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Raven Clan (Roleplay)

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A silvery silhouette shone, as the phases of the moon passed over the night sky in the form of an eclipse. The wind whispered through the trees on the side of the mountain, singing its soft song, as all stood quiet within the night. It was Erie how soft spoken the forest was for once. Not a creature made a sound. It was as if all the creatures of the wood were watching. Waiting for something dark to happen. It was just then when a screech was heard deep within the depths of the woods. It was the sound of a mother losing her infant. 


Voices were arising just beneath a ravine. A camp was hidden in the brambles within the darkest part of the forest. Angry voices started shouting and a mother was weeping by the side of her den. Her kits gathered around her. "This isn't the first time a cats been taken ____star! We need to do something, otherwise soon enough there will be no cat left in the clan. We need to act now!" A riot was starting up and the clan was unhappy. On this night a kit was stolen from its mothers nest. Cats have been popping up missing from patrols, and from the camp when no one else is around. No one knows of the evil that is lurking in the wooded mountains where Raven clan lives, but they are about to find out. 


Raven Clan are Proud, Loyal, and are devoted to following Starclans path. Could there be a traitor in their midst? 


Leader: Frogstar- A grey and white she cat with solid green eyes. Slightly shorter and skinnier than the average cat. Her fur tends to be unruly, especially around her left shoulder which sports a narly old scar from her younger days. ( 33 moons, she cat, 2 lives left, Rose)

Deputy: Slatejaw- A brawny muscular Tom, with broad shoulders, a square jaw, thick stocky legs,  and large paws. He is dark grey in color and has Steele silver eyes. (Stonetooth, male, 32 moons)

Medicine Cat: Starwalker: He's around the size of a young apprentice, though his musculature and bone structure is that of a cat his age; so while he's extremely tiny he does not look like an apprentice. He's also emaciated looking, bones protruding along his spine, hips, and ribs; as if he's not eaten properly in moons. However, since he knows he's hard to look at thanks to his fur, deformities, and size he's always immaculately groomed and put together. What cannot be seen is that Starwalker's bones are extremely brittle, as in if he's even gently knocked over there's a great chance something will break; even tripping over something can be detrimental as he learned as a kit. He actually has a type of hyperthyroidism, so his unusual skinniness and brittle bones can be explained; just not in cat terms.(Male, 64 moons, Alcarie)

Medicine Cat Apprentice: 



Nimbleleaf: A scrawny long legged white Tom with patches of brown tabby fur. He also has a long skinny fluffy tail. Light green eyes. (Stone tooth, male, 21 moons)


Lizardtongue:  A long legged tom with diluted, sandy-grey fur. He has pale yellow eyes with pupils that always seem to be narrowed into slits. Short-furred with faint gray tabby stripes along his spine and legs. Nimble and lithe, Lizardtongue is hardy and has a healthy dose of stamina. (Male, 26 moons, Rose305)


lavenderwilt: A slender long furred she-cat with a large white patch on her chest and throat. She has bright, earthy green eyes and white tufts of fur in her ears. She is slight shorter than the average, however she is well built and surprisingly strong. She has a long, fluffy tail that was broke during her apprentice-good, healing back crooked. It does not damage her balance too badly and she has learned to coup with it, however, that is how she earn her warrior name. (she cat, 23 moons, Rose305)


Sootmask: Burly tom with broad shoulders. Long, gray fur the darkens towards his paws and tail while the markings across his face almost appear as if he exposed himself to a fire. This physical feature heavily influencing his name. Pale blue eyes. (male, 36 moons, Rose305)


Singedwhisker: He's a large, bulky cat with large paws, broad shoulders, and a thick pelt that protects him from some blows. He's not made for speed nor agility, but makes up for it in strength, stamina, and an intimidating presence. His fur is long, thick, and coarse. It's a dark brown with lighter 'feathers' around his neck, belly, and tail. His eyes are large in his face and a bright hazel. (Tom, 39 moons, Alcarie)


Moonshine: A long furred white she cat, with large black spots and black fluffy tail. She has heterochromia eyes. They are green and blue. (She cat 32 moons, pinki madness)


Darkblossom: Muscular black and brown tothoiseshell cat, with white/grey patches. His eyes are golden. (32 moons, Pink madnesss)


Waterdance: A silvery grey tabby she cat with warm amber eyes and bold, black stripes. Average in size yet dainty and sure footed. She has dark pink paw pads to match her nose. (She cat, 33 moons, Rose)

Troutleap: The largest of her siblings, troutleap is taller than the average cat and slightly bulky, making her almost seem tomish in a way. She has white and ginger tbaby furwith large greenish amber eyes. (33 moons, she cat, Rose)






Bearpaw: an all dark brown she cat. Her fur is so dark it's almost black. She's rather skinny, but her muscles are visible under her Sheek pelt. Her eyes are a golden bronze color. (Stonetooth, she cat, 11 moons)


Kestrelpaw:Kestelpaw is a medium sized cat with short legs and large paws. He's muscular, but it's not visible underneath his fur. Said fur is thick,  orange with burnt orange tabby stripes, and has a large white splotch on his chest and back right paw. His eyes are a light green. (Male, 12 moons, Alcarie) 


Pantherpaw: Pantherpaw is tall and lanky with little visible muscle mass. His long legs and gangly body means he's fast and agile, but not powerful. His dark grey fur is just light enough to show his black spotting that tends to be nearly invisible unless underneath the sunlight. His belly, chest, and chin are a light tan. Pantherpaw's eyes are a light hazel. (Male, 11 1/2 moons, Alcarie.)


