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Pets For Sale! Also Looking For Alt Trades! (Updated 5/10)

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So, I'm selling all my pets that are in my sale/trade room for 100zc each. NOTICE; I've stopped doing each pet for 100zc now, as I'm short on zc. Each pet as priced. (I still need to go through and put prices on each pet, but each pet, depending on what they are, will be anywhere between 100zc-300zc.)

I'd put each pet up on here, but there's quite a few I'm selling, and it's been awhile since I used these forums and I've forgotten how to work some of the stuff on here, so just go into my sale/trade room, and let me know what pets you'd like. :) Pets I'm looking for alt trades with, are moved to their own alt trade room.

BTW, I pretty much hoard Nebula Cats, British Longhair Cats, Norwegian Forest Cats, Pirate Kittens, Sphynx Cats, and Birman Cats, so if you have any of those spare - hatched or unhatched, it doesn't matter - feel free to offer them up in a trade, or something. :) Actually, I pretty much hoard all of the cats. I also hoard Rottweiler Dogs and Clouded Leopards.

Also, I have a CYO pet for sale also. It's only a pretty basic one though, and I'm selling him for 250zc each or 1zp each. I'd like to sell a couple for zp, only because there is a couple pets in the zp pet mall that I'm interested in buying. Here's what he looks like, and he's only available in male, as I made him based on my old cat, Muffy, who had to get put down at age 19 in August of 2014.


I also accept trades :)

Pets I'm looking for, for alt trades (these aren't every single one of the alt trades I'm after currently, only the ones that I can be bothered posting up, so this section should be updated regularily) Note; I've moved the pets that I'm only looking for alt trades for into their own room instead of just having them in my sale/trade room.

A couple of these I don't have any spare alts of.


looking for: 7xjwn41fsc57cn1_1.pngz6w02x53r0k79g1_2.pngvx8yu08t6lv5q11_3.pngk5je28k7bcp1hy1_4.png891aerhp3e3r4j1_5.png

American Cocker Spaniel

looking for: cockerspaniel1.pngcockerspaniel1_alt3.pngcockerspaniel1_alt2.png

American Flamingo


looking for: flamingo4_alt2.png have: flamingo1.pngx2 flamingo1_alt5.png

American Pika

looking for: pika1_alt2.png have: pika1.pngpika1_alt4.png


looking for: 3.png4.png6.png have: 1.png

Aqua Lilium Lutra

looking for: 5.png

Arctic Fox

looking for: arcticfox1.pngarcticfox1_alt1.pngarcticfox1_alt5.png

Arctic Hare

looking for: baby.pngbabytwo.pngbabythree.pngbabyone.pngbabyfour.png

Ball Python

looking for: x12m5yw76vws0j3.png have: mwnaz275nl0jm05.png

Baphomets Goat

looking for: by77m3a2hwljxkalt3.pngrdaqz7a2se24cpalt5.pngblvfbpduvx4ogwalt4.png

Barbary Lion

looking for: 2.png5.png

Beagle Dog

looking for: beagle1_alt5.png

Birthday Biscuit Dog

looking for: adult2.pngadult3.pngadult4.pngadult5.pngadult6.png

Blood Cat

looking for: baby5.png have: baby.pngbaby2.pngbaby3.pngx3 baby4.png

Blue And Yellow Macaw

looking for: adult3.pngadult4.pngadult6.png

Blue Ringed Octopuss

looking for: yellowbrohatchling1.png have: darkbluebrohatchling1.pngx2

Blue Sand Cat

looking for: adult1.png

Bohemian Waxwing

looking for: waxwing4.pngwaxwing4_alt1.pngwaxwing4_alt2.pngwaxwing4_alt3.pngwaxwing4_alt5.png

Boston Terrier Dog

looking for: bostonterrier4.pngbostonterrier4_alt2.pngbostonterrier4_alt3.pngbostonterrier4_alt4.pngbostonterrier4_alt5.png

Bright Bowkits

looking for: blueandgold.pnggold.png have: darkgreen.png

Brown Hyena

looking for: adult3.pngadult5.png

Californian Grizzly Bear

looking for: sndmkpxa5v6ri8baby.png

Canada Lynx

looking for: adultlynx.pngyellowlynxadult.pngdarklynxadult.pngbrownlynxadult.pngicylynxadult.png

Canis Chrono

looking for: hourglassadultrare.png


looking for: 1.png3.png4.png have: 6.pngx2


looking for: stage4.pngstage4a2.pngstage4a3.pngstage4a4.pngstage4a5.png

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

looking for: 2.png5.png

Catahoula Leopard Dog

looking for: wbv3sl33by5b9i3.png2n5fedhifkmduo4.pngetze9q1w1ezqkf5.png have: go2v6105i2ftiq6.pngx2

