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Pets For Sale! Also Looking For Alt Trades! (Updated 09/11)

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Good day! Many eggs hatched, but not many were alts you wanted. :( These two did come up, though, I think you'll be especially happy to finish out your Cane Corso group!


I have two more eggs still cooking (I'm shocked three out of four Cuddle Kittens didn't turn out to be your alt - number four's still cooking), and I've just found two clownfish eggs hidden somewhere else. I'll work on hatching these today, too. I know you said your alt wishlist isn't complete - feel free to poke around my egg room, altswap room, and both sales rooms to see if there's anything else you want. I don't mind hatching eggs for ya.

May I have two of these in trade? Surprise me (and could I reserve the rest? I'll either trade or buy them off you.)


I'm gonna be gone for a couple hours or so, so I'll just go ahead and send you the trade. :D

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I'll keep that in mind! I hatch all my breedable pets first thing so sadly I don't have spare alts for lakota/griz/furfur... yet. That's the fun of them being breedable! :D I'll make a note and let you know if I hatch your alts in the future. (cough cough abandoned room furfurs are awesome.)

Let's see... I'd be after the bobcats and the samoyeds the most.

Edit: Saw you wanted a retriever that I had. Tossed that into the trade. :D

I also know I have one of the nebula horse alts you want, and like five or six Starry Heaven eggs. I'll go through your updated list after my shopping trip (~1-2 hours from now)

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All right. -stretches- I just tossed your wishlist eggs from (I lost count of how many species) my eggroom into my general, so I'll be steadily hatching them and seeing if any are your "I've been looking for them FOREVER" alts.

In the meantime, I found two already-hatched alts that you want; I've already sent you a trade with them. :) It's the nebula I told you about earlier, plus a deer mouse alt I found hiding. I really, really, need to organize my den some more, hah. As for what I would like, you already have a list now of what I'd like. :P Surprise me. Considering the number of eggs in my generalroom, I'm pretty sure I'll get most of them from you anyhow in the coming days. *chuckle*

Oh, I forgot to mention. You want to talk to Tomomi about your beagles, nine-banded armadillo, and aqua littum lutra alts. She hoards 'em, but is happy to do alt swaps.

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My last Dinam hatched but it was a blue alt, not the one you want. :( I think the last cuddle kitten is the next to hatch tonight.

I found this guy in my retired sales. Red-eared slider turtles are a retired-common pet.


I checked bazaar and priced him at 450 zc. I'd be happy to trade him to you for three or four alts, though, if you want?

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:) Let's see... (peruses the list I showed you before) The fluffdragon and the two alpacas from my list for the turtle?

Six eggies hatched, and three were the alts you were missing!! You'll be very happy to finish out your Cuddle Kittens! I sent you a trade with them. I'd say the two labyrinth dragons and one of the emerald boas from my list?

Edit: I got an alt of lutra that you wanted, from another trade. So I popped it into our trade, and I'd ask for maybe the other emerald boa?

You are just getting so lucky with alts today. :P


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Of the four wishlist eggs that hatched overnight, only one was your alt. I've sent your alt over in a trade, along with a red-eared slider turtle - I thought it was the alt you needed, but no. lol. It looked REALLY similar. I thought you would want it anyhow, so you'd have a different alt to offer in a future trade?

May I have two random Alpaca eggs in trade for these? Just make sure the eggs aren't from this month's drops (Capri zodiac).

I also did a more through inventory of my altswap room and realized i had this sucker in there.

yorkiebabyalt2.png do you want to atl swap it for your yorkiebabycommon.png?


Caught another red ear in AR and this time it was one you need. Perhaps trade...

my adult4.png for yourqizifh1cf27pnc2.png?

Edit2: One more hatched.

My 5.pngfor your baby4.png?

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