Heavenpaw: A long furred light silver tabbyt cat with some darker grey and cream patches. He has deep copper colored eyes. (Tom 10 moons, Pink madness)



Duskpetal: a lovely, silky dark grey she cat, with black tabby stripes throughout her body. She has silver lining on her toes, tail, eyes and ears. She has pretty pale blue eyes. And a dark brick pink nose.(Stonetooth, she cat, 25 moons)


Patchpelt: Patchpelt is a medium-sized, robust she-cat. She looks a bit 'heftier' then she is thanks to her fluffy, thick pelt. She's not fast but she tries to make up for it in agility and plain-ole viciousness when fighting or hunting. Her fur is tortoiseshell, mostly black with different shades of brown flecked throughout. Her eyes are a light hazel and her tail is a plume. (She cat, 31 moons, Alcarie) 



Shorekit & Cliffkit :shorekit and cliffkit are basically twins. The she cat is a bit fluffier than her brother with longer eartufts. She also has a bit more orange tint, where her brother is a bit more pale like their mother.(Both 5 moons, she cat, male)



Cherrywing: A scraggly old heather colored she cat with foggy blue eyes. Was once a gorgeous she cat. (Stonetooth, 82 moons)






Heavenpaw- Nimbleleaf


The wind howled through the camp, in the misty morning air. The moon had just fallen and the sun was slowly starting to rise, peeking slowly up through the pine trees that encased the clans camp. This side of the mountain is where the sun rose, leaving it to set behind the mountain's side at night. It was about mid way through leaf fall, and the clan needed to start getting fat for winter, for even though the woods gave them protection from the harsh winds, many of the woodland creatures would be returning to their burrows for the long sleep that would soon come. Another cold gust of wind ripped through the clan, rustling dens, and sending a draft anywhere there might have been a crack in the dens. The elders would not be pleased as their joints always ached in these rough times. However, there would be a hustle within the clan just within a short couple of weeks, as leafbare would soon be on its way, and there were those in the clan whom have not yet experience snowfall, and would be thrilled at the chance to see the first white blanket of winter.


A broad muscular tom could be seen sitting on a giant outcrop that was just above the clan leader den in the side of the mountain. The clan leader had not yet left her den, and the greyish brown tom, Slatejaw, was now watching the clan. The wind buffeted his fur. He nearly had to squint as the breeze whipped at his coat. He sighed. Leafbare was on it way, and with it the harsh wind of ice. It was going to be a very harsh winter this year, and the clan had better start preparing soon. He made a mental note to send out a second hunting patrol, later that morning. He now watched as the clan started to awaken, and he sat on the rock patiently awaiting to give orders for that mornings patrols.


Nimbleleaf felt a cold breeze nip at his nose, as he lay curled up in the warriors den. A neat little den, guarded by a bramble thicket. He wrapped his skinny tail tighter around his nose. His thin frame, and pelt was not made for the winds of leaffall and leafbare. He wasn't ready for it. He had to work about twice as hard as the other cats to stay warm. He wished his pelt was as thick as some of the other cats in the clan. He sighed. With the draft that was in the warriors den there would be no getting back to sleep. It was simply too chilly. He decided to get up. Atleast moving around would warm him up a bit. With a yawn, the tom unfolded himself from his nest, stretched out his long legs, and arched his  back. Composing himself, he stepped out of his nest, and headed towards the mouth of the den. He padded out into the twighlight of morning and padded over to the freshkill pile. He picked out a meager vole, and sat down to eat.


Bearpaw was curled up with the other apprentices. Their den was on the smaller side, so there nests were close together, allowing them to stay warm, as they were basically curled up in a tight knit circle. The often bossy, loud, and arrogant she cat, was now in a calmer state that she was asleep. Most cats in the clan preferred her this way, for she wasnt as rambunctious as her blabbering mouth made her out to be. Since it was so warm in the den the she cat kept on sleeping. Ignoring the fact that she should soon wake, to start her duties for the day. The she cat was almost ready to be deemed a warrior. She thought she deserved a decent sleep.


Duskflower now the only queen in the clan, was curled up with her two lovely kits: Shorekit and Cliffkit. The two furry little lumps were nearly six moons old. Fall wasn't the only thing changing on this mountain side. Soon Apprentices would be warriors, and kits apprentices. Who knows, there may even become a new queen. The world was funny like that, things constantly moving and changing. She purred as she looked at the two kits beside her. They were nearly identical yet so different and she loved them both dearly.



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My Characters: Frogstar, Waterdance, Troutleap, Lavenderwilt, Lizardtongue, Sootmask.


Frogstar -

Fox dung, Frogstar thought, as a particularly brisk breeze decided to wrench her from the comforting nothingness of her dreamless sleep. Dead green eyes refused to open to the world, at least until another breath of wind invaded her warm lair. A ragged sigh turned moan tumbled from her mouth in a yawn, surrendering to the inevitable advancement of daylight. Oh, if only the sun decided to rest a while longer. The smallish, ratty looking she-cat lounged a while longer, reluctant to leave the nest. Her swampy green eyes gazed at nothing in particular as a kind of deadbeat glaze overtook them, leaving them devoid of any lively sparks.

As always, the gradual weight of her duties was enough to finally rouse her, as much as she would like to bury herself her in the gloom. There were things to do, though, a clan to feed, and, most importantly, an apprentice to teach.

The infamous Frogstar emerged from her den, fur instantly flaring in a most comical way as her immortal foe swept by once more, only making her look more of a mess. Not to mention her shoulder was beginning to ache, blasted thing. She had half a mind to track down that no good piece of a dung of a fox and rip off it's tail. Course, that did happened moons ago. So high chance of that, but it was a thought.

A slight movement above her drew Frogstar's lazy attention and she unsurprisingly discovered her deputy to be up and very much awake, prepared to take on the day. Thank Starclan, what would she do without him. 

"Morning Slatejaw." She yawned, stretching while she minded her aching scar tissue.


Waterdance -

If Waterdance loved anything to death it was a nice crisp morning! She happily slipped from the warriors' den, taking a deep, steady breath of the fresh mountain air while sparing the sunrise a warm smile. Yes, indeed, today would be an excellent day, the warrior could just feel it in her bones. Now, the only way to make this morning any better would be a nice, filling breakfast before a morning patrol. 

The silver she-cat trotted easily over to the freshkill pile to take stock, selecting a humble sized mouse. A large breakfast would weigh her down, better to eat something light and then make up for it later. Besides, the weather was quickly approaching leaf-bare, now wasn't the time to indulge in food, she had the rest of the clan to think about. Such as a queen, her kits, and an elder who would need the most care to ensure their health through these trying times.

Perhaps she would pay Cherrywing a visit and make sure that the den was properly guarded against unwanted drafts. The silver tabby swept up vole before she left, carrying the two pieces of prey towards the Elders' den.

"Greetings Cherrywing! How are you on this fine morning!?" She called softely in her singy song pur.


Troutleap -

Perhaps the cat least affected by the dropping temperatures, Troutleap followed not long after her sister, pausing to aggressively stretch. She sighed in pleasure as a few of her joints popped, releasing the kinks of her awkward sleeping patterns from the night before. She hopped she didn't disturb anyone from all her shifting and kicking about. 

