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THUNDER OF OUR HOOVES Disscusion and Sign ups <3

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T H U N D E R  O F   O U R   H O O V E S

For as long as we can remember, horses have roamed this land, wild and free. Forming herds, fighting, living in peace, escaping the humans. Can you survive? Join or form a herd? What will the journey bring? Join to find out.

Hello there! Welcome to Thunder of our Hooves, a Wild Horse RP.


1. Please keep all RP-ing realistic, no 'magical powers' or anything. 

2. Fade to black/white when mating/giving birth. 

3. Keep this PG-13 please, no swearing.

4. There are no mates/crushes like other roleplays. 

5. Keep fighting scenes to a minimum, no excess blood or gory descriptions please.

6. No god-modding or maiming/killing anyone else's characters without permission.

7. Don't make a herd/interact with your own character too much, it ruins the fun of the game and gets a little boring.

8. Don't start RP-ing until I accept you, please. Just so I can check your forms to make sure that they abide with the rules and make sense.

9. No ponies or draft horse breeds please.

10. Please keep all OOC, Discussion and forms to the 'Discussion and Forms thread.

 11. All horses start off as lone.


C H A R A C T E R S 

L O N E   M A R E S



B A C H E L O R   S T A L L I O N S





Lead Mare





Lead Mare





Lead Mare





Lead Mare 




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Name: Endeavour

Age: 12

Gender: Stallion

Rank: Lone stallion/ Bachelor

Personality: Endeavour is kind and paitient, and helps anyone in need. He can be a little bossy and stubborn at times, but will hardly ever take a mare without their consent. He can also be a bit vain and proud sometimes, but not often.

History: He was born wild, and was driven out of his birth herd at the age of two. He has had a few herds since, and is now looking for one of his own. Will you catch his eye?

Herd: None yet.

Offspring: Not many



Name: Dove

Age: 8

Gender: Mare

Rank: Lone mare


History: She was born wild, to a lone mare. It was a difficult birth and her dam passed away a few days later. She was taken in by a kindly mare who had lost her own foal, and stayed with her until she eventually passed as well. She has been lone ever since, searching for the right herd for herself.

Herd: None yet.

Offspring: 5 foals, only one survived.

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