed, sitting and curling her tail around her paws. "I was coming to wake you up, so we could go on a hunting session." Glancing at Pantherpaw, she mewed, "You could come too, if you ask Quickclaw. With his moods though I can't guarantee he'll say yes." She purred with amusement. 


Goldenpaw woke with a start, panting heavily. She knew she had a dream - or nightmare - but the details were fuzzy. She sighed, licking her chest fur down. She noticed Pantherpaw and Kestrelpaw were already up - their nests were empty - and she padded outside with a shaky sigh. She walked by the two apprentices and Skyfrost, giving a small nod. She shook her fur out, the cool air blowing her fur around. Feeling better, she glanced around camp, looking for Scorchedfur. She wondered if he already went out on a patrol - she hoped not. She wanted to stretch her legs. She wondered if he was still in the warriors den.


"Oh - hi, Wolfshadow!" Silverpaw mewed. "I just decided to wake up early this morning. Oh, have you seen Smokeleaf? I'm hoping he'll take me out on a training session this morning. Have you seen all of the leaves, aren-" She was cut off by Slatepaw abruptly. 


Slatepaw rolled her eyes, listening to Silverpaw ramble. Flicking her ears in annoyance, she said loudly, "We get it, Silverpaw!" Glancing back to Wolfshadow, she let out an apologetic laugh. "Sorry about that." With an annoyed eye-roll to her sister, she meowed politely to Wolfshadow, "Have you seen Moonlight today? We were just going to go look for our mentors."

(If I missed someone mention me please!)



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Hawkstorm tags: Snowsky

Yawning the brown tabby stood up, shakign her messy fur, before glancing at her mentor "Yeah, it's getting colder and darker....well darkness is good, then can sleep better" she yawned again, licking her fur. When her fur was done, she looked at the camp "I will get some fresh kill, and we can leave then, right?" she meowed exited, padding out of the medicine cats den and toward the fresh kill pile.

Wolfshadow tags: Slatepaw, Silverpaw

He gived a small smile to the two siblings "I see, it's hood to see apprentices so exited about their trainigs..." he purred at them. Wonderong for a moment he glanced around the camp "I am not seen Moonlight, but Smokeleaf was still sleeping at his nest" he meowed.

Flarepaw tags: Kestrelpaw, open

Sighing she tunred to toward the Kestrelpaw "Well I guess I could" she meowed glancing at the den, wondering where she could move her nest to. Noticing that there was a embty place next to Griffonpaw 'Alright that's it... Griffonpaw is not that grazy sleeper as Halfpaw is...I hope' she thought. Taking some moss on her current nest to move them to the new one.

Halfpaw tags: Flarepaw, open

He licked his lips as he sleeped " tasty mouse...huh" he meowed on his sleep, when feeled something moving under him. Opening his eyes he noticed Flarepaw to clawing the moss out "Hey, what are doing?" he meowed confused as he looked what she was up to. The she-cat didn't aswer his questions, so he just rolled his eyes and padded out of the apprentices den, facing the Morning sun.

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