The previous day had kept her busy and even she had to admit that she had been exhausted. Usually, strange dreams kept her company in the night after such days and try as she might, she couldn't seem to stop herself from phsyically repsonding to a few. 

In fact she had even been told by her sisters that she used to sleep talk often as apprentices. She wondered briefly if she had continued that habit into her warriorhood before her thoughts quickly shifted gears. 

Amber eyes sought out the freshkill pile and soon she had herself a tasty mouse before her hyperactive mind located Slatejaw atop the rock ledge. Bout time she got herself a task before someone beat her to it. 

Hastily swallowing the remains of her meal, Troutleap rose and lumbered over to her deputy.

"Hiya Slatjaw! Got any patrols started yet?"


Lavenderwilt -

A tickle of air stirred the grey she-cat from sleep, caressing the long hairs of her ears as Lavenderwilt blinked herself awake. A quick glance around told her that a majority of her fellow warriors have already awoken and so she prepared herself to join them. Plucking moss and smoothing fur through her thick coat, the grey warrior rose and stepped out to meet the morning.

Just as she predicted, several warriors were out an about, mostly eating before Slatejaw begins the duties. A short, grumble of annoyance from her own belly has her moving towards the freshkill pile as well, green eyes tilting up to find a nice spot to eat. 

They catch a shorted furred tom in their sights and steer her paws towards, her crooked tail held up high in a cheerful greetings and she approached Nimbleleaf, giving him a bright smile.

"You're up early, did you sleep well?" She purred after she release her meal, settling down at comfortable distance. She wrapped her tail about herself as best as she could and eagerly took the first bite, melting into the delicious meal. She then turned her bright green orbs onto the tom, awaiting his response.


Lizardtongue -

Usually the short furred tom looked sleek and streamline with his lithe body, however today, he looked comically irritable. His fur bristled in an attempt to gather and store his body heat, making him look like a burr on legs. His pupils were particularly thin today, no doubt due to how cold it was but he knew that as soon as work started it wouldn't be so bad.

His sharp eyes had already noted Nimbleleaf and while he would never wish for another clan-mate to struggle with the cold it did give him some comfort that he wasn't alone. He closed his eyes a moment, trying to forget the coming snowy weather and focus on other things. 

... On second thought maybe it didn't help that he was settled in the shade. Bitting back a sigh, Lizardtongue rose to his full height and prowled out into the sun. There was a definite difference at least and Lizardtongue could greatly appreciate that. 

He made a mental note to request a patrol with lots of running involved as he angled himself towards the rock ledge, pausing a few tail lengths away from the main group gathering there to settle. Even sitting be tended to be rather tall. Not that he complained, this build made the Green-leaf heat very easy to deal with, but not so great during a bare-leaf.


Sootmask -

The burly tom awaited patiently beneath the rock ledge, having joined his clan-mates only moments ago. The windy mountain air certainly made sleeping in easy if not for the drafts that wriggled their way into the cracks among the dens. Not that they bothered him to much, but it would be wise to fix those before leaf-bare, even if the snow would clog most of them. 

The smokey tom decided not to eat this morning. While the freshkill pile wasn't too low the tom had eaten a large meal before bed. Rather he would wait for later after some patrolling and hunting. Food always tastes better after hard work anyway. 

It looked liked it would be a beautiful day too as the tom observed the lighting sky with some satisfaction. He always did love that deep blue color.



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The tan Tom dipped his head in greeting to the clan leader as she emerged from her den for the day. "Good morning Frogstars" he mewed. Eyes glistening in the light of gathering day. "How'd you sleep" he asked looking down once more into the gathering of cats.

"Good morning Troutleap" he called down. "Would you lead a hunting patrol, with Nimbleleaf and his apprentice, as well as Lavenderwilt" he mewed steadily. he looked back to his leader to hear her reply 

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Cherrywing heard a rustling at the entrance to her den. She swiveled her ears to hear the paw steps better. She let the scent bathe over her tongue and immediately recognized the she cat whom entered.Her eye sight may have gone bad over the years but at least two of her other senses worked beautifully. She heard waterdance's cheery exclamation as she padded through the mouth of the den. And like all elders she was grumpy first thing in the morning. In response to Waterdanc's question: "my joints are killing me, there's a cold draft, and I felt a thorn in my nest last night." She grumbled in her old raspy voice. "But other than that, I'm fine I suppose" she mewed as her generally sweet composure decided to come out after being fussy. She picked up the scent of prey, and her mouth water slightly. 


Nimbleleaf looked up at the she cat Lavenderwilt, with a mouth full of vole. He gulped it down hard. "Ah good morning Lavenderwilt" he newer chirpily. "The early bird catches the worm" he meowed in response to her pointing out how early it was for him to be awake. "I slept quite soundly" he lied. In fact he had rarely slept the previous night. It had been quite chilly and his coat did not offer much in the warmth department. It would have been warmer to curl up next to someone, but nimbleleaf did not feel a connection with many of his clan mates. He felt a bit like a black sheep yet he would never admit it. He would keep on smiling, and no one would know.

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Biting back the urge to hiss some rather un-kit friendly words, the fluffy dark tom let go of the burr that was tangled in the fur of his tail and glared at it, along with it's three siblings, petulantly. After a second, he realized he looked more like a pouting apprentice than a seasoned warrior and forced his expression into a more neutral state. Not that it seemed the burrs cared much. If the apprentice who brought that moss into the den filled with burrs is found they'll be cleaning Cherrywing's den for a quarter moon. His irritated thoughts were put on pause as Frogstar appeared from her den, casting an inquiring look around before greeting her deputy. It reminded him that he had a job to do. Giving up on the burrs for the time being, Singedwhisker sat up from where he was lounging outside the warriors den and stretched before padding slowly closer to the leaders den. It seemed a first patrol had been chosen so the burly tom sat down to wait for further orders. The chilly wind attempted to penetrate his thick fur, but Singedwhisker always found his cumbersome fur a blessing during leaf-fall and leaf-bare; even if it was horrid during the other two seasons. Humming softly to himself, the tom narrowed his eyes and stifled a yawn.