Chihuahua Dog

looking for: stage4.pngpeachchihuahuadogstage4.pngchihuahuadog2_alt4.png

Chilean Pudu

looking for: ut0msdzkzqhi231.pngryhocts5xg848x2.pnggxjoulw7n0984r3.pngb2g8cy0zwgpgq34.png  have: dxlj2hg8pnj5j26.png

Chimerian Steed

looking for: 2.png

Chinese Crested Dog

looking for: ug3h9dbfkowkhg2.pngfno8gbkwrq0mj23.png31vzvqndu5577i5.pngnhfwq9a7o2t38p6.png

Chow Chow Dog

looking for: adult.pngadult2.pngadult3.pngadult4.png

Christmas Bandit

looking for: s6rs2qwaphpf342.pngsslbd4pq6ceudp3.pngq8ajyz2az9dndi6.png have: 5dpfssw4z8q9bn4.png

Christmas Corgi

looking for: s09m0edldswy5n1.png45m4aalss2sbm52.png7q3hyr4rtkhqjl5.pngr30zjszwzibqn26.png

Christmas Cottontail

looking for: eg27xn5ienq2zh1.pngzgekiu1bew1uzc2.pngjx0fm8iui0gzin3.png

Christmas Doll Kitty

looking for: adultchristmasdollcat.pngsrwjjz39upx41t4.png have: ja12q5mje51phe2.pngsdnguqt50t3o573.pngx2

Christmas Reindeer

looking for: 7gbfnrcq8vt5092.pngdea6gqs655au8f3.pngwwtl1toetwpmvo4.png have: isbld1gqurpiae5.png

Ciervo Muretos

looking for: fmhwpz5dzk4xlialt1.png7rr692scu5x1u5alt3.pngomwcilzx10jbifalt5.png

Cloaked Forest Cat

looking for: th_forestcloak4.pngth_forestcloak4_alt1.pngth_forestcloak4_alt2.pngth_forestcloak4_alt4.pngth_forestcloak4_alt5.png

Clouded Leopard

looking for: 4.png

Clown Fish

looking for: baby2.pngbaby4.png have: baby.pngx2 baby3.pngbaby5.png

Clydesdale Horse

looking for: clydesdale4_alt2.png


looking for: 1.png


looking for: 2.png

Common Apple Snail

looking for: baby5.png have: child3.pngbaby6.png

Common Carp

looking for: la2m6qf5owfpib2.png4g9oso56lierlx6.png have: r8nvd6znb1xk821.png

Common Hamster

looking for: ginger_baby.png have: browncreme_baby.pngbaby.png

Common Seahorse

looking for: 2.png6.png have: 3.pngx2

Coopworth Sheep

looking for: sheep4.pngsheep4_alt1.pngsheep4_alt3.pngsheep4_alt4.pngsheep4_alt5.png


looking for: adult1.png


looking for: adult2.pngadult3.pngadult5.pngadult6.png

Crystal Hare

looking for: baby1.png have: baby.pngx3

Dalmatian Dog

looking for: dalmationaltadult.pngdalmationalt2adult.pngdalmationalt3adult.pngdalmationalt4adult.pngdalmationalt5adult.png

Dark Dog

looking for: adult.pnga2imned0bmmxqladult1_1.pngzgqrfz0p3wk76ladult1_3.png5tipxb3upeu3p8adult1_4.png

Dark Flying Fox

looking for: he6nv5pyw8ufesadult.pnghd905wdq5cqs2gadult1.png0nmuv9ehjbdsikadult4.png

Deer Mouse

looking for: gyk7nxc4n1yijw6.png have: wuqgmovhn0zvcd2.png3nr2n9ox0od8bp5.png


looking for: l7n2g2m3q7gsdb1.png8lj4atf6mn6mh72.pngaqnmf605po8zwy3_1.pngipormyctgyc4wf4.pngy4s9vw2x4pue7x5.png

