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I'm Too Afraid (Black Butler) (Oc x Ciel)

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"Ciel you can't catch me!" Evangeline called out, running away from Ciel. Evangeline and Ciel were playing tag in the Phantomhive manor garden. "Princess Evangeline get back here!" Ciel called out. Evangeline was 6 years old, same age as Ciel. She was indeed the princess of England. Evangeline kept running until one of the guards from the castle stopped her. "It's time to return home, Princess." He said to her. "No! I wanna play tag with Ciel!" Evangeline whined. The guard rolled his eyes and picked her up, carrying her to the carriage. "Put me down!" She yelled. Ciel ran behind them, "Evangeline it's ok! Just come over again soon." He said softly. "Tonight?" Evangeline had mouthed. Ciel nodded, going back inside. 
~That night~
 Evangeline snuck out of her castle and ran to the Phantomhive manor as it wasn't far. She went into the garden and picked a few white roses and placed them in a circle. She sat in the circle and crossed her arms. She waited for Ciel, but saw that the manor was on fire. "Ciel!" She yelled, standing up to run inside. Unfortunately, her dress was caught in the rose bush. She struggled to get free. She looked up, seeing the whole manor in flames. She saw Ciel run out. He kept running, only to be taken away. Evangeline thought she saw Ciel run back inside. She got herself unhooked, then ran inside. One of the ceiling beams fell in front of her. She used her arms to shield her face. 
~7 years later~ 
Evangeline was getting ready for her birthday ball. She slipped on her gloves, making sure they wouldn't fall down. She finished getting ready, then turned to the piles of letters on her bedside table. They were all from Ciel. She hadn't talked to Ciel once, since the day of the fire. She had severe burn marks on her arms, and didn't want Ciel to see them. She knew he was devastated from that night already, and didn't want to risk hurting him anymore than he already is. She sighed, leaving the room and entering the ballroom. She instantly spotted Ciel, and walked to another side of the room. He had spotted her. Evangeline was planning to ignore him all night.

If you want to be Ciel just go ahead and respond!! Also open to ideas.

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