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Romaniwolf's new avatar items

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Hi again! I just submitted a new set of clothes in a large variety of colors. Behold, the Jester Outfit


 it comes in yellow/purple as seen here, as well as white/blue, teal/purple, red/black, purple/green, pink/pink, orange/orange, green/red, blue/blue, and black/purple

here, as a reminder, are the two sets I currently have approved

zayvf1T.png B2dV9Cc.png

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    • By Kaylercool
      I have a few suggestions for the Avatar Clothing Shop and the Pet Clothing Shop. 
      Avatar Clothing Shop:  
      1. I think buying clothes for avatars would be much easier and convenient if there was a way for us to pick out certain items and try them on before we actually bought them. I've bought items that didn't match as well as I thought they would or didn't even fit my avatar. This could have been prevented if I could have tried on clothes before I bought them. 
      2. I think it would be cool if we could have some sort of contest or even just special events where we could win exclusive clothing and accessories, or it could give players a chance at winning something they cannot afford to buy. 
      Pet Clothing Shop:
      Both 1 and 2 would be useful additions to the Pet Clothing Shop too. The Pet Clothing Shop does have a way to try on clothes and accessories, but I think it could be easier. Take the character customization in Pokemon X and Y for example, it's easy, fun, and convenient. 
      1. The shop could really use more stuff in general. It could use more outfits specifically made for popular pets. Another useful feature would be being able to rotate accessories such as bows so they would fit almost any pet. It would also be convenient if we were able to change the size of the items. 
      Another thing that's a bit bothersome is that we cannot put things behind pets. For example, I can't put splatters or backgrounds behind them, so they often end up covering the pets. 
      I hope you'll consider these suggestions. If you agree with me, please show your support.
      Thank you. 
    • By Jade
      I'm going to be trying out some new avatar stuff and will be posting most of it here!  
      Feel free to make some Suggestions!  Or if you would like to see something extra from the things i have already created i'm more than happy to! 
      Animal Friends -- 
    • By Flippyarmy
      Many many years ago, the Avatar Aang created equality and happiness to all four elements able to bend, Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. Slowly they all began to intermingle and the Air benders came back from extinction, and people without bending ability slowly became a rarity themselves. The Four nations became one huge nation, all ruled by the Avatar and his closest friends, each able to bend one of the elements to attack all problems, but what do you do as new elements suddenly become existent because of sudden mingling of elements? These new benders are being sought by some, hunted by many, and nobody can decide whether they may be a good thing or a bad thing, as some use this strange new control to hurt and destroy the peace once created. Will you be those who abuse this new power? Or do you want to keep the peace as Aang once wanted?
      Main Locations:
      Thousand Forest
      The Thousand Forest is known as once being a large field and officially one thousand trees were planted to create a national park of sorts. Many bender go to this forest to relax and meditate, especially common is basic training happening, as being close to your element is a good way to control it with more ease. At the center is a large quiet lake, known for its many creatures to pass by for drinks.

      Shirosagi Town
      Shirosagi Town is a quaint little town on the far outskirts of what once was huge battlefield to its east and is bordered by the Thousand Forest to its North. It is mostly shops and such with living quarters upstairs, and one small hotel with Five rooms in about total. It's known for great Tea and grand relaxation, plenty of people come just for the quiet away from many hustle and bustle cities that now dot around more. It is well mixed with a good stir of all five types of basic, but has been whispered to hold many New Bender refugee's. A big problem to that is the Non-benders sometimes feel offended, and the youth will take their anger out on New Benders, and some Benders will even do this to reduce the chance of these New Benders becoming more "cool" then they are, but some believe this problem stretches further then the youth, but nobody dares say it aloud. 

      1: The big deal here is to obey all of the Sites Rules First, we can all be mature adults about certain things but please speak up if something is suddenly making you uncomfortable (i.e. cursing)
      2: Please address wether or not what you are saying is OOC. If you say it's OOC or use parenthesis it doesn't matter as long as we can tell its OOC, but let's not clog up the roleplay!~
      3: This Is Big! Please have at least one paragraph (five SENTENCES) minimum. If this seems too daunting, always remember that your character can react to the area around them, how everything looks or feels, how they feel or think about the people or locations around them, it's easy once you get on a roll! If you've read this far thank goodness! Please put aang is a fire avatar  in your other section as a sort of calling card
      4: There will be only one of each "New Bending" type if possibly, so say..only one person can bend wood and another can bend organic fiber and such, we can't have everyone bending blood or something, which brings up the "please don't be OP" thing, just..please don't be OP nobody likes an infinite powerhouse
      5: Not to sound snotty but I have the right to not accept you, I'll tell you exactly why so you can either fix it, or ignore it I completely understand
      There WILL be a list of all current taken bending abilities at the bottom so you may see and possibly get inspiration from! If there are any questions do not fear to ask I will be happy to answer! 


      Note: You can delete the things in parenthesis they're more..tips or additional notes~
      Name: (full is appreciated)
      Bender: (if you can also say maybe what two bending abilities were sorta blended to create this new bending ability would be great, like say...a metal bender would sorta come from a mutated earth gene. DO NOT FEAR IF YOU WISH TO BE A NORMAL FIRE BENDER THEN IT IS OK)
      Personality: (a good three sentences is preferred)
      Appearance: (Even if you have a photo, real or anime, a few sentences is still good for here to what we can't see or you want to add. If you don't have a photo, a good paragraph is advised so we know what your character is when we go looking for them!~ Height and a possible weight is greatly appreciated)
      History: (please give us something to look at, boring or not we, mostly me, wants to see what makes your character who they are.)
      Inventory: (a sort of..what's on them? Do they have snacks or a trinket? Maybe just an heirloom or a knife, doesn't matter spill the beans a bit)
      Other: (anything else you wanna add that I didn't have a section for? Goes here!~)
      ~ Calliope Veredent Mataleré -Plant Bender-
      I'll make my form as soon as I can but don't let that stop any of you all!
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