Desert Dune Cat

looking for: altadult.png


looking for: 3.png5.png have: 1.png4.pngx2


looking for: baby5.png have: baby2.png


looking for: base.pngkwxtwpgrumda9oalt2.pngpn2yfnii9zm27xalt5.png

Easter Cabbit

looing for: 3.png have; 1.png4.png

Eastern Chipmunk

looking for: chipmunk1.pngchipmunk1_alt1.pngchipmunk1_alt2.pngchipmunk1_alt3.png have: chipmunk1_alt5.png


looking for: 5.png

Egyptian Fruit Bat

looking for: 9z86at9eww6m7o5.pngdhjlsdig3bqdth6.png have: tps31xh2nqy3cz1.pngvc2dqfd52vxxfi2.png


looking for: ij78isjlwwrb4q2.pngotstm70xqckwkc3.png72gwyqyfp76zeh4.png0o6dby1h52fgd05.pngaqjh7vgfz202rl6.png

English Bulldog

looking for: baby5.pnghave: baby2.pngx2 baby4.png

English Spot Rabbit

looking for: 21v8valh706keq1.pnggkprft4upkg1r83.png5h5z2wpy4zi9qz5.pngm941xffbzq1z326.png have: efqbyw65lwpy202.png

Fairy Pompom

looking for: owu8ac99cmquuj1.pngsmab0dyv4yrsfm3.png

Fancy Rat

looking for: ratadult.pngratadultalbino.pngratadultgrayandwhite.pngratadultmidnight.pngfancyratalt3.png

Fashion Llama

looking for: 2.png have: 1.png5.pngx2

Fashionista Cat

looking for: baby1.png have: baby.png

Fennec Fox

looking for: fennecfoxadult.pngfennecfoxalt3adult.pngfennecfoxalt4adult.pngfennecfoxalt5adult.png


looking for: ferretadultstage4.pngalbinoferretadultstage4.pngblacksableferretadultstage4.pngcinnamonferretadultstage4.png

Five Lined Skink

looking for: 3.png have: 1.png2.png4.png5.pngx2 6.png

Fluton Gryphon

looking for: 1.png6.png have: 5.png

Flutterhoof Pony

looking for: 5.png

Flutterwing Llama

looking for: 3.png4.png have: 1.png

French Bulldog

looking for: 4.png have: 1.png2.png6.png

Frilled Lizard

looking for: adult.pngadult1.png


looking for: tdv123th7iuswe1.pngv1vejtjn804qpm5.png have: 3qtk7lzdoeb6b92.png

Galaxy Bear

looking for: 5.png

Garden Keeper

looking for: 3.png6.png have: 1.png

German Shepherd Dog:

looking for: germanshepherd1_alt1.png

Giant Ground Sloth

looking for: juih0x9vi4rfijbaby.pngf9onvfz8wsrffibaby4.pngfnvpsjbn7juw3bbaby5.png have: nnkcpup8r1ufbxbaby2.png

Glamour Pup

looking for: 3.png6.png

Goodie Pups

looking for: alt3t.pngalt4t.png

Gray Wolf

looking for: graywolf1_alt1.pnggraywolf1_alt3.png

Great Horned Owl

looking for: adult.pngadult(one).pngadult(five).png

Grizzly Bear

looking for: 1.png2.png have: 4.png

Holstein Cow

looking for: 2.png5.png


looking for: adult3.pngadult4.pngadult5.pngadult6.png have: adult2.png

Irish Elk

looking for: vw8t771hf55v0eadult.pngvqw5o86mranq94adult2.png3v08mwt0qv39k3adult4.png have: fhggnddar7gqofbaby3.pngb9jt9xj103tjvgbaby5.png

Jack Russell Terrier

looking for: ev7wikjpes0ccn5.png have: d1p945b71exeh72.pngpdo9cvjn3tbido3.png74eet687x5et6u4.png


looking for: 7tcgfnt7k38uv12.pngk40vczipwucnhw3.pngriqhqw4f243ly04.png7mjvl5td5vwfct6.png have: oupwxv9uxua2g65.png

Jamaican Iguana

looking for: babyiguana4.png have: babyiguana2.pngbabyiguana6.png


looking for: z47rgeczt1bsxbadult.png5srmaqwtzqxwupadult2.png7uyphkidakdp7qadult3.pngz8me3xivl6lwczadult5.png  have: 7nxua6bsefn9jfbaby1.png

Keel Billed Toucan

looking for: baby3.png have: baby1.pngbaby4.pngx2

Keeshond Dog

looking for:  adult.pngadult1.pngadult2_2.pngadult3.pngadult4.png  have:  baby5.png