Curling tighter around herself in her nest, the fluffy she-cat grumbled under her breadth as the chilly wind swept into the warriors den. Her back caught the cold gust, a place where Singedwhisker usually lay, and with a huff she turned a glare on her brothers empty nest. Early risers. She thought, trying to curl her tail around herself tighter. Of course, with her belly beginning to bulge it was a hopeless endeavor. I can;t hide this much longer. Lips curling in a small snarl, the she-cat finally gave up as her bad mood warmed her. She needed to find Bearpaw and get training. Her apprentice was almost ready to become a warrior and Patchpelt wanted Bearpaw to be able to gain her warriors name with, if not sooner, than Kestrelpaw -- who was a moon older. Patchpelt had prided herself in making her apprentice into an amazing she-cat, one who could take care of herself and her clan with little help. Slipping from the warriors den Patchpelt scanned the clearing for Bearpaw, and upon not seeing her scowled.

The mutterings and morning sounds of the other cats outside the apprentices den woke Kestrelpaw from a rather wonderful dream including a plump rabbit and a warm day. The chill of leaf-fall was not promising nor very comfortable. Though having multiples bodies in the apprentices den during green-leaf was stifling, the apprentice was glad for it when it came to leaf-fall and leaf-bare. Cracking open and eye at Sltatejaw's rumbling voice from outside, the orange tom barely bit back a groan. From the chill in the air it seemed the day was going to be a cold one. Getting to his paws, Kestrelpaw gave himself a good shake to wake-up a bit more properly before turning to the gangly body that had plopped its self half into Kestrelpaw's nest seeking heat. "You're a horrible sleeping buddy." He grumbled, poking Pantherpaw in the ribs to rouse him. "Can't you keep to your own nest?" As if sensing the paw swipe aimed towards his head, Kestrelpaw ducked in time to miss having his ears buffeted by his friend. Laughing, Kestelpaw shoved past an offended looking Pantherpaw quickly, nearly tripping on his own paws as the larger tom shot out of his nest; Kestrelpaw always envied him the ability to wake up ridiculously fast. Shoving his way out of the apprentices den the orange tabby remembered he was twelve moons, not a kit anymore. Rolling out of the den might give the wrong impression of his professionalism. Flushing, he attempted to regain his decorum, which was an attempt that failed as Pantherpaw barrelled into his back by accident, sending them both sprawling in an ungainly heap of legs, fur, and hissing.


Rolling onto his back with a exaggerated groan, the black spotted tom blinked the sleep from his eyes as the cat in the nest next to him poked him in his ribs. "I'sh to 'rly." He garbled out, glaring at Kestrelpaw. Knowing he'd get yelled at by Darkblossom if he didn't get his tail moving, as well as have Kestrelpaw continue prodding him, Pantherpaw gave up on any hopes of going back to sleep and instead took a swipe at his best friends ears. He wasn't surprised when the smaller cat ducked and bolted from the den with a chuckle. Intending to gain his revenge, Pantherpaw followed just as quickly. Of course he forgot about Kestrelpaw's habit of acting like a stuffy elder when under the gaze of warriors and ran into the others back just outside the den, the two of them ending up in a heap. "Your fault." He grumbled, rolling off with a groan. "Think anyone saw that?" He cackled at Kestrelpaw's glare.

While walking was always a bit of a hustle, Starwalker found even moving from his nest to the den entrance a feat during leaf-fall and especially leaf-bare. The old medicine cat gazed from his dens entrance with narrowed eyes, back legs splayed awkwardly to his side as he sat more on his side than his tailbone in a position that allowed him to gain some margin of comfort. Looking up into the sky, Starwalker sighed sadly and allowed his shoulders to slump for a moment. His time, he knew, was coming to an end. In some ways he longed for it, to see his brother once again; though Swiftdarkness was the cat he'd go even to the Dark Forest to see once more. "Soon." He murmured, before steeling himself once again and stood stiffly. He needed food, his already skinny body feeling like a light breeze could blow him away. Or as cold as it is freeze me easily. Smirking, he began the limping walk to the fresh-kill pile. His thin fur was horrible during this time of year. Glancing from cat to cat, he turned his attention to his clan and what he needed to do or stock up on for the leaf-bare. Stopping beside the kill-pile with a huff, he took a moment to pick up a starling for breakfast and stepped back to find a sunny spot close by to eat. The heat sounded amazing.

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The upcoming voices and other two apprentices movements awakened him, narrowing his eyes he looked as the two toms beginned to walk out of the den. Yawning he wonder if he could do the same think, Nimbleleaf could be angry at him, if he just sleeped all days, without any trainings. Giving a Two long yawns, he stood up and scretched his tired legs, shaking his pelt, before  making his way out of the den, when stepped on something. Looking at his front paws, he noticed a tail there "...Oh sorry Bearpaw" he meowed embrassed as he taked few steps away from her tail.




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Bear paw:

Bearpaw now irritable from being awoken by the raucous of the two toms tumbling about, glared at them from her nest. Her eyes just slits in the darkness of the den. She was about to say something when a paw stepped down on her tail. She quickly recoiled, and turned in a hiss on the source of her pain. "Watch where you're stepping!" She snapped. Now agitated even more. She stood to her paws, but kept low. She wiggles her haunches, and plunged herself after the two tumbling toms. She landed square on top. And then bounced off. Landing with a somersault. She turned and went to the fresh kill pile. Spotting her mentor she veered and went up to her instead. She could eat on the way to whatever training session her mentor had planned for the day. 

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OoC: Sorry for that, taking an accelerated course. >.<;



The gray and white she-cat opened a single murky green eye to stare at Slatejaw, yawning again. "Fine I suppose." She drawled, arching her back on a stretch. She flicked her ear in greetings to her sister as well as Singedwhisker. "I assume you slept fine as well?" She asked, her fur fluffing up in a undignified way but she could care less. It seemed like Slatejaw had things handled so she opted to letting him assign patrols. 

Her greened eyed gaze swept the camp then, looking about for anything that may be amiss. With winter on its way it would be best to fortify the camp against snow and wind. Especially the Elders' den. 

Just then a loud commotion attracted her attention, murky eyes landing on a heap of fur as two apprentice tumbled from their den. It didn't take much for the leader to figure out just which ones they were. She raised a brow as Kestrelpaw untangled himself from Pantherpaw, her tail flicking in dry humor. How graceful. 


