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Newbie needs help

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Hi, I'm new. So I have a few questions. 

First off can you get eggs outside of the egg drop or buying them? Because I randomly got like... 10 or so eggs when I was just clicking around on other peoples eggs? So is random eggs a thing or did I miss something? Because I've only gotten 6 eggs from the egg drop and I bought 1 from the bazaar.

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Eggs from outside the Egg Drop? Like you mean of a different rarity?(Common,Uncommon,Extinct,Ethereal,Mega Rare,Hybrid) 

There's different ways you can get those.  With Mining,you can get Etherial Pets from Portals,and you can different ones of I believe almost any rarity from chests,retired or not. Common you can find in Pet Shop.(There's no pets there right now) With Extinct,a page will pop up sometimes saying that you found eggs and you have to pick the right one because the others are empty. Mega Rare and Uncommon pets can be won from Pageants. There's also holiday ones but you mostly see Christmas ones. 

There's ton of eggs you can get from the Egg Drop so you'll never know what one you'll receive. 

If you want to see these,go here:http://www.petadoptables.com/spoiler.php 

Remember to go to the menu and select Rarity. Hope this helps! 

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