Knight Pony

looking for: 2.png have: 4.png


looking for: czlb1i7zzn78ue2.pngaz9f9pnfvb4u953.png2yfgne4s3f4vys4.png have: 6d5oz6joltr3ai5.pngx2

le Boureau

looking for: adult.png48fq0qbvkz1j8xalt2.pngyho18mq626g74dalt5.png

Leopard Geko

looking for: 2.png3.png6.png   have: 1.png

Lesser Bushbaby

looking for: l49fc4u5e5v4lb4.png have: gfftwaprfm9ihn5.png

Little Red

looking for: babyred3.pngbabyred4.pngbabyred5.png have: babyred1.pngx2 babyred2.png


looking for: 5.png have: 1.pngx2 2.png3.png4.png6.png

Loch Ness Monster

looking for: 2.png3.png have: 6.png

Luna Lion Fish

looking for: lionfish1.pnglionfish1_alt3.png have: lionfish1_alt2.png

Maned Wolf

looking for: 92vnd3812quikz1.pngup9i9hxwrdqmu64.pngi3wva7bnnm4ujl6.png

Marsh Mouse

looking for: 1.png2.png3.png4.png

Mongolian Gerbil

looking for: yiq9hy129r8zud2.png have: uysai5mc7sp7s03.pngpwb0ms35coxbzq4.pngk4jv94j49g8v9b6.png

Moonlight Pony

looking for: dftu4bx7qnck6k2.png have: 4hb75zyi9iu6vz4.png

Mountain Cottontail

looking for: 3ywzn32cqk94gi1.pngdxmrfkmzc41s5e4.png51fklrnxhxv5lm5.png

Munchkin Cat

looking for: adult.png

Nebula Horse

looking for: 5n1dy2zngkvd7tbaby2.pnghaw91s7ca5ibrsbaby4.pngzc04fi4ywhzr1obaby5.png have: yvawwbpnx3ay28baby3.png

Nubian Goat

looking for: baby4.png

Parrot Snake

looking for: baby1.png have: baby.pngbaby3.png

Pile Perch

looking for: pileperch1.png have: pileperch1_alt1.pngpileperch1_alt4.pngpileperch1_alt5.pngx3

Pirate Parrot

looking for: tss0knthsiq5cr3.pngqokj22uoc0nm1z6.png have: x5gc8ghydj4qpf4.pngno42baths6fnb15.png


looking for: platypusadult.pngplatypusalt4adult.pngplatypusalt2adult.png have: platypusalt3baby.png

Ragdoll Cat

looking for: adult3.png

Red Fox

looking for: silverredfoxadultstage3.pngwhiteredfoxadultstage3.png  have: tameredfoxbabystage1.png

Red Squirrel

looking for: 3.png have: 1.png2.png4.pngx2 5.pngx4 6.png


looking for: wnzp28wigvg9rp1.png have: sb5wad33a3mig94.pngx2 pn3lvhyktisab85.png

Sand Cat

looking for:  309ufiog4t8gur1.pngq5syrv27k72g9f3.pngb1s2axoaf75xxs6.png

Shadow Panther

looking for: baby1.png have: baby.pngx3


looking for: 6jp83vp93frebp5.png have: a3w50o1rns65ho1.png4qc4ool2219jcg3.png

Southern Flying Squirrel

looking for: ipzvtx3kj1hal41.pngy3qyz7c4cwsdxx5.png have: adh22hxrzyjvri3.pngx2 ba5l4c8xd3vwwl6.png

Spellbound Penguin

looking for: 3.png have: 2.png6.png

Starlight Llama

looking for: 2.png5.png have: 4.png

Starry Heaven

looking for: 3.png6.png have: 2.png4.png

Sugar Glider

looking for: sugargliderbaby2.pngsugargliderbaby4.pngsugargliderbaby6.png have: sugargliderbaby1.png

Tennessee Walking Horse

looking for: 2od85jlvi8do8c2.pngvevv6y01o2glb66.png  have: vwqw3vn3fshxuh5.png

Trainer Dolphin Of Avaline

looking for: th_rainysnow_alt2.png have: th_rainysnow.pngth_rainysnow_alt5.pngx2

Tropical Dolphin

looking for: 2.png have: 5.png

Virginia Opossum

looking for: 2.png4.png5.png6.png  have: 1.png

Wild Boar

looking for: baby5.png have: baby1.pngx2 baby3.png

Wolf In Sheepskin

looking for: 7ymrs6gr35qwdq6.png have: orlx6158ep5ubb2.pngnn3lzz0pddz9ip3.pngbye2tmqdr21yob5.pngx2

Ze Knight N Princess

looking for: 3.png have: 1.png4.png6.png


looking for: q1tgkwuow43hdx1.pngk4mswchvudu56p4.pngkwl9rdhe9awhwh5.png have: i886ay9z4akmnj3.pngx2

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