The ginger she-cat hummed loudly (a noise two bold to sound like a purr), beaming at her sister and deputy before nodding. "Of course! I'll get started right away!" She promised turning to go find her clan-mates. Foruntately, both Lavenderwilt and Nimbleleaf were together so that only left the tom's apprentice. 

"Good morning you two. Slatejaw placed us on a hunting patrol. We'll set out as soon as your ready." She greeted, heading toward the camp entrance to wait while she thought of a few good spots to try.


The gray she-cat twitched her whiskers in amusement at his morning greeting. Though in this case it was more like the early cat got the mouse. She nimble away at her meal as he continued, her blue eyes flickering to his thin fur before returning to his eyes. The she-cat felt that the tom wasn't being entirely honest but decided not to pry. Rather she casually shifted closer until her fur brushed against his, playing it off as a stretch. "Well that's good. I think I may of fallen asleep on my leg wrong, it's all tingly this morning." She purred humorously, stretching out her back legs. "Nothing like a busy morning to stretch them though." She added, finishing off her meal. 

Her ears perked up as Troutleap approach, inviting them on a hunting patrol. She purred, whiskers twitching as she wink at Nimbleleaf. "Speaking of busy," she laughed, getting up. "Sounds good Troutleap!" She called after the ginger she-cat. Lavenderwilt turned her eyes back to Nimbleleaf, "Meet you by the entrance then." She purred, trotting off after Troutleap.


The silver she-cat purred, offering the elder a mouse. "Oh dear, then we must fix that. Aching joints are such a bother. I'll ask Starwalker for something to sooth it for you." She replied, settling down to eat with the elder. "As for the drafts I'll I'd the apprentices could patch any holes in the wall and bring in some more bedding for you. Can't have you getting cold this leafbare now can we?" Waterdance mused warmly. 

Sootmask is available for interaction, otherwise he is still waiting on a patrol. :)

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      The Elder chuckled softly and leaned in closer to the kits, "Our ancestors were once enormous cats with powerful teeth and large eyes to see in the dark. They were covered in spots to shroud them in the forest. They were so large they could even take down a deer on their own!" His ear twitched when he heard one of the kits ask what a deer was, "Huh, well it was like a rabbit but taller than you or me and they had sticks growing out of their head. Very interesting creature." He said before continuing, "Where was I... Oh yes! Soon prey began to get scarce for the large cats and the clan moved to our wonderful home. As time went on they shrunk down to about the size we are now, and that's how Cave Clan was born." His tail swayed happily as he watched the kits start to jump around pretending to be ancient clan members hunting deer, though his attention was soon drawn to a commotion coming from the entrance to camp...
      Cave Clan has been living in their cave for generations. The elders don't even remember how the Clan came to live in the caves, but each leader is told the tale, and each new archiver is shown the history of Cave Clan. They were once a clan like all the others, living together on the surface, hiding from humans, protecting their territory, but soon prey began to grow scarce. Each day the hunting patrols had to venture further out from the normal hunting grounds and each day the patrols came back with less. Soon the members of the clan started to worry about what would happen if they didn't try to find more prey. Some cats took their families and kits, even newborns, and began to venture out. They looked for shelter with the two-legs or for their own territory to live out life as a rogue. The clan doesn't know what happened to those cats, but The Leader new that the clan needed a new camp, and so the great journey began.
      The Clan lost many members, either due to injury and illness or because the cats could no longer stand the journey and split off in hopes to find a better life. It took almost an entire moon for the clan to find the cave. It was sheer luck too, or as the archivers like to put it, "the will of the ancestors". The cave's entrance was small and quite hard to find, something you would only go into out of desperation to hide from the blizzard outside. When the ventured further back they were surprised to enter into an entire forest with steams, and even a lake. There is no sky above them, it is all rocks but in the night the cavern ceiling seems to glow, giving the illusion of a clear night sky. Ever since then the Clan has been living in the cave, abandoning any notions of leaving such a perfect place. The longer they lived in the cave the more the members began to forget of the outside world, and so the Archivers began. The leader of the clan wanted their history to be preserved so a cat was selected to create a way to document what had happened, where they had began, and the future events that would come to pass. The clan itself was not allowed to freely venture into the archiver's tunnel. Only the leader and the archiver could venture in. Besides most other cats are too scared to enter the tunnel. It whispers with past memories. As time went on the way the clan taught warriors and medicine cats began to change as well. Cave Clan lets the apprentice decide where they would like to train and even spends a few nights teaching the apprentices about what medicine cats would do. Most do choose to become warriors, but on occasion there have been two medicine cat apprentices. The warrior apprentices are taught to keep to the shadows, move silently and swiftly before pouncing with a deadly aim. The medicine cat apprentices are taught about how to treat all sorts of wounds as well as how to communicate with their ancestors. Since Cave Clan rarely sees the actual stars they do not call their ancestors and fallen clan mates Star Clan. They simply refer to them as Spirit Clan. 
      There is a new problem arising for the clan though. In recent years the clan has tended to avoid the entrance to the cave, skipping patrols and marking their territory. There were never any cats around and the patrols themselves were grueling and would always exhaust the cats. Besides the outside world seemed too bright. When the patrols stopped the rouge cats and kittypets took a notice. They thought that the wild cats had moved on and some have begun to venture in. The cats of Cave Clan has not interacted with the outside world for generations and no cat knows how these interactions will change the fate of the Clan. 
      Spirit Clan seems to be torn, half warn of a terrible plague while others encourage the newcomers to bridge them to the members they lost so long ago
    • By Dashy
      I haven't roleplayed in forever and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Warrior Cats roleplay!
      The moon was missing in the sky, and a dark grey she-cat was plotting her vengeance. Although her heart had grown cold, she couldn't push the thoughts away.
      Why didn't I just leave him when I first saw him?
      Why did I have to kill her?
      Just a moon earlier, the she-cat had fallen in love with a rogue. She was shocked when she found out she'd have kits, and never told who the father was. The she-cat had told the rogue that they couldn't be together, but the tom insisted that they could. They argued, and it eventually lead to some violence. The deputy caught them and thought that the rogue was attacking the she-cat- and attempted to kill the rogue. Shocked, the dark grey she-cat slashed at the toms throat, not exactly knowing what she was doing- or who she should defend. The deputy died from the loss of blood, the rogue left the she-cat, saying he didn't know her anymore. When the clan cats found her, with his blood on her claws, they exiled her. The she-cat didn't have enough food, for her paws were too heavy to hunt; and eventually died, with her unborn kit in her belly. She swore vengeance on the clan for sending her kit to Starclan, and for not letting her explain.
      Basically, this is a bit of a Mapleshade scenario, except she tries to manipulate all of the cats instead. The she-cat (her name was Darkfur) tries to stir up trouble within the clan; or makes some cats go completely insane.
      Anyone interested??
      The plot is kind of a WIP so I'll probably fix it up a bit in the actual sign-ups. :3
    • By Stonetooth
      A silvery silhouette shone, as the phases of the moon passed over the night sky in the form of an eclipse. The wind whispered through the trees on the side of the mountain, singing its soft song, as all stood quiet within the night. It was Erie how soft spoken the forest was for once. Not a creature made a sound. It was as if all the creatures of the wood were watching. Waiting for something dark to happen. It was just then when a screech was heard deep within the depths of the woods. It was the sound of a mother losing her infant. 
      Voices were arising just beneath a ravine. A camp was hidden in the brambles within the darkest part of the forest. Angry voices started shouting and a mother was weeping by the side of her den. Her kits gathered around her. "This isn't the first time a cats been taken ____star! We need to do something, otherwise soon enough there will be no cat left in the clan. We need to act now!" A riot was starting up and the clan was unhappy. On this night a kit was stolen from its mothers nest. Cats have been popping up missing from patrols, and from the camp when no one else is around. No one knows of the evil that is lurking in the wooded mountains where Raven clan lives, but they are about to find out. 
      Raven Clan are Proud, Loyal, and are devoted to following Starclans path. Could there be a traitor in their midst? 
      The warrior code, and rules of the clans:
      Meet the Clan: (Ranking) 
      My charries:
      Sign up form:
    • By Dashy
      It was eerily quiet. Two cats, one male, the other a female, walked quietly side by side. Their fur was bristling. Their hackles raised, ears angled in all directions. The male stopped, sniffed, and flicked his tail. 
      "This isn't the way." He hissed quietly. 
      "What do you mean, Clawheart? How can this not be the way? We've came here more than once." The she-cat dug her claws into the soil. 
      "It's not the way. Come on." Clawface turned on his heel.
      "Fine. But we ha - hey, stop!" Her jaws widened. "This way!"
      She turned in the opposite direction and started to run. "Wait up!" Called Clawheart, running behind.
      The she-cat took an abrupt turn, and the two cats came upon four mewling kits. Clawheart looked warm, his eyes bright. "You found them, Pebbleclaw!" He licked her ear warmly. "I couldn't ask for a better sister." "Yeah, whatever." Pebbleclaw muttered, shuffling her paws. "Just hurry up, we don't have much time... hey, what - " 
      Clawheart hissed, crouching to the ground. A yellow-brown she-cat crept from the brush. "Hey, get away - ! Oh, it's you. Well, you should just take them now. " She glanced at the ground. Clawheart stepped forward, the fur on his back straightening. "You could come with us, you know." He murmured, nuzzling her neck. "No, I can't. I'd never fit into the clan life." Meowed the she-cat.  "But, Sunflower..." "Take the kits, and go." Whispered Sunflower, looking away. "You have to hurry."
      "I'll take those two, and-"  Pebbleclaw was cut off by the stomping of the horrid creature - a badger. Eyes wild with terror, Sunflower snarled, whipping her tail, slashing out. Pebbleclaw took two kits, and she picked them up quietly. "Clawheart...? Clawheart, no!" Clawheart sprung in front of Sunflower as soon as the badger lunged out, and Clawheart was flung into a tree. Heart lurching, Pebbleclaw dropped the kits and nuzzled her brother. "Clawheart?" Her voice choked when he didn't answer.
      "Clawheart, wake up!" Clawheart blinked one eye open, and rasped, ever so quietly, "Take the kits.." Pebbleclaw whimpered as her brothers body grew cold and stopped moving. Daring to look up, Pebbleclaw looked at the battle scene behind. Sunflower spat and hissed, lashing out, and she caught Pebbleclaw's eye desperately. 
      Feeling slightly dizzy with shock, she grasped two kits in her mouth and shoved the others out of the clearing. The screeches of battle were still heard. 
      One kit, a silver tabby, was whining. "What happened? Where's Sunflower?" "It's okay, little ones. It's going to be alright." She meowed after dropping the two kits in her mouth. "Can you two walk?" "Walk? We can run!" meowed one of the toms enthusiastically. 
      Back at camp
      Leader: "What is this?"
      Pebbleclaw: "Um, see, I found these poor things in the forest, and then a badger attacked, and Clawheart is dead!" Her voice ends in a wail
      Leader: "Oh... well, I suppose you can take them to the nursery. Who should care for them, though?"
      Pebbleclaw: "I have kits. I shall." 
      Leader: "About your brother, where is his body?" His voice softens. 
      Pebbleclaw: "Oh- right outside clan boundary."
      Leader: "Were the kits outside of clan boundary?"
      Pebbleclaw: "Oh, definitely not. I'll take these to the nursery. And... _____, keep this between you and I, and my mate, please."
      Leader: "Of course."
      The four kits are now part of Mistclan life. They are now apprenticed, along with their brother and sister, Pebbleclaw's real kits. They were raised to think that Pebbleclaw is their mother, and they do have other siblings. The issue is, sometimes the four kits get dark thoughts. Sometimes minor, like stealing from the fresh-kill pile. Other times, it gets serious, like them actually thinking of murdering some cat. 
      Pebbleclaw, Pebbleclaw's mate, and all of the six kits are all open. 
      THE CLAN
      The clearing were Mistclan's camp is located is decently sized. In the middle of the clearing a tree stump stands, where the leader makes the announcements. There is a training area, hunting grounds, and a stream that marks the border outside camp.
      The clan has common enemies: foxes, badgers, things like that.
      Prey is average: sometimes you can catch a rare rabbit, but mostly mice, voles, thrush, shrew, etc.
      Brindleclaw - @darkwolf
      Medicine Cat:
      Snowsky - Me
      Medicine Cat Apprentice:
      Hawkstorm - @Pink Madness
      Smokeleaf - @Moss4brains
      Scorchedfur - @Alcarie
      Moonlight - @darkwolf
      Wolfshadow - @Pink Madness
      Swifttooth - Me
      Honeypaw - @Kitkat
      Flarepaw - @Pink Madness
      Silverpaw - Me 
      Deerspring - @Alcarie
      Poppykit - @Kitkat
      Pebbleclaw's Mate:
      Any of her kits/adoptive kits:
      Honeykit - @Kitkat
      1. No power playing
      2. No perfect characters
      3. If you already have a major role, please do not take another unless you have permission from me!
      4. I definitely will add later  
      FORMS: (please remove all {[()}]) Thank you )
      Age (in moons):
      History: [optional]
      ALSO, THE KITS ARE OF 10 MOONS! (If you are playing one of Pebbleclaw's kits/adoptive kits.)
    • By Alcarie
      Magic is a luxury only given to those lucky enough to be apart of Starclan, a concept both feared and revered among living cats. However there is a phenomenon among the clans that is just as cherished; seen as a alternative form of magic bestowed upon the extremely lucky.
      The finding of a cats Soulmate. 
      A Soulmate goes beyond simply becoming mates by choice. It is considered a 'divine act' where two cats destined to be together, who are perfect together, fall in love. When they accept one another into their hearts as mates an identical mark appears upon their shoulders that is invisible to all but themselves. It glows so even in the pitch black, or in dark times, they will always see one another and know they are together. But this blessing is also a curse, because to lose ones soulmate is the harshest of blows; like losing their heart. If a cats Soulmate dies before themselves the possibility of spiraling into a depression, particularly if both are young, is almost a definite conclusion. Though depression is the best of outcomes, madness or death by a broken heart is the worst. 
      What Brookclan is about to learn is that it's not only clancats who find their Soulmate. Nor are they the only ones to fall into insanity when their Soulmate dies. 

      Brookclan's Story
      Brookclan is a clan known for their peaceful lifestyle and harmonious relationship with stray cats who venture through their territory. Because they are the only clan in the area, created by a small group of lone clancats many many generations before, they learn only the basics of combat; just enough to run any wrong-doers or predators from their large territory. They focus instead on maintaining the feline and prey balance, and on their social statuses and relationships with one another. No cat had been killed on Brookclan's territory for nearly five seasons..until she showed up. A large she-cat with the scent of death and dirt on her fluffy pelt, and derangement in her eyes. Because Brookclan had no experienced hostility in so long older apprentices often explored the lands by themselves without thought. The clans streak of good luck was broken by the slash of deadly claws and flash of teeth, ending the life of an apprentice in their prime. 
      Brookclan was appalled, grief stricken at the needless brutality of the murder, and sent out a large hunting patrol to find, catch, and punish this rouge for what they'd done. They found her late that evening, scouring the edges of the territory with the apprentice's blood still red on her pelt. The idea had been to pin her down and wound her in a non-life threatening way as a warning, then send her away with the threat to never return. Brookclan did not plan on stooping her her level; but they did. What started out as simple cuffs with sheathed claws turned bloody quickly as rage and pain overtook the clan. In the end the apprentices mentor,Braveheart, dolled out the death blow, ending the she-cats life as she simply looked up at them with a promise of vengeance clear on her sneering face.
      Horrified by what they'd done, the patrol made a promise among them to lie. They'd tell their leader they'd caught up to the rouge, punished her accordingly, and let her go. Together they drug her out of the territory and left her in a ditch before scraping dirt over the blood piles and licking themselves clean. As they headed back to their camp seemingly scotch free of their crimes, the Soulmate mark upon the she-cat's shoulder dulled into nothingness.  
      Loki's Story
      Born and raised as a kittypet, Loki had always thought he'd had everything he'd ever need with his humans. A warm place to sleep, food (though tasteless) so he'd never go hungry, and his humans to protect and love him. But then he saw her one day out his houses window. She, though unkempt, was beautiful and wild. Loki knew then that he had to meet her, learn her name; and that's what he did. Though he stayed with his humans at night, he ventured into the world with her during the day as their relationship grew, learning that though he was large and powerfully built he knew nothing of the rouge life. But she taught him, and introduced him to some of her alleycat friends who grew to accept him over time. After nearly six moons matching marks appeared upon their shoulders, and Loki established himself, though a kittypet, among the alleycats due to his size, power, and smarts. 
      Then she disappeared for three days after mentioning she'd be gone for only one into the known clancats territory less than half a days walk from the city. Loki knew something was wrong, could feel it through their Soulmate bond. It took a day for him to find her, slowly rotting away in a ditch just outside the clans territory with wounds having bled out like she meant nothing. As he pressed agasint his Soulmate's cold, stiff body Loki fundamentally broke, the madness whispered about taking hold as his mark faded into nothingness. He'd avenge his Soulmate, just as he knew her alleycat friends would want the same. The clan would pay! 
      He'd been correct, her friends did want blood and agreed to follow Loki's, as her Soulmate, lead. He wanted to find the clans weakness, find who would hurt them the most to lose in a brutal way. But then he saw her as he watched from the shadows. And he wanted, needed, her just as much as he needed revenge on Brookclan. 

      Though this roleplay will focus primarily on the threat Loki brings to Brookclan, there will be other stories interwoven in. 
      Loki and the clan she-cat he see's as her. Whoever claims her will have to talk to Darkwolf about if the two already know one another or not at the roleplay's beginning. However, just know that the two will have a rather unhealthy relationship; Loki, due to his madness, will likely claw her up when angered then realize what he'd done and lick the wounds for example. He's going to be quite manipulative and cruel without meaning too, but truly love her underneath. For what Darkwolf's told me it's likely the she-cat will fall in love with him and continue to meet with him secretly. Everything else about their relationship is up to you and Darkwolf. Their relationship will have an impact on Loki and the alleycat's plans to destroy Brookclan. On top of the two's abusive relationship her bestfriend loves her, see's what happening to her, and wants to save her (if she wants to be saved or not is up in the air still). Other cats will likely notice her wounds and wonder as well. 
      Another plot will involve the patrol's lie to the leader about the death of Loki's Soulmate. Because they kept it a secret the clan is not prepared for, nor do they understand why, Loki and the alleycat's are going to attack. Their treachery, if revealed, could cost them their status, relationships, or possibly even their place among the clan. How far will they go to hide what they'd done? 
      With all of these worries, drama's, and threats looming on the horizon it is quite possible that the madness caused by a broken Soulmate bond will be the end of the formally peaceful Brookclan. 

      Brookclan Territory

      The camp is located in a thick bramble patch that's backed up to a massive oak, the inside cleared out so there's space for all the cats. It's not to spacious, but every rank has their own den with just enough room. The Medicine Cat is the only one without a bramble and moss covered den, their's being the hollow trunk of the oak tree that dips down below, so the roots create a small, cool cavern for sick patients and herbs. 
      Brookclan's territory is in a deciduous, hilly forest, so the green-leafs season is filled with ample prey and forest cover while during the leaf-bare season the tree's are bare and prey is scarce. A small brook runs throughout the length of the territory, which is where the clan gets its name, that is filled with fish and is close enough to the camp to be easily accessible for everyone. A training hollow is a decent distance from the camp, in a small holler that springy with weeds and moss.  Brookclan hunts small rodents for prey, such as mice, squirrels, voles, and shrews. Occasionally they can find small birds, such as sparrows and starlings. If cats know how to fish, there are a couple small types in the brook.  Enemies of Brookclan, other then Loki, are birds of prey, such as hawks and owls, coyotes, dogs, foxes, two-legs, the occasional badger, skunk, or mink. Deer can also be dangerous if spooked. The two-leg settlement (city) is a half-days journey down the hills of the territory, so sometimes dogs and two-legs can be seen walking through the area. 

       All PA rules apply. 
      No power-playing or god-modding. This will not be tolerated. If you are battling with another persons character, you will not automatically hit them. Accepted: "Snowflake aimed a blow at Moonbeam's head." Not Accepted: "Snakeflake's claws raked across Moonbeam's face, leaving behind four slash marks." Give the other persons character a chance to respond. Punishment for repeated offenses will be up to Darkwolf.
        No Mary-sues. No characters are perfect, period. They can all be injured, they can all die. One cat cannot take on four others and hope to win without serious injures. No cat is flawless when it comes to beauty, fighting, or hunting. Please, make a believable character. Thank you. 
       We would like to keep this semi-literate. Please no one-liners. I know this is not always possible, and it will likely be excused a couple of times no problem. 
        Don't one-on-one with another player for an entire page. We know everyone has different schedules, but please try to be patient. 
       You may have unlimited characters, but try to only chose one high ranking (leader, deputy, Medicine Cat, Medicine Cat Apprentice). Please don't play your own mate/crush, where's the fun in that? :3 If one of your characters is in the Patrol group that killed Loki's original mate you can still choose a higher rank. 
       You can go crazy with names, we're  perfectly fine with that. But please don't make a cat that's pink, or has six eyes, or wings. 
       Your cats may not have a power. Only Starclan and Dark Forest Cats can have these. However, Soulmate bonds don't count. 
       Please keep things at least PG when it comes to birthing or mating, fade to black works great. No excess gore either; Loki is a cat killer, thus there might be a bit of blood, but please nothing to major. If this bugs you, then this might not be the best roleplay for you. 
       No text talk, or cursing outside of Clan language (fox-dung, etc). Please be nice to fellow roleplayers, and no fighting in OoC.^^ 
       If you'd like a major plot development, such as an earthquake or fire, please mention them here and they'll likely be fit it in. If you'd like a character killed, or is interested in your character killing someone else mention it here as well so you can find the right killer/victim. 
       As we've seen on some other roleplays people are allowed to play Starclan/Dark Forest characters, and that's perfectly fine in those. But Starclan is not a large part of this roleplay so any cats already dead or killed during the roleplay will not be a large part so please don't use them as you would your regular characters. As a matter of fact don't even make a bio for them. 

      Loki: Darkwolf
      Clan Her: Melodaeia
      Her Bestfriend: Alcarie (Cricketwing)
      Lying Patrol
      2. Nightrain
      3. Open
      4. Open
      5. Open

      Skullstar {Cynder}

      Redmist {Alcarie}

      Medicine Cat
      Sparrowfeather {Melodaeia}

      Medicine Cat Apprentice

      Teardrop {Darkwolf}
      Sparrowpelt {Darkwolf}
      Cricketwing {Alcarie}
      Nightrain {Alcarie}
      Bonefur {Cynder}
      Duststorm {Cynder}
      Dovekeeper {Alcarie}
      Emberleaf {Darkwolf}

      Sunpaw {Cynder}
      Skypaw {Melodaeia}

      Sandstorm {Darkwolf}
      Hushflight {Alcarie}

      Lynxkit {Alcarie}
      Brindlekit {Cynder}
      Scorchedkit {Alcarie / Unborn}


      Mentors / Apprentices
      Cricketwing mentors Sunpaw
      Bonefur mentors Skypaw
      Sparrowpelt has a crush on Skullstar
      Hushflight has a crush on Duststorm
      Mates / Soulmates
      Redmist and Mistsoul (Deceased)
      Skullstar and Lionblaze (Deceased)
      Skullstar, Bonefur, and Duststorm are siblings
      Cricketwing and Redmist are brothers
      Skullstar is Sunpaw's mother

      Loki's Alleycats
      Jackie {Darkwolf}
      Riot {Alcarie}
      Lyric {Melodaeia}

      Cat's on the Back Burner
      Dapplepaw {Godiva}
      Wolfmist {Godiva}
      Willowsong {Godiva}
      Duskpaw {Godiva}
      Styx {Godiva}
      Rosepaw {Dashy}
      Swiftpaw {Dashy}
      Honeystripe {Dashy}
      (Not necessarily needed, but could add some drama if/when they meet the clan for whatever reason)

      Bio Sheet
      (Picture here if you have one)
      Warrior Name: (If apprentice or kit)
      Age in Moons: (1-6 kit, 6-13 apprentice, 13-60 warrior/leader/deputy, 60+ elder)
      Mentor: (If apprentice, put a warrior/leader/deputy you want as mentor)
      Description: (1-3 sentences; required)
      Personality: (No RP out; must be at least 2 full sentences)
      History: (No required if your cat simply grew up in the clan)
      Any Other Family?:
      If an Alleycat just exclude anything that has to do with being in the clan. 

      This roleplay and idea belong to Darkwolf.
      I'm simply posting because she asked me too due to her only having a phone at the moment. 
      Darkwolf has allowed me to accept characters as well.

      @Rose305 @King Boo @Cynder @Melodaeia All of you showed interest in this, so here's the actual topic.